More about the new Cash Bonus Feature

As part of our commitment to provide a truly splendid service, makes every effort to ensure that gaming experience is as much entertaining and rewarding as possible. Special offers and bonuses will always be available to you at We’ve recently launched a special feature called Cash Bonus under Deccan Rewards wherein the prizes for special freeroll tournaments & surprise cash bonuses amounts are credited. Many players have doubts on how to move the money from the cash bonus account to your live account? This is an automatic process. In this article, I’m going to explain how the cash moves from the locked Cash Bonus account to your withdrawable balance. Also, I’m going to discuss the others ways in which you could use this money.

Where Cash Bonus Feature can be found?

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Deccan Rewards tab at the top.
  • Click on Cash bonus tab where you can check your cash bonus balance.
  • “Total” indicates the total surprise cash bonus in your account. “Pending” indicates the cash bonus pending to be released, and “Released displays the bonus amount that has been moved to the withdrawable balance

How does the money move from Cash Bonus?

The bonus amount you receive cannot be withdrawn directly. Players can move it to their withdrawable balance by playing cash rummy games. For every win the player secures henceforth, that player would receive 10% of the bonus amount from the cash bonus amount. The amount will move from his cash account to withdrawable balance. The amount will stay in your account forever; there is no time limit for availing this bonus.

For example, if you get Rs. 200 as a cash bonus; the bonus amount stays at Cash Bonus bucket. When you play in a Rs. 100 rummy table and win Rs. 80, then 10% of the winning amount Rs. 8 is debited from the Cash-Bonus bucket and added to your withdrawable balance as Bonus amount. Now, the “Pending” field in the bonus bucket balance would be Rs. 192 (200 – 8) and “Released” field would be Rs. 8.

Alternatively, you can also use this bonus amount as an entry fee for cash games. If you use the same Rs. 200 in your cash-bonus bucket to play Rs. 100 game and you win the game, 10 % of the winning amount will be moved to your withdrawable balance and Rs. 192 would remain in your cash-bonus account. However, if you lose the game with this by using Rs. 100 from the cash bonus account, you will lose the whole Rs 100. During such instances you will have only Rs. 100 remaining in your cash bonus account. The only way to get the bonus amount soon is to play more cash games and win. You can refer our rummy tips page to sharpen your skills.

Hope this information about cash bonus was helpful.



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