Win BMW X3 by topping the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0

Time to start fresh! New Year fever is on! New Year Special Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0 is the best possible thing that you could have come across.  The second edition of New Year Leaderboard is back with the biggest of New Deals. The Leaderboard is worth 2 Crores. With this comes the opportunity to drive home some of the poshest cars in the market. Every year it is big, but this year it is bigger than ever.

New Year Leaderboard 2.0 Update

New year Leaderboard 2.0

Deccan Rummy has proved that we are not just one among the many by hosting such a huge event. The contest is on from the 10th of November, and the board has already seen many fierce battles. Many rummy players have switched gears to raise the lead. There isn’t anything you are going to do new. All you have to do is to play and win cash rummy games. The scenario at Leaderboard is you win cash games, you earn money, and you also gain a lead in the Leaderboard table. The more you play, the more you earn, and the more your chances are to top the race.

Rummy Leaderboard contests are all about who secures what position. The names keep changing every day as a barrage of players keep joining the contest every day.

Right Mix

Normally leaderboard contests see an eclectic mix of players from all walks of life. As the magnitude is high in this case, it isn;t surprising to see the field populated with a mixture of serious, casual, and recreational gamers. In the meanwhile, a number of old champions have made a comeback and are vying for a position in this leaderboard race. Naturally, the gaming environment is steamy and brimming with loads of competitiveness.

The beauty of this contest is you could never predict what’s in store the next day. As the gap between the players keeps getting tighter with each day, no player could afford to relax even a bit. If you are, you are running the risk of being leapfrogged by the players below you.

Deccan Rummy has some excellent promotions to encourage you to play for more. You have got a perfect atmosphere all set for a rummy showdown. You have to just one thing- continuing winning cash games. The game is filled with enthusiasm and fun. 2020 will be a special beginning for the players at Deccan Rummy.


Winning a Leaderboard contest is all about fame and rewards!

Until the leaderboard contest closes, make sure to play on tables with a comfortable entry fee. Start practicing more, get your rhythm right, and contest at high-value tables to hit the bulls’ eye. Take a look at our players sharing their experience about winning leaderboard contests at players’ testimonials. Losing a single match isn’t going to stop your victory. A leaderboard is a place where you can bounce back from a series of losses and still make it to the top. So, keep persisting!

To ensure every player gets a fair chance to clinch a prize, we have split the contest into three categories  – Diamond, Platinum, and Gold. Step your game up and move ahead in the table and get the chance to own Hyundai Verna, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz-A-Class, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, Honda City, and Ford Aspire. Are you astonished about the prize pool? Not just these, you also get a chance to go on a trip to Goa.

Here’s the winner’s list for the previous two weeks.

Diamond Leaderboard:

Weeks1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank5th Rank6th Rank
Week 1 (Nov10-16)abhayanandaSwaramprakashplaycharuduttasrinivas109Nvctr
Week 2 (Nov17-23)suni28amolblastmadanapalmayujazzSwaramprakashplay

Platinum Leaderboard:

Weeks1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank5th Rank6th Rank
Week 1 (Nov10-16)Harshalshruthi1909Rajamaniydhvanyadhirendraikanunaidu
Week 2 (Nov17-23)shruthi1909Arivuchelvanvenimadhavharshalhemadrijayadeep

Gold Leaderboard:

Weeks1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank5th Rank6th Rank
Week 1 (Nov10-16)mrigankaAnirudhhaMaharathramakrishnajMareechimudita
Week 2 (Nov17-23)DheemanTuranyugandeshaaruniramakrishnajphalgun

Week 3 is about to finish, and what are you waiting for? Start pushing yourself into the list and finish 2019 on a higher note.

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