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3 Ways to Earn Easy Money in Rummy Card Game Online

Rummy is one of the most fascinating card game in India. Being a skill game, rummy is largely dependent on how much skills and strategy you bring to the table. With the advancement in technology, rummy game is now available online. Among many online games in the Indian gaming circuit, it is rummy card game online that has garnered massive popularity.

The offers offer endless hours of fun, thrill, and excitement. Most importantly, playing rummy online would enable you win real money easily compared to other cash games. While winning cash online defeating your opponents is a great feeling, there are other ways through which you can earn too. In this post, we will discuss a few ways through which you can earn cash playing rummy card game online.

Refer A friend

Many rummy card game online sites offer this scheme where you can refer your friends. Once the friend referred by you successfully makes a deposit, you can start earning from the comfort of your home. Spend some time to refer your friend and start earning from the comfort of your home. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer the customers endless opportunity to win real cash by referring your friends. Now this is one of the simplest way to earn real cash online!

Avail Bonus offers

One of the ways rummy sites keep their customers glued to their platform is by offering endless supply of bonus offers. Smart players avail each and every one of them thereby loading their accounts with cash. From Sign up bonus and welcome bonus to monthly bonus and hot deal bonus offers everyday, players have a host of bonus offers to choose from. These bonuses are a great way of boosting your balance and giving you the leverage to play more cash games. Additionally, there are plenty of rummy promotions for you to take advantage of periodically.

Surprise rewards

Most rummy sites recognize your gaming activity and reward you then and there. If you are someone who’s passionate about rummy card game and plays continuously, chances are such that you may receive special bonus offers and rewards. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer surprise rewards to their players. It could be a bonus offer, free ticket to a tournament, or a gift voucher.

Conclusion – Rummy Card game online

Online rummy is a widely popular game and is an all-time favorite of many card game enthusiasts. The prospect of winning cash continues to excite players and it’s always good to earn something extra. Earning cash playing a game makes it alluring, fun to play and hard to ignore. Moreover, these are legal ways of earning money online. Why would you want to miss something as exciting as these?
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Things you should know before playing rummy card game online

Rummy Card Game is a game of the skill, but there is an element of luck which makes it impossible to win every game that you play. Even rummy experts with their cutting edge strategies find it difficult to win every single game that they play.

These players have gotten to where they are through years of hard work, spending so much time on tables, polishing their strategies constantly. If you have to win, the road to that is filled with thorns which you have to overcome.

The good news is that hard work pays off in a rummy game. The efforts you put currently will reflect in a few years from now.

Rummy Card game is entertaining and fun but the fun doubles if you know the game in-and-out thoroughly. It’s important to get familiar with rummy rules and different styles of play if you want to win more consistently.

Whether you are playing a simple rummy variant or involved in a high voltage rummy tournament or a leaderboard contest, there are a few things that you should know.

Rummy Card Game


The amount of time that you spend in the practice tables will have a great impact on your long term results. Playing practice rummy card game will help you study about the game. Rummy is a card game where you will face different kinds of complex situations every now and then. The knowledge you gain from practice games can be put into optimal use.

Practice is a part of the learning curve. Every successful rummy player have started off with practice tables. The put their accumulated practice experience while playing real money games. There’s no substitute for practice tables.

Avoid Frustration

Frustration is something we all experience while playing a sport. Not every time things go in the way that we desire.

It’s impossible to win every single hand that you play. You will have to go through days where things are not going your way. A major part of a successful rummy strategy is your ability to handle downswings.

At times, there might be scenario where your opponent might play recklessly which may annoy you or stoke your anger. It may be a trash-talking player at the other end or player who plays illogically.

It’s essential to retain our cool. Such kinds of situations are unavoidable while playing rummy card game online. How you react to them is what that matters the month. If you’re playing to their trap, then your whole session could be disastrous.

Rummy Card game Addiction

Playing rummy online should not become an addiction at any point rather it must be a relaxation. It is one thing that you should be wary of every time you begin to play. Make sure that rummy doesn’t interfere in your other personal routine activities. While it’s true that you can earn money online in rummy, do not become obsessed by it. Most Rummy sites follow responsible gaming practice which will keep a tab on your gaming activities. Even otherwise, it’s important that you keep your gaming habits in control. Draft a timing schedule and keep a deposit limit and ensure you religiously follow your schedule all the time.

