May Day moneymaker tourney winners

Well, another fantastic rummy tourney has come to an end. It is the May Day moneymaker tourney this time. Deccan Rummy is known for hosting special tourneys and leaderboard promotions. The host owns a terrific record till date in Online Rummy industry. Deccan Rummy is the most preferred online rummy site among rummy enthusiasts in the country.

Tournaments & Leaderboards

Each and every promotion at the site has its own popularity and demand in the market. There are plenty of free-roll tourneys for players to enjoy online gaming. Even cash games very affordable and enjoyable. The giveaways aren’t just cash rewards, but there is a variety of rewards: gold coin, movie tickets, amazon vouchers and many more.

Leaderboards are even more special here—weekly leaderboard every week, with exciting rewards. The host also organises exciting leaderboard promotions on special occasions. 2020 new year was very special this time. Deccan Rummy hosted the special new year millionaire 2.0 leaderboard that carried a prize pool worth two crores.

May Day moneymaker tourney

May Day is so special all across the globe. It is the International Workers’ day. May 1 was also a special day in Deccan Rummy’s calendar. The Mayday moneymaker tourney(MDM) was the special tournament for the special day.

The tournament carried a prize pool worth ₹1 Lakh. The tournament has three different levels of competition. The contest started on April 29 with MDM satellite, then the MDM qualifier on April 30 and the grand MDM finale on May 1. The tournament is structured in the way favouring the players. Every level of competition had individual registrations every day. At every level, players when finishing in the top can win free tickets to join the next level of competition. Even if you don’t win free tickets, you can make buy-in to join the contest.

This format had a great reception among rummy players. The seats got filled at a very rapid rate every day. On all three days, the registration started at 3 pm, and the contest became live at 9 pm.


Every level of competition saw a great batch of rummy players getting placed in top positions. We would like to congratulate each and every winner at each level. The grand finale got over yesterday, and there were some great players in the top positions.

The top three positions in the MDM finale level tourney are

1 dharsananu
2 donmarsh
3 bigbrother84

The tables saw splendid rummy actions. Every player was determined to showcase fabulous rummy skills and fantastic rummy strategies. There were many twists and turns throughout the tourney, especially at the final stage of the contest. Make sure you don’t miss out to experience playing such tournaments next time. There are plenty of rummy tourneys for you. Stay connected with Deccan Rummy to get notifications of specials news.

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