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Press Release for Mega Diwali Dhoom – Win from Rs. 2,00,000

Diwali is just less than a month away. It’s the time of the year when everyone is gearing up to celebrate this glittering festival of lights in the grandest way possible. This Diwali just got brighter, with a new and cracking rummy tournament from, open to rummy players across India.

Deccan Rummy – India’s safest online rummy site will be throwing a special rummy tournament in celebration of Diwali on Oct 22 @ 3:30 PM for all the rummy enthusiasts in India. The Mega Diwali Dhoom tournament comes with a prize pool of Rs. 200000 cash bonus and it is open to 600 players. All registered players of can participate in this tournament. In order to participate in Mega Diwali Dhoom, the user has to follow the below steps:

  1. Create an Account at
  2. Like and Share’s facebook page publicly on their wall
  3. Rate our page and post a review about DeccanRummy on their facebook page under reviews
  4. Send a private message with their DeccanRummy username
  5. Get free tickets after verification
  6. Alternatively, players can also buy the tourney ticket for Rs. 500 and avoid the above-mentioned steps.
  7. Register for the tournament with the ticket on Oct 22 @ 2:30 PM

“We are constantly looking at ways to spice up all the regional festivals in India with our special tourneys. Diwali being the grandest Indian festival warranted an exciting tournament with massive prize pool, so we came up with this Mega Diwali Dhoom tourney to add more brightness to this already luminous festival. We hope our users will turn out in huge numbers and make this tournament a roaring success” says Thamarai Kannan, Head of Operations at

The countdown to the carnival has just begun, just create an account with and follow the above steps, to join the fun.

Mega Diwali Dhoom

Online Rummy

Rummy Online industry is on a boom in India. Rummy game is a unique blend of fun and thrill. Perhaps, this is the reason why the game has such a huge following among the younger generation of India. Card games have a long history in India. It’s isn’t uncommon to see the game played within family circle during festivals. With the advent of online rummy, card game enthusiasts no longer have to prowl for compatriots for a good game of rummy.  One of the most exciting benefits in online rummy is the tournaments that come with a big prize pool. Millions of players have pocketed astounding levels of prize money all the while playing rummy tourneys. If you’re a rummy enthusiast reading this, brush your skills and gear up for a blazing action. has informed that multiple players can win cash prizes in this tournament. With so much available to take, a try is a must for both, novice and experts. So, go ahead and give your best! Newbies will need a DeccanRummy account to join this tournament. Register for free and get one now!

About is the home to more than 2, 00,000 rummy players across India. operates within the boundaries of law and conventions set by the Government of India. Rummy enthusiasts across India can join the website for free and play 13 card Rummy games for FREE and cash.’s games can be accessed online or through mobiles or by downloading their desktop software. Offering prizes more than Rs. 10, 00,000 in the form of monthly prizes, the site sees huge of number of players joining every day. DeccanRummy is certified by Infysec for fair play and offers a wide range of free roll and cash rummy tournaments for all the rummy players in India. The only pre-requisite to play rummy game at is a stable internet connection & some rummy skills. So keep honing your rummy skills to earn riches.

Win from Rs. 200000 – Mega Diwali Dhoom Tourney

Marked with firework displays and delicious lip-smacking sweets, Diwali, is a prominent Indian festival celebrated by millions of people across the world. The theme of the festival is the triumph of the good over the evil. Also fondly called as the festival of lights, the festival sees houses decorated with lights, lanterns lit and special poojas performed to display the reverence to God. On this colorful day, we Indians have had a tradition of playing card games for ages. It is not very uncommon to see card games played within family circles as it was always considered as one of the markers of this festival. Deccan Rummy is out there to make this festival of splendor, brightness and happiness even brighter with our  Special rummy tournament on Oct 22.

