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Hurry! Register for Monsoon Thunders Tourney

Monsoon thunders tournament has started with a bang. Just as the Northeast monsoon made its landfall and is waiting to roar into action, our players are all set for some awesome adrenaline pumping rummy play. We have seen many players swarming in as soon as the clock hits 2:30 PM lining up to register. It is probably this interest which pushes players to achieve big things.

Many players walked away with cash bonus prizes. Cash Bonuses are the newest way to accumulate wealth in online rummy. Just keep playing and winning cash games to move the cash bonus to withdrawable balance. Our Special tournaments never failed to strike a chord with the audience. Similarly, Monsoon Thunders tournament has the name of success written all over it.

From new tournaments to a massive hike in special tourney prize pool, India’s fastest Online Rummy site, Deccan Rummy is pulling out all the stops to ensure rummy enthusiasts get a fair and square deal. A lot of thoughts and trend analysis takes place within our marketing team before we come up with promotions. And most importantly, prizes are decided based on what’s hot during that season.

The incentive for playing rummy at DeccanRummy is way too high for the fear factor that may creep in occasionally. There are plenty of incentives on offer for new registrants like 100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs. 5000, Up to 200% Real cash bonus for first deposits and many other giving you multiple reasons to join the action. As to Monsoon Thunders tournament, it is free to register. Kindly follow the below-mentioned procedures and register for the tournament.

Tournament Name: Monsoon Thunders

Date: Oct 26-30

Prizepool: Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus

Time: 3:30 PM

Registration: 2:30 PM

How to -register for the Monsoon Thunders Tournament?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. In the event you are a new customer, kindly register with us at
  3. The registration for the tournament starts at 2.30 pm on Oct 26th-Oct 30th.Players need not deposit a penny as this is a freeroll tournament.
  4. In the lobby, click on Tourney -> Special, you will find “Monsoon Dazzlers”.
  5. Click on Join and confirm your participation.

Hit the tables shortly @ 3:30 PM after registering for this tournament. Buckle up, players! the tourney is going down to the wire. Be prepared to fight all the way!

For a seamless tournament playing experience, download our Mobile APP for android and IOS which allows you to play the game from anywhere and at anytime. You can download the APP for free for your devices and play all the rummy games on the fly. A lot of players have stated us that playing rummy tournaments with the mobile APP is a lot more fun than the traditional method of playing online.

With more than 2 lakh rummy players signed up, Deccan Rummy is fast becoming the go-to destination for Playing Indian Rummy online. Players can join the website for free and start to play 13 cards Indian rummy game for free and cash. is the right place if you are on a look out for a site offering excellent rewards for playing rummy games online. From huge welcome bonus to tournaments with thunderous prizepools, things are always exciting with us. See you soon at the tables!

Joker Rummy Card Game Rules

Joker card plays a very important role in rummy card game. Probably, it is the most important card that every player wants to have. It helps the player to quickly complete their mission of melding the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences. Melding 13 hand cards to meet the rummy game’s objective is not simple without some assistance. Joker cards would help you to achieve you to complete this task easily. However, do remember you need a pure sequence (3 consecutive cards of the same suit) in order to declare the game. All aspiring rummy champions must learn joker rummy card game rules thoroughly.


The joker card has its origins in Euchre game. Back in the 19th century, Euchre players felt the necessity to include an additional card to ease the game play. Originally the card was called with names such as “The Best Bower” “The little Joker”, and “Jolly Joker”. It was first introduced in the USA in the year 1863, and then it found its place worldwide from 1883.

A joker is arbitrarily hand-picked card at the start of every rummy game. A joker is used as a substitute for the missing card while forming a set or/a sequence in rummy.  For example: if the joker is seven of clubs, the opposite 7 (spades, diamonds, and hearts) can be used as a substitute card. If by chance printed joker turns up as the random joker, only other printed jokers would be available for use as jokers.

