How India turned to be a huge mobile gaming market?

India had become a supreme mobile gaming market in the global arena. A stat says India has recorded more than 7 billion installs in 2020. Our country holds 17% of the global market share in the mobile gaming industry. The pandemic made people stay indoors to stay safe. People logging into the online gaming platform had increased tremendously during the lockdown phase.

Online games are proven to be the best indoor entertainment option. India has shown huge growth in the technological world. Indians have introduced several technologies and have also popularized overseas techs.

Mobile Gaming

The concept of gaming has undergone several phases over the decades. The platform in which the games have been played has also been transforming. When people think about gaming, there is an assumption that the most popular gaming devices are PlayStations and Xbox. But the reality is these devices aren’t the most used for gaming.

Mobile phones are the most preferred and the fastest device to enjoy online gaming. The device is supported with high-speed internet at pocket-friendly plans. Smartphone usage has increased by 15% over the last few years. During the lockdown, people were forced to depend on indoor entertainment. That’s when there was a drastic shift in the traffic. There is a lot to explore in the online gaming world. Thus the journey would be so much interesting and exciting.

The mobile gaming audience created smashed lots of existing records and rewrote the history. The seamless gaming experience is one of the top reasons why people love playing online games, and when it is played on a compact device with maximum gaming experience things are even better.

The Future

The gaming industry is marching towards even better records and collections. With people heading towards smart services in every aspect of life, there’s a lot more left in the industry. Soon, there are even more advancements in internet service to come. Hence, the scope for real gaming is something that is going to happen for sure.

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