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Unwind! Unshackle! from your stresses with

Playing Rummy online has been a great exercise to unwind ourselves from the stresses of the outside world. Rummy has that knack of relieving the stress and recharging the person to perform again to his fullest potential. Guess what more! playing rummy games online comes with a lot of perks –

  1. Making some extra bucks,
  2. making new friends
  3. exciting gaming sessions
  4. improving key aspects to succeed in life like concentration, patience & resilience are some of the key perks of playing rummy online.

With all the workloads and stress from office, it’s hard to find time for sport offering any relaxation. With a game like online rummy readily accessible at your fingertips, you don’t have to keep foraging for other means to unwind yourself.  Visit – the one stop destination for all your gaming requirements

Due to non-availability of sprawling casinos like Las Vegas, enjoying card games in India has largely been constrained within the online sphere. Most sites offering card games are creating their game rooms with themes that resemble a casino and because of the advanced graphics they use, their gaming platforms are highly engaging. Sites with bad aesthetics are being tossed away as it plays a major role in enhancing the overall gaming. We understand the importance of aesthetics and have made our site very eye-pleasing. is one of the fastest rummy sites available in India that walks the talks & brings an awesome gaming platform to Indian rummy players. helps you to unshackle yourself from the stresses of your personal life with our exciting gaming platform offering rousing 13 card games & tournaments.  Ably supported by our incredible promotions and offer, our portal offers something for every one of you.

High-End graphics with Real time experience

Rummy Games hosted by creates a superb user-immersion into the game via the good accelerated full-display screen HTML5 graphics. Apart from the playability factor, the look and feel of an online rummy site is preeminent for attracting the users. DeccanRummy’s casino themed rummy tables are sure to strike a chord with avid card game enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of slick graphics at rummy websites then DeccanRummy is for you. Come, join and feel the difference of playing in a flash free gaming interface.

Exciting Tournaments and promotions

At, there is always a series of exclusive rummy promotions and special tournaments that have been handpicked and tailored to bring the best value to all our players. Our special tournaments come with exciting prizes like paid trips to exotic locations, expensive gadgets, and gift vouchers. Stride inside to know more about our existing rummy promotions.

Unlimited Free Withdrawal

Most of the sites have some criteria for wagering. Their system would block from you withdrawing if you haven’t satisfied the criteria. We are the only site in India allowing unlimited withdrawals. You can place an infinite number of withdrawals and you’ll get what you win in record time

Secure and Safe gaming at DeccanRummy

It goes without saying that if you’re playing online rummy with real cash, you need a trustworthy site. is the ultimate site when it comes to implementing safety measures. With algorithms detecting frauds instantly, anti-collusion measures and SSL for secure transactions; we have built a strong reputation for being the safest Indian Rummy site.

Vivegam Special GiftRaffle Tournament

After the massive success of various special GiftRaffle tournaments in the recent past, India’s fastest website is here again to reward our players with a brand new GiftRaffle Special tournament. Now when the whole state is struck by #Vivegam fever, how could we remain unstuck? We’ve decided to join the Vivegam Mania with our GiftRaffle tournament. This Vivegam special is a 9-day online tournament series wherein the winners would be getting movie vouchers through which they can book tickets for #Vivegam. This upcoming Vivegam Special tournament which players eagerly await kicks off on Aug 24 and will run till Aug 31.


Touted to be a stylish spy thriller, the movie has generated tremendous buzz even while it was in the making for a number of reasons – Thala Ajith’s Physical transformation, Anirudh’s perky music & a stylish & suave Vivek Oberoi making his Tamil debut. The way Ajith utters “Never Ever Give up” is sure to send the fans screaming and hollering.  Now the prospect of watching such a movie amidst such fan frenzy should pull you one inch closer to our tables.

Never Ever Give Up – Vivegam

Never Ever Give Up – this is the mantra that you must follow to be successful whenever you play rummy online. Rummy is a very unpredictable game. It’s not possible to maintain a long winning streak in online rummy as the outcome depends on a number of factors. The reason we conduct this tournament for over 9 days is to give every player a good chance to win. Polish your rummy skills and head to our tables; you are sure to win. As with all our promotions, T&C will apply. Here is a tabular column with the details about the prizes:

Winner positionMovie voucher amount
 1 Rs.1000
 2 Rs.500
 3 Rs.300

In addition to these tournaments, there is something in store for you every single day here at DeccanRummy. There are other bonuses like 100% Welcome Bonus, 200% Instant Bonus, and surprise bonus that doesn’t have an expiry date on them. Avail every single one of them and make your rummy playing experience a rewarding one in addition to being exciting. Do share the joy of playing rummy online with your friends by inviting them to join If they join at your invite, you will be getting 10% bonus for life. There is never a dull moment at; we throw open windows for everyone cutting across all barriers. Do not forget to participate in this fabulous tourney. See you soon at the tables!The winners will have to book the tickets with these vouchers at the cinema ticketing site mentioned in the voucher. Deccan Rummy cannot confirm the availability of tickets. The user will have to contact the vendor in case of any discrepancies.

