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Choose the best Rummy Variant

Of late, Rummy games have forayed into various unknown territories and have earned a cult status. The simple game of 13 cards Indian rummy which was largely confined to smaller spaces like family get-togethers, functions went mainstream to the masses in a big way. To top it, exciting variations of 13 cards rummy were developed and soon the game earned a massive following. Some of the popular variants carried by the popular rummy sites are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. In addition to this, some sites carry a different format of rummy called as Gin Rummy.

Many rummy sites are coming up with exciting offers and promotions for their customers. You no longer have to pester your friends or relatives to join you for a rummy game as there are enough online rummy sites to give you a company.

These rummy variations provide an awesome gaming experience and a great opportunity to win real cash. Some of the variants will help you enhance some key skills to be successful in life like concentration, patience, and virtue. While it is true that mathematical skills are a prerequisite to being a successful rummy player, the good news is that newbies can become successful with a few days practice. There are lots of materials and documents on our site about rummy rules, skills, and strategies required to be a successful player in Rummy.  Players can choose the format he wants to play based on his liking. In this article, we shall discuss the merits of each rummy variation.

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is an exciting variant where the number of deals (rounds) is pre-decided. Deccan Rummy currently offers 2 player deal and 6 player deals rummy game. Players have to play an entry fee to participate in the game. The player who has the maximum chips at the end of the pre-decided deal would be declared a winner.  If the players falter in the beginning, they don’t have to panic as the format allows them to make amends for their losses through the subsequent deals. Because of this exhilarating proposition, many rummy enthusiasts prefer this variant. Deals Rummy can be thought of as an equivalent to an ODI in cricket where the game swings back and forth like a crazy pendulum.

Points Rummy

Points rummy is considered as the most popular rummy variation because of its quick gameplay.  The game just lasts for one deal where the winner takes all the points of the losing opponents. Points rummy remains as the most preferred rummy variant because it offers a quick way to win real cash.  Monetary value associated with each point is preset at the beginning and the players have to participate in the game with an entry fee. The player who finishes first wins the amount as (sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point). A maximum of 6 players can play points a rummy game in a table.

Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is played for a number of pre-decided points (101 or 201 as followed by Deccan Rummy). Any player who reaches this point in a game is eliminated from the game and the player having least point at the end of the game takes the prize pool. Similar to the other variants, Players have to pay a fixed entry fee to participate in this game. Unlike deals rummy where you play a fixed number of deals, there are no such restrictions in Pool rummy. This game offers plenty of chances for the player to come back even greater than Deals rummy, as there are no limits to the number of rounds. Because of its long and exhaustive gameplay, it is mainly preferred mainly by the puritanical rummy players.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is considered as one of the most popular forms of rummy. It is played with a deck of 52 cards. No joker cards are allowed. The game is generally played by two players, each receiving ten cards. The objective of the game is to form melds which are 3 or 4 cards of a single rank (6,6,6 for example), or a sequence of three or more cards of consecutive rank in the same suit (6, 7, 8 of hearts). The process of declaring in Gin Rummy is called as Knocking. Players who get 100 or more points are declared as the winner of the game.

Now that you’ve known about the exciting variations of the game, it’s up to you to choose the best format. Deccan Rummy has a barrage of cash games in the Points, Pool & Deals rummy format. So, hit our tables without any hesitation and go for the win!

Play Rummy like a pro

Rummy games have become part of our lives since the day online rummy made its way to India. As companies have floated many rummy sites, the opportunities are wide open for rummy players in India. Sites like Deccan Rummy have become the hotspot for youngsters to play card games. The wide reach of Indian Rummy games can be explained because of its simple game-play and ready availability. Does that mean you can take the game for granted?  The answer by all the professional rummy players would be a resounding NO. Professional rummy players know more all the intricacies of the game and they venerate the game. Professional rummy players follow the rules, abide by the Terms & condition and willingly take part in our tournaments displaying no slack at any point.

By Professional rummy players, we do not mean that you must quit your job and play rummy full time; we have stated many times not to attempt that as the game may hurt you with losses. A professional rummy player is the one who exhibits passion & dedication towards the game, respects the game & opponents, is well acquainted with all the skills & strategies associated with the game. Would you like to know how a professional rummy player plays the game?

