How Online games are reducing the generation gap?

Everybody loves to enjoy playing games. Playing games have been one of the most preferred modes of entertainment from time immemorial. With technological advancements, we are now able to enjoy games from the comfort of our living rooms. No longer do people prefer outdoor games as a way of entertainment since the arrival of online games. Various factors have come in as a hindrance to enjoying outdoor and indoor yesteryear games like player availability, time constraints, and space and reduce generation gap.


Games that we enjoyed during our childhood like board games, card games, and business are now available online. These games not only act as a pastime but also as an excellent source of income. Also, these games play a crucial role in unifying different generations by creating a strong gaming community that brings different players under a common platform. Whether you play an adventure game like Clash of Clans or action games like PubG or even strategy games like classic rummy, you are not alone; you are part of a giant community that includes players across all generations.

There are various factors that brought about this unification of generation. In this post, let us delve into various factors that brought about this unification.

How Online games reduce Generation Gap

  1. Easy availability of Smartphone and falling data prices

Not so long so, people who owned PC and internet connection could only enjoy these online games. These were pricey back then so not many could afford that. Understandably, the gaming community was tiny and was made up of an elite audience.  Now after the smartphone revolution, everyone can access these games anytime and from anywhere. With numerous service providers available, the data prices have fallen. This has given a major boost to the online gaming industry. Because of the easy accessibility, online game makers were able to experiment with a different genre of games which could capture the players’ imagination. These games draw audiences across all generations.

  1. No Age Restrictions

Unlike physical games where age comes in as a big factor, in online games, players across all age groups can play against each other. Some real money games like 13 card rummy, however, has age restrictions to keep away minors from participating. However, the majority of games allow players across all age groups to access them. Moreover, most of these games are available for free in Playstore and AppStore, thus giving the players the comfort of accessing the game from their places without having to move a step.

  1. Relieves Stress

We live in a world where stress and anxiety are taking a toll on our bodies. Be it a student, a working professional or a retired person, everyone has their own share of stress. Online games act as a good stress buster and also help the player to orient themselves better. Some of the strategies involved in online games also come in handy in our real lives when a crisis hits our faces. So, naturally, this is one of the important factors that bring people across different generations to this platform

  1. A sense of oneness

Most of the online games create a sense of belonging to a particular community. For example, in a game like rummy online, people are allowed to interact with each other through chat feature that is made available in their platform. This gives the players an opportunity to socialize and over time it manifests into a sense of belonging to a particular community.


Online games have evolved to become wholly immersive: deriving plots from an eclectic mix of ideas, designing nuanced characters whose characteristics evolve with levels and an eye-popping gaming environment that keeps the players glued. These games are specifically designed with the help of psychology consultants to keep the players occupied. Looking at the explosive rate of online gaming, we can assertively state that it’s here to stay for a long period of time and will keep drawing people of all ages into the gaming sphere.

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