Joker Rummy Card Game Rules

The rummy games of use joker card to ease the gameplay. Joker rummy card game rules is pretty simple to learn. Doubt us? Read how joker could be a game-changer in a rummy game.

Apart from the arbitrarily chosen card, there is a printed joker that the players can use while playing the game. A standard deck has 52 cards without including jokers. If you include the joker cards, it becomes 54. For a game involving 2 or 3 players, two standard 52 deck packs (104 cards) along with 4 printed jokers are used. For games involving 4 to 6 player, 3 decks of cards (156) and 6 joker cards are used.

After the disbursal of thirteen cards to each rummy player in a rummy table, a card is picked from the open deck and placed face up so that every player can see the card. All the cards of that rank can be used as joker irrespective of their suits. For example in a 2 or 3 player game where two decks are used, if the card picked and kept visible under the open deck is 7, then the additional jokers are 7, 7, 7 of one deck and 7, 7, 7, and 7 of the 2nd deck; a total of seven random jokers. Furthermore, there are 4 printed jokers, so there are 11 jokers in all. A whopping 11 jokers in a game to help you accomplish the task!


In conclusion, joker card enhances the game and gives everyone an equal opportunity to win. Playing rummy with joker doesn’t mean things become a cake walk in the game. Sure, it does help the players somewhat but ultimate online rummy skill lies in how cleverly you confuse your opponents. Keep grinding more to discover more rummy tips. Happy playing!

Winners of Mega Diwali Dhoom

Last Sunday,’s Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament saw 460 players competing for the coveted prize money of Rs. 200000. After a few hours of solid rummy action, Hemantbhoye emerged as the winner of this tournament.

With an immense love & passion for the game, we saw players registering for this tournament in huge numbers. The reason we planned the tournament not on Diwali day but a few days after Diwali was that we felt this tournament shouldn’t interfere with their Diwali celebrations. At the same time, players must play this tournament with the spirit of this festival.

Free tickets are a boon for this kind of tournaments. Lots of players availed free tickets for this tournament. All they had to do know was Like/Share/Review/Rate our Facebook page and send us a private message to get a free ticket. Players also had an option to buy the ticket of Rs. 500. Not surprisingly, most of the players opted to go for the free ticket. Our team had to go through some tough times as a massive number of players registered on the last day. But whatever hardships we had to go through pales out in front of the commitment we made to make our site the best online rummy website out there.

The tournament was gripping from start to finish. Several players walked away with huge cash bonus prizes while the remaining had a great time chasing the prize money of Rs. 200000. We, at, hope that all of you had an awesome Diwali and hopefully walk away richer!

Congrats Mega Diwali Dhoom Winners!

Mega Diwali Dhoom wishes all the winners our hearty congratulations and commiserations to all those couldn’t win this tournament this time. likes to thank every player who participated in this tourney from the bottom of our hearts. Without your interest, the tournament would’t have been such a roaring success.

We have planned a lot of events for the upcoming festivities. We request every one of you to participate in those events and make it a grand success.

If you missed this Mega Diwali Dhoom, do not worry! There will be a lot of other freeroll and ticket based rummy tournaments in the near future where you can play and win huge cash prizes. is always the go-to destination for online rummy. If you’re someone with a genuine interest in the game and wanting to make money, you couldn’t find a better place than

Apart from the regular freeroll rummy tournaments that is worth more than Rs. 4.3 Lakhs per months, DeccanRummy conducts special tournaments like Mega Diwali Dhoom on all festival occasions. These special tournaments come with a huge prize pool and open to more rummy enthusiasts than the normal freeroll tournaments.

Check our Promotions page to know the current promotions at DeccanRummy. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + to get instant updates about all our offer and promotions.

Symbolism behind Playing Cards

If we could expound the symbolism behind playing cards, then probably we can get many. A lot of thoughts and experiment has gone behind designing the playing cards, before narrowing it done to down to its present form. If we dig the pith and core of playing cards, we can draw many aphorisms. Here, we present to you some of the interesting similarities between playing cards and calendar.

