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Women’s rise in the world of online gaming

According to an old adage “Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess – it’s the queen that protects the king”. Couldn’t have said any better! The role women play in raising families and building a society is probably hard to describe with simple words.

It’s #InternationalWomensDay today and it is celebrated in over 100 countries across the world. Many Rallies, parades, conferences, get-togethers, meeting, cultural performances are conducted through out the world to celebrate the accomplishment of men in several fields. This observation keeps us in reminder how important gender equality is.

Women have achieved so many landmark feats in different fields. Gaming Industry is no longer an insurmountable field for women. Once considered as men’s territory, the tide has turned. These days so many women players have come to the forte and made their presence felt with some performances.

We keep hearing about women delivering impressive performances in registering tournaments like WSOP. Some women are so skilled in gaming that they have started being brand ambassadors of the company.

Women in Online Gaming

Statistics reveal that 45% of the gamers are females and 46% of the gamers who invest on Real Money games are women. Women players are regularly featuring in MMOs and MMORPGs.

Amidst their busy and hectic daily lives, women turn to online games for relaxation and stress relief. 60% of the women feel online games improve their mood. Efforts are on to create more games that lure women gamers.

The Indian mobile gaming market’s worth is projected to hit $1.1 billion by 2020. For a lot of people it’s a part of their daily lives – 40% of men and 35% of women play mobile games everyday.

With more women involved in game development, more diverse women characters included in games, women involved in hosting game channels, efforts are made to bring a lot of women into the world of online gaming. Of late a lot of games with female lead characters have sprung up – Mirror’s edge, catalyst and Dishonored 2 being notable mentions.

Women in the rummy community

There is no gender bias in the field of online rummy. Deccan Rummy welcomes women across all groups in our platform. In fact, a lot of women players have been successful in our online rummy games and rummy tournaments online. A lot of women players are consistently winning our GoldQuest and Giftraffle free rummy online tourney. Even in the leaderboard contests, they are putting in a spirited performances.

Says Kenny Goutham, Chief of Operations of, “We extend our heartiest wishes to all the extraordinary women out there on this monumental occasion. We are well aware of the struggles women have put up with to achieve this position and salute their efforts all along. Considering the limitations they have in visiting casinos, we provide with them an excellent platform to enjoy the game with a casino feel and vibe. A lot of women players are already there in our fold and we are constantly looking for ways to expand our base”.

Deccan Rummy wishes all women out there a happy #InternationalwomensDay

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Gear up for some mind-boggling and crazy free rummy action

Do you love to play rummy for free? If you do, Deccan Rummy is the perfect place for you! With a large number of freeroll tournaments, Deccan Rummy is the best place for some free rummy action online. Offering an mind-blowing gaming experience on a safe platform, we provide our players a competitive gaming environment that fosters expertise in rummy.

Our Freeroll tournaments are worth a colossal 20 Lakhs. When we say freeroll, it means it is absolutely free. Players do not have to spend a penny in-order to participate.

Are you curious to know about the free roll tournaments in detail? Here they are:

Hot Free Rummy Action!

Rapid Rustle

The tournament as the name indicates is a turbo format tournament. The tournament comes with a big prizepool of 10K everyday and is scheduled everyday at 11:00 AM. With just 2 deals, players can quickly enter and win the prizemoney.


GoldQuest is the premier freeroll tournament that has been running in our platform since our inception. The winner would receive a Gold Coin. There is only one winner in this tournament and because of the nature of the format, the competition has been intense. The tournament will be conducted everyday at 1PM.

Mid day Minerva

Looking for midday fun? We all get frustrated during our midday with things not happening as per our plan. A little bit of fun is enough to set things right! And that is what our Midday Minerva tournament is all about. Play for a share of 5000 Cash Bonus in our Midday Minerva Tournament everyday at 1:30 PM

Evening Surprise

Some rummy action along with tea goes well. No matter wherever you are do not miss our Evening Surprise Tournament which is scheduled everyday at 5:30 PM. The tournament comes with a hefty prizepool of Rs. 10000. Some hot evening fun with a cash reward is too enticing an offer to skip

Mega Blast

So, do you believe you have it in you to go for the ultimate kill? If so, head on to our rummy tables and put your rummy skills into optimal use and fight for the big prizepool of Rs. 15000 everyday at 8:30 PM. Our Mega Blast tournament is for warriors who come out armored and all guns blazing. In order to slay them, you’ve got to up your game by legions. Can you?

