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What Online Rummy Players said about Deccan Rummy?

Deccan Rummy has always valued our rummy players’ feedbacks and suggestions and has incorporated many of them. We owe our success to our players who have been with us through thick and thin. Without them, Deccan Rummy would not exist or be as successful as it is today. Our players have always been our pillars of strength ever since our day of inception and their constant encouragement and support helped us churn out many rummy promotions and offers. We operate by the motto “All of your customers are partners in your mission” where customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Our support team has ensured that all our customer queries are addressed within a short turnaround time (TAT) for which we have received a lot of appreciation & support from our Rummy players. We also thank the players who were patient enough to wait, during certain times where our responses got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Even demonetisation hasn’t stopped them.

DeccanRummy has largely succeeded because of the quality of the players in our fold as much as the quality of our efforts. We have received tremendous responses for all our promotions from our players. All our tournaments remain houseful to this day which shows that the eagerness and enthusiasm haven’t died down.

Want to know what our customers said about us? We will take this moment to highlight some of the nice things our players said about us as nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.

Swachith0316 from Vizianagaram, AP

 “Heartiest thanks to Deccan rummy for conducting free tournaments and goldQuest Tourney, I won a gold coin in goldquest tourney. It’s been 2 months I am playing on Deccan rummy and I love playing here. Most importantly I trust this game and site. Though I play rummy on other sites Deccan Rummy is a great way for me to earn money where skill and concentration and luck are the inputs. I referred to so many friends to play this game and I will continue this as long as possible. I love playing here and thanks for giving this opportunity for sharing my feelings”.

Glorybee from Kolkata, West Bengal

I have been playing on Deccan Rummy site for some time now and found it better than others. The ultimate joy was to win a GoldQuest tourney which I thought was impossible but….ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE ON DECCAN RUMMY”.

Sukeerth121113 from Guntur, AP

I am very much excited to have won a gold coin. I am feeling great to be a winner. Thank you so much Deccan Rummy for providing many offers and conducting many tournaments. I have played almost in all Indian rummy sites. DECCAN RUMMY is the BEST among the all aspects, conducting tournaments, Bonus, Customer support .Once again, Thank you DECCAN RUMMY”.

Lionbhaski from Chennai, winner of gold coin tournament

Really I felt amazed to won a gold coin from your Deccan Rummy portal, it is one of the sincere website portal to play and the playing limits as well as giving opportunities like 3 persons in first round and 2 persons in second round, u give more opportunities for the players and the games also restricted. Always I support Deccan Rummy“.

Sonia Saxena from New Delhi

“It’s been wonderful experience to play on Deccan rummy. I won this gold for my beloved and yes its happy moment for me”.

Wow! Thank you very much, guys, for your kind words. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the praise and love you have showered on us. It gives us immense strength to strive even harder.

Skeptics can bad mouth and trash all they want about the online rummy industry, but the bond between us and players is unbreakable and growing stronger every single minute. Moreover, the game has been declared as legal by the supreme court of India. So we can turn deaf years to their constant kvetching. The online rummy industry is here to stay and because of our players’ solidarity and support, Deccan Rummy is marching ahead of our competitors. Together we shall make history in the rummy world!!


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Deposit @ Deccan Rummy & Multiply your money

Rummy bonus

If you’ve been craving high-intensity rummy online action, you’ve hit up the right rummy site. Deccan Rummy has all that you could ask for in a rummy site – exciting tournaments, awesome promotions or action packed games.

Deccan Rummy has become synonymous with offers and promotions. We make sure you relish every moment you spend with us and take back only pleasant memories. The myriad of offers existing in our website allows you to maximize your earnings.

Online rummy players choose a site after considering so many factors – bonus the being primary. DeccanRummy has never failed to satisfy our customers in this aspect.

Almost every rummy site on the web offer a first deposit but not all bonuses are as effective as it seems. At DeccanRummy, we’ve worked painstakingly hard to create a bonus scheme tailor made to rummy hungry players on our site. To mean we are into serious business, we are offering our new registrants an option to earn 100% bonus on their first deposits, up to Rs. 5000. Your first deposit is going to multiply hugely to epic proportions. Now deposit to your account and we are going to reload the same amount to your account.