Facts – Playing Cards

  • 52 playing cards represent 52 weeks in a year. Interestingly, the sum of letters all cards from one to King is also 52!
  • The four suits – Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds — represent the four seasons. Each week has 13 seasons and each suit have 13 cards.
  • 13 cards in each suit represent the 13 phases of the lunar cycle.
  • We have 12 months in a year, there are 12 face cards. Face cards are those cards which that has a face rather than the number. All 4 suits have 3 face cards (K, Q, and J) which make it (3*4=12) cards. There are twelve hours in each day and each night
  • The two colours of the suits (red and black) symbolises day and night respectively.
  • The sum of all cards in a suit assuming the value of J, Q, K as 11, 12, and 13 is 91. For 4 suits it would be 91*4 = 364, Adding one joker that comes along with the deck, you will get 365, which is exactly the number of days in a year. Sounds pretty unbelievable, right
  • Also, in some card games 2 Jokers are used which indicates the leap year (365 + 1 joker) = 366!

We’re sure this cannot be a mere coincidence!  Do you know 70% of magic tricks are performed with cards?  How hard it would be for modern day magicians to perform tricks without cards? Who doesn’t like a nice little card trick? Keep watching this space for other interesting information about card games.

Hurry! Register for Diwali Dhoom Tourney!

It goes without saying that all tournaments hosted by Deccan Rummy elicit a tremendous response. Diwali Dhoom tourney is just less than 24 hours away. We are eagerly anticipating a cracking battle as the prize amount of Rs. 200000 cash bonus is too hard to resist. Of late, we have seen a spike in the registration for this tournament. We have seen many players very eagerly following the procedures to get the free ticket. It’s always good to be an early bird. If you’d register early, you can easily avoid the last minute fracas which could deal a blow to your chances.

Playing games for real cash is always fun. It makes the game you are playing very interesting and even addictive in somecases. Indian rummy is one of the most popular card games that is purely based on skill. Furthermore, the game is 100% legal to play.

Registering early translates as having a keen interest on the rummy game. So register as early as possible and you will be assured of a shot at Rs 200000 cash bonus prize. Hurry, because there could be limited seats! Some of the players are having difficulties in understanding the registration process. Kindly follow the below steps to register for this spectacular Diwali Dhoom Tournament now.

How to get free tickets for the Diwali Dhoom Tourney?

  • Like/share/review/rate our Fb page
  • Send a private message to our FB page with your DeccanRummy User name/registered email
  • We will credit the ticket within 24 hours after verification
  • Register for the tournament using the free ticket on Oct 22 at 2:30 PM
  • Like, share, review and rating process must be completed before 2:30 PM as the time from 2:30 -3:30PM is allocated solely for registration purposes.

Diwali Dhoom

How to buy the tickets for Diwali Dhoom Tourney?

Players also have an option to buy-in the tickets for Rs.500. Kindly follow the below procedures to complete the purchase

  1. Login to your
  2. Click on DeccanRewards and select View Tickets
  3. Under View tickets, there is a button called Buy Tickets.
  4. Click the button to buy the ticket
  5. Please note that you need to have a withdrawable balance of at least Rs. 500 in your account before starting the purchase.
  6. You can add cash to your account by clicking the Add Cash button and add cash by using any of the above 4 payment options such as cards, Netbanking, UPI and Cash wallets.
  7. After you add cash to the account, you can purchase the ticket by clicking on Buy Ticket button present in View Tickets option under Deccan Rewards.
  8. Do not forget to register for the tournament on Oct 22 at 2:30 with the ticket

Kindly follow any of the two procedures given above to get tickets for this tourney.  This is your best chance to wind up your Diwali Celebrations in style. Hurry! Start getting free tickets for the tourney now!


Happy Diwali to everyone!

