What is Loyalty Points in online Rummy?

Loyalty points are awarded based on the number of cash games you play with DeccanRummy. The more a customer plays cash games, the more chance he has to earn loyalty points.

How the loyalty points is calculated?

Play as much as you can on our website and accumulate Loyalty Points. Players who play cash games that have higher stakes will garner more loyalty points.

Benefits of Loyal Points

Loyalty points can be converted to cash and it can be added to your Account Balance, facilitating you to participate in various other cash tournaments. (1000 Loyalty Points would fetch you Rs 100).

There are a number of tournaments associated with loyalty points giving away amazing cash prizes.

  1. Loyal Challenge (Players who earn 75 points in the last 5 days can participate)
  2. Loyal Grande (Players who earn 50 points in the last 5 days can participate)

Loyalty points are going to enable you to participate in these tournaments without any entry charge.

How to check your Loyalty Points?

Once you login to your account, please follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Click on My accounts Tab
  2. Under My Accounts Tab, Click on Loyalty Points option
  3. Total Loyalty points indicate the number of Loyalty points gathered.

How to Redeem Loyalty Bonus?

  1. A minimum of 1000 loyalty Points is required in your account if you want to redeem.
  2. Please note that these 1000 points must be in Pending Loyalty points tab while making a case for redemption. Points will be moved from Total Loyalty Points to Pending Loyalty points automatically once it reaches 1000 points.
  3. You can then redeem the loyalty points by clicking on Loyalty points option under My account Tab and entering the number of points you wish to redeem (Min 1000) and then by clicking Redeem button
  4. The amount you will gain is 10 % of the accumulated points. (Eg: 1000 Loyalty Points would fetch you Rs 100)
  5. The amount will be directly credited to your Account Balance. You can check that by clicking on My Account Tab where your Account Balance will be mentioned.
  6. You can also view the pending loyalty points after redeeming by clicking on Account Overview option where you see the Pending Loyalty points.

Loyalty Leader Board

We update the loyalty leader board that has the name of top 30 customers of Deccan Rummy every Wednesday which can be seen by clicking the leader board tab after logging into your account. It is updated based on the customer’s loyalty points every week.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Deccan Rummy’s decision in respect of all matters associated with this Loyalty bonus program will be final and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained in the future.
  2. This Loyalty bonus program is subject to the sole discretion of management at DeccanRummy.com, management has the right to withdraw the offer anytime without prior notice.

*Standard Deccan Rummy terms & condition apply.

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