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8 Things to avoid while playing online rummy

We’ve always mentioned that online Rummy is an easy game that can be played easily by everyone but they are some key factors to keep in mind while playing rummy that we are going to discuss in this article. Keep these points in mind every time you hit the tables as they are potential factors that could crash your party even when you are on the brink of winning.

  1. Never play rummy while watching television.
  2. Drowsiness is the antagonist of Rummy. Never play rummy when you are feeling drowsy.

Fix a time to play rummy exclusively

  1. Do not perform multi tasking while playing online rummy ( opening multiple tabs & browsing)
  2. Always play rummy with a task in your mind rather than to kill time. If you’re just playing rummy for fun, play practice games or games with low stakes. Fix a bankroll while playing cash rummy games. Do not exceed the bankroll limit at any cost.
  3. You may lose concentration when you play rummy in a crowded place. Sit alone and enjoy the game with the goal of winning.
  4. Avoid snacks and other eatables while playing rummy as it could distract you.
  5. Avoid consuming alcohol while playing rummy.
  6. Never play rummy around kids as they may get influenced by it. Always remember the legal age for playing any card games or rummy is 18 years and above

Rummy is a serious game regardless of its easy game play. You respect the rules, you gain else you lose heavily. We hope that the article served its purpose in explaining about the different factors that could hamper your progress while playing at Deccan Rummy. Professional rummy players always follow all these in addition to incorporating some known rummy tips and strategies.

Playing at Deccan Rummy has always been a rewarding experience. We make sure you relish every moment you spend with us and take back only pleasant memories. The myriad of offers existing in our website allows you to maximize your earnings. Do check our rummy promotions page to know more about the existing offers and promotions. Make optimal use of all the existing promotions and have an awesome time!

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Why to Play Practice Rummy Games?

Many of us believe rummy games are played for fun and entertainment, but actually, it is mostly played for real money wagers. The game was played for entertainment and fun in the yester-years during festivals or any other get-togethers. Subsequently, lots of money was wagered on the game and the once fun game went into the mainstream as a premium card game. Clubs and casinos hosted many exciting card games in the not-so-distant past, but due to the stringent gambling laws prevailing in our country, many states were unable to provide sanction for the casinos and clubs to continue. Now, as the Supreme Court has declared rummy to be a game of skill, we can look forward to a resurgence of these clubs conducting card games and tournaments.

After the advent of technology, the game of rummy went digital and has attracted participants from all walks of life. Many online rummy sites have sprung up in the recent past hosting exciting rummy variants. Deccan Rummy has created an ideal space for entertainment and at the same time providing an opportunity to win huge cash prizes. Deccan Rummy hosts many tournaments with lots of cash prizes and announces many promotions periodically. It’s hard to resist playing a game like rummy once you’ve tasted victory.

Practice Games

As we have mentioned many times in the past, Rummy is a game of skill. All it takes are a few tips and strategies to excel in the game. Have you ever wondered why we insist our players play many practice games before hitting the cash tables?

Unlike poker that is heavily reliant on the hand cards doled out at the beginning, rummy is purely skill oriented. Melding the cards into sets and sequences need lots of rummy skill and strategies. You must constantly practice to identify the best possible hands to win. Deccan Rummy is the place where you will find adroit rummy players from all walks of life. You will have to learn all those rummy tips and strategies while playing against the best in the business. The Proper usage of these rummy tips and strategies will mold you into a better player and give you the confidence to excel in all our tournaments. Playing more practice games will help you to deploy those skills and become adept in facing any scenarios. If you are a beginner, you can practice rummy games freely at Deccan Rummy. Register for free and enjoy playing online rummy with the 10000 free play chips that we provide for all new registrants.

Practice Games are vital for any player to practice their skills before entering into cash games. Practice games in Deccan have various formats like 13 Cards Points Rummy, 13 Cards Deals Rummy, and 13 Cards Pool Rummy. These 3 formats comprise of various types of play such as 2 and 6 players games. These formats help a beginner or a rookie to play rummy more proficiently like a Professional while playing rummy cash games. The Reason behind the practice is a simple idea to brush your skill every time before you deposit real cash for winning.