Mega Diwali Dhoom

Mega Diwali Dhoom Special Tourney

Fancy a shot at a big payday? Here is a spectacular tournament exclusively for you. In the zesty spirit of this electrifying festival, we are out there to add more electricity with this super Mega Diwali Dhoom Special tourney. Celebrate this splendid festival with our sparkling “Mega Diwali Dhoom Special Rummy Tournament” on Oct 22 @ 3:30 PM. As Diwali festival runs for 5 days, we are hosting this spectacular tournament on Oct 22, which is a Sunday so that you can play this tournament in the most relaxed manner. The tourney offers you an unmatched opportunity to win huge cash bonus from the mammoth prize pool of Rs. 200000 cash bonus.

How to participate in Mega Diwali Dhoom?

Follow the below steps to get a free ticket

  • Like/Share/Review and Rate our FB page
  • While liking and sharing, make it as public so that we can verify
  • Send a private message to our FB page with your DeccanRummy Username
  • We will credit the ticket within 24 hours after verification
  • Register for the tournament using the free ticket


  • Players can buy-in the ticket for the tourney for Rs. 500.

Registration for this tourney opens at 2:30 PM on Oct 22. Kindly complete the above processes within the mentioned timings and hit the table sharply at 2:30 to register

Please note, we will NOT be registering you for our Mega Diwali Dhoom tournament when you receive our FREE ticket. In order to register, sign in and register for the tourney on Oct 22 @ 2:30 PM. Early birds who receive the ticket early do not forget to register!

To obtain the ticket and register for the tournament you must have an account with Deccan Rummy. If you are a newbie, please go ahead and register for free and follow the above procedures to win a free ticket. We assure you that it will be worth it.

With such huge prize money at stake, we expect huge numbers of players to participate in this tournament. Don’t wait till the last moment as the like/share/review process closes by 2:30 PM on Oct 22. Refer our rummy tips document to hone your skills and come out all guns blazing in this tournament.

We, at, would like to cordially invite every rummy enthusiast out there to come and play this tourney and win their share!  All the best! Advanced Diwali wishes to everyone!

Deccan Rummy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it legal to play online rummy at Deccan Rummy?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to play rummy online even for cash at The Supreme Court of India has deemed Rummy as a game of skill and not a game of chance in various rulings. You can check our legality page to know more about it. Except players from Telangana, Odisha and Assam, players from other parts of India can play rummy online at

  1. Is it Safe to make payments at to play cash games? is a completely safe site for online transactions. We have the most secure methods for deposits and withdrawals in our site. All the transactions done here at are secured with 2048-bit SSL, so you can stop worrying about the safety factor. We have been certified by Infysec for fair play. Our Anti-fraud algorithms work effectively in tracking every move of the player and the players suspected of foul play are immediately pulled over.

  1. Is the card distribution done manually?

No, the card distribution is completely automatic and random. We have implemented a good RNG system that ensures a random distribution of cards.

  1. How much I can win in the freeroll tournaments everyday @ DeccanRummy everyday

Deccan Rummy hosts freeroll tournament worth Rs. 14500 every day and we do host several special tourneys for all the Indian festivals with a massive prize pool. You can just walk in and win extraordinary prizes for free.

  1. Why the tournament lasts only for one deal?

We guess you are referring to Rapid rustle tournament. This tournament is for players who are looking for quick rummy action. Each round in the tournament has only one deal and the player with the maximum points wins the game. The rummy action here would be in turbo mode and you will move from one round to another within minutes. The wonderful part about this tournament is the huge prize pool of Rs. 5000 every day.

  1. How can I win cash without spending?

You can try playing our freeroll tourneys. Our freeroll tourneys are worth more than Rs. 4, 30,000 per month. Thousands of players have participated in our tournament and have won huge amounts of cash playing our freeroll tournaments in the past.  You do not have to spend a penny to play our freeroll tournaments.

  1. Are they any loyalty programs available at DeccanRummy?

Yes, we credit loyalty points based on your performances at our cash tables. Additionally, there are 2 loyalty based freeroll tournaments that we host on a daily basis. These two tournaments are open to players who earn a certain number of loyalty points within a span of few days. We can guarantee that you will get a lot of loyalty points as long as you keep playing our cash rummy games.

