Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy

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Online Rummy or Offline Rummy; this is a question that is lingering in many rummy lovers mind for some time. There is no denying that Offline rummy is a good old game that each of us has enjoyed right from our childhood. But things change constantly, right? But then, the comparison and debate on what’s the best form are inevitable.

Let us, for instance, compare a few parameters involved in rummy games before arriving at a conclusion.

  1. Availability & accessibility

Most of the online rummy sites are available 24/7 and can be accessed through a PC or mobile anytime. Players can simply register and join the right table best suitable to him. In the case of offline rummy, you have the burden of finding right people and convincing them to play for a longer duration. There are no such hassles in online Rummy as the player has an option to switch to any table anytime with very limited waiting time.

  1. Missing Cards

Too many times, offline players lose some cards from the deck because of negligence or even a case of absent-mindedness. In the case of online rummy, cards exist perennially as they are in a virtual form and are instantly available whenever you feel like playing.

  1. Shuffle of cards

The automated software used by most of the rummy sites ensures cards are dealt with all players without any prejudice or any favouritism in online rummy. But, in Offline Rummy, chances of error while shuffling the cards and other forms of foul play, such as favouring a particular player are very high.

  1. Cheating

Most of the online rummy sites have anti-fraud, anti colluding measures put in place properly to monitor any suspicious activity in their online Rummy system. In offline rummy, there are lots of chances for cheating and other forms of foul play.

  1. Variants & Competitions

Online rummy sites offer many exciting rummy variants and tournaments to players delight. For instance, DeccanRummy offers 3 variations of online rummy namely Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy & Points rummy. There are lots of rummy tournaments conducted by us on a daily basis. Most online rummy sites have a complete tutorial on all the topics related to rummy that makes playing rummy online very easy. You don’t get to play such multiple variations of rummy and tournaments while playing offline rummy.

  1. Monetary Benefit

Lastly, online rummy gives an immense scope of earning real cash, unlike Offline Rummy. You can sit in the comfort of your home and participate in all our tournaments, games and avail a chance to get a big cash prize.

So, we hope that we might have thrown some light on this perennial discussion/debate of late. No offense to traditional rummy lovers, far too many things are working in favour of online rummy. So, they must admit that online rummy is marching ahead and clearly winning the race. However, it’s not too late yet for offline rummy enthusiasts to pick an online rummy site and start winning amazing cash prizes.

DeccanRummy is the fastest online rummy site available at present. The cutting edge technology deployed on our website makes playing rummy with us, an enjoyable experience. Over 1,00,000+ players have chosen as the ultimate site to play rummy online. Register now and make a kill out of our existing offers and promotions.

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