How to play practice Games?

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on Practice tab in the lobby.

3. You can see 3 format like 13 Cards points Rummy, 13 Cards Deals rummy and 13 Cards pool Rummy.

4. Select your preferred table and click on join to enter the practice tables.

Now that you’ve known the value of practice games, what are you waiting for? Read the rummy rules and hit the tables straightaway!

New Year Dhamaka – Special Freeroll tourney

Freeroll tourney

The action-packed year is coming to an end. This has been a memorable year for Deccan Rummy. Right from our inception at the beginning of this year, it has been a thrilling ride with stops filled with fun and frolic. We are proud to have made tremendous inroads into the Indian rummy market far exceeding our expectations.

Special thanks to our customers who have made this year memorable for us through their moral support and cooperation. Without their active participation in all our tournaments and support for our promotions, we wouldn’t have scaled these heights. On this occasion, we extend the warmest New Year greetings and wish the upcoming year would be bright and prosperous for everyone of you.

New Year Special Tourney

Special Rummy Tournaments online have always been an instant hit here at DeccanRummy. What better way to double your celebration than to play a game that you love most and win extraordinary prizes? Deccan Rummy is proud to have added a little more joy on these joyous occasions. In that vein, we want to add fuel to your buoyant mood in celebrating this New Year. Deccan Rummy proudly announces New Year Dhamaka Freeroll tournament to welcome this New Year in a grand way.

The total prize pool involved in this tourney is Rs. 7350.00. Players are going to get stupendous e-shopping gift vouchers that they can redeem at one of the top e-commerce sites in our country. These are times when online shopping is replacing physical shopping thereby reducing many hassles like travel, cash transactions etc. At this turbulent time of demonetization where the whole country is suffering from a severe cash crunch, online shopping is going to come in handy to get what you want. We also issue movie vouchers as fifth and sixth prizes.

Tournament Date: Jan 1 @ 3.30PM

Regn opens: Dec 31 @ 3.30PM


Gift Voucher Prize

1st Prize

Rs. 2000 (e-shopping)

2nd Prize

Rs. 1500 (e-shopping)

3rd Prize

Rs. 1000 (e-shopping)

4th Prize

Rs. 500(e-shopping)

4th Prize

Rs. 500 (e-shopping)

4th Prize

Rs. 500 (e-shopping)

5th Prize

Rs. 300 (Movie Vouchers)

5th Prize

Rs. 300 (Movie Vouchers)

5th Prize

Rs. 300 (Movie Vouchers)

6th Prize

Rs. 150 (Movie Vouchers)

6th Prize

Rs. 150 (Movie Vouchers)

6th Prize

Rs. 150 (Movie Vouchers)


As the name suggests it is a freeroll tournament. Players can participate in this tournament for free. Players can refresh the skills by referring our articles on rummy tips and strategies

How to Register

  • You can register till the game begins (subject to seat availability)

  • Player needs to login to his account with his username and password

  • Under Lobby, the player needs to click on Tournament tab, Select Special tab and click on the “join” button available next to both the tournament (New Year Special) once the registration is opened.

  • Click on “ Yes, I want to join” button to complete your registration

Tournament Structure

  • A maximum of 510 Players can participate

  • A table can have a maximum of 6 players

  • A minimum of 255 registrants is required for the tournament to commence.

  • Every round in the tournament has 3 deals.

  • After logging in, Players can also refer the tournament structure by clicking on the “details” option of the respective tournaments.

  • *If there are two or more players with similar points at the end of a round, then our software randomly selects a player, who then moves into the next round

Are you ready? We can sense your excitement to play this scintillating tournament. We are equally excited as we would like to see a closely contested tournament to win the coveted prizes. Gear up for this ferocious battle! Do not miss this astounding opportunity!

We are truly enamored by the love and passion you have showered on us; we assure you that you can look forward to a lot of tournaments with a bigger prize pool in the near future.


  • There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this tournament.

  • The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

  • The winner will be notified by email within 48 hours. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 7 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.

  • The support team will notify the winner when and where the prize can be collected.

