When not to drop at Online Rummy card game?

You have always wanted to be a master of the rummy card game and are actively striving to become one if you’re not one already, right? But there are certain situations where we see some naive players fold their cards in spite of having a chance to go on. Sure, you may lose with high points on certain instances, but not always. We have to admit though rummy card game is a game of skill; there are certain situations where a sudden stroke of luck comes as an aid for a lot of players. Of course, such instances are so far and between that shouldn’t hinder your progress anyways. This article covers the situations where players preposterously drop the game and regret later. Are you someone who fears you could lose big money by dropping by the game as you didn’t get the cards you expected? Fret not, for here is an insight into situations where you should not drop the game.

Rummy Card Game

1. One Pure Sequence

While playing a 13 card Indian rummy game, if a player has a pure sequence with him, he must play on regardless of how bad the other cards are. “Drop” is used on situations only when the player has no pure sequence. This is where the ‘Drop’ move becomes the savior and saves the player from losing with heavy points

2. One impure sequence without a joker

A player must not drop a game if he has an impure sequence without joker cards. A joker card can act as a savior in a rummy card game. As the game proceeds, the chances of getting a joker and an opportunity to meld a pure sequence are very high. Check our article on various types of starting hands in rummy & how to deal with it.

3. One impure sequence with a joker

A player must not fold his cards if he has just an impure sequence made up with a joker card and rest of the cards remain unrelated. Your opponents too might be having a bad hand and maybe thinking about folding his hands. You must not fold your hands as he might find a way to make a meld as the game progresses. The chances of melding a pure sequence are pretty high.

A smart rummy player plays the game aiming for a win so he often finds a way to win irrespective of the situations. Perhaps, a quick read about the common rummy tips and strategies might be a good head start.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

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