Five features that distinguish a good rummy site from a bad one

Online Rummy is one the leading games in the gaming industry. It’s extremely popular among the gamers because it’s simple, thrilling, and also offers a chance to win real cash. Due to its massive popularity, several online rummy sites have emerged in the recent past. Many portals have come up with their own versions of the game in terms of design, features, and game-mechanics etc.

Though most of them promise world-class gaming experience, hardly few deliver it. Many sites mimic the already existing successful ones, trick the customers into playing them and eventually dupe them. So, it is important as a user to not fall into their trap. In order to stay away from these clone sites, one should look for a set of features that are hallmark of a good rummy site.


Features of a Good Rummy Site

1. User Interface

User Interface plays a vital role in gaming. An online rummy site with a clean and clutter-free user interface offers a seamless gaming experience. Fake sites often have clumsy user interface and difficult navigation. This includes hassles in the registration process and trouble navigating between the menu and accessibility.

Deccan Rummy has one of the best user interface whether you are playing it online using a web browser or through our app. You can easily navigate between the menus and join any tables in a matter of seconds. We’ve worked hard to come with a user interface that will give the user a real time casino experience.

2. RNG Certification

Deccan Rummy is renowned for being a fair gaming platform. We all know that online rummy is played on virtual tables where the cards are dealt by a virtual dealer. The cards are dealt with the help of a algorithm known as the Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG ensures the cards dealt are statistically random with no scope of repetition to ensure a fair and level playing field. Deccan Rummy has a certified and tested RNG by Infysec.

3. Fairplay, Safe and Secure

One of the most critical feature of an rummy site is to have features that safeguards customer data. A fake rummy site could leak your personal information. It is essential you choose a platform that has the best safety features. We do NOT use any kinds of BOTS. A robot would be unconquerable and would destroy your playing experience. Our motto is to promote rummy game with absolute fairplay. Deccan Rummy boasts a highly-experienced Risk-Management team and tools, that closely monitors any unfair gaming practices that could be detrimental to the real players.

Deccan Rummy’s platform is is fully encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layers) which is a protocol that guarantees safety, integrity, and authenticity to the site. All personal information such as your name, bank account details, password are safely protected in our platform. The transactions that you perform in our platform are completely safe as we use payment gateways with high security and reputation. Moreover, we have integrated several payment methods in our platforms like Netbanking, UPIs, Payment Wallets etc. You can deposit money using any of these methods and enjoy our games.

4. Customer Support

One of the hallmark of a good rummy site is providing a good customer support. If the customer support is poor, then players are going to migrate to alternate platforms. At Deccan Rummy, we have 24/7 email and chat support to assist you on all rummy related queries. If you have any issues pertaining to our platform or rummy games, you can feel free to contact them anytime. Our customer support agents would be glad to assist you at all times.

5. Offers and Promotions

One of the distinguishing features of online rummy is the promotions and offers. From a mammoth welcome bonus of Rs. 5000 to several monthly/weekly/daily bonus offers, you can always take something for your deposits. We have freeroll and cash rummy tournaments lined up throughout the day. Our weekly leaderboard contests gives an opportunity to the players to win amazing gifts like iPhones and several other trending electronic gadgets.

Our freeroll tournaments have an astounding value of Rs. 20 Lakhs per month. No other site offers this much in freerolls. We also have an awesome refer and earn program with which you can refer your friends to our platform and earn lifetime bonus.

Additionally, we host special tournaments and leaderboard contests during festivals and special occasions.

To sum up, Deccan Rummy is an ideal platform for all kinds of rummy players, ticking all the boxes from safety and security to amazing offers and game features. Whether you are an experienced rummy gamer or novice, you will find things that entices you someway in our platform. Be a part of our ever growing rummy community by signing up for free and embark on a rummy journey filled with amazing fun and thrill and a chance to amass huge fortunes.

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