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World Cup Leaderboard Giveaway – Win from 15 Lakhs!

The grandest event of cricket just went underway a few days back in the home of the game. England is where it began, and it’s fitting that the grandest cricketing event of the cricket is conducted there. 10 teams across the globe would be gunning for the biggest trophy in a round-robin format where every team plays the other teams once. Cricket fans throughout the globe would witness some explosive batting, assiduous bowling and breathtaking fielding efforts as each team would put their heart and soul into the match. We are going to witness joy, pain, anguish, and heartbreaks as the tournament progresses. The team which manages to hold their nerves together would successfully defend the cup.

Team India and the billion hopes

We are a nation that breathes and lives cricket. Cricket is by far the number one watched sport in India with the cricketers enjoying a popularity that film stars could envy. The raw passion, enthusiasm, and emotion, Indians have towards the team is something spectacular to notice. As usual, a billion hopes are pinned on the boys in blue to deliver in the grandest stage of them all. Whether Virat Kohli and Co are able to fulfill the huge expectation on them is something that we will get to know after 45 days from now.

Matching the excitement of the world cup, there is a flurry of offers across the internet for the fans to enjoy. As a user the choices available in front of you are overwhelming. With so many fantasy leagues around, the players now are having a gala time participating in such contests. However, the outcome of such contests relies largely on the performance of the players you’ve selected. At Deccan Rummy, we’ve created a contest where you become the action rather than just being a spectator.

World Cup Leaderboard

World Cup Leaderboard Race

Yes! In addition to our Howzat tournament happening every day, we are adding yet another spectacular world cup promotion for our users.  Deccan Rummy is proud to announce the launch of World Cup Leaderboard race. Coming with an earth-shattering prize pool of 15 Lakhs, the contest runs till July 14. We at Deccan Rummy are not contented to rest on our past laurels, so we are always looking out for ways to better ourselves in terms of our offerings. Hosting rousing offers and tempting promotions are our way of doing things.

Every Rummy Players likes a leaderboard contest. They allow the users to change their regular cash gaming into an interesting narrative, a chase for something spectacular. Understanding the passion of players towards the leaderboard contests, we have launched the World cup Leaderboard contest with some spectacular prizes. Hyundai venue, Royal Enfield Classic 500, iPhones and cash bonus make up these giveaways. Enticing enough. Right? While the top half of the leaderboard is filled with alluring giveaways, equally alluring is the bottom half of the leaderboard filled with awesome cash bonus prizes.

Our leaderboard contests have always been above par and have been bursting with action at all times. We expect this leaderboard contests to be just pulsating as the rest of the other leaderboard contests we ran. So what should you do exactly as a player to get your hands on these eye-popping giveaways? What exactly is our world cup leaderboard contest all about?

World Cup Leaderboard – how to feature?

As the name suggests, it’s a leaderboard contest where players are ranked according to the world cup points he/she generates during every match. We know how points mean prizes. How to gather those points? Here’s a step by step procedure of how to place yourself in the world cup leaderboard

  1. Make a deposit with the code which will be updated daily on all match days (Min deposit Rs. 250)
  2. After the deposit, you will receive 10% Booster Bonus instantly and also you will have to predict the winner among the two teams that are clashing.
  3. After predicting, play cash rummy games till midnight. If your prediction comes true, you will be awarded World Cup points and cash bonus. World Cup points are calculated based on the ratio of 1:10 with the number of loyalty points you’ve generated. Also, a cash bonus equivalent to 10% of the loyalty points you’ve generated will be added to your account.
  4. If your prediction turns out to be false, you will not receive these two offers.
  5. Every day, the points you generate will get accumulated (provided you make a deposit & your prediction comes true) till the end of the World Cup
  1. At the end of the world cup, the player with the highest World Cup points would receive the prizes as mentioned.

Go get’em

So, we guess this contest is enticing enough for you to stay glued to the rummy game for a month. Sit back relaxedly, grab a cup of coffee, get perched in the corner, put your cricket and rummy skills into the table and watch your name fly up in the leaderboard. With exciting rummy action complimenting the riveting cricket action, the stakes are running high, there couldn’t have been a better time to be a rummy player. Your journey to the top of the leaderboard is just a few steps away! Go get’ em!

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How to learn rummy fast and free?

Rummy is a fantastic game and you need to train yourself a lot before you can actually pursue it as a career. Get acclimatized to the game by studying the rules of the game and its various variants if you haven’t started yet.  If possible, get a pack of cards and try to play rummy game to get a hang of the game. As you play the game, you will feel a bond towards the game.

Once you realize that this is your forte, you can start playing the game.  However, do not get overwhelmed by the online version of the game as things may appear a lot different than the offline version. Adapt to the settings by playing constantly. There are also tons of videos, podcasts, and resources available online that will help you learn the game quickly. In this article, we briefly discuss the ways through which you can learn rummy online fast and free.


Videos on how to play rummy are one of the popular ways to learn the game, but ensure that you learn step by step following a hierarchy. Advance to next set of skills once you have good knowledge of hand reading. Be choosy, if you want to watch videos on rummy tips, ensure you select the best website that gives you extensive knowledge on the game.


There is a huge collection of materials available on rummy. From web materials to books to blog posts by various experts, there are plenty of articles on rummy which will help you learn the game completely.  Unfortunately, there is no substitute for reading. Every rummy player takes to reading to polish their game. Also, read materials on bankroll management, how to control emotions in a rummy table and how to take a tilt.


Forums are a great way to share knowledge with your fellow rummy players. You can gather valuable information from your fellow rummy players about various rummy strategies and have them share discuss information about gameplay. However, the pitfalls of forums are you have to withstand trolling.