3 ways for Rummy game free download


Do you like to play rummy games for free? If yes, then your obvious choice must be Apart from the regular way of playing rummy online, there are other exciting ways to play the game as well. Here, we shall the 3 ways for Rummy game free download that you can follow.

Rummy Game Free Download

1. Desktop Software

This is one of the easiest ways to play rummy at DeccanRummy. Players can simply download our client software and start playing the game online. Download our free Deccan Rummy software and get hooked to our exciting rummy environment. Enjoy our exciting multi-tabling, quick seat features to play more of your favorite rummy card games! Play multiple rummy variants, tournaments, and much more using our Desktop software. We welcome players at all levels regardless of language, cultural barriers to try out software for free. Visit’s downloads page and check how to download rummy software for free.

2. Deccan Rummy apk

With Deccan Rummy apk, you can play rummy anytime, anywhere on your Android devices –mobile or tabs. Once you download our app and install, you are just a few clicks away from nonstop entertainment and thrill. DeccanRummy mobile is slick, fun and awesome to use. Our mobile app offers a large variety of exciting games with stunning features. Visit our Android Download page or search for Deccan Rummy Mobile in your playstore, just follow the easy set-up instructions and you’ll be playing at DeccanRummy in no time.

Some of the awesome features of playing with Deccan Rummy Android are given below:

  • Play for free – Play anytime, anywhere
  • Login using your social media profiles
  • Unique gameplay modes – Multiplayer, Multi-table gaming
  • Seamless Gaming – Intuitive Graphics
  • 24/7 customer support
  • App specific promotions

3. DeccanRummy iOS

Are you one of the avid gamers owing an iPhone and would like the convenience of playing games on it? If you are someone who travels a lot, this might be the perfect time to turn those boring traveling time to something very exciting and beneficial at the same time.

Deccan Rummy Mobile is an app that you shouldn’t miss to install on your iPhones. Join India’s most popular rummy game with more tables, more tournaments, and more players to battle with. Download our Deccan Rummy Mobile APP free on your iPhones and get ready for a thrilling rummy ride. Deccan rummy’s State-of-the-art Mobile App is built with a robust technology to ensure that the players get a seamless gaming experience on the fly. AS the old adage “Time is precious” goes, you no longer have to waste your travel time. Our Mobile APP is there to give you an awesome company.

  1. Go to APP store & Search for Deccan Rummy Mobile
  2. Download Deccan Rummy mobile and install it
  3. Polish your skills and join thousands of players to win awesome prizes

With these three ways for rummy game free download available, players can have extraordinary fun playing their favorite game anytime. Thousands of players have downloaded and installed Deccan Rummy APP for their android devices and are having super fun. Don’t you want to join them soon?

Refer A Friend and expand your online rummy community

Do you love to play rummy? If yes, why not share the fun of playing the game with your friends and form your own online rummy community? Nothing can replace the pleasure of playing your favorite game with your close ones! Make your own little online rummy hub by inviting your pals to play here at Deccan Rummy and win a life time bonus. Sounds very unbelievable? Deccan Rummy is the place where impossible is made possible. Dwell in to know more about how to form your own online rummy community

Refer A Friend and form your own Rummy community

Playing rummy online becomes more exciting and rewarding when you have your friend to give you a company. There’s nothing like sharing the joy as the old adage goes “Sharing is caring”. Don’t restrict the joy of the game all by yourselves; bring a friend and let him have some. You may wonder what the benefit is. There is a definite benefit for doing so.

As a part of Bring A Friend promotion we are giving away life time bonus to players who bring their friends and play cash games. Just invite your buddy and advise them to play cash games. The reward – you will be getting 10% of friends’ fees for life. There’s no limit to the number of buddies that you can refer. It’s all about how big you make your online rummy community. So, the more friends you refer, the more you are going to earn. With your friends joining you in your fun, it’s going to be worthwhile? Is it not?

The friends you refer can play differing rummy variants at Additionally, they will be able to avail all the promotions, rummy bonus offer and tournaments we launch periodically.

Here’s how you refer your friends

  1. Sign into your account and click on Refer-And-Earn Tab
  2. You’ll find 2 options using which you can refer your friends – Webmail Share and Social Share.
  3. Click on “Click here to share via Email”. You can import the email addresses by logging into your Gmail account or manually enter them and click on send. Your friend will receive an unique link using which he can sign up with us.
  4. Alternatively, You can also refer your friends through our social share feature by clicking on Social media links provided at the bottom. Once your friend clicks that link, he will be directed to our page from where he can register
  5. As your friends start playing and winning cash rummy games, you will become eligible for the bonus.

Start referring your friends now to expand your rummy community & reap rich cash awards for life! It’s just so easy!