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May Day moneymaker tourney winners

Well, another fantastic rummy tourney has come to an end. It is the May Day moneymaker tourney this time. Deccan Rummy is known for hosting special tourneys and leaderboard promotions. The host owns a terrific record till date in Online Rummy industry. Deccan Rummy is the most preferred online rummy site among rummy enthusiasts in the country.

Tournaments & Leaderboards

Each and every promotion at the site has its own popularity and demand in the market. There are plenty of free-roll tourneys for players to enjoy online gaming. Even cash games very affordable and enjoyable. The giveaways aren’t just cash rewards, but there is a variety of rewards: gold coin, movie tickets, amazon vouchers and many more.

Leaderboards are even more special here—weekly leaderboard every week, with exciting rewards. The host also organises exciting leaderboard promotions on special occasions. 2020 new year was very special this time. Deccan Rummy hosted the special new year millionaire 2.0 leaderboard that carried a prize pool worth two crores.

May Day moneymaker tourney

May Day is so special all across the globe. It is the International Workers’ day. May 1 was also a special day in Deccan Rummy’s calendar. The Mayday moneymaker tourney(MDM) was the special tournament for the special day.

The tournament carried a prize pool worth ₹1 Lakh. The tournament has three different levels of competition. The contest started on April 29 with MDM satellite, then the MDM qualifier on April 30 and the grand MDM finale on May 1. The tournament is structured in the way favouring the players. Every level of competition had individual registrations every day. At every level, players when finishing in the top can win free tickets to join the next level of competition. Even if you don’t win free tickets, you can make buy-in to join the contest.

This format had a great reception among rummy players. The seats got filled at a very rapid rate every day. On all three days, the registration started at 3 pm, and the contest became live at 9 pm.


Every level of competition saw a great batch of rummy players getting placed in top positions. We would like to congratulate each and every winner at each level. The grand finale got over yesterday, and there were some great players in the top positions.

The top three positions in the MDM finale level tourney are

1 dharsananu
2 donmarsh
3 bigbrother84

The tables saw splendid rummy actions. Every player was determined to showcase fabulous rummy skills and fantastic rummy strategies. There were many twists and turns throughout the tourney, especially at the final stage of the contest. Make sure you don’t miss out to experience playing such tournaments next time. There are plenty of rummy tourneys for you. Stay connected with Deccan Rummy to get notifications of specials news.

Three reasons not to miss practice games before heading to cash tables

Indian Rummy is game that’s popularity is steadily increasing over the years. It’s the game that has its roots in India for several generations. The game is part of our cultural sphere and has been a regular during Indian festivals. Remember the good old days where we enjoyed the rummy game with our friends and family. Today millions of people all over the country can enjoy the game in a common shared platform. We can enjoy the game from the comforts of our living rooms. With hundreds of games and tournaments to choose from, rummy enthusiasts are having a field day.
However, it is important to get a good hang of the game before jumping into cash games. And for that most rummy online sites have given us options to play practice games from the comfort of our homes.

All popular Rummy variants are available in rummy sites like Deccan Rummy. The best part is, you can create your rummy account for free. All you need to do is choose your user ID, password, and create your account by confirming your email and Password. Here we give you three reasons to highlight the importance of playing practice games.


Why Practice is a must

1. Familiar with the environment

If you are new to Rummy, practice tables using will help you to learn the game without taking significant financial risks. Even if you know how to play rummy game and have experience in real money games, it helps you get familiar with the platform and the software in use. Most online rummy sites have a fixed time limit for making the moves. Playing online rummy helps you adept with the pace of the platform.

2. Polish the skills

Along with getting used to the platform, you will also need to acquire the required skills to succeed in the game. Playing rummy on practice platform give you insight about different rummy strategies that you need to excel in online rummy. They also provide the chance for players to check their rummy skills as they pit you against a better class of opponent. You can learn the ins and outs of popular rummy variants.

3. Quality of Players

Playing rummy practice games on a website will help you deduce the quality of the opponents in the website. You would get to know what level your competitors are in by playing practice rummy games online. It will be very helpful when you move to the cash tables later. Practice always make you perfect. The more you practice, it’s always for the better. Most cash rummy game players often start with practice rummy games and freeroll rummy tournaments before hitting the cash tables. You will also get an idea about the responsible gaming practices as you spend some time in the practice tables.

The past few years have seen exponential growth of card games online, especially games like rummy and poker. With so much time available now because of the coronavirus lockdown, it’s probably a great idea to get a good hang of the game now. As you move into practice rummy tables, you can probably a get good idea about the game and also hone your rummy skills in the meanwhile.