  1. My practice chips are over. How can I refill it?

Deccan Rummy provides 10000 practice chips for every new player. Once your practice chips count falls below 4000, you can always refill it by clicking the reload button available immediately next to it. Once you click that, your account will be refilled with 10000 practice chips.

  1. Is PAN Card mandatory for playing rummy online?

For withdrawals, yes, players have to enter their PAN details for successful withdrawal processing. Without PAN details we will not be able to process any withdrawals.

  1. I have referred 5 friends to Deccan Rummy. Can you tell me how much bonus amount I can earn and the validity to earn this bonus?

Through Deccan Rummy’s refer-a-friend bonus scheme, a player can unlimited bonus amounts for life. There is no expiry date for this scheme. You will be getting 10% of your friends winning fee to win this bonus amount for life. The moment your friend wins a cash rummy game, you will receive  10% of his winning fee as bonus instantly. Since you’ve referred five friends to DeccanRummy, your chances of unlimited bonus are high.

  1. Can I play rummy online at without downloading any software?

Yes, you can play rummy online at using your web browser. You do not have to download any software to play the game. However, if you wish to download the software or mobile app at any point of time in the future, you can download it for FREE at

  1. Are there any deductions on withdrawals?

No, you can withdraw what you win without any deductions. However you cannot use Deccan Rummy account to park your funds and withdrawing whenever you feel like without utilizing it for playing card games. A player should have generated atleast 10% of what he had deposited in loyalty points so as to withdraw

  • I am having issues accessing the account can you give me some solutions?

If you are facing trouble in accessing your account then it must some issues with the forgotten password/username.  Check your internet connection. A stable internet connection is required to access your account. To reset your password follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on Forgot password link below the login page. A popup window will arise.
  2. Enter the email ID with which you registered at Deccan Rummy and click on Submit
  3. Check your email and follow the instructions given in the mail from Deccan Rummy. Click on the link given to reset your password. Enter the new password and click on confirm to change your password.

Playing Rummy Online @

Online Rummy is very much similar to real-world rummy when it comes to the thrill and entertainment factor. However in online rummy, the player can play rummy with rummy enthusiasts across India with real cash which is unlike real rummy where you need to find people to play with. In accordance with the Supreme Court rulings, playing rummy online with stakes is legal since it is a skill-based game. After the ruling, many rummy sites emerged out of nowhere and continue to attract customers. It hardly comes as a surprise given the passion for the game that has its grassroots in India.

Apart from 13 card rummy game, certain sites are also offering 21 cards rummy also which is also getting very popular among the card game enthusiasts in India.  The other reason why people go gaga over online rummy is the extraordinary money-spinning opportunity it gives. DeccanRummy is one such legal online rummy site, offering plenty of perks for its players playing rummy online.

Players registering at DeccanRummy get to play different forms of Indian Rummy games online like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy & Points Rummy. In addition to the exciting rummy games, has earned a name for itself when it comes to hosting some invigorating rummy tournaments out there. We have placed our tournaments at your most comfortable timings so that you play the game when you are free. There are a number of freeroll and cash tournaments that we host which gives the players an awesome opportunity to win real cash prizes. If you are a rookie, you can learn how to play rummy tournaments online by watching the online demo videos tutorials.

Additionally, we host special rummy tournaments for most Indian festivals with huge prize pools. Most of our special tournaments are freeroll as we want our users to celebrate the auspicious occasions without any losses. Also winning a big paycheck on such festivals adds an extra zing to your celebrations, doesn’t it? Watch out for our special tourneys every time when any festival is around the corner. Make sure you do not miss our Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament.

Worried about security and online transactions with us? We’ve got you covered with our State-of-the-art security measures. We have integrated the latest technologies to keep our site immune to any malfeasant activities. Forget to worry about making an online payment; we have four secure payment gateways and a dynamic SSL to make your transactions safe and secure. All you have to do is simply play rummy and leave the rest to us. Refer the most common tips for rummy beginners to get started.

Playing Rummy Online @

Lost money at other online rummy sites? Don’t worry! you can give a try for FREE at You don’t have to pay a penny to earn money online at DeccanRummy. Start playing cash games after you develop some reliability on us.

