Challenges that lie ahead of Online rummy industry

Sites offering Online Rummy Games are on an impressive growth trajectory. The first quarter has yielded impressive results so far. While the government is taking measures for a massive digitization of various resources through several campaigns and policies, the online rummy industry has a serious task at hand. Let’s consider the 3 main challenges that lie ahead of the online rummy industry in this era of increasing technological advancements.

1. Formation of a self-regulatory Body

Rummy is a card game that is reliant primarily on skills. Although we have had several cases earlier proving rummy is a game of skill. There are still aspersions cast on the validity of the rummy game then and there. Recently too, the Telangana Government banned Online rummy games as it considers rummy as a game of luck. To fight this unfair judgment, several online rummy operators have joined forces and have formed “The Rummy Federation” shortly abbreviated as TRF.

The TRF is a self-regulatory body for rummy operators throughout the country. Prominent rummy operators like Rummy Circle, Junglee Rummy, Deccan Rummy and several other rummy operators throughout the country have joined hands to form the body. TRF plans to bring about policies and regulations for the rummy companies to follow and is currently challenging a petition citing the unfair ban on online rummy in Telangana. One of the foremost challenges of TRF would be to get past the online rummy ban in Telangana.

2. Increased user engagement

The primary task in the hands of rummy operators throughout the country is to increase user engagement through brand awareness and other marketing means. For that, companies are deploying various latest technologies like Big data, predictive algorithms to collect and analyze various player behavior. Based on the data, companies would announce offers and promotions for various players. Additionally, several online rummy operators are planning to add many features in their rummy app. For those who download rummy app, they would be able to enjoy various benefits. As the industry is getting extremely competitive with multiple players joining in, companies have a serious task at hand with user engagement.

3. Rewards for online rummy games

While the startup frenzy has hit the market like a storm, not many survive past a certain period because of various factors like lack of innovation and heavy competition. But many rummy startups are able to turn their ventures into profitable ones. Though they are able to generate profit, they have a huge challenge ahead given the vigorous competition. To take the challenge heads on and survive in the market, many rummy start-ups are offering lots of promotions and offers to their customers and are also coming up with various innovations and versions of their online rummy games.

With the rapid penetration of smartphones and falling data prices, the companies find it easier to promote their rummy apps. These rummy apps come up with lots of exclusive offers and promotions for the users also offering a challenging gaming experience. But given the huge competition, these companies can survive in the market only by offering an engaging gaming experience and coming up with lots of offers and promotions.

Ably supported by the government initiatives like digital India and Make in India campaign, these companies rise to prominence with the factors listed above. However, the biggest challenge that lies in front of these companies is how they retain their user-base with increasing technological advancements.

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