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Play Multiplayer Rummy Games @ Deccan Rummy

Rummy games have always fascinated us right from the day card games set its foot in India. In fact of all the card games, rummy seems to be the dynamic one. Rummy games, over its history, underwent various changes with the time. The current 13 cards Indian rummy game version is an amalgamation of various different rummy games. Earlier card games were a family affair; it wasn’t unusual to see families’ playing card games on happy occasions. Now with the advent of technology, the game has gone beyond the family circles and it has reached millions of players across the world.

Nothing beats the joy of winning a multi-player rummy game. Offline rummy players must know how it feels to win a tourney after having countered the different moves and strategies by their opponents. Deccan Rummy hosts multiplayer tables and multiplayer tournaments regularly. Our multiplayer rummy tables attract huge crowds as the games hosted three offer extraordinary monetary benefits aside from the thrilling rummy experience. In this article, we shall analyze a few merits of playing multi-player online rummy games. Also, rummy app is  extremely popular and features in the Top 5 mobile gaming apps that everyone  likes to play.

Awesome Rummy Experience

Playing on our multiplayer Platform provides a scintillating rummy experience. Deccan Rummy offers a rich gaming environment to play multiplayer rummy online. Signing up with us and playing entitles you to play rummy with compelling features like Enhanced visuals, fast loading rummy tables, interactive chat features with players across India. Our vibrant tables, plush themes, & addictive user interface will keep you asking for more.

Competitive Platform

Our multiplayer rummy games will allow you to rub shoulders with some of the most talented rummy players in our country. We host both many freeroll as well as cash rummy tournaments that give you an opportunity to face players across the country. Besides the flamboyant features you get access to, you will get an opportunity to bond with your fellow players through our in-game interactive chat facility.


Our Multiplayer rummy games always come with a reward. You can play for cash and win real money as playing cash rummy is declared legal by the Supreme Court of India. Millions of player from all across the country play our multiplayer rummy games every day and win real cash.

Available 24/7

Could you expect your friends to play rummy with you during odd hours? So instead of waiting endlessly for your friends, come to Deccan Rummy straightaway to get a satiating and rewarding rummy experience. We house adroit rummy players, who are as much passionate about the game as you are. Online Rummy is becoming a hotbed for fun and entertainment just like the clubs. Deccan Rummy provides 365 days 24/7 non-stop services and support to our customers. Play rummy games whenever you feel like playing. We are always there to assist you – just ping us through instant chat support or drop a mail to

We have created a 24/7 rummy community to fulfil all your rummy requirements. So what are you waiting for? Come, Join us and get the best out of online rummy multiplayer rummy games at Deccan Rummy. Jump into action, now!

5 Mobile APP games everyone loves to play

It goes without saying that mobile gaming has attracted billions of players around the world. The recent statistics clearly indicate that mobile gaming has become a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry. Widespread penetration of smart phones has opened a platform for the game developers to target mobile game enthusiasts with many attractive games. This surge in popularity of mobile games has hit the console gaming industry hard. Many games that were traditionally played using consoles are optimised to run on mobile devices these days.

One of the distinct advantages offered by mobile games is its ability to be taken anywhere. Once a game is downloaded onto a phone, you can play the game anywhere, at any time. There are some games that can be played even if you don’t have Internet access. However if you are a hardcore gamer, it is advisable to play games with the Internet turned on as it would enable you to participate in various online leader-boards & promotions. You can also make use of the online chat facility to interact with your fellow players. The prospect of earning lots of prizes, by winning against a player who is sitting in a remote location, must be enticing enough to get you started. We have listed out a few such games that are rapidly popular among the mobile game aficionados.


mobile games

Angry Birds is an easy-to-learn game that has mesmerised a billion gamers with its spell-bounding characters (birds and pigs) in bewitching colours. Kids find those colours appealing while adults find them soothing as it allows them to take a break from their demanding schedules. Angry Birds is one of those games that can be considered as a stress buster. By smashing structures and killing pigs, people get a quick stress relief.


mobile games

Temple run is the game which has received more than billion downloads across the world .Temple Run is a simple game where an archaeologist embarks on an adventure to seek an ancient and valuable golden idol from a temple in the Gardens of Bomarzo in Italy. Players have to ward off the monkeys that come as an obstruction during our sojourn. There are three types of coins such as gold, red and blue that the player can collect while running. The scintillating graphics and amazing visuals abet the player to run till he gets his ultimate prize.


mobile games

Clash of clans is a strategy game for players who love to play war games. The Game begins with a player having his own Home village. The player can either stand alone or join in any clan. Being a part of a clan helps to protect your village at times of wars between two clans. The main objective of the game is to loot all the villages and utilise all the wealth from the raided villages to strengthen and develop your village’s infrastructure and resources. This game is the most popular mobile game of 2016.


mobile games

Subway Surfers is an engaging game that can be played on your mobile devices where your character moves around trains and over several obstacles. You have to overcome all the obstacles that come in front of you, along the way you can collect coins which can be exchanged in Subway Surfers for special items such as coin magnets and hover boards. Subway Surfers is probably an endless game with levels getting tougher as you progress. It has amazing visuals and ideal sound effects to complement the exciting game play.


mobile games

As casinos are banned in most of the states in India due to stringent laws, people have migrated en masse to online sites to enjoy the game of Poker. Several online poker sites have sprung up in the recent past and are catering to the needs of poker enthusiasts effectively by conducting lots of poker games and tournaments 24/7. Needless to say Poker Mobile APP is obviously going to be the next big thing in the online poker world. The game which we thought could be played only in casinos is now available at the touch of your finger. Many online poker sites like, Poker stars have mobile APPs with lots of benefits.


mobile games

Just like online rummy replaced traditional way of playing rummy, mobile rummy games are fast becoming the number one way to play rummy. Many rummy sites have mobile rummy apps for all their customers so that they can play rummy from any place they wish. All you need is a good internet connection to enjoy the multiplayer online rummy games. Deccan Rummy is on the verge of completing our mobile APP which may hit the play store and APP store anytime. A lot of effort has gone behind to ensure that our APP remains user friendly and provides a satiating game experience. Multiplayer rummy card games are very popular. 

