Five Common Misconceptions about Online Gaming

There are various misconceptions about online gaming which are mere conjectures that do not have any empirical validity to support. These myths have been detrimental to the aspirations of the average gamer largely. Let us dispel some of the myths about online games.

  1. Online Gaming is toxic for the mind

This is an unfounded opinion that is being passed upon as a fact without evidence and is sadly being believed by many. Contrary to popular perception, online games are shown to have improved memory skills, increase concentration levels, and beat stress big time. People playing skill games like rummy and poker have reported an increase in their attention span and concentration levels. You can see the widespread reach of these skill games with keywords like how to play rummy and how to play poker popping up in search suggestions.

  1. Expensive & Waste of money

Online games are available in different formats. This myth was propagated based on the price of consoles (PlayStation & Xbox). Online games are no longer just about consoles. The mobile gaming market has grown by leaps and bounds. Mobile sceptics were proven wrong when mechanics from PC and console were successfully recreated in the mobile arena. Most of the mobile app games are free to download and if you want to have additional features like armaments to aid your gaming, you can make in-app purchases which are relatively cheap when compared to console gaming.

  1. The age group of gamers

It is widely thought that online gaming is an arena reserved just for youngsters. With numerous games available with features that could appeal to all age groups, an increasing number of elders are foraging into this territory.

  1. It’s a man’s territory

Oops! This is the biggest myth of them all. There is a widespread misconception that online gamers are exclusively for men. That may have been the case a decade back. Now in an era where women have gotten equal representation after decades of clamouring, women have an astounding presence in the online gaming world. Another myth is that women gamers largely play pink-themed games, which is not really the truth. A significant proportion of them are playing action games like PubG, and skill games like classic rummy and Poker online.

  1. You cannot win real cash prizes

This is yet another widely unsubstantiated statement without any evidence. One cursory look around the internet would reveal how many players have benefitted out from playing online games. Aside from cash prizes and bonus offers, sites like Deccan Rummy give the opportunity for the players to win prizes like smartphones, cars, all-expense-paid trips, and gift vouchers. It is because of these enticing prizes, lots of players take up online gaming seriously.

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