Make it into the big league with Hyper 500 and Turbo 250 tournaments

Our cash rummy tournament is super exciting due to the fact that they give the players an opportunity to big in a matter of few minutes. It is the reason as to why thousands of new and existing pllayers continue to visit our platform and try their hand

Some of tournaments which were recently launched and has been extremely popular among our users are Hyper 500 and Turbo 250.

Both these tournaments are incredibly popular among our audience as these are hyper-turbo structured, and offer terrific competition. 

Hyper 500

Scheduled every week on  Friday & Sunday at 8:00 PM, Hyper 500 is an exciting tournament which pushes to swing for the fence thanks to the incredible prize money available.  All you’ve got to do is register for the tournament with a buy-in of Rs. 500 and go for your share from the Rs. 32400 prizepool. 

Getting involved in this tourney is so easy. There’s no real excuse not to try your hand in this exciting tournaments. COnsidering the winning chances, it’s not a bad idea to reload your account with cash. Supercharge your rummy skills and go all-in in our Hyper500 tournament! 

Turbo 250 Tournament

Nothing is as exciting as a turbo tournament right? The fast nature of the rounds, big prize offerings and quality opponents make Turbo tournaments a default option for rummy tournament enthusiasts. 

Turbo 250 Tournament is an exciting bi-weekly tourney running every Thursday and Saturday @ 8:00 PM. Thursday & Saturday. With a prizepool of Rs. 16200 and nominal buy-in of Rs. 250, It is a must-play tournament for every tournament lover. 

Pull up a chair, log into Deccan Rummy, register for the tourney and within a few moments you can find yourself winning big!

Love Rummy? Join Deccan Rummy

By Joining, you get access to thrilling games, delightful promotions, and big winning opportunities. With high-value contests like Rummy Leaderboard bonanza and Rummy Fantasy League 2021, there could be no better time than now. 

If you’re ready to jump into the action, then download Deccan Rummy Mobile now for your android or iOS devices and start counting your cashes.

If you already have an account with us, it’s just a matter of making right decisions at the right time!

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