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Yearning for Pattaya? Make a deposit & begin your journey

Are you yearning for a New Year celebration in Pattaya? We are making it possible with our New Year leaderboard 2018 contest. All you need to do is play cash games to enter the race. The contest has already begun from Nov 1 and is scheduled to end on Dec 25. That’s right! The contest ends on Christmas day – the day when you are busy giving and receiving presents. Should you play with passion throughout the course of this promotion, chances are that you are going to have one awesome gift to remember for life. Even if you had tough luck with the Santa, you can count on us to stun with you with some surprising gifts. Want to know what else is on offer apart from the all-expense paid trip to Pattaya? There’s iPhones, Gold Coins, Gift Vouchers and Cash bonuses as well.

The highlight of the event is, however, going to be the VIP Party at Pattaya. This immersive spectacle will leave you craving wanting for more. In order to survive our VIP party, you need to be a shark. Thai women love to swim with the sharks. Would you want to become one? While you can lounge and splash around the pool, you can also gorge on free-flowing alcoholic beverages and a sumptuous feast, prepared by internally renowned chefs. This is of course just a tip of the iceberg. To know the complete itinerary, you need to wait. But it will be worth the wait, we can assure you!

For your chance to win this special VIP trip, please participate in the event by playing cash rummy games immediately. This is a special, ultimate high roller vacation package for New Year that nobody would give. With a lot of fame and fortune riding behind this trip, this will be a memorable event and surely a one you don’t want to miss! Be one of the three lucky winners, who will be heading for a free vacation to Pattaya. Who doesn’t love a free trip to Pattaya?

Deposit & begin your journey to Pattaya

When we say play some cash games, the obvious question that pops up is about the safety of our website. DeccanRummy is one of the safest online rummy websites to play cash rummy games. Deccan Rummy uses 128-bit encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of user’s personal data, and Secure Socket Links (SSL) to ensure the security of all financial transactions. We will not share the information we collect from our players with any third-party.

The other enticing benefit of making a deposit to your account is the wide range of bonus offers available. At present, your deposits can be multiplied by 100% Welcome Bonus upto Rs. 5000 (only for the first-ever deposit) and up to 200% Instant Deposit Real Cash Bonus (offer eligible only on the first deposit of the day). These two bonus offers allow you to get more on your deposits which provides a solid ground to build points in the New Year Leaderboard promotion. Multiply your deposits using these offers now. Additionally, we are planning to launch a monthly bonus promotion which will help you to get more on what you deposit.

Pattaya Calling! Play Cash rummy games & climb the leaderboard

Want to win a trip to Pattaya, including airfare, attend a New Year party reserved for VIPs? Well now you can, courtesy of an incredible offer from Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this contest, let us check your interest in cash rummy games.

Are you some who is looking to make some extra money by playing rummy online? offers the shot to earn genuine money. There are a wide range of games offered by Deccan Rummy that you can choose based on your playing style. Get started and get going with some huge wins straightaway.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your online rummy experience, Deccan Rummy offers a wide range of rummy games under all variants. Cash rummy games are where the real money is. Apart from the money, the worth of rummy player is based on how successful he is with cash games.

Are you someone who is looking to make some extra money by playing rummy game online? offers the shot to earn genuine money. There is a wide range of games offered by Deccan Rummy that you can choose based on your playing style. Get started and get going with some huge wins straight away.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your online rummy experience, Deccan Rummy offers a wide range of rummy games under all variants. Cash rummy games are where the real money is. Apart from the money, the worth of a rummy player is based on how successful he is with cash games.

Cash games aren’t certainly everyone’s cup of tea. Freeroll tournament players who are contented with winning prizes from the freeroll events hardly bother entering into the realms of cash games. However, players who are passionate about 13 card rummy game start playing cash games at some point in time. Cash games can be considered as a higher level of the rummy games. Unlike freeroll tournaments that can be played by anybody, cash games are played by players with a lot of experience under the belt. However, there have also been instances where players without much experience have proven to be a successful cash rummy player.

In a cash rummy game, you need to deposit a certain amount to play the games hosted at We have cash games starting as low as 0.01 to Rs. 10000 under all rummy variants. The reason we insist on cash rummy games is that these are one that has lots of value addition. Along with an opportunity to win cash, you are entitled to various benefits like Deccan Rewards, Loyalty Points, and Leaderboard Points.

Leaderboard Contest – Play Cash rummy games

Hope you guys are aware of the New Year leaderboard 2018 contest running on our website. The contest runs from Nov 1 – Dec 25. The contest comes with some really cool prizes including a trip to Pattaya and a chance to win expensive gadgets like iPhones & a lot more. In order to feature in the leaderboard, all you need to do is just play cash rummy games and earn leaderboard points. You can learn how to earn them by reading this blog post on leaderboard points.

If you start playing cash rummy games now, there is every chance that you are going to find your way into the top 15 in our leaderboard. Ever since the announcement about the offer, we have seen a lot of freeroll players passionately pursuing cash games. What’s so heartening to see is the passion exhibited by the players towards the game. You can count on to host many such enticing rummy promotions and contests in the near future. For now, this is an exciting offer that you cannot miss out!

Play your cards right and it could be You who ends up one among the top 3 and travel with us all the way to Pattaya to spend the New Year in the most exciting way.

Press Release about DeccanRummy’s Leaderboard 2018

From hosting ever exciting cash games to fast-paced freeroll tournaments, provides round the clock action for all the rummy enthusiasts out there. This time, DeccanRummy has moved one step further and is all to set to enