Find Out your position at the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0

The upcoming New Year 2020 event is the hot time for exclusive promotions. New Year is the right time for any individual to gain a positive vibe to march through the New Year with a positive attitude. New Year’s Eve is a magical night – people celebrate their past achievements and set the tone to achieve more in the future. It’s the season of creative and innovative promotions. Especially the Indian Online Rummy society is filled with hot deals in the form of rummy tournaments and Leaderboard contests for a special beginning.

New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0:


Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

A leaderboard contest promotes the satisfaction of competency for a player. The most noted one among them is the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0 at Deccan Rummy. The leaderboard is carrying prize rewards worth 2 Crores.

The contest is on from November 10 and closes on December 28. It is running successfully for the past four weeks. There are three more weeks to crown the Champions of the contest.

Deccan Rummy’s New Year Leaderboard is the talk of the town. Many new players are battling out in the middle to prove how much their game is worth. The biggest advantage that players feel at this Leaderboard is that there is not just one winner. You could never find one like this anywhere. There are many chances for you to win huge more than what you have played. To top the table, a player must win as many Cash Rummy games as possible.

More about the Leaderboard:

A leaderboard is a place where players from different locations, living, gaming style, and targets compete for a huge reward. Such a huge prize pool for a leaderboard contest has encouraged many to get on the field. Out of the many, you can find many starters and pros’. There are many possible winners of the contest after consistent performance over the last four weeks.

The positions keep changing every day, to be precise- it happens every minute. There is every possibility for a player to go past you at any moment.
*There is no place for relaxation when you want to take home the huge rewards.

For the betterment of players, Deccan Rummy is helping the players to deposit for more by aiding them with a bevy of bonus that multiplies their deposits. There are many in the name of – Welcome bonus, Daily deposit bonus, Deccan Bounty, Happy Hours, and many more surprising deals exclusively for you. If you are a new player to the Rummy Leaderboard concept- this is your challenge- you will have a lot of competition in the journey to own the rewards. A leaderboard is a great experience for a fresher to compete in a highly competitive atmosphere. Competitiveness will mold you into a perfect Rummy player.


It is already mentioned that it is a 2 Crore prize pool, now let’s look at the prizes.

Deccan Rummy is hosting the leaderboard contest in 3 categories- Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Leaderboard. The reward list is big for every category.

For the players competing at the Diamond category, the list goes like- BMW X3, Hyundai Verna and Mercedes Benz A-Class and a free trip to Goa along with cash bonus.

For those in the Platinum leaderboard, the list is- Honda City, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, and Ford Aspire and a free trip to Goa.

It is a free trip to Goa along with a handsome amount of cash bonus for the Gold Leaderboard toppers.


The contest is heading into the 5th week, and many are determined to win on a consistent note.

Diamond leaderboard:

Week1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank5th Rank6th Rank
Week 1abhayanandaswaramprakashplaycharuduttasrinivas109nvctr
Week 2 


Week 3suni28abhayanandamahindracharudutta 


Week 4abhayanandaprakashplaysuni28sanatbabugandeshaharendra

Platinum leaderboard:

Week1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank5th Rank6th Rank
Week 1harshalshruthi1909rajamaniydhvanyadhirendraiKanunaidu
Week 2shruthi1909arivuchelvanvenimadhavharshalhemadriJayadeep
Week 3shruthi1909harshalshaunakalirajamaniydhvanyadheeman
Week 4thirumalmagangadharwinharshalshruthi1909radhakrishghalib


Gold leaderboard:

Week1st Rank2nd Rank3rd Rank4th Rank5th Rank6th Rank
Week 1mrigankaanirudhhamaharathramakrishnajmareechimudita
Week 2dheemanturanyugandeshaaruniramakrishnajphalgun
Week 3dakshaavkashjaikrishnasajansunilishtiyaqsuresh4589
Week 4hariomnageshopratikukuberchanddhruvalmarut


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