End summer on a higher note!

So thinking about what this blog is about? This blog is a special announcement from Deccan Rummy for you. Here’s a special rummy tournament for you to enjoy. Summer Satellite Series! Exclusive tournament for summer.


The lockdown is continuing even now! During this lockdown, there’s a huge number of new players entering the Deccan Rummy platform. This tournament assures you guaranteed fun at the rummy table. 

Summer satellite series 

The tourney has five stages; each level has a huge prize pool. The tourney comprises three satellite stages, two qualifier stages and a grand finale stage. Summing up till the end, the overall prize bag has ₹140000. The tournament kick starts on May 25 and ends on May 30. It could be a great sign off to 2020 summer. 

Tournament structure 

SS Satellites 1May 25 @9 PMMay 25 @3 PMRs.50299Rs. 12000


(35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)

SS Satellites 2May 26 @9 PMMay 26 @3 PMRs.50299Rs. 12000


(35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)

SS Satellites 3May 27 @9 PMMay 27 @3 PMRs.50299Rs. 12000


(35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)

SS Qualifier 1May 28 @9 PMMay 28 @3 PMTicket



299Rs. 27000 


(35 Free Tickets to Finale)

SS Qualifier 2May 29 @9 PMMay 29 @3 PMTicket



299Rs. 27000 


(35 Free Tickets to Finale)

SS FinaleMay 30 @9 PMMay 30 @3 PMTicket



299Rs. 50000 

The table mentioned above has clear cut details about each level of competition. The tournament rewards are given as ₹12000 at every satellite level, ₹27000 at every qualifier level and ₹50000 in the grand finale. The top rank holders at each level win free tickets to play the next level. 

Rummy quarantine 

This quarantine is not boring for rummy lovers. You guys have a great workload to do this lockdown period. Deccan Rummy has a great schedule for you. 24*7 cash games, rummy variants, free-roll and cash tournaments, exciting weekly leaderboard contest- all combined together make Deccan Rummy the best Online rummy site for rummy enthusiasts. Rummy Tournaments like Summer satellite series are some X factors for people to stay home. 

You got to be safe during such a situation in our country. Let’s hope we are going to come out of such a virus break out. 

Deccan Rummy ups the ante with a brand new tourney – SundayFunday

Deccan Rummy– India’s No. 1 rummy site continues to excite rummy players across India with something new and exciting every now and then. . Raising the bar continously, now the company has come up with the ‘Sunday Funday’, a weekly tournament to keep make Sundays more exciting.


Traditionally Sunday has always been the day for relaxation and some fun. With our hectic lifestyles, Sunday has slowly began losing its charm of being a fun day. With Sunday Funday, rummy tournament Deccan Rummy aspires to bring back the lost Sunday Fun.

Coming hot on the heels of the now-ended Movie Mania tournament, the new tournament Sunday Funday will be a great addition to the vast library of tournaments existing in our platform. 

Sunday Funday Tournament

WIth a prizepool of Rs. 10000 GTD, the winners will receive the gift vouchers as prizes. Gone are the days of traditional shopping, everyone prefers to do online shopping these days. Our vouchers will help a great deal in that. 

Players who deposit Rs. 300 with the code updated will receive free tickets for Sunday Funday. The code will be updated every Friday, two days before the tournament. The ticket obtained is valid for 2 weeks. Players can use it to participate in one Sunday Funday tourney in this span. Alternatively, players can also enter with a buy-in of Rs. 50. Your winnings will be processed immediately after the completion of tourney.

“We are very excited to add another tournament to our platform. The Sunday question has always bugged us for a while, this Sunday Funday tourney will restore the glory that has been traditionally associated with Sundays. Get ready to celebrate a day filled with fun, excitement, and some solid thrilling action. ” says Kenny Goutham, Head of Operations at Deccan Rummy. 

The event is guaranteed to witness massive participation from rummy pros, recreational players, rookies and even first-timers from across the country. 

Deccan Rummy has become one of the most trusted names in the online rummy community. From the increasing number of tournaments in our platform, to new faces creating a name for themselves, the action has been extravagant over the past few years. 

We are always focussed on offering the very best to our customer. Sunday Funday is a tournament that stems from our quest to raise the bar high. The tournament kicks off from this Sunday. 

With the field wide open, absolutely anyone who knows anything about rummy should probably make their way to our felts – as it could even you!