Five games to play during these times of Social Distancing

People are held up in their homes as a preventive measure from Corona Virus. It’s been weeks since lockdown. People are finding it hard to stay home. 

There’s a great source of entertainment available in the online gaming platform. Of course, the online gaming industry has turned out to be the country’s biggest Industrial Giants in the last few years. Everyone has started to pick their phones to connect with their buddies. Online games also can connect you with your friends. Yes, it is true you can connect with your friends and also could find out new friends through online games.

All you need is to select the game you are going to explore. Here’s a list of online games that can make your quarantine more fun and also get connected with friends. 

  1. PUBG

There isn’t any person on earth without knowing about PUBG. It is one of the best and popular games played at the global gaming arena. The features of the game are mind-blowing that you feel like surviving in a whole new world. In this Battle Royale game, players are dropped down to an island and must survive till the last using the weapons found in there. 

You can play the game in different modes. The game is felt new every time you play the game. The game is exciting and engaging whenever you play the game. The term “winner winner chicken dinner” has gone crazy world wide. 

2. Online Rummy

The traditional game of India is the hot trend of Online gaming industry. It is one of the best identities of Indian gaming culture. The card game is a great skill game you can ever play. The game is now available in the online platform and also a great tool to earn money. Yes your winnings, fill in your wallet. All you need is an online Rummy mobile app to play the game. 

The game is the oldest but is still able to rock the gaming industry. The game is digitally available in different variants and great chapters like Rummy tournaments and Rummy leaderboard. Online Rummy improves your financial status. You can refer people to the rummy site and also make new friends with players. 

3. Online Poker

Yet another card game on the list, Online poker is bringing in the casino experience for people. The rules are the same, but the standard and gaming experience is better. You can play both Texas hold’em and Omaha poker. Just like online rummy, you can also earn in online poker. You can play the game by staying at home. You can enjoy the game with regular updates from your poker sites.

4. Ludo King

The classic game sounds the best for this quarantine period. Not just with your friends, you can also play the game with the people in your home. The board game can help you reach out many new players. You have the option to add people as your friend. You roll the die; you move your coloured tokens, you cut down your opponents’ tokens when possible. Twists and turns are there is a huge number. 

5. 8 ball pool

Brought on by the famous Miniclip, the game had a rousing welcome amongst gaming enthusiasts. You compete with players all across the globe. One of the most royal games in the real world is has got even more reach in the online platform. It does get you a different experience than the other games mentioned in the list. You can connect with your social media accounts and can resume your profile even if you play the game after a very long time. 

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