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Online Rummy | Update Location tracking added

According to the Telangana Gaming (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 which has been issued after modifications in the provisions of the Telangana Gaming Act, 1974, Playing rummy online for cash stands banned in the state. As a law abiding company, Deccan Rummy wholeheartedly respects the decision taken by the court of law and have been rejecting profiles of players from Telangana during KYC verification process. Users are requested to kindly be aware of the fact that playing rummy for cash from Telangana is an offense. We have been informing players about this decision for several months now. We have also been refunding the positive account balance to the players playing from these locations. In-spite of all this we felt there is a necessity to put in place measures to ban illegal access. Hence we have implemented the location tracking feature.

Location Tracking

We have enabled a pop which will help us to identify the players location. This is done to ensure players from the restricted locations do not access our website. Users are requested to click on “Allow Location Access” before playing any game in our site. This facility is implemented to restrict players from the restricted locations to access our websites. Players are requested to allow their location to be accessed by us to ensure transparency. This location tracking is practiced by most online rummy sites now.

As soon as you open the DeccanRummy site, you will get a pop up window. It comes with a message “Will you allow to access your location?” click on allow location access and continue logging in

Open to Newbies across India

New Players can register with us for free. Flash free gaming, fast loading experience, exciting bonus offers and outstanding gaming experience are what you can count on to get. All new registrants in our website are eligible for a 100% Cash bonus up-to Rs. 5000. Also, you are given an opportunity to earn bonus up-to 200% every day in real cash for your deposits through our Instant Deposit Bonus offer. We conduct freeroll tournaments with a prizepool of over Rs. 420000 per month which will give you a genuine chance to win real cash prizes. Our cash tournaments are nominally charged when compared with other sites and comes with a handsome prizepool. Players can also compete in our Festival Special Tournaments that we conduct during festival times.

We also conduct special leaderboard contests on occasions. At present, there is a spectacular leaderboard contest by name “New Year Leaderboard 2018” going on where the players compete for Pattaya Trip and other exciting gadgets. Rummy experts will feel right at home the moment you land in our website. We’ve had people from other rummy sites say that our gaming interface is more suited to playing card games than those sites. We are also brainstorming about a VIP club for rummy pros which we believe will come to fruition in the next couple of months. Looking forward to see rummy enthusiasts join in huge numbers and have a wonderful time!

Why 13 card rummy game remains as most preferred form of entertainment?

Have you ever wondered how 13 card Rummy game remains as the best card game in spite of several card games like Poker, Teen Patti getting widespread coverage in the media? In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the areas where 13 card classic rummy scores over other games.

Can be accessed 24*7

The availability of classic rummy card games online 24/7 is one of the biggest reasons why it remains as the favorite card game in India. Players have an option to play the game whenever they feel like playing. As there are number of sites, there is never a shortage but only a problem of plenty.

13 card rummy game is 100% Legal

Supreme Court of India has declared 13 cards classic rummy game as legal. Rummy is quintessentially a skill-based card game wherein you have to arrange the cards dealt into proper sets & sequences. After the Supreme Court declaration, rummy players have swarmed in huge numbers and started playing rummy for cash.

Tied with Indian history & culture

Rummy games have always been part of Indian culture. It’s not unusual to see Rummy played during family get-together or even during festival occasions. When the game went digital, players migrated en masse to the digital version and has been growing ever since.

Safe & Secure

Most of the rummy sites have enforced rigorous anti-fraud measures and have made sure that their site is 100% safe and genuine by installing RNG to ensure non-repeatable & unpredictable card sequences. Moreover, the rummy sites have also deployed easy methods to deposit and withdraw cash in online rummy sites.

Easiest form of entertainment

13 card rummy game is purely a skill game unlike games like Poker or Teen Patti. Games like Poker and Teen Patti are very too overwhelming for the beginners with their complex gameplay. Even players with years of experience find it hard to master them as they rely on chances more than skill. But Rummy rules are pretty simple and can be learned very easily.