Late Night Thunders

For hardcore rummy enthusiasts, their day wouldn’t end without featuring in a competitive rummy tournament. That’s exactly what Late Night Thunders is all about. Coming with a colossal prizepool of Rs 10000 everyday, this Late Night thunders tournament promises some hot action at no buy-in. Assemble at our tables’ everyday at 10:30 PM and have a real shot at the prizes.

GiftRaffle Tournament

Extremely popular since its launch, the tournament is now coming with an increased prizepool of Rs. 4100 everyday. The winners of this tournament receive movie vouchers and gift vouchers as prizes. Winning cash is alright! But this is something special, something that is more than cash. That’s the reason the craze for this tournament remains on an all-time high!

That’s not all we have many other tournaments lined up in the near future! Get ready for some rollicking fun and extreme adventure in our rummy website. With a commitment to make your rummy journey endearing and more rewarding, we are brainstorming several ideas which will soon come to fruition. That is in the near future. Now these are some of the craziest rummy tournaments coming with a mind-boggling prizepool, that you will see in the Indian rummy community. Polish your rummy skills and gear up for some heavy rummy action ahead!

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Time to be enchanted with Deccan Bonus Bounty for March

The month of March has arrived. March is significant month with numerous festivals that Indians celebrate with much passion and fervour. Also, with some hot cricketing action happening already and IPL about to commence shortly later this month is all set to keep your evenings busy. To add more buzz to the action-packed month, we are all set to entertain you with a slew of offers and promotions that will keep you on the hook and keep you pushing for more!

This Month Deccan Rummy has launched an awesome March Moolah offer which you might be aware of! With the March Moolah offer, players can get 20% bonus upto Rs. 1000 for one of their deposits. A lot of people have already started availing this bonus offer and are boosting their bankroll.

Deccan Bonus Bounty
Deccan Bonus Bounty


Deccan Bonus Bounty – Get 60% Bonus upto Rs. 3000

Additionally, we have a series of bonus codes under Deccan Bonus Bounty offer which will help you get 60% bonus upto Rs. 3000. Deccan Bonus bounty is an offer that is popular with a lot of cash rummy players. Split into 4 weeks, each week there is a bonus code available for the users.

Want to know what’s up for grabs this week?A fabulous 15% Bonus upto Rs. 750 is available for our Deccan Rummy players this week. Head into the lobby and click on Add cash and pick the one that’s in for this week.

That’s a huge weight on your bankroll which could be crucial in helping you get some big wins under your belt. Just make sure you avail them to your advantage. You can use all the bonus codes listed above on their respective weeks and boost your bankroll.

Now, if you’re finished with the welcome bonus code already, you’re eligible for this bonus code and what it means is you get something extra along with your deposit. And speaking of the welcome bonus when you sign up at Deccan Rummy and make your first deposit, we’ll match it with a 100% bonus which will be credited instantly.

And all you need to do to avail the bonus is a free account at Deccan Rummy – if you haven’t done so yet, do it without further ado. Log in, select Add cash and click on the bonus code listed for this week and get the ball rolling!

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Start this March with Rs. 1000 Bonus with March Moolah offer

India’s fastest online rummy website, Deccan Rummy is all set to delight the users with a series of promotions as we head into the March Month. Wanting to make this March month memorable and marvelous, we have designed a few promotions which will be up shortly in our website. The first promotion in the lineup of exciting promotion is the March Moolah, an exciting bonus offer.

March Moolah

March Moolah Offer

If you are a regular player at Deccan Rummy, you might know that every month we delight the users with an exciting bonus offer at the beginning of the month. This is done to give the player more value for his deposit. Any player depositing cash would want something extra and our monthly bonus offer has been delivering just that.

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