Folding: Rummy Pros do a lot of introspection before folding their cards. Whenever they have a bad hand or do not seem likely to get the joker card, professional rummy players fold without delay. They know that they always have a next game to make amends for the losses than persist.

Picking a card from the open deck:

Picking a card from the open deck is always a risky proposition because your opponent can read the runs/sets you are trying to build. Professional players know this and would pick the card from the closed deck and play with it. They would pick a card from the open deck only when they are on the verge of completing the objective.

Discarding Cards:

Professional players often discard high-value cards (A, K, Q, J) as they carry heavy points. If they decide to retain them then we can be assured that they have multiple high-value cards are trying to make a set/sequence out of it


As mentioned before, observation is the most important trait to be successful in online rummy. If you want to be a successful rummy player, you’ve got to be aware of the melds your opponents are trying to make. You must carefully observe the cards they are picking/dropping to have an idea about the combination they are trying to make.  Professional rummy players carry this trait in exemplary amounts.

Order of the Cards: Professional player often experiments with the order of cards as they constantly look out for ways to make new combinations. In this way, they find ways to finish the game quickly or end up with lower points even if their opponents declare before them.

These are no rocket sciences; any rummy player can pick it up. Professional players often distinguish themselves from the crowd by developing the skills and remaining resilient. Reading this article might tempt you to become one? Is it not?

Deccan Rummy is the right place to groom you into professional rummy players. We have a wide range of cash games and tournaments which will give you an opportunity to face thousands of players from different parts of our country. Deccan Rummy Mobile games can also be accessed by downloading our Rummy Mobile APP for android and iOS. Sign up with us and join our fastest growing rummy mobile community now.

Browser based Rummy vs Rummy mobile APP

Smartphone penetration has reached its near ubiquity where it is now impossible to imagine the world without it. Many day-to-day tasks like banking, shopping has moved to the mobile platform making our lives extremely comfortable. No longer would you have to stand in queues to get your tasks done, instead it can be done at the touch of your smartphone.  We are living in a time where mobile apps are replacing brick-and-mortar model that was prevalent for Virtual ages. What’s amazing is the quick shift from web-based applications to mobile based applications especially when the web-based applications haven’t even gone obsolete.

Shifting the customer’s mindset from a web-based task to mobile tasking is a massive shift; it takes a lot of work on the company’s part to achieve this arduous shift. Games are no exception to this. When traditional games like rummy were converted to a digital web-based format, people were taking to it very kindly as the gameplay was made incredibly easy. In addition to this, there were lots of promotions offered by the rummy sites through which the customers benefitted immensely. Now most rummy sites have launched Rummy APPs for their customers and it comes as no surprise that they are proving to be an instant hit among their customers. It really begs the question, which format would be ideal to the players for an invigorating gaming session – Mobile Rummy or Web-based Rummy?

Browser based rummy was a rage among the youth of India when it first hit the market. Many online rummy sites have sprung up in the recent past and they are offering different rummy games & variants 24/7. To top it, they offer many exciting contests, offers, and promotions, exclusively for their customers. True to their passion for the game, rummy enthusiasts latched on it and now we have a big online rummy community. The migration from traditional rummy to online version was very smooth and successful. These days you no longer have to depend on your friends or visit a club to play rummy. Simply join a legal rummy site of your choice and start playing.

Mobile Rummy was obviously the next step. As mentioned before smartphones are considered as a handheld computer which has multiple features to run any application. Rummy sites recognized the growing trend of popular games moving towards the mobile platform and started developing mobile APP for their customers to play rummy. Many successful rummy sites like Deccan Rummy achieved this transition smoothly as they realize the growing concern of their customers. Now we have a stylish rummy app that leaves the other rummy sites marveling at us.

The main reason for the demand for Mobile rummy these days is its portability. Unlike Web-based rummy where you have to sit in front of your PC or Laptop for hours together, smart phones allow you to play even while you’re on the move. Imagine playing rummy during travel, free time in office, or even while standing in a queue, an exciting proposition, is it not?

For a seamless rummy experience, many people prefer playing rummy with a mobile APP as it offers betters clarity and visuals. Deccan Rummy Mobile APP is made using state-of-the-art technology that gives our APP a slick look. Despite money being the main reason for the users to play cash games, users aren’t going to be satisfied with a half-baked, lame mobile app without any arresting features. So, Deccan Rummy mobile APP was built with a special emphasis on aesthetics. By downloading our APP, you can play rummy with enhanced cards clarity on a mind-blowing user interface. Also, mandatory features for a rummy app like navigation, swipe, and drag-and-drop have been made very user-friendly. Once you play using our APP, we bet you are going to fall in love with its explosive features. Our Mobile APP is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Users can download the Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for android devices even from our Rummy Mobile Page in our site.