Rewarding everytime

When you play offline rummy, your best of chances of winning the pot amount is by winning the game. Winning every game in rummy is generally not possible as the outcome of the game is influenced by many factors like starting hands, the strength of the cards of your opponents. In online rummy, there are multiple ways to earn money online. Many rummy online sites have extraordinary promotions and bonus offers for all their players. Players must do a good research about the best site and then must take a decision about joining.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

Nurtures Social Interaction

Many sites offering 13 card classic rummy games have enabled the chat features that allow the players to socialize and foster build a strong rummy community. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, winning money easily online remains as the most popular reason as to why people swarm into rummy sites in huge numbers. Deccan Rummy is one of the most reliable and popular sites offering classic rummy card games in India. If you want to have some fun playing card games on the net, try playing on our website for an ultimate online rummy experience. Additionally, you can also download the Deccan Rummy Mobile for your Android & IOS system and engage yourself playing rummy games like Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. So, what are you waiting for? Play on our web site or Download our Rummy Android apk for experience now!


3 Popular 13 cards Classic Rummy hacks

13 cards Classic Rummy card game is primarily a skill game. This skill game can bring you riches if you are familiar with the popular rummy hacks. If you are looking around for quick rummy hacks, then this article will help you in a big way.


Bluffing is one of the classical methods to win a rummy card game. What exactly is bluffing? Bluffing is trying to deceive someone as to one’s abilities or intentions. You will have to feign having stuff with you that others desire. In 13 cards classic rummy, bluffing means pretending to have a better hand than your opponents. In order to bluff, you will have to know about your opponent’s discard and picks. Once you learn about this, you may be able to picture the cards your opponents are holding. If your opponent is not picking too many cards from the discard pile or if his discards are random, chances are that he may be already holding a good combination of cards.

This is when you need to bluff. Pick cards from the discard pile for 3-4 moves till your opponents get really suspicious of you getting closer to winning. In such cases, more often than not your opponent will fold his cards in the fear of losing by a big margin. Rummy experts will not quit however you can prolong the game thereby reducing your points. It’s certainly a worthy trick.

Keep a hawk’s eye on discards

It’s an old strategy but a gold one. Keep a hawk’s eye on the cards your opponents are discarding. It would aid you to identify the sets and runs they are trying to make. This will make you extra cautious about your discards. In addition to this, remember the fall of your cards. This will make you do not discard cards that are required by your opponents.
For example, if your opponent discards K ♤, you can assume that he doesn’t want to make his sequence on A ♤ or Q ♤. So discard these cards if you have them and check if he picks it from the open deck or not. Repeat this for other combinations in subsequent steps until you declare.

Bait & ruse

Bait is something intended to entice someone to do something. At times when playing rummy online, you may need only one card to complete a sequence/run. For example, you hold there will be times that you just need one card to finish a sequence. For example, if you are having cards like J♥, Q♥ and A♥ and you just need K♥ to complete the run, you may throw in A ♥ or J ♥ as a bait to your opponent. Upon checking the discarded card, your opponent may think that you are not making any sequences with ♥ high cards and may just discard the K♥ which will help you to complete a pure sequence with 3 cards. This is a modern-day strategy that many players are using.

Apply these quick rummy hacks every day while playing 13 cards classic rummy and we bet you will notice the difference in your gameplay within few days. If you have any other enticing strategy which you think will be a good addition to this list, feel free to post it below the comments section. You can always refer our “How to Play Rummy” and  “Rummy Tips” section for further ideas.

Reminder: Pattaya Party Special – Take a shot at Rs. 50000

Christmas is coming early at Deccan Rummy! Apart from the regular bonus code for the month, we’re bringing you an additional gift for Christmas in the form of the Santa Special Bonus offer, which is all about having additional value for your deposits.

Until the end of this December, players can obtain a 30 % bonus for all their deposits. The maximum deposit a player can get using this offer is Rs. 1500 for which he/she needs to deposit Rs. 5000. The player will receive the bonus amount in bonus points. The bonus point conversion is Rs. 10 = 100 Points. It’s great opportunity to win a huge chunk of money without much effort.

Furthermore, Santa will be very proud as we’re throwing in huge gifts! Deposits with us will be rewarded with more juicy bonuses. Have a bonus-filled Christmas!

Pattaya Party Special Tournament

In the spirit of the festival, we’re serving up a tasty pre-Christmas treat in the form of our Pattaya Party Special tournament. The tourney boasts an awesome prize pool of Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus. It’s the brilliant chance to win some cash and use them to push yourself up in the leaderboard. The tournament is scheduled to happen on Dec 15 at 3:30 PM and the Road to Pattaya leaderboard contest ends on Dec 25. You can use the time in-between to massively boost your leaderboard points to an insurmountable position.