How the Deposit & Reload Bonus works?

As mentioned, you will be entitled to 100% bonus on your first deposit with the bonus amount capped at Rs. 5000.

Eg: If you deposit Rs. 200 You will get a bonus of Rs. 200

On the other hand if you deposit Rs. 7000 you will receive Rs. 5000 as the bonus amount is capped at Rs. 5000.

When you make a deposit, the bonus amount will be converted to points at the rate of Rs. 100 = 1000 Deposit Bonus Points instantly.

The points will be accumulated in your account. You can check it as mentioned;

  1. Login to account
  2. Make a Deposit
  3. Choose Deposit Bonus from the dropdown menu available in the right end of lobby
  4. Total Bonus Points indicates the bonus amount credited in points
  5. Once you start playing cash games, the bonus amount will move gradually to Pending Bonus column available next to Total Bonus Points column.
  6. Bonus Amount can be redeemed only when the points move to Pending Bonus column.
  7. Enter the number of bonus points that you wish to redeem by entering the bonus points in the column below and click on Redeem. The amount will be automatically credited to your Decccan Rummy account balance.

Note: Please note that a minimum of 1000 Bonus Points is required to process any redemption.


As the offer is applicable only on the first deposit in your account, make sure you deposit big to earn a big bonus. Hit a home run using this offer.

People have been agile to make use of the promotion to their fullest advantage ever since we launched this promotion. A loud shout to players who haven’t made a deposit – Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to multiply your money!

Make use of the deposit before it becomes void. Keep playing rummy with Deccan Rummy and watch this space – lots of astounding Rummy promotions are around the corner. We also have many astounding rummy tournaments like goldquest through which you can win gold coins.

Terms & Condition

  1. The offer is valid only on the 1st Deposit made by the player to his account. Any subsequent deposits will not be considered for this promotion.
  2. Any player found trying to misuse this offer by creating multiple accounts etc will have to forfeit bonus amount and could also be barred from playing on the site.
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Play rummy and be a part of Gold Bonanza

Play rummy
“Gold coin winners across the nation”

Our goldQuest tourney has made heads turn by the rummy contingents with its huge success. Right from the day of its inception, goldQuest tourney has been very successful in attracting players across our country without any barriers. New players are absolutely fascinated by the offer and are eagerly participating in this tournament. Winning a brand new gold coin has always been a dream. To stick their neck out and battle some of the experienced players take a lot of heart and courage. Many of them much to our surprise have been successful in their first attempts. This shows that nothing is unconquerable in this Online rummy world. We appreciate their monumental efforts from the bottom of our hearts. Several gold coin winners are from rural parts of India much to our surprise. This indicates the depth the rummy tournament has penetrated.

We never expected this kind of response when we first announced this promotion, to be fair. The overwhelming response to this promotion made us announce this tourney as a routine affair. The curiosity and excitement for this tourney hasn’t toned down a bit to this day.

The reason we believe for the massive success of this tourney is its simple structure that saves the players from toiling hard.

Game Play

  1. The Game has 3 rounds of Online rummy where every round has 3 Deals
  2. End of the first round also called as Quarterfinal, the player who has the maximum points in each table moves to the second round.
  3. At the end of the second round, the player who has the maximum points in each table to the final round
  4. The end of the final round, the player who has the maximum number of points after the three deals will take home a 0.5 gm 999 Gold Coin.

*If there are two or more players with similar points at the end of a round, then our software randomly selects a player, who then moves into the next round

We know for a fact that winning is not everything in sports – those who have lost games will definitely know that. A game you lose fighting hard is more gratifying than winning games at ease.  Rummy is a game similar to roller coaster – there will be ups and down. Winning and losing happens very frequently for a rummy player. It is important to keep your feet on the ground and remain unfazed by wins or losses. As mentioned earlier, nothing in the world is insurmountable when you remain stapled with grit and determination.

