New to online Rummy? Here are 5 rummy tips for you

Are you new to Online Rummy? If you are new to 13 cards rummy online, you need to know that rummy is a game of skill! Rummy is a game that allows you to reap multiple benefits apart from killing boredom. The Most important benefit of playing rummy online is that you get a real opportunity to win cash. To play the game in right spirits, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the game and the rules. Thus, here we present to you certain rummy tips that are not really going to make a rummy superstar overnight but will set you on the right track to win money.

Rummy Tips for novices

Five Common Rummy Tips

  1. Read rummy rules & how to play rummy documents

    As obvious as it is, there is no substitute for knowing the rules of the rummy game. Read our easy-to-understand Rummy Rules & how to play rummy documents as you start your rummy journey. Get familiar with the basics before hitting the tables.

  2. Start Playing Practice game

    Just like other games rummy demands practice in ample doses. Playing practice games will allow you to experiment with different combinations. You can easily enhance your rummy strategies if you spend enough time at our rummy tables.

  3. Be selective with your starting hands

    The common mistake that beginners make isn’t always being selective about their starting hands. Many of them fall into the trap of believing that any starting hand can win. Though this is true, only experience have the ability to win the game even under tough circumstances. Novice rummy players must fold their hands if they get a bad starting hand in order to avoid losing with heavy points.

  4. Progress to higher limits gradually

    Just like other sports there is a hierarchy in rummy. There’s no point in going after high stakes right at the beginning. Progress slowly so that you get familiar with all the rummy strategies.

  5. Don’t bluff too much

    This is a common misconception that you have to bluff in all classic rummy games to win. You may sometimes have to face expert rummy players in your tables and may get awestruck at their gaming prowess. In awe of them, you may want to replicate their gaming strategy, which is wrong. Rummy experts have striven pretty hard to come to this position. It takes years of practice to play this game with precision and perfection. Bluffs are used by rummy experts very tacitly that it is even hard to spot one, at times. Rummy beginners are mostly naive when it comes to strategies. As they gain experience, they will get better with rummy tips like bluff.

Follow these rummy tips and see yourself winning a few rummy tournaments & games within few days. If you are an Android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a seamless mobile rummy experience.

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