If you’ve been craving high-intensity tournament action, here’s the perfect tournament for you. A sizzling Rs. 50000 in guaranteed prize pools is waiting to be won in this spectacular tournament.

If you want to cut to the chase, jump into one of two steps mentioned below:

1. Like, Share, Comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel
2. Buy Ticket for Rs. 500

Youtube Channel –

Youtube Video  –

After getting the ticket, players must register using the ticket for the tournament on Dec 15@ 2:30 PM – that’s when the registration for the tournament opens!

Playing rummy online is a genuine pursuit, be it a hobby or a profession. It warrants a treatment like a legitimate field of interest. Commitment, interest, and passion are essential to reach success at Deccan Rummy. With a prize pool of Rs. 50000 cash bonus to have a shot at, that too at a free entry, we see Pattaya Party Special as a no-risk option. Follow any of the two methods given above and prove your mettle on the table.

Play our Special Tourneys

If you’ve never participated in an online rummy tournament before, this is an easy opportunity to get a taste of what an online rummy tournament is like. Whether you are a beginner who is here to earn or an old hawk going through a rough patch, Special tournaments with free tickets are the best way to rediscover your form and win some cash.

Banning of Online Rummy in Telangana

Hey Players,

According to the Telangana Gaming (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 that was issued after modifications in the provisions of the Telangana Gaming Act, 1974, online rummy stands banned in the state. As a law abiding company, Deccan Rummy wholeheartedly respects the decision taken by the court of law. And we have been rejecting profiles of players from Telangana during KYC verification process. Users are requested to kindly be aware of the fact that playing rummy card game for cash from Telangana is an offense. We have been informing players about this decision for several months now. We have also refunded the positive account balance to the players playing from these locations.

Location based banning in Telangana/Assam and Odisha is also considering implementing location-based services option on our website. This will make the user impossible to access our websites from the restricted locations. We have forwarded this issue to our technical team and they are working on it currently. Sooner than later, our engineers will resolve the issue thus enforcing a stringent restriction on this issue.

If you are a player from Telangana who has not received his account balance, contact our support team at They will be glad to assist you. Our team needs to perform a compliance check which might be required to allow you to play further

Deccan Rummy along with other prominent rummy sites of the country is challenging the ordinance that has led us to restrict our services in Telangana. We strongly believe 13 card Rummy is a skill game and are determined to fight all the way till the banning is revoked. We request players from the restricted locations to refrain from making any attempts to play in our site.

if you have any queries or doubts, please write to us at or you contact us through our 24/7 chat feature.

Leaderboard 2018 update – Current standings!

New Year leaderboard 2018 is up and running. The race is on at top gear as everyone is gunning to seal the top spot.  When an awesome prize like a free trip to Pattaya is made available for the winner, it’s pretty obvious that everyone would want to finish at top. Additionally, there are other exciting prizes like iPhones, Cash Bonus and gold coins up for grab as well. No amount of game play would go into waste, as top 15 players of the leaderboard have guaranteed prizes. More than that, if you play cash games continuously you have plenty of chances to earn goodies through other means. Wondering what is it? It is Deccan Rewards! Only players who play cash games are eligible to win rewards. Spin Wheels, Bonus codes, Surprise Cash Bonus and tournament tickers are the some of the rewards available at present under Deccan Reward. So basically, nothing goes to waste by playing cash game. Forget about losing! Hit the tables’ right away.

If you have been following our Leaderboard, you would know that fights for such contests go till the last day. The race will be on full throttle till the last moment. suni28 is the leader of the leaderboard this moment. suni28 is a long term player in our site and has consistently performed in all the contests conducted by us. He finished at the top during the last leaderboard contest and travelled with us to Phuket. When asked what motivates him to consistently perform at the highest level, he mentioned that he was able to derive strength from his passion for the game. There you go! If you have serious passion for the game in your heart and skill in your mind, there’s nothing that can stop you from winning. Only with some serious gaming you can topple someone like suni28 from the top place. Isn’t it funny to note that playing rummy for cash has other perks too?

This leaderboard is subject to change as there’s still 20 more days to go for the contest to end. In practical terms, the contest is still wide open and everyone can have a shot at the top place. Do not allow slack to set in while playing the game, as you risk being run-over by thousands of other players wanting to win the top place.