Responsible gaming in online rummy

Online Rummy is the most loved game in recent times. The game is a proven entertainment for gaming enthusiasts. Online rummy has completely broken the barriers people were troubled with the traditional rummy gaming. There are numerous online rummy hosts in India. One of the most loved Rummy destinations is Deccan Rummy.

Players are enjoying rummy gaming to the core here at Deccan Rummy. You can find the country’s best rummy promotions here. People from our side are working hard for players to experience the real essence of online rummy. 

The game directly makes an impact on a player. There is an improvement in the mathematical and logical skill in a person. People have had a negative look at the game, considering it gambling. But it is completely wrong with structure online rummy is built in. Rummy isn’t an addiction but a great entertainment at Deccan Rummy. 

What is Responsible gaming? 

This is the simplest way to help out players manage their bankroll at the very best way possible. Players at Deccan Rummy are exposed to a wide range of games, tournaments and leaderboard contests. 

There have been strict and legal measures followed in Deccan Rummy. The players have to be qualified to play the game here. 

The following are the measures followed here,

  1. Players must be an 18+ of age for registering in our website. 
  2. The processes are transparent at Deccan Rummy, the site is certified with RNG certificate. This makes people believe in the game they play is so much true and real. 
  3. There a deposit limits that make people avoid getting bankrupted.
  4. People from the restricted regions in India, cannot access our website as per the rules the state government.

There are certain policies you should follow. This helps you stay at the positive lane by playing online rummy. Here are some tips for you,

  1. Play the card game only for entertainment at a moderate rate.
  2. So do not focus only to play for money. 
  3. Never tend to build on successive losses.
  4. Make a better wallet prize for your entertainment at tables.
  5. Always note the time you have spent playing the game and also the money you win in the game. You would get a better idea about your game. 
  6. Don’t cut down all your other activities to play only the game.

You must check up on your plan on the following scenarios,

  1. In case you spend too much time and money exceeding your capacity. 
  2. When you are hit with a lot of continuous losses. 
  3. When you play the game all-day
  4. If your people (friends & family) don’t like you playing online rummy.

How to make lockdown interesting with Online Rummy ?

Covid 19 has been a great threat to humans. The livelihood of people has been affected at a high rate. With many researches going on in various tropical locations of the globe, the only possible way to stay safe is to maintain social distancing. People have been asked to stay home to stay safe. 


Gaming Entertainment 

Spending time in Online Gaming can keep you engaged during this quarantine. It is so obvious that people feel it so bored to stay home for so many days. Online gaming is the best entertainment you can enjoy regardless of the place you are. With the boom in the internet usage in India, people find it very much feasible to use internet. Pocket friendly internet packs are very much available in the country. There are a lot of options for you to choose from the online gaming industry. But there is a game that can connect Indians technologically as well as traditionally. 

Yes, it is nothing but online rummy. The game has a historical attachment with the traditional life of Indians. The game has made a great travel from the traditional offline rummy to the exciting online rummy. 

Online Rummy 

Being one of the best card games in the history, Rummy has a great following to just in India, but also at the global gaming arena. The game is very easy to play now. The game is available in the online platform. There are various online rummy hosts in India. The best amongst them is Deccan Rummy. The host does hold every feature to make you choose them.


The game is played with 2 deck of cards. There are some terminologies you need to know to play the game. They are as follows: 

Sequence: A sequence is group of 3 or more cards formed by melding consecutive cards. 

Set: A set is group of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank from different suits. 

Joker: A card in random is picked from the closed deck at the start of the game. This card has the ability to substitute one card to complete a sequence or a set. The card picked at the start of the game not only is the joker card but the cards from the all the suits with same rank value also can be used as joker cards. 

Point calculations 

Every card in the deck has a rank value. The face cards like King, Queen and Jack hold 10 points. All the numbered cards has the same rank as printed on the card.  Whereas the ace card can be used as 1 and as a face card while playing the game but counted as 10 points while the cards are summed up at the end of the game. 

When you drop from the game at the very beginning of the game you will lose 20 points. But when you drop out at the middle of the game, you lose 40 points. 

How to play Online Rummy? 

Start your rummy journey with Deccan Rummy. Download the Deccan Rummy mobile app from the download page. 

  • Every player will receive 13 cards. 
  • Players can use the sort button to arrange the cards in the order of their suits. 
  • Drop and draw cards from either the open and closed deck in your turn. 
  • After melding all your cards, submit your cards to complete the game.