Play Rummy

Once you gain sufficient knowledge, you can hit the felt. Most of the sites offer 100 % joining bonus. At Deccan Rummy, you can use the special initial deposit bonus code WELCOME to earn a 100% bonus to Rs. 5000 There is no substitute for playing rummy online. At the end of the day, what matters the most is how much skill you bring to the table to thwart your opponents from winning.

Once you follow these steps, you would have a strong grip over rummy rules and can play the game assertively on any table.

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Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament on June 5

Deccan Rummy is already one of the most generous online rummy sites thanks to it pulling all stops to ensure players get the best promotions. These days, there are plenty of reasons to get grind on with the addition of exciting new contests and rummy promotions.

One of the hallmarks of our site is our special rummy tournaments which are centered around the Indian festivals. We want to make sure players get something more valuable and memorable during the festivals. Our tournaments are a perfect way to get that extra push that you’ve been craving for. Till date, we’ve successfully hosted many special tournaments that have seen full house participation with numerous players walking away with huge prizes.

Ramzan is a holy festival for Muslims worldwide. Though the festival is ascribed to a particular theology, these days it’s the joy of coming together, it can be seen as a festival that binds people together and promotes brotherhood. It is also a month where charity and good deeds come at the forefront and vices take a backseat.


Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament

We at Deccan Rummy want to ensure you get something memorable this Ramzan. Much like last time, we are hosting a special rummy tournament for this Ramzan on June 5 at 3:30 PM. Coming with a prize pool of Rs. 50K, Ramzan Special Tournament is open free to all rummy players. Regardless of what level you are in, everyone can have a crack at this easy bankroll booster.

The registration for the tournament opens on the same as the tournament at 12:30 PM. If the past history is an indicator, then players will arrive in droves to participate for the tournament, only the early birds get to have a chance to compete in the tournament.

Most of the rummy pros start their journey with freeroll tournaments and proceed to greater things. These juicy free rummy online tournaments are a great way to boost your bankroll at no additional risk. All you bring to the table is your rummy strategies.

If you think you can have it in you to challenge some of the brilliant minds in rummy, why not head to Deccan Rummy to create an account?

All you need to do is play your A-Game continuously throughout all stages of the tournament. If your strategies are good enough to challenge the best, you may very well feature among the winner’s list and in our record books as a premier tournament winner.

Being one of the premier special rummy tournaments and coming free, it’s a chance that you don’t want to miss!

Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament on June 5
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Spin your way to glory with Howzat World Cup Special

Cricket’s pinnacle event gets underway in England tomorrow in an electrical and exciting environment as cricket powers around the globe clash in a battle of strength to walk away with the honor of being the world champions. It’s fondly referred to as the Olympics of cricket as the cricket playing nations come together to liven up this summit of an event. ICC World Cup is organized every 4 years so as to make the long wait worthwhile and also giving the teams to build their teams better.

World Cup

World Cup 2019 – Clash of the giants

As the greatest spectacle in the world goes underway tomorrow, fans cannot contain their excitement. The 10-team extravaganza promises to showcase us ample of thrills and the team who hold the nerves till the end of tournament deserves to win the trophy. The big trophy has been eluding the hosts England since its inception. After all, England is where it all started, is it not? This English side led by Eoin Morgan is for once, the front runners to bag the title. Australia, after a brief setback, is a resurgent side bolstered by the return of Steve Smith and David Warner. Any ICC tournament is a non-starter without India being the favorite. India’s growth as a power-house in the cricket arena is impeccable and inspirational.

Filled with Superstars like MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, the Virat Kohli side is expected to deliver on the big stage. In conditions that are conducive for swing bowling, Pakistan and New Zealand would always be a threat. And the Proteas are desperate to shed the tag of being chokers. West Indies and Afghanistan are dark horses who on their best day can defeat any side. So, the high-voltage, the high-octane tournament is going to be filled with moments of excitement, joy, pain, despair, and anguish. The team which is capable of holding their nerves in crucial moments would go the distance.

As the World Cup dawns upon us, so are the series of offers and promotions from various brands. These are moments to cherish for cricket fans as they have a chance to catch hold of some entertaining cricket action as well a chance to win huge fortunes. For Dream 11 to various predict & win contests, the choices abound for a fan.

The action off the pitch is expected to be just as lively as the action on the pitch. Millions of rupees will be wagered on the outcomes of gamers. In this mad craziness prevailing, there’s an exciting offer that you can bank on to provide guaranteed prizes.

Howzat Tournament

As the whole nation is rooting behind King Kohli’s back, you are given a chance not only to cheer for Team India but also a gripping this Marquee event. Starting from May 30 as on the start of the WC event, the howzat rummy tournament will go on till the completion of the event. As the world gets hooked to the marquee event of cricket, the stakes will be running high here at Deccan Rummy as to who is going to finish on top of our Howzat tournament.

To ensure it’s big in every way as the World cup, the prize pool of the event will be a colossal Rs. 5 Lakhs. And what’s even more tempting is that the buy-in required to play this tournament is just a mere Rs. 10. Once you register for the tournament, you will receive a pop-up wherein you will have to predict the winner of the tournament and play the tournament scheduled on all match days at 3 PM. If you feature among the winner list and your if your prediction comes true, we will double your prize amount. Yes, it’s double fun! Double money! Play it like a champion and win like a Champion!

Download Rummy App and enjoy rummy anytime, anywhere. The fun of Howzat would be doubled when playing in our seamless mobile app. Join the action wherever you are!

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