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Christmas Freeroll Tourney Registration Begins

FreerollRegistration for the Christmas fiesta has just begun. It is an offer you do not want to miss. People who want to participate in our tournaments have to just register their participation by clicking on Join button available next to Christmas Special tournament. You can register up to the time the tournament starts subject to seat availability. People have been registering in huge numbers as the special tournaments have a history of being house-full all the time. So, the players are requested to book their position in advance as the tables are filling fast.

Ever since we announced this promotion with a surprise gift voucher, there has been a lot of curiosity within the rummy community. Many people contacted us with the details about the gift voucher. As of now, we can only say that it is a gift voucher that can be used to enjoy what you love the most. Apart from it, we are not divulging any other details to keep the suspense factor intact. Players at this point should treat this tournament just like any another tournament without worrying too much about the gift part as too much thinking about the gift could hamper your progress.


Rummy Veterans should brush their skills before hitting our tables. Novices must spend more time in practice tables using the practice chips provided at the time of registration. As they spend time at the practice tables, they will get a good hang of the game. Beginning to practice rummy games are fun and playing continuously gives you an edge on different types of combination. Our unique rummy learning program helps you bring about parallel thoughts and create the best possible hands to win.

Rummy tournaments generally attract the best players across the India. So it always helps if you hit the table with sufficient armour (skills in our case).

Quoting the great Mohammed Ali –

  • Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it”.
  • “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion”.
  • “Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare”.
  • “Impossible is potential”.
  • “Impossible is temporary”.
  • “Impossible is nothing”

We guess this would inspire you and put you on track to glory. Hit the tables with lots of confidence and go for the win!

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Play our Christmas Special Freeroll tourney


The eventful year is drawing to a close. We have had an adventurous year so far with lots of exciting promotions and tournaments. And more importantly, we have developed a strong bond with our customers who have propelled us into these heights. For some, the year might have a swashbuckling year and for some things might not have panned out the way they had planned. As a company, we wanted to see our customers happy all the time and ensure they make the best out of our offers and promotions. As Christmas and New Year are just a few days away, we all would be in a celebratory mood and the spirits would be high. To add more spice to your celebratory mood, we have announced a new special tournament that combines the excitement of rummy along with bewitching prizes.

Do you like to watch movies with your family? Do you like to watch any live events, drama? If so, consider this offer as a blessing in disguise. This offer is tailor made to meet the expectation of people with a passion for art. Wondering what we are talking about? It is going to be funky gift vouchers that are going to be given to the winners. We at Deccan Rummy are constantly striving to make our promotions exciting and astonishing to our customers.

What should you do?

The enticing prospect of winning this exciting voucher naturally begs the question, what should I do to win it? The answer is participating in our exciting Free roll Christmas tournament. You will rub shoulders with some of the classiest players of the game in our intriguing tournament. We can assure there will be no shortage of electricity, entertainment and ecstasy.

Tournament Date: Dec 25 @ 3.30 PM

Registration Date: From Dec 24, 3.30PM


You will have to learn all those rummy tips and strategies while playing against the best in the business. The Proper usage of these rummy tips and strategies will mould you into a better player and give you the confidence to excel in all our tournaments. Learn them soon and deploy it; you will feel the difference.

How to Register

  • You are allowed to register till the game begins (subject to seat availability)

  • Player needs to login to his account with his username and password

  • Under Lobby, the player needs to click on Tournament tab, Select Special tab and click on the “join” button available next to Christmas Special tournament once the registration is opened.

  • 510 People are allowed to register in total.

  • Click on “Yes, I want to join” button to complete your registration


After taking view of the festivities coming up, we have announced a different prize for the winners breaking away from the stereotype of giving away cash prizes. Prize pool for this tourney is Rs. 4850.00. Nine Players are going to get cool and funky gift vouchers which are going to be a surprise!

Aren’t you pumped up about the possibility of winning this amazing tourney? You must be! Turn your cards into amazing gift vouchers. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

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A quick guide to know more about Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy is one of the leading providers of online rummy games in India. We are owned by Deccan Games Pvt Ltd, an online gaming company located in India. Our website provides the players a platform to play online 13 cards Indian rummy game in different variants. Getting access to a captivating user interface, enticing offers & promotions, and an opportunity to flex your muscles against best rummy players all over India are the benefits of registering with us.

Most Secure & safe

Deccan Rummy has ensured high standards of security – SSL certified Anti-Collusion & Anti-Fraud measures. Certified RNG has been used to ensure non-repeatable & unpredictable card sequences. Fast loading tables, Flash-free gaming, and fantastic user interface set us apart from the other online rummy sites. Playing rummy games with us entitles you to exciting monetary benefits. If you are looking for a site to play exciting Indian rummy games safely, do not hesitate to head straight to us. We assure that the rummy experience you get will be unprecedented. It is for these reasons we continue to remain as the most trusted rummy site.

Access from anywhere

Register with us and play our exciting Indian Rummy games 24/7 easily on your PCs or your mobile devices. Our Rummy website is mobile responsive. A simple browser is sufficient to play our exciting Indian Rummy games. Our games are based on full-screen HTML5 graphics providing top notch interface tailor made to play online rummy. We save you from the hassle of downloading an application and then installing it.