How to Join?

You can enter the tournament at no entry fee by simply registering your entry at the goldQuest option under Tournaments tab in the lobby section, after logging in to your account. Only 180 seats are available. Grab your position as soon as you can!!!

Time for registration: Everyday at 11 am

Time the game starts: Every day at 1 pm.

Entry to this tournament is restricted to players who have earned minimum 100 loyalty points within last three days. Please refer our article on Loyalty points to know more about it.

For those who couldn’t make the cut, don’t feel disappointed; continue playing and the victory that is eluding you will fall in your lap sooner than later.

The fan base for this tournament continues to grow exponentially. It’s time for lurkers to jump into action as just 180 seats are available in the goldQuest tourney per day. So, better hurry up and register now. Play Rummy with us and bestow upon yourself this golden opportunity.

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Play Rummy with your pals and win life time bonus

rummy promotionsGames like rummy that we played with friends during our childhood have always been memorable and cherished moments in our lives. Card games have also been portrayed in a lot of movies. Remember those awesome days when we played rummy with original cards, clustered in a table or a veranda?  Remember the little scuffles and altercations because of card games that ended with a big chortle? Card games helped us to develop a close bond. We sure reminisce about those colourful days more often than not, isn’t it? How many times do we wish to time travel to our youth to relive all those exciting moments where we played, fought and enjoyed with our friends? DeccanRummy is out to provide you a platform to relive such memorable moments.

Did you know that you can earn money every time a new player signs up with us through the Bring-A-Friend tab in your account?

While it’s always fun playing rummy with your friends, it’s much better if you’re getting rewarded by playing so. Referring a friend, acquaintance, well-wisher or relative and making with sign up with us could earn you a lifetime bonus. Not bad for something that only takes a bare minimal effort, right?

In addition to some extra cash, you are letting your friends know about an exciting rummy site in the process and entitling them to the same excitement that you’re having with us.

There’s no limit to the number of friends that you’re allowed to refer. Cash will keep flowing through the Refer A Friend program as long as they keep playing with us.

How the offer works?

Once you introduce your friends, you will get “Unlimited Lifetime Bonus”-10% of your friend’s fees for every new friend you refer on Deccan Rummy.

In addition to bringing you lots of money, Your friend can then play all the games, tournaments, avail promotions, bonuses etc! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Maximize the benefits of this offer by referring as many friends as possible.

How to refer a Friend

  1. login to your account, click on Bring-A-Friend Tab
  2. Click on My Referral Code where you will find a unique link that you can share with your friends. Mail the link to as many friends as possible and do remind them to register with us.
  3. Click on Refer Friends tab and enter the email of addresses of all the friends that you want to refer and click on Send Message button after entering the correct captcha. Your friends will receive a Joining invite with a custom message from us.
  4. You can check your referrals by clicking on Referral Details

Referral Bonus

Here’s a look at how you go about earning the bonus. As mentioned earlier, 10% of your friend’s fees for every new friend you refer on Deccan Rummy for life.

Once you earn 1000 referral points, you will be eligible to redeem it. 1000 referral points will give you Rs. 100 to your account.

  • Click on Referral Bonus
  • Total Bonus point will indicate the total points available after redemption
  • Pending Bonus points is the number of bonus eligible for redemption. Please note that a minimum 1000 points should be eligible to process any redeem
  • Released Bonus Points indicate the amount of Bonus points that have been redeemed
  • Players can redeem their referral bonus by entering the number of points they wish to redeem (min 1000 points) in the box below and click on Redeem.

Terms & Condition:

  • This promotion is limited to one account per customer. Account sharing is strictly prohibited.
  • Multiple registrations for a single player is strictly prohibited and if found it may result in a permanent ban.
  • The friend you invite must not have already registered with Deccan Rummy.
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right to modify/cancel this promotion or to discontinue it at any time without liability and without notice.
  • The decision of Deccan Rummy will be final and no further correspondence shall be entered into in cases like validity/eligibility of any entry.
  • Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

*Standard Deccan Rummy terms & condition apply.

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