Why are mobile games so popular?

Just a few years back, mobiles were used just as communication devices, but now their adaptability and compatibility have seen them become far more. For many of us, our mobiles have become the window of our world. Be it playing a key role in getting us updated with the latest news or allowing us to socialize through a plethora of social networking sites like twitter, facebook, Instagram or making communication easy through messenger services like WhatsApp or keeping us thoroughly entertained with millions of games – Mobiles have become inseparable part of our lives.

According to a report from market researcher SuperData Research, the Gaming industry generated $91 billion revenue worldwide in 2016. In that, the mobile game segment was the largest at $41 billion (up 18 percent). It clearly indicates that the mobile gaming Industry is surging and on its way to displacing traditional methods of playing. This year also saw Pokémon GO create a thunderstorm in the mobile gaming Industry. In fact, it became the biggest mobile game in the US overtaking Twitter as well as Facebook in terms of daily users.

India isn’t far behind this mobile game sensation that is sweeping across the world. India was ranked fifth globally by game downloads in 2016 and is projected to surpass Russia and Brazil in the forthcoming years. In 2016, India joined the world leaders in the gaming industry. In Q2 2016, India ranked fifth globally by game downloads. According to the report, it is expected to surpass both Russia and Brazil in the coming years. As the majority of Indian smartphone users are using Android based phones, it comes as no surprise that Google Play store was generating 13 times more downloads when compared to iOS based devices. We can count on the increase in a number of downloads as the smartphones are starting to penetrate in the rural areas. According to a study by App Annie-NASSCOM, the total game revenue in India is projected to reach $1.1 billion by 2020. Games like Candy Crush Saga, Temple run & subway surfers have dominated the download section last year. Experts cite the widespread penetration of smartphone as being one of the biggest reasons for the continuous rise of the mobile gaming industry in India and the country is well on its way to becoming a major gaming market. As the discussion about mobile gaming heats up, many new games are making their way to play store and AppStore. There has also been a rapid increase in the number of Indian game developers developing games on various platforms.

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind the popularity of mobile gaming? You can list so many reasons starting with the addictive nature of the game, the comfort of playing the game by holding a device that fits well in your palms, its compatibility, and free and fast gaming that doesn’t take much time. But we have highlighted what we deem as the most important reasons for the popularity of mobile games.


Unlike gaming consoles where you need to sit in front of your monitors for hours, Mobile games are known for their portability. Whether you’re travelling in a bus or waiting in a long queue, mobile games can easily beat your boredom and give you a company. Downloading games from Play store is pretty easy. Some of the games can be played even without an Internet connection. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the apk/iOS file for the game, you are free to play to your hearts content.

Less Expensive

The biggest reason for the massive success of mobile gaming is that they are less expensive. Games like Racing in car, Subway surfer, and Traffic rider are as gripping as any action games you normally enjoy in your Play stations and X-boxes and most importantly they are free or come with a very low price tag. You no longer have to spend thousands for your games. According to a study published by App Annie-NASSCOM, Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers and Temple run 2 are the top 3 games that are downloaded by mobile users in India and they are FREE to play. Even a gripping game of online rummy can be enjoyed by just downloading and installing a Free Rummy Mobile APP.

No download

There are many games available online that does not require you to download the games in order to play them. These no download games are blessing in disguise for those who feel games are clogging up their memory. There are many games available where you can just open the stream and play. All you would require is a good internet connection to get a hassle free gaming experience. Browse our current promotions & Start winning today. Just click on the promotions you wish to avail. Get complete information about the Rummy promotion

Funny & Entertaining

These mobile games apart from their riveting gameplay provide maximum fun and entertainment for the users. They often come as a stress buster at these times where work-life imbalance is taking a toll out of your body. Android users have an additional advantage as play store has an infinite number of games catered to all kinds of users and most importantly many of them are free to download. Even if you’re the type of person who has no interest in games, there are some android games that are going to evince an interest in you. Who wouldn’t want an access to unlimited fun and entertainment when it comes free?

Easy to Use

Let’s get this straight, console games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re a beginner, you will be in no man’s land when you play a console game, as the complex game mechanics and advanced graphics would prove to be too overwhelming. On the other hand, there are many mobile games that could be played without any prior gaming experience. They are much easier to use and accessible for all players.

Mobile gaming Industry is continuously making landslides one after the other. At the current rapid rate that this industry is moving, there are plenty of reasons to believe that horizons are going to be pushed further and the best is yet to come. If you could think of any other reasons apart from the above-mentioned ones, please feel free to comment below. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.



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