24/7 Customer Support

Deccan Rummy offers 24/7 support to all our customers through chat and email. Players can reach us anytime, for any assistance using our online chat facility or drop a mail to us anytime. All your issues will be fixed within the shortest TAT (Turnaround Time)

Exciting Promotions

The main reason rummy players want to join online rummy sites apart from wanting an awesome rummy experience is to earn real cash and stunning gifts. Deccan Rummy understands it will and we never fail to reward for their unflinching loyalty. We have lots of promotions and offers rolling on periodically much to our players’ delight. As a token of love for registering with us, we immediately credit the player’s account with a signup bonus of Rs. 25.

Our promotions and offers are very enticing and are carefully planned months ahead after taking several factors into consideration. Our tournaments have the reputation of being one of the best in the business.

Deposit & Reload Bonus – For the first Time ever in India we are offering a 100% Bonus on your 1st deposit up to Rs. 5000. Now see your deposits grow up to Rs. 5000. Isn’t that a big deal?

Refer A Friend – Now bring your friend to play rummy and earn an unlimited bonus for life. Nothing comes equally to playing with your friends. Make the most out of this promotion by referring as many friends as possible.

Gold coin Tournament – Participate in our exciting goldQuest tourney every day @ 11 AM and win a free gold coin.

Daily Deposit Bonus up to 200% – Have you witnessed your cash grow up to 200%? Deposit your cash with us and see it grow up to 200% multiply your earnings at Deccan Rummy. Do utilize this amazing opportunity and make quick cash. Grab this golden opportunity.

Freeroll tournaments– Participate in our exciting freeroll tournaments and earn Rs 8000. Prove your mettle by rubbing shoulders with some of the best in the Business. Utilize this marvellous opportunity to make plenty of money without depositing a penny.

As far as promotions go, Deccan Rummy has been the de facto destination. Make use of these amazing promotions before they go void. Signup with us right now and stand a chance to avail any of our promotions.

We are on the verge of completing the development of our Mobile APP that would give the users an easy chance to access games on their android or iOS devices. Players meanwhile can continue to participate in our exciting games and keep winning exciting prizes!

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Points to taken note of while Playing online Rummy

Playing online rummyOnline rummy players’ love for the game needs no introduction. Players’ fascination towards the game can be seen when they make a beeline to register in our tournaments. Their fascination compliments their skill and works in tandem to take them far in rummy tournaments. Many rummy players’ insatiable hunger for success fuels them to keep coming to us again in spite of enduring losses. Such has been the power of online rummy and we make champions here at Deccan Rummy. The taste of a victory in any game played in the right spirits is pretty sweet and would be cherished for a long time. Online rummy being a skill game is even better.

There is an important point that we need to emphasize at this juncture – the need to play the game in compliance with rules. We all like to comply with the rules as long as the rules aren’t putting a chokehold on us. Breaking the rules in an online rummy site has no benefits but only pitfalls. Fortunately, Deccan Rummy is the place where we have laid out terms and conditions in layman’s terms. Here are the important things to keep in mind while playing online rummy @ Deccan Rummy:


“Colluding with other registrants and participating in tournaments or games is considered a form of cheating and it is strictly prohibited if we detect a cheating or colluding, Our Company has the right to withhold the Cash Balance in your Accounts and to cancel and close the Accounts without any communication to you”

Collusion can be called as a secret partnership, especially for fraudulent or treacherous purposes.  Deccan Rummy has religiously enforced anti-collusion policy right from the day of our inception. Collusion is demeaning to the players who join us with lots of ambition as their hopes are quickly dashed. So, we have taken it to the task that collusion of any forms would be prohibited completely from our site. Typical examples of collusion include passing cards from the open deck to help your partner intentionally, raising the points of the person who is in collusion with you by losing the game deliberately. These activities are completely forbidden at Deccan Rummy and we have real people monitoring the tables; any such activities coming to our attention would be dealt according to the aforesaid terms and conditions.

Money Laundering

Legitimization of illegally obtained money to hide its true source can be termed as Money laundering. Acts that may be deemed as money laundering in Deccan rummy are an attempt to withdraw cash from unutilized cash added through credit cards. Any such acts or acts that may be construed as money laundering are strictly prohibited. Money laundering is a bane for every online gaming website. Deccan Rummy is extremely wary of money laundering activities and we quickly act on suspicion of money laundering. Moreover, money laundering is a punishable offence according to the court of law.

We suggest players to start playing cash games immediately once they deposit cash in huge amounts as they can raise their loyalty points only when they play cash games.

Multiple Registrations

A player is allowed to register only for one account. Multiple registrations are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with a permanent ban. Fanciful it may sound to play with different Ids but it grossly violates our terms and conditions of “One ID per Person”. In the event, you are unsure about the email and are unable to retrieve the login credentials, do write a mail to Our support agents will help you find a solution in quick time. Do not jump the multiple registration bandwagons as it is a breach of the Terms.


Players must hold themselves accountable for all the contents they post in Chat. Players should refrain from posting comments that are abusive, obscene, defamatory, and comments hurting religious sentiments. Trash talk while playing game can be a huge motivation killer for the players and make them lose interest in the game altogether. We also suggest our users pick a decent username as we do not allow any username that borders on the aforementioned areas.

We ensure the hard work and perseverance of the regular players does not get blown out because of some players’ malpractices. So we have decided to wield the ban hammer for any of those violations mentioned above. Players are requested to stick to the terms and conditions to avoid the risk of being banned.

These are rules that aren’t hard to follow. Most of the rummy sites enforce such rules to keep their environment clean and trouble-free. Follow the rules and keep playing. Offers are always aplenty at Deccan Rummy. Make optimal use of all the existing promotions and have a rocking time!. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

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