We can confidently say that mobile game enthusiasts might have installed and played any one of the above-mentioned games that are listed here. In addition to the enhanced visuals, graphics, audio effects that come with the APP, the games listed above are themselves so spell-binding and addictive by nature.

8 Things to avoid while playing online rummy

We’ve always mentioned that online Rummy is an easy game that can be played easily by everyone but they are some key factors to keep in mind while playing rummy that we are going to discuss in this article. Keep these points in mind every time you hit the tables as they are potential factors that could crash your party even when you are on the brink of winning.

  1. Never play rummy while watching television.
  2. Drowsiness is the antagonist of Rummy. Never play rummy when you are feeling drowsy.

Fix a time to play rummy exclusively

  1. Do not perform multi tasking while playing online rummy ( opening multiple tabs & browsing)
  2. Always play rummy with a task in your mind rather than to kill time. If you’re just playing rummy for fun, play practice games or games with low stakes. Fix a bankroll while playing cash rummy games. Do not exceed the bankroll limit at any cost.
  3. You may lose concentration when you play rummy in a crowded place. Sit alone and enjoy the game with the goal of winning.
  4. Avoid snacks and other eatables while playing rummy as it could distract you.
  5. Avoid consuming alcohol while playing rummy.
  6. Never play rummy around kids as they may get influenced by it. Always remember the legal age for playing any card games or rummy is 18 years and above

Rummy is a serious game regardless of its easy game play. You respect the rules, you gain else you lose heavily. We hope that the article served its purpose in explaining about the different factors that could hamper your progress while playing at Deccan Rummy. Professional rummy players always follow all these in addition to incorporating some known rummy tips and strategies.

Playing at Deccan Rummy has always been a rewarding experience. We make sure you relish every moment you spend with us and take back only pleasant memories. The myriad of offers existing in our website allows you to maximize your earnings. Do check our rummy promotions page to know more about the existing offers and promotions. Make optimal use of all the existing promotions and have an awesome time!

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Why to Play Practice Rummy Games?

Many of us believe rummy games are played for fun and entertainment, but actually, it is mostly played for real money wagers. The game was played for entertainment and fun in the yester-years during festivals or any other get-togethers. Subsequently, lots of money was wagered on the game and the once fun game went into the mainstream as a premium card game. Clubs and casinos hosted many exciting card games in the not-so-distant past, but due to the stringent gambling laws prevailing in our country, many states were unable to provide sanction for the casinos and clubs to continue. Now, as the Supreme Court has declared rummy to be a game of skill, we can look forward to a resurgence of these clubs conducting card games and tournaments.

After the advent of technology, the game of rummy went digital and has attracted participants from all walks of life. Many online rummy sites have sprung up in the recent past hosting exciting rummy variants. Deccan Rummy has created an ideal space for entertainment and at the same time providing an opportunity to win huge cash prizes. Deccan Rummy hosts many tournaments with lots of cash prizes and announces many promotions periodically. It’s hard to resist playing a game like rummy once you’ve tasted victory.

Practice Games

As we have mentioned many times in the past, Rummy is a game of skill. All it takes are a few tips and strategies to excel in the game. Have you ever wondered why we insist our players play many practice games before hitting the cash tables?

Unlike poker that is heavily reliant on the hand cards doled out at the beginning, rummy is purely skill oriented. Melding the cards into sets and sequences need lots of rummy skill and strategies. You must constantly practice to identify the best possible hands to win. Deccan Rummy is the place where you will find adroit rummy players from all walks of life. You will have to learn all those rummy tips and strategies while playing against the best in the business. The Proper usage of these rummy tips and strategies will mold you into a better player and give you the confidence to excel in all our tournaments. Playing more practice games will help you to deploy those skills and become adept in facing any scenarios. If you are a beginner, you can practice rummy games freely at Deccan Rummy. Register for free and enjoy playing online rummy with the 10000 free play chips that we provide for all new registrants.

Practice Games are vital for any player to practice their skills before entering into cash games. Practice games in Deccan have various formats like 13 Cards Points Rummy, 13 Cards Deals Rummy, and 13 Cards Pool Rummy. These 3 formats comprise of various types of play such as 2 and 6 players games. These formats help a beginner or a rookie to play rummy more proficiently like a Professional while playing rummy cash games. The Reason behind the practice is a simple idea to brush your skill every time before you deposit real cash for winning.

How to play practice Games?

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on Practice tab in the lobby.

3. You can see 3 format like 13 Cards points Rummy, 13 Cards Deals rummy and 13 Cards pool Rummy.

4. Select your preferred table and click on join to enter the practice tables.

Now that you’ve known the value of practice games, what are you waiting for? Read the rummy rules and hit the tables straightaway!