Gujarat Businessman talks on “how to win money playing rummy online”

Dhruval Amin is an entrepreneur by profession. He is always busy with his business yet sets the time to pursue his passion – which is playing rummy online. Dhruval’s love for playing rummy online has won him rich rewards at He discovered accidentally when he was surfing online and has been hooked on to our site ever since. To this day, he has been one of the most consistently successful players at Being an avid fan of the game, he never misses any tournaments that we host or the offers/promotions we put up at He feels that the there is no substitute to the joy of winning a tournament. We caught up with him for a brief chat about his online rummy journey so far. Here are the excerpts of our conversation:

1) Congratulation Mr. Dhruval, you’ve been one of the successful players at How does it feel to be on top?

It’s awesome. It feels great to win so many games and tournaments and be labeled as one of the most successful player.

2) Tell something about yourself?

I’m an entrepreneur. I am doing Medical Instrument business in Gujarat.

3) Are you an accidental rummy player or rummy has been your passion for a long time?

I was always passionate about playing rummy online. Found this site accidentally when I was surfing the web. I initially started off with playing freeroll tournaments and then gradually proceeded to play cash games and cash tournaments. I would call myself a part-timer as I only play the game during my free time.

4) What is your favourite rummy tournament?

GoldQuest has got be my favourite tournament. Winning gold coin for free is simply awesome.

5) Could you tell us why you like playing here at

I play with 2 other rummy sites. With Deccan rummy, I find it is faster and has better features when compared to them. The one thing I like most about DeccanRummy is the fast cash withdrawal process that you guys have. Every player would like to withdraw his/her winning amount quickly. Deccan Rummy is doing a fine job when it comes to withdrawals. Also, I find playing tournaments here to be fun & exciting.

6) What is one thing that you feel separates us from other rummy sites?

I like that 200% Bonus offer which I haven’t seen anywhere else and also goldQuest tourney that is conducted every day.

7) How do you prepare yourself for big tournaments and cash games and loyalty races?

I honed my rummy skills by playing free tourneys. This was very helpful in preparing me for the big tourneys. Since I was passionate about the game for a long time, rummy strategies are something I am very comfortable with.

8) Could you tell us approximately how much you’ve earned so far through DeccanRummy?

I am feeling great and satisfied. Though I hold account with other rummy sites, I am spending more time here at these days. Also I didn’t rush right from the beginning, after winning freerolls tournaments I deposit in cash tourneys and then ventured into other verticals. These days I deposit anywhere between Rs. 200-Rs. 2000 per day and play cash games. I haven’t kept track of my winnings so far but I guess it must be quite a lot more than what I have deposited.

9).Besides rummy skill that is obvious, what other qualities do you think is paramount to be a successful rummy player?

To be successful you need to have more

  1. a) Passion b) Patience C) Play with an open heart d) Take losses with a positive attitude.

10) Did you taste victory right from the beginning? How you take losses?

It’s been a mixed ride. I usually win but I have also suffered some losses. But I never allowed the losses to get the better of me. My secret of success has been taking those losses with a positive attitude. It is only a matter of time before you start to win. I have also won double profits on certain occasions.  I have deposited Rs.500 and won Rs. 1000

11)  What kind of tourneys and games you play these days?

I play all kinds of tourneys and games – be it free or cash during my free time. Gold coin tourney is one tourney that I never miss. I also make sure to avail all your promotions and bonus offers.

12). Any grounds you see where we could improve further?

I like playing rummy online here more than the other sites. Everything about the site is perfect. I am completely satisfied with

  1. Thanks for your time Mr. Dhruval. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you

Yeah, thank you very much.


Are you a card game enthusiast? Does rummy game fascinate you? Do you know you can win loads of cash playing rummy? Deccan Rummy is the perfect destination for you if you have any of the above queries. Deccan Rummy is a completely legal online rummy site offering the best in rummy online that India can offer. The games offered on Deccan Rummy to play with Real cash are Points Rummy, Deal Rummy, and Pool Rummy and these are games that require a lot of skills that you can acquire easily. We provide a perfect platform for you to try out any of these games and of course, there are huge stakes riding on these games that you can win without spending a dime. Join us and get busy playing rummy online.


