Narenthbe ships Republic Day Special Tournament

Last night saw the conclusion of our Republic Day Special Tournament. Hosted from Jan 24-26 in 3 stages, the tournament ran to packed houses. Just like our every special tournament, the republic day tourney action was intense right from the beginning. As always, players from all walks of life and at levels, competed in this special tournament fiercely.

A barrage of experienced and novices fought hard for the mammoth prizepool and in the end it was user “narenthbe” who ouplayed every other player to win this massive tournament.

Special Rummy Tournament

Narenthbe – Winner of Republic Day Special Tournament

A special tournament win is always special as it enhances your reputation as a rummy pro apart from padding your bankroll with the prize amount. Congratulations to Naren for outlasting a star-studded line up of expert Indian rummy players that had the likes of users demon and agapimou; who secured second and third place respectively. It’s a win to remember for Naren and with his staggering form, he will be a force to reckon with in the upcoming tournaments. It takes a lot of grit, patience, and determination to win a tournament like this, not to forget top-class rummy skills as well.

Congratulations to user Demon and Agapimou for fighting valiantly till the last moment. They may have lost it this time, but their moment of glory is not far away. Deccan Rummy would like to thank each and every player who participated and made this event a massive success.

Stay Tuned For more Special Tournaments and Offers

As we said earlier, this is just the beginning. The year is loaded with an amazing line-up of tournaments and awesome bonus offers. So many exciting new tourneys and contests are in the pipeline. If you are new to this game, you can start off with our daily Freeroll tourneys. It is a beginner’s best friend as it helps you improve your skill, at the same time, giving you an opportunity to win loads of cash. Look forward to seeing you with the next promotion very soon.

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