  • Usage of gift vouchers is bound by the terms and condition of the company mentioned in it. Players are requested to verify the terms and conditions on their website and contact them for any clarification. Deccan Rummy shall not be held accountable for any conflicts that may arise in its usage.

  • By entering this tournament, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  • The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

  • Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • If the verification team found any fraudulent activities on the game, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.

  • This tournament is subject to the sole discretion of management at, management has the right to withdraw this tournament anytime without prior notice.

* All other terms and conditions of DeccanRummy will be applicable to this tournament. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

Women in Online Gaming & Rummy Online

Video gaming is generally considered to be a part of the man’s world. But of late, women from various walks of life are participating and making the game arena very interesting. Hollywood actresses like Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, and Fast and Furious girl Michelle Rodriguez have all confessed to being avid gamers. Women are no longer strangers to the gaming world, thanks to the aggressive marketing by gaming companies and rapid expanse of mobile technology.

PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indra Nooyi has said in an interview that she likes to play rummy with her kids when she really wants to blow off steam. She also mentioned that she likes to play Bridge, Scrabble, and Sudoku online.

Women are catching up with men – Stats Indicate

Contrary to the popular misconception that women detest playing video gaming and loathe men who are game aficionados, statistics indicate that they are into gaming big time. Also, looking at the empirical evidence indicates women are equally passionate about games like men.

According to 2016 Video Game Statistics published by Big Fish, Out of 155 million Americans who play games regularly, 48% are women. Isn’t that a staggering volume? Also, a study conducted in the UK in the year 2014 found that 52% of gamers are women. It goes without saying that mobile gaming has contributed to this huge surge in women venturing into gaming. It is estimated that online gaming will generate a review of $99.6 billion in 2016, up 8.5% compared to last year.

Mobile Gaming

Women have always been fascinated by mobile games, right from the days of dinky handsets that carried captivating games like Snake 2 (widely played by those using Nokia basic sets).

The advent of smartphones has made tremendous inroads in the gaming industry as it allows players to play the game from anywhere. The current generation of Mediatek and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors provide a memorable gaming experience. Many smartphones are coming out in the market specially designed to meet the expectation of game aficionados. Newly arrived cell phones brands like XIAOMI, LEECO are considered to be effective for mobile gaming as they carry awesome specifications at a throwaway price. Games like Asphalt 8, Fallout Shelter, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft have captured people’s imagination and are being played by different users across the world. The convenience of playing the games you like in any position using your smartphones is not going to be replaced so easily. Because of the popularity of large screen smartphones, many hand-held console devices have gotten the boot.

According to a survey conducted by TNS, a market research company at the behest of Facebook, it was found that 47 per cent of all smartphone players are now women. This indicates that gaming on mobile devices is increasingly becoming gaining momentum among women. Also, it was found in the survey that 71% of the users chose smartphones are the top gaming device for users compared to 64% who preferred PCs and 34% that preferred tablets. The convenience of playing games on the large screen smartphone with awesome graphics can be attributed to the popularity of mobile gaming with women. Due to the spike in the number of women users, many games have popped up with a female figure as a pivotal character. Also, consider the fact that playing online games from their mobiles serve as a gateway to playing serious games for young women eventually. However, one disheartening fact is women constitute just 22 percent of the game industry according to the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). We can expect this numbers to shoot up as more and more women are venturing into playing mobile games every day.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a fascinating card game that can be played by one and all. There is no gender bias as far as rummy sites are concerned. Deccan Rummy welcomes everyone above the legal age of 18 to come and play our games. Our rummy site remains one of the best in the business because of our elegant game design, flash free fast gaming, and unbelievable offers and promotion. Our site contains different variants of 13 card rummy games that you keep glued to the screen.

We are sure that you would love the entertainment and thrill provided by the game of rummy online. If you’re a homemaker, job seeker, or a student looking to spend your spare time productively, do not hesitate to register on our website. As for the legality of online rummy, you don’t have to worry as online rummy has been declared legal by the Supreme Court. Please check our legality section in our website to know more about this. If you are a woman reading this article, do not hesitate any further to jump onto our website and start playing rummy online. Treat yourself to an awesome entertainment coupled with an extraordinary opportunity to win real cash.