Press Release for Navratri Special Tourney

For online players that dream of playing big rummy tournaments online, Deccan Rummy is hosting a special tournament to their players on the occasion of this auspicious Navratri festival from Sep 26-30. This tournament is a 5-day affair open to Indian rummy enthusiasts with experience at any levels. Players have a fair chance to win their share from the guaranteed Rs. 50000 prizepool. The prize money for this tournament is credited as cash bonus in their account.

After running numerous rummy tournaments like Independence Day Special, Onam Special successfully in the recent months, the company is back with a special tourney for Navratri. This tournament will cater to the rummy players in India who want to vie for big prize pools online. You can kick into action as soon as the required numbers of players fill up the table. Player can play this tournament online or from their mobiles or with DeccanRummy desktop software.

Tourney dates: Sept 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Prize Pool: Rs. 50000 (Rs. 10000 each day)

“It has been an incredible year for Deccan Rummy. From massive sign ups to eager participation in all the tournaments and games, our users have kept us busy. It is only fair we give something huge in return” says Mr. Thamarai Kannan, Head of Operations at

He further adds “We are always trying to spice up the festivals by hosting special tourneys exclusive for our players. We hope that this Navratri tourney will be enticing and rewarding to all our players. We invite every aspiring rummy player out there to to join our Navratri Special tournaments for free”. He also assured that many has planned many tourneys and promotions for the next 4 months.

Online rummy novices and veteran players alike are invited to try out the tournament for free and win their share of the prize money in this tournament. Players from any part of India except Odisha, Telengana and Assam can play in this tournament for free. – Safest Online Rummy Site in India is a leading online rummy website in India that has become the one-stop destination for online rummy enthusiasts across the country. With more than 200000 players, is one of the most popular & rapidly growing rummy sites in India. DeccanRummy guarantees more than Rs,1000000 in monthly prizes, features special bonus offers and promotions. has earned the tag of being the safest, the most rewarding and highly entertaining online rummy portal in India.

Win from Rs. 50000 in our Navratri Special Freeroll Tourneys

Navratri is here and you must be gearing up to celebrate the festival in a grand manner. Being one of the most significant festivals in India, Navratri brings non-stop fun. As the name indicates, the festival is spread across 9 days and different states of India celebrate in a different way. The festival oozes feminine power and it symbolizes the respect we give to our women in our society. We at wish a very happy Navratri to everyone.

To celebrate this Navaratri with more passion and fervor, Deccan Rummy is hosting Navratri Special Freeroll Tourneys with a prize pool of Rs. 50000. Spread across 5 days from Sept 26-30, this tournament is a freeroll tournament where the users don’t have to pay a penny to participate. Several cash prizes are up for grabs in this tournament. All you have got to do is to simply play in this tourney and win your share from the guaranteed Rs.50000 prize pool.  The prizes for this tournament will be credited as a cash bonus.

The tourney begins at 3:30 PM on the below- mentioned dates and the prize pool for each day is as follows:

Date Tourney Time Regn Time Prizepool
Sept 26 3:30PM 2:30PM Rs. 10000
Sept 27 3:30PM 2:30PM Rs. 10000
Sept 28 3:30PM 2:30PM Rs. 10000
Sept 29 3:30PM 2:30PM Rs. 10000
Sept 30 3:30PM 2:30PM Rs. 10000

All registered players of are eligible to participate in this sizzling Navratri tourney for free. Be a rummy wizard and conquer your opponents with your rummy skills in this freeroll tournament. Refer our rummy tips page to know more about enhancing your skills.

How to Participate in this Navratri Special Freeroll Tournament?

