Movies vs Online Games – Which is a better choice for entertainment?

Online games and Movies are ultimate source of entertainment for so many people. People from all walks of life generally fulfill their entertainment quotient with both these activities. Both of these activities recharge yourself and keep you refreshed. They both keep us entertained for a long period of time and helps us beat stress. Also, both these activities give us a sense of belonging to a well-knitted closed community. Having mentioned both these activities, it would be a good time to analyze which has more value in terms of improving our skills. Also to be considered is the fact that we invest a lot of time, money, and effort in these activities.

Online Games

Online Games vs Movies

One of the biggest difference between both these activities is that, online gaming gives us a platform to showcase our skills and get rewarded for the same. Movies on the other hand do not have any significant mental benefits as much as they serve as a time pass. While there are movies that preach a good message to the society, however from an individual perspective, there aren’t much to learn. However, playing online games have a range of benefits. Online games help you increase your confidence level and relieves you from stress. As the gaming field is extremely competitive, it inculcates a competitive spirit inside yourself and gears you up to take any challenge in life. In order to achieve success in online gaming, you need to be really focused and committed, both of which often translate well into real life situations.

Online Games – Strategy

Games like Indian Rummy and Poker requires you to deploy several strategies on multiple occasions. As the fortunes of games change minute by minute, you really to up the ante every game you are playing. Games like Texas Holdem poker and 13 card Rummy teach us the invaluable nature of time and essence. Playing these games help us get rid of anxiety and teaches us the importance of remaining calm even during high pressure situations. Online games help us keep our negative emotions under check.

Thousands of gamers have benefited incredibly not just financially but also have remarked how these games were able to bring a sense of order and responsibility in their lives. Games help you be more creative in life. Players who excel in online games often emerge successful in business venture. There is direct correlation between the two as you get better control over yourself. On the other hand, movies though being a great source of fun have very little offerings in terms of value.

In online games there are often situations and challenges which require you to improve. To earn excellence, you often need to train hard. Most online gaming sites have tons of materials and videos on strategies. You have to read/watch the materials up on the site as the gaming field often involves multiple challenging scenarios. What works in one game need not necessarily work in others. You have to dig in deeply to know what works in every scenario that you encounter while playing.


Summing up, both these activities are quality ways to spend your time. It would be wise to invest your free time more into online games than movies considering the incredible benefits that come with it. Get started in a skill game like rummy or poker. Download a poker or a rummy mobile app and start reaping the full benefits.

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