Leaderboard 2018


How to check your leaderboard points?

In order to check the leaderboard points you have secured, follow the below steps

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Leaderboard Tab
  • Check the number of leaderboard points you have earned in the right end at the top of the leaderboard

As mentioned, the only way you can win the this race is by playing more cash rummy games and moving to the top.

Press Release about December Dazzlers and Santa Special Offer

India’s fastest Rummy site, Deccan Rummy today announced the launch of two bonus offers for their players. The site has the history of providing enticing bonus offers for their customers every month. This is in addition to their omnipresent welcome bonus offer.

December Dazzlers and Santa Special Bonus are the latest offerings from Deccan Rummy. With Santa Special Bonus, rummy players have the opportunity to earn 30% Bonus up to Rs. 1500. The players will receive the bonus in Bonus Points; The offer is valid till Dec 31.

December Dazzlers allows the players to get 10% cash bonus up to Rs. 500. Players can utilize this cash bonus to play cash games. The player can also move this cash bonus to his withdrawable balance by winning cash games. Post the bonus credit, for every cash game the player wins, 10% of his winning amount will be moved from his cash bonus account to withdrawable balance account.

Deccan Rummy’s offers are all set to find flavor with the ever-expanding rummy audience of our country. The most noteworthy offer in the rummy community now is Leaderboard 2018 hosted at The year is about to end and what better way to sign off the year than use this extra cash to play an entertaining game like Indian rummy with no extra charge. The other benefit of playing rummy cash games is that Deccan Rummy currently has Pattaya Leaderboard 2018 challenge up and running, which requires the players to play more cash rummy games to top the leaderboard. Why not use something that aids this?

Thamaraikannan, Head of operations,, said “To ensure every player enjoys cash rummy games, we need a booster in the form of bonus offers which motivates the player to venture into the world of cash rummy games. To top our Pattaya leaderboard, a lot of players are playing cash games already. At this time we are sure that stimulating bonus offers like December Dazzlers and Santa Special Bonus offer will find huge takers.”

Players can avail these bonuses and start playing rummy anywhere and anytime with ease using Deccan Rummy Mobile App on both Android and iOS versions. Deccan Rummy’s mobile app is optimized to allow players to play rummy games effortlessly.

About is a popular games site that offers online rummy games for Indian players. Players can register for free and play games of all the variations of Indian Rummy card game. The site is built using state-of-the-art technology and gives its users an enhanced playing experience. Additionally, the site offers plenty of promotions and offers for the Indian rummy players periodically.

Rummy Bonus Offer – December Dazzlers – 10% Cash Bonus

Deccan Rummy is known for our exciting rummy bonus offers we launch every month! This month Deccan Rummy has launched an exciting bonus amount that will make you play more cash rummy games with the cash bonus.

December Dazzlers is an exciting opportunity that gives the players to make some extra money on their deposits. Get flat 10% cash bonus on your deposits up-to Rs. 5000. You can get a maximum cash bonus up-to Rs.500 with this offer. The bonus code for this offer is DEC2017. If you have been playing cash games with us so far, log in now and see your deposits multiply.

December Dazzlers

A player can claim a bonus with this offer only once as the Bonus code cannot be used again. This offer can be clubbed with Instant deposit bonus upto 200% offer. Use this offer to get max bonus by depositing and get the benefit of two offers at one deposit.

In case you were wondering what to do with cash bonus, it is a blessing in disguise that you have received for controlled spending. As soon you complete the purchase, you will receive the cash bonus and it will be in locked status. For every cash game you win subsequently, 10% of your winning amount from that game will be deducted from the cash bonus account and added to your withdrawable balance.


December Dazzlers

Now you can get all the latest updates about Indian rummy games just by following our Facebook and twitter profiles. Also, let us know your feedback on the comment section of this blog entry or in our social media profiles.

December is an exciting month filled with festivals and holidays with the most special of them being Christmas. Deccan Rummy is joining in all the festive cheer by giving you an opportunity to make some extra cash. We have pulled out all the stops to ensure that we have the best Christmas presents for you. Enjoy this December with this awesome promotion from Deccan Rummy! If you are new to online rummy, learn about rummy rules and visit our tutorial section to learn how to play rummy online.