  1. Login to your account on the tourney dates mentioned above at 2:30
  2. Under Lobby, click on tourneys -> Special
  3. You can see the Tournament listed there. Click on join button and confirm your participation
  4. Refresh your rummy skills and hit the tables sharply at 3:30 PM to play this tournament

To take part in this amazing Navratri Special freeroll rummy tournament, just register at for FREE and hit our tables on the tourney dates. Do let us know how the tournament worked for you.

In addition to the Navratri Special Freeroll tourney, we also host daily freeroll tourneys worth over 4 lakhs a month. Visit our tournaments page to know more details about these freeroll rummy tournaments online or read our entry on freeroll tournaments in this blog to know more.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Prize Money will be credited to the players’ cash bonus accounts instantly. Players can redeem the cash bonus at the rate of 10% for their subsequent wins when playing cash games.
  2. The tournament will commence only when 50% of the seats are filled.
  3. *Standard Deccan Rummy terms and conditions apply.


Get 200% Daily Deposit Bonus in Real Money

Would you love to see your deposits fetch big returns? Yes, it is always possible with At, we have a slew of offers that are exceptionally rewarding to all our customers. As a player, you can always make your rummy experience with us rewarding by taking part in all our bonus offers and promotions.

One of the brilliant promotions that remain omnipresent with is Instant Deposit Bonus up to 200% . From its debut to this day, this bonus feature remains as a HOT deal here at Numerous players have benefited immensely from this promotion so far. It’s a kind of reward befitting for their passion towards rummy card game.  The other great thing about this promotion has been it will help players play cash games without any inhibitions.

200% Daily Deposit Bonus

200% Daily Deposit Bonus Offer

The 200% Daily Deposit Bonus gives the players an amazing opportunity to make some extra bucks on their deposits. The 200% Daily Deposit Bonus offer is applicable only on the player’s first deposit of the day. Subsequent deposits made by the player on that day will not be eligible for this offer. As soon as the player completes the purchase in DeccanRummy, his account will be instantly credited with the bonus amount in real cash.

How to avail this 200% Daily Deposit Bonus promotion?

Players can avail this promotion by simply making a deposit to their accounts. They do not need to enter any deposit code to claim this bonus. This deposit has to be the players’ first deposit of the day; it will not be applicable for multiple deposits made in a day.

Please follow the below-procedures to make a deposit to your account;

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on My account tab and then click on Add cash
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit (Min Rs. 100 – Max Rs. 50000) and click on Apply
  • Click on Buy Chips and confirm you are not playing from the restricted locations
  • Choose your payment method and click on the PAY NOW button to complete the purchase
  • The Bonus amount is credited instantly to your accounts.


By the virtue of getting this bonus amount, the player is getting a free license to go for the kill in our cash rummy games. Players can play as many cash games they want. By playing cash games, players can earn more loyalty points and derive all the benefits out of it as well.

At, we have a smorgasbord of Bonus offers, tournaments, and special rummy promotions through which you can win astounding prizes. Visit our rummy promotions page and check all the live offers and promotions.

Avail this unbeatable bonus offer now and go into a rapture playing high-stakes cash rummy games online!

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are found using multiple accounts to grab the offer, the entire amount credited will be cancelled.
  • Please note that up to 200% means, not necessarily 200% every time. It could be anything from 1% -200%
  • This bonus offer is applicable only on the players’ first deposit of the day.
  • *Standard terms and conditions apply.

Playing at DeccanRummy is 100% Safe & Secure

Just as with any other online gaming sites, it’s imperative that an online rummy site is Safe and secure for all its customers. Being secure is especially relevant for a rummy website now when there is a wild craze for the game all over India. With its world class gaming platform for playing rummy online, is one of the premier rummy site in India. We have enforced state-of-the-art safety measures to ensure our players get a safe & secure rummy experience.

Safety of our players is paramount to us and that is why we have invested heavily to keep hackers and phishers at bay. We have integrated the latest technologies to protect personal information of players like email id’s, banking details, credit/ debit card details, account passwords, and mobile numbers. Players can rest assured that their data is in safe hands and stop worrying about any unauthorized access to their accounts. This article talks about the security measures that we have implemented at to have a safe and secure rummy experience.