Diwali also called the festival of lights is one of the important festivals in India. This day is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. It’s one of those unique Indian festivals that is widely celebrated cutting across all barriers. It is the vibrancy and electricity associated with the festival that is perhaps illuminating our hearts with joy. Customs and rituals associated with this festival such as lighting diyas, wearing new attire, sharing sweets & gifts with neighbors and bursting crackers add joy by a manifold. The custom of bursting crackers is symbolic of driving the evil forces away. Many families decorate their entrance of their homes with a colorful rangoli, a common practice during this festival.

These days when we hardly have time for ourselves, a festival like Diwali allows us to bond with our near and dear ones and allows us to reinvigorate ourselves in the process. We guess you must be all excited and pepped up. So are we!

On behalf of our team, we wish all our patrons and their families a very happy and Safe Diwali.  Diwali is such an awesome time to celebrate with loved ones. May you get to create a lot of special memories from the mirth and merriment of this amazing festival.  We hope this Diwali brings lots of luck to your lives and fulfill all your dreams and desires. Happy Diwali!

Special Tournament

To end the festival holidays on a high note, participate in our Mega Diwali Dhoom tourney on Oct 22 at 3:30 PM. You can refer our blog entry to know how to get the free tickets for this tourney. Prizepool in this tournament is Rs. 200000, so this is going to be huge. Alternatively, you can also buy tickets for this tournament for Rs. 500. Participate in this tourney and win some mammoth cash prizes. Keep rocking!

Rummy Quiz

Our Rummy quiz has 10 easy questions related to the game and answers for it. Take this test and find out where you stand in the online rummy world.

1. What do we refer as baiting in Rummy?

a) Strategy to hoodwink your opponent by throwing a card of the same suit or rank

b) A move in the game like folding, declaring

c) Getting rid of the cards with higher points

2. What are the deadwood cards?

a) Unmelded hand cards

b) A combination of two sequences

c) Another name for standard deck

3. The act of submitting the cards after melding them into proper sets and sequences is called

a) Fold

b) Declare

c) Drawing

4. What is the other name for open deck?

a) Stock Pile

b) Discard Pile

5. Identify the pure sequence among the following

a) ♠5, ♠6, Joker

b) ♠5, ♥5, ♣5

c) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7, ♠8

d) ♦A, ♣A, ♥A

6. You have two impure sequences, a set, and have ♠5, ♠6, ♠7 as hand cards what cards would you need to finish the game

a) Joker

b) ♠4

c) ♠J

d) ♠8

7. How many sequences are required in a rummy game in order for a valid declare

a) 2 atleast

b) 3 min

c) 1 atleast

d) Not required

8. In the following cards, which is a triplet

a) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7

b) ♥K, Joker, ♥J

c) ♦J, ♣J, ♥J

d) ♠A, ♠2, ♠3

9. Let us consider for example you 14 handcards are grouped as follow – (♠5, ♠6, ♠7), (♠5, ♥5, ♣5), (♣10, ♣J, ♣Q, ♣K ) and (♦5, ♦8, ♦7, ♦K) – which card you would discard to make a valid submit

a) ♣K

b) ♦K

c) ♦8

10. Which among the below options is a correct set?

a) ♦A, ♦A, ♥A

b) ♠6, ♠6, ♣6

c) ♠A, ♦A, ♣A

d) ♠K, ♠Q, ♠J

Answers to the rummy Quiz

  1. a) Strategy to hoodwink your opponent by throwing a card of the same suit or rank
  2. a) Unmelded hand cards
  3. b) declare
  4. b) discard pile
  5. c) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7, ♠8
  6. Either c) or d)
  7. a) 2 atleast
  8. c) ♦J, ♣J, ♥J
  9. b) ♦K
  10. c) ♠A, ♦A, ♣A

Rank yourself

If you answered all these 10 questions correctly, you are a rummy champion by now else one very shortly. If you got 7-9 questions right, you probably miss it just by a whisker and can win anytime sooner. Did you get 4-7 questions right? If so, you are treading on being a average rummy player. A win is not too far away we reckon if you take some real efforts to improve. Anything below 4 is poor, you need to brush up your rummy skills. Read our how to play rummy page and rummy wiki page to get more familiar with the game.