Smartphones have influenced the way we live our everyday lives and even our interactions with our friends, neighbors, and relatives. In the gaming world, evolution is inevitable in this day of modern science & technology. Many games in their traditional form have been made Mobile compatible. Rummy is no exception to this transition. While it is true that browser based rummy has replaced traditional rummy, now it’s the time for Mobile Rummy to rule the reigns. Mobile-gaming Industry in India hasn’t even reached its prime yet but look at the impact it has been creating?

Anyways, it is for the players to decide their best mode for playing rummy. As far as Deccan Rummy is concerned, we always have our doors open to welcome players in both these formats. It eventually boils down to a situation like whatever the mode you choose, you have to play to your merits and also follow the terms and condition of the site hosting the game. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

Ways to Play Rummy games

Over the past decade, the advancement of technology has created an amazing array of changes in our lives. Many traditional activities have been modernized and made our lives incredibly comfortable. Card Games are no alien to this modernisation; many card games like rummy, poker have been digitized and now have become accessible to billions of players around the globe in numerous forms. Players no longer have to wait for someone to join the game as the online rummy community has grown in numbers exponentially. You can play rummy whenever you feel like playing as the gateways of the rummy world are wide open. Now let us discuss the popular ways through which rummy games can be accessed;

Rummy Websites

Gone are the days, where you will have to depend on a friend or relative to join you for an exciting rummy game; now 13 card Indian rummy games are available 24/7 through different online rummy sites. Players can now play different rummy variants (varies from portal to portal where each variant has unique gameplay), & go head to head with players across India in the various rummy tournaments. You can simply join a rummy site by providing basic some details and start playing rummy games for free and also be entitled to a lot of cash bonuses and promotions. It is very important you check the safety measures implemented by the online site before joining the website. The safety measures that one needs to check in a rummy website have been mentioned below:

  1. Random Number Generator Certificate to ensure card sequences is unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed
  2. Anti-Collusion and anti-fraud measures
  3. SSL certified to establish a secure encrypted connection

Deccan Rummy is one such fascinating and safe rummy site available.  Our tables are flash free which makes it incredibly faster in loading than the rummy tables in other websites. Deccan Rummy hosts exciting rummy tournaments in our websites every day amounting up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs a month. Once you register, you will be entitled to a slew of offers and promotions with incredibly rich bonuses and also get to play in our special tournaments that are conducted on festival days. In case you’re contemplating about joining a rummy site, head straightaway to Deccan Rummy for a rewarding rummy experience. There is a slew of sensational offers and promotions waiting exclusively for you.

Rummy Mobile

Rummy on mobiles is becoming the norm. The game that made us crazy and left us craving for more on many occasions in our lives is now available at the touch of your fingers. Unfortunately, we live in a country where casinos are confined to just one or two cities. Mobile card gaming has saved users from the trouble of visiting finding the right casinos or clubs to play games like poker and rummy. Many sites have developed Rummy app for their customers and they are available absolutely free for download. You no longer have to search for a deck of cards, tables or even friends to enjoy the game. Players can download the APP for their mobile devices (both Android and iOS devices) and can enjoy playing the game from anywhere. Downloading and installing the APP gives you an access to enter the rummy world where people would volunteer to join you for an exciting rummy game. Deccan Rummy has recently launched our mobile APP for Android and iOS devices for free. Named Deccan Rummy Mobile, our app has several advantages over playing through other ways. Download our APP now and feel the difference of Rummy mobile.

In the event, you haven’t downloaded the mobile app you can download it from

  1. Android users can download the app from Google play store.
  2. IOS Users can download from App store.

Live Tournaments

We understand traditional card game lovers still prefer to play the game with a deck of cards in their hands. Now that rummy has been declared legal by the supreme court of India, many clubs and hotels are hosting rummy tournaments with humungous cash prizes. However, the onus is on the players to research and find a genuine club.

Card games enthusiasts can draw a distinction between the ways mentioned and pick the one best suited to them.