Pros and Cons of Playing Online rummy game

Online Rummy game has deep ties with Indian history. You may have seen the game played in family circles and get together during festivals like Diwali. That’s how much popular the game is in India. Since the digitization of the online gaming industry just like other industries, online rummy has had a rapid growth and had attracted a legion of hardcore gamers who like to play skill games. Apart from attracting the traditional gamers who used to play card games, the game also attracts new players who are interested in card games. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of online rummy.

Online Rummy Game

Pros of Online Rummy game

1. Mental Dexterity:

Playing rummy online improves your mental dexterity. As you get to know different moves and you handle complex situations while playing the game, your skill at performing tasks improves.

2. Focus

Playing rummy online improves your focus. Rummy game requires your complete attention and focus while playing. Any slip on this aspect would cause your downfall in the game. You must remember the fall of cards, keep an eye on the discards as well as concentrate on your moves to make the perfect sequence to win the game. An undivided attention towards the card game is mandatory in order to be successful.

3. Decision Making Skills

You have to think twice, thrice before dropping a card as you need to have forethought if the card would be picked up by opponents who may build a sequence and/ or a set with it. Your decision matters a lot here as a slight error in judgment could bring about a huge setback.

4. Patience

Just like chess where patience is one of the important virtues to be successful, in Rummy patience plays a very vital role. Rummy is a game of patience as you need adequate time to make your melds, most rummy websites understand this and give the player sufficient time to make their moves taking into account the top 3 factors that we had mentioned earlier.


1. OverSpending

The golden rule of rummy games is to play within your limits. Play only with what you can afford. It’s human nature to be lured by the chance to win some extra cash. In the process most of the aspiring gamers overspend. To curb overspending, most rummy online sites have integrated systems that restrict deposits or gameplay.

2. Addiction

As the gameplay is very intriguing, chances of addiction are pretty high. You can manage it by drafting a time schedule allocating specific time to play rummy online.

3. Chasing Losses

Players who are on a losing spree chase losses without much forethought. Such players endure even more losses as they play with a vengeance in mind and the vengeance clouds over sanity.

Analysing overall, the pros outweigh the cons easily. The points mentioned under cons can be brought under control with just some control. Rummy is an entertaining game and is easy to learn. It offers the best way to kill spare time productively. Playing Rummy will refresh your mind, add excitement and enhances your patience levels. Play online rummy game without any hesitation.

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