Claim Rs. 2000 Bonus with our Bonus Bounty Offer

Deccan Rummy is many steps ahead of other rummy sites when it comes to rummy promotions and offers. What’s great about our Rummy promotions are that a lot of planning goes into it to make sure every user benefits by some margin. The latest offering from Deccan Rummy is Bonus Bounty offer which would add a lot of value to your deposits.

We are always very protective of our cash players and we want to ensure they get the value for money. It is understandable that it is not possible to win every cash game, a player plays, so we want to make sure that the cash player gets something more on his deposits to continue playing. Nothing is as exciting as cash rummy games in rummy because that’s where the real chance to make big money lies. That’s the reason we have been continuously put up bonus offers for our players.

Bonus Bounty

Bonus Bounty Offer

When it comes to rummy promotions and giveaways you won’t find a more generous online rummy site like Deccan Rummy.

To make this festive month memorable, we have launched a new promotion by name “Bonus Bounty”. A good bonus money can be a huge boost to get your rummy bankroll started and give you a chance to move up to some decent stakes at a lesser risk. It’s your chance to make this festive season livelier by claiming some wonderful bounties.  Join our Bonus Bounty Offer and get 20% Bonus up to Rs. 2000. Make use of this bonus offer to multiply your deposit and progress to playing some really cool high-stake cash rummy games. The bonus will be applicable for deposits up to Rs. 10000.00. The bonus amount would be instantly credited to your account as Bonus points. The maximum bonus amount you can get using this promotion is Rs. 2000. The offer ends on Oct 31.

We see many freeroll players turn to playing cash games of late because of the enticing bonus offers. Maybe it’s now your turn to.

To make use of this Bonus Bounty Offer, simply deposit cash to your account with the bonus code “Diwali17” and we will credit the bonus amount instantly. Players can use this bonus code only once, so go for the maximum bonus amount right away by depositing.

How to Deposit cash and make use of this bonus bounty offer?

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to My account and click on Add cash
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and enter the promo code “DIWALI17” and click on Apply
  • Click on Buy Chips and confirm you are not playing from Assam or Odisha.
  • Choose your payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Cash Card/Mobile Wallet) and click on the PAY NOW button to complete the purchase

These bonuses are a perfect way to build your bankroll. It may help you to take a leap ahead while playing cash rummy games. Make sure not to miss out on some cool bonus boney! Check our promotions page for other exciting offers that you don’t want to miss out

See you soon at our tables!

You want some Rummy! Come, Get some Rummy & huge benefits!

If you are a newbie, DeccanRummy extends our heartiest welcome into the world of our exciting Rummy Card Games. DeccanRummy is the fastest Indian rummy site tailored to meet the expectations of rummy enthusiasts. We are fast becoming the one-stop destination for all your rummy online requirements We operate with the motto “You want some? Come get some! You may wonder what’s so special at DeccanRummy? Here are some of the incredible benefits that you can avail when you decide to be a part of Deccan Rummy

You want some come get some at DeccanRummy

You have the chance to win Rs 5000 Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. Don’t you think this is the Best-Biggest Welcome Bonus you can possibly get anywhere? Hold your breath. We haven’t finished yet there is a lot more on our shelves that are going to leave you startled!

You will be receiving Rs.25 as Instant Deposit on your Sign up. Guess what playing rummy online is contagious, so refer your friend and get a bonus for a lifetime with our Refer A friend offer.

Do you like to play rummy tournaments? Why don’t you play our online rummy Tournaments every day? Our free tourneys offer you an easy chance to win up more than Rs. 10000 daily. Sounds awesome right?

