Rummy Summer Promotion – Beat the May heat with exciting offers

May Day Special

May Month has arrived. It’s sweltering hot out there this summer. Scorching heat and the rising mercury levels has cast aside the shadowy springtime. For the kids, it’s gala time as it’s their holidays! For the adults, not so much, as their routine schedule takes away much of the time. However, some of them still manage to take a vacation or two to recharge themselves. However, trips and camps have become expensive than before. Not everyone could afford to go on vacations to exotic destinations as their wallets have become thin.

It’s time we have to deal with relentless days of 40+ Celsius. What are you going to do? This is the time of the year where heat sucks you dry leaving you to cancel all the plans that you have arranged. Roaming around in the heat may prove detrimental to your health. With all the talks of heatstroke and other heat-related illness making rounds, it’s better to stay indoors in the spare time you get and do what you do the best, isn’t it? For rummy players, what better way to avoid the heat wave than by staying indoors, firing up your air conditioners and enjoying the game you’ve always loved.

When the mercury is rising and things start to get steamy, we would like to cool off things with a series of exciting bonus offers. Deccan Rummy is as one of the most prominent venues for playing rummy game online. We constantly surprise our players with eventful bonus offers and other exciting contests like tournaments and leaderboards, which will bring in plenty of surprises to our fans. This May, we are out to sizzle with a couple of hot bonus offers which will pump out more cash in your account for you to go unhinged.


1. Mayday Special Bonus

Mayday a.k.a. International Worker’s Day is a day celebrating the contributions of workers worldwide. It’s the day that commemorates the historic struggles and gains made by workers in the 19th century. On this special day, we want to honor you players who have been putting in a stellar effort to get some good gains.

Get rewarded with a bonus up to Rs. 1500 on this special day. Get a 30% bonus on your deposits with the bonus code “MAYDAY”. The offer is valid from 9 AM – 11 PM. Make this May Day as your Pay Day!

2. May Mayhem

Every month we have been entertaining rummy fans with mind-boggling rummy promotions and offers. As we head into the hottest month of the year, we have an exciting offer that is going to cool things off. Get 20% Bonus up to Rs. 1000 for one of your deposit made during the month of May. Use the deposit code “MayOne” and get the bonus instantly credited to your account.

At Deccan Rummy, we love the rummy game and its patrons. Our team has well over a decade of experience and knows exactly what makes for a great gaming experience: an exciting set of games, huge bounties, ease of access and a host of offers and promotions.

At Deccan Rummy, you can find it all. From thrilling rummy variants to exciting rummy tournaments, we offer the best of both worlds and most importantly, a swashbuckling and mind-boggling gaming experience.

With excellent offers available at your disposal, make use of them and make this May month, a memorable month!

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