How Online Rummy scored over the other versions of the game?

Indian Rummy is one of the popular card game that is popular in India for ages. The game is played by a wide range of audiences for fun since time immemorial and is a regular during family parties and get-togethers. The game can be played both online and offline. Ever since the digital revolution, there has been a stark increase in the number of players preferring to play the game online. This owes mainly to the rising number of online rummy sites notable of which happens to be Deccan Rummy – the fastest 13 card Rummy site. The site offers a wide range of cash/free games and tournaments and is ideal for players who love playing 13 card rummy games.

If you are looking for an ideal site to play rummy online, then look no further than Deccan Rummy. But have you ever wondered why the preference to play the game online is more than playing it offline which is the way it was? What’s the reason for this sudden paradigm shift? Here we give you some specific reason why the inevitable change happened.

Migration from Offline to Online Rummy

  1. Fair Gameplay

One of the huge advantages of online rummy is that the seating arrangement is completely random. There is no bias in seating arrangement and the card shuffling process is completely automated, thanks to the RNG program that is integrated into all the sites which ensure the shuffling is completely random. The other part is that the tight security features these online sites have integrated with them because of which the chance of committing fraud is nearly impossible.

  1. Play the game at the comfort of your home

One can play the online rummy game in the comfort of their homes. No need to wait for players like offline rummy as there are always players available anytime.  Online rummy also eliminates the need for accouterments.

  1. Multiple Rummy Variants

Unlike offline rummy where you need to be contented with the same version, online rummy gives you ample opportunities to try out multiple rummy variants. Players can play points rummy, pool rummy, and Deals rummy to earn cash. Also, in the online rummy version, you can play rummy tournaments regularly which are so hard and rare to find offline.

  1. Bonuses and Offers

In the traditional version of playing rummy offline, players will receive just the winning amount if they play with stakes. On the contrary, in the online version, even if players lose their game, their chance of earning cash is omnipresent with various bonus offers and rummy promotions available anytime.

  1. Compatible in multi-platform

Online rummy is multi-platform compatible. Whether you like to play the game using a simple browser or from your tabs/smartphones, or play using a client from your desktop, the door is always open. Additionally, most sites have their rummy mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. This is one of the major advantages of playing rummy online.


The rapid technological advancement in various fields has made our lives infinitely easier. Online rummy is one of the many boons of this explosive growth. Whether you like to play rummy online or offline, it is always a great means of entertainment.

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