Special tourneys are currently kicking up a storm at DeccanRummy. At present, we have two special tourneys – Monsoon Thunders and Diwali Dhoom. You can read our article on how to participate in these special rummy tournaments right here in this blog.

The other awesome feature at Deccan Rummy is the stunning bonus offers. Apart from the regular 100% welcome bonus and 200% instant deposit bonus offer, we have a special bonus feature called Bonus Bounty. This offer runs till Oct 31 and every depositing player can avail this. Players can make their deposit with the bonus code “Diwali17” and their bonus would be instantly credited.

Make the most out of all the offers & tournaments by actively participating in it. DoRummy @ DeccanRummy! Life’s short, play more to make it enjoyable!

Five easy ways to make money online

This is the internet era where every tangible thing that we’ve been using for many years have been digitized. We are very sure that you might have heard about people making money online. We are now in a position where we need not take pains to slog it out in the office for hours together for a paltry sum. The technology has improved such a way that, you can make lots of money in the comfort of your home. However, it is easier said than done as there are thousands of fake websites luring the job seekers with attractive pay offers and swindle as much as possible. Here are some proven ways to make money online. Most of the methods mentioned here can be followed by anyone regardless of any barriers.

Make Money Online

Five Ways to Make Money Online.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing has always been an excellent way to make money online. If you are a competent writer or a programmer or even a designer, there’s a lot of money you can make by freelancing. The most lovable thing about freelancing is that you are own boss – you can work at the timings that you are comfortable with. There are many genuine sites that accept freelancing across a whole gamut of skills. All you need to do is to pick the right site and select your suitable category to get started. Get people to post testimonials after the successful completion of a project so that it lends some credence to your profile.

2. Make Youtube videos

We always see ads whenever we watch videos on YouTube. There’s a lot of money involved in that that you ought to know. There is a heavy demand for education-related videos, these days. If you can make a video that caters to school/college students, you can easily monetize it with Adsense. However, your video needs to be original content wise and must be innovative so that it appeals to the millennials. From sports coverage to cookery to fitness to posting movie/music reviews, there are many areas where you can make videos. You do not need to have a high-definition recording set-up to make it, even a good smartphone camera would suffice.

3. Sell Stuff online

This is another area through which people are making tonnes of money. We are living in an e-commerce era. No longer do people visit crowded shopping malls or bazaars to buy their products. E-shopping has made their lives extremely comfortable. At this time, it would be a great idea if you can tie up with any of the major e-com sites like Amazon, Flipkart, or e-bay to do business. Find the most preferred stuff in such sites and shortlist things that you can afford and get started right away.

At some point, you will even be in a position to create your own brand. There are many sites which accept antique products, there’s a huge demand for such products. Stuff like vintage clocks, wrist watches, vehicles, or antique paintings have a huge audience. These are days where the things you are likely to reject are going to fetch you some mighty cash. The world has unbelievably changed, right?

4. Create a Website

If you are good in creating good original content, then you must have your own website. Creating a website is pretty simple. Since you are going to create one with the intention of making money online, it is better if you could purchase a domain. Domains are pretty inexpensive these days starting as low as Rs. 99. Use Google Adsense to post ads on websites. Google AdSense is an advertising service by Google. The program is ideal for website publishers who want to display advertisements on pages and earn money when visitors click the ads. However, it takes time to establish your brand.

5. Online Games

Playing Online skill games like rummy are an excellent source of income. Also, this is the most easiest way of making money online. There are many reliable online rummy sites that allow the users to encash simply by applying their skills. You do not have to pay a penny to join a website like There are many freeroll tournaments and games available with huge bounties up for grabs. Additionally, most of the rummy sites have excellent bonus schemes for all their players which add value to their deposits. Why don’t you start off registering with one and see it yourself?

These are just a few easy ways to make money online within the oceans of opportunities out there. Pick one and start trying right away!

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