Over the past year or so Deccan Rummy has been at the forefront of innovation, creating some of the intriguing promotions, hosting gripping tournaments on all Indian festivals and launching the best apps for Android and iOS devices.

Rummy Offer – Christmas Santa Special Bonus – 30% Bonus

December Month is about to arrive in a day. December is synonymous with Christmas and Christmas is very much synonymous with Santa. The other exciting part about December is the long holidays you get from Christmas to New Year. After all, it is a well-deserved break after a year of hard work. Why not utilize your holiday season to make some extra cash?

With lucrative promotions like Pattaya Leaderboard and Pattaya party special tournament running already, this month is brimming with offers. In what comes as a cherry on top of the cake, there are few other promotions that we are planning to launch before the year ends to sign off on a high note. We have placed ourselves to be the only company in the Rummy industry to offer a varied taste of fun, thrill, and excitement to our customers. These promotions have not only made heads turn from the Indian Rummy community but also have put our company in the big league.

Santa Special Bonus Offer

This Christmas we are bringing in yet another fabulous promotion for Rummy enthusiasts. Santa Special Bonus promotion gives you an awesome opportunity to get 30% bonus for deposits up to Rs 5000. The offer begins on Dec 1 and ends on Dec 31. This promotion would indicate we always strive to deliver the best for our customers during the festival seasons and make them even better. That is definitely a big festival bonus, which can go a long way in making this Christmas very merry and unforgettable indeed!

Santa Special Bonus is one of the safest online rummy sites offering some of the best player rewards for the card game enthusiasts in India. From enticing bonus offers to juicy rummy formats to rousing tournaments with big prize pools, there is always instant entertainment available. Apart from the regular freeroll and cash tournaments, hosts plenty of exiting contests like festival special freeroll tournaments, leaderboard contests, and surprise player rewards.

Use our bonus code DRXMAS while making a deposit so as to avail this offer. Players can club this offer with our Instant Deposit Bonus up to 200% if the deposit happens to be the player’s first deposit of the day. There are many other promotions to be enjoyed, and one should head to the Promotions Section to view them all. Deposit and avail the bonus offer now experience the unforgettable joy of Christmas with a bonus!

So don’t delay any further, register with Deccan Rummy now. It’s one of the safest places to enjoy the 13 card rummy online; plus you could benefit from the generous rewards given by us.

Demystifying details about withdrawals

Deccan Rummy is a completely safe site to play rummy online with real cash. We provide secured payment facility for you so that you can perform online transactions without any worries. With thousands of player playing cash rummy games at anytime of the day, it is evident has earned the trust of all our players. Next important issue that needs mention is the withdrawal process.

If you have been playing cash rummy games, then it is likely that you have won some cash prizes. Rummy players can withdraw their cash deposited any number of times they wish. However, there is a cap on withdrawal limit. The minimum amount you can withdraw in a transaction is Rs. 500 and the maximum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 50000. Attempting to withdraw cash added through credit cards is considered as money laundering and it is prohibited in our site.

Unlike other rummy sites, there is no restriction on withdrawals at Deccan Rummy. Players can withdraw their cash anytime they feel like withdrawing. In order to facilitate withdrawals in your account, ensure you have entered your Bank account number and IFSC Code in the “My Account -> Profile -> Banking Details” Area. Also update your PAN Card details and ensure you upload a clear scanned copy of your PAN Card and Address Proof along with it.

After the players place the withdrawal request, we will ensure they receive the amount within the next 48 hours from the time of your request. We will process withdrawal request on all days except Sunday & bank holidays.

Demystifying details about withdrawals:

1. Account Balance – This is the total amount of money in your account. This includes the amounts you have deposited, earned, Cash Bonus and Instant deposit bonus.

2. Withdrawable Balance – This is the actual amount available for redemption. Players can withdraw an amount only less than or equal to their withdrawable Balance.

3. Pending Redeem – The amount you requested for withdrawal. You will receive it after approval.

4. Instant Deposit Bonus – The money credited through Instant Deposit Bonus upto 200%. It will be saved in this bucket and will be released to your withdrawable balance after you generate an equal amount of loyalty points. Please note that you cannot withdraw the instant deposit bonus without wagering it on cash rummy games.

5. Cash Bonus – All cash bonuses that you get by winning a tournament, leaderboard contests and surprise offers. This is a locked bonus and can be redeemed at the rate of 10% for every cash game win you secure subsequently.


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