Safe and Secure rummy site

Certified for Fair Play – Safe and Secure

The systems and practices at exist to ensure total fairness for all the players on our site. We have been certified by InfySec Security labs for fair play and random number generator (RNG) by iTech Labs. iTech Labs has confirmed the reliability of the random number generator (RNG) that DeccanRummy uses to shuffle cards on our online Rummy site, proving that we have deployed the best industrial practices in generating unpredictable and random combinations for dealing cards.

A good RNG in a rummy site signifies the following:

  • Every player receives a set of completely random and unrelated cards
  • Sequences are unpredictable

Every online rummy website uses a certain RNG system that distributes random cards to all the players so that each player receives a fair hand every game. The RNG is a mathematical program that creates unpredictable patterns. Our RNG system was rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining their results to ensure it operates fairly. Every player playing at has a fair chance of winning.

Safe Banking offers multiple payment options – You can add cash to your accounts using credit, debit card or net banking. provides SSL security so that all your transactions are completely safe and secure. We have integrated four payment gateways to ensure speedy transactions. We are verified by COMODO. COMODO confirms the use of SSL for secure transactions.

In order to make online money transactions simple & easy, provides our users with a wide variety of payment options. We have 4 payment gateways integrated to ensure smooth transactions

  1. TechProcess
  2. PayUMoney
  3. EBS
  4. PayTM

Responsible Gaming is dedicated to providing our members with a responsible gaming environment. In addition to providing our members with an entertaining gaming environment, we believe it is important to prevent addiction and underage access. In line with the Indian laws, we do not allow any one below 18 to play at our gaming portal. As a law abiding company, we do not allow players from Odisha/Assam/Telangana to register and play on our website. Players can read more about responsible gaming measures we have implemented in our website. is a completely safe and secure website and offers an exciting gaming experience with rich cash rewards. Download our DeccanRummy Mobile and win enjoy gaming on the move anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about payment processing

Deccan Rummy has earned the tag of being the safest online rummy site in India because of the safe and secure methods we’ve integrated with payment deposits and withdrawals. In order to make online money transactions simple & easy, provides our users with a wide variety of payment options. We have 4 payment gateways integrated to ensure smooth transactions

  1. TechProcess
  2. PayUMoney
  3. EBS
  4. PayTM

 We monitor all the transactions to prevent money laundering, terror funding, and any other malfeasant activity.

Payment Processing

Do you have doubts on payment processing?  Many Customers have doubts about the payment processing activity in Deccan Rummy. This post will explain the normal problems faced by the customers while transacting online and the solutions for it.

Question 1

I tried adding cash to my account but my transaction failed, I wanted to know what the reason is?


Generally, online transactions fail because of the below mentioned reasons

  1. Session Timeout
  2. Entering Incorrect Card Details
  3. User Authentication errors
  4. Card Limit Reached

Sometimes, there might be issues with the bank servers or payment gateways.  We request you to try after a few minutes during such instances. Please note that our company is not responsible for authorization/denial for such transactions, and these come under the terms and conditions of the payment gateways & banks. Generally, players must check their internet connection before initiating any online transaction. A stable internet connection is required to carry out successful transactions.

Question 2

I tried adding cash to my account and the amount is debited in my account but it’s not reflecting in My Deccan Rummy account


If you receive the transaction success message but the payment isn’t credited to your account then there are two possibilities:

  1. Payment kept on hold by your bank
  2. Payment kept on hold by the payment Gateway

In either cases, you can contact our 24/7 instant chat support with your 12 digit Transaction Reference Number or even mail us to  Your 12 digit transaction reference number will be sent as an SMS to your mobiles and as a mail to your email ID which you can send it to us for investigation. We will investigate what went wrong in such cases. Upon investigation, if we find that Payment has been kept on hold by your bank then you must contact the bank to find out the reasons for blocking. However, if we find that the amount is caught in our payment gateway then we will immediately credit the amount to your account.

We at promise all our users an extremely simple and safe payment process. At, be rest assured that your transaction details and all personal /financial information remain completely secure.

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