Test your knowledge in online rummy

Online Rummy

Online rummy is one of the most played game in the Indian gaming industry. The fact that the game was very popular even before the advent of internet, helped the game sustain the same popularity despite the avalanche of gaming options available. Though the rules of the game primarily are the same in the offline and online, the online version requires people to adapt to the platform in which they are playing and other factors such as timing.

Do you love to play rummy online? Then perhaps, it’s time to test your knowledge about the game. This Rummy Quiz at Deccan Rummy has 10 questions that are centered around rummy rules, rummy strategies and other facets of the game.

Online Rummy Quiz

Find out where you stand by taking this rummy quiz.

  1. What are the number of cards dealt to each player in an Indian rummy game?

a. 11

b. 12

c. 13

2. In which version of online rummy, middle drop is not allowed?

a. Points

b. Deals

c. Pool

3. How many sequences you would need in a rummy game for a successful declare?

a. Two

b. Three

c. One

d. Four

4. Can you pick up the joker card if your opponent drops it in a rummy game

a. No

b. Yes, anyone can pick up the cards

c. Only the player who discarded can pick it up during his next turn

5. Identify the impure sequence in this combination

a. K ♠, Q ♠, J ♠

b. 7 ♠, PJ, 9 ♠

c. 2 ♥, 3 ♥, 4 ♥

d. A ♦, 2 ♦, 3 ♦

6. Is a tie possible in online rummy game?

a. Yes

b. No

7. If You are left with K, J, 8, 3 as unpaired cards after your opponent has declared, what would be your score?

a. 50

b. 31

c. 27

d. 40

8. What does baiting mean in rummy terminology?

a. Strategic play to trick an opponent into dropping a card of the same rank or suit

b. A variant of rummy game

c. Dropping all the high value cards in the beginning

9. Which among K, J, Q, and 8 is not a face card?

a. K

b. J

c. Q

d. 8

10. What is another name for Open deck?

a. Stock Pile

b. Discard Pile

c.  Deals Pile

d. Pool Pile


  1. C – 13 cards are dealt to each player in a standard Indian rummy game
  2. B – In a deals rummy variant, middle drop is not allowed
  3. A – For a successful declare, you need two sequences at least
  4. A – No you cannot pick a joker card if your opponent drops
  5. B – The rest are proper pure sequences
  6. A – Tie is not possible in online rummy
  7. B – Sum of the value of all cards (10+10+8+3)
  8. A
  9. D
  10. B

If you secured all the answers right, then you are an expert rummy player and handle any kinds of competition. Anything less indicates that you should take steps to improve your rummy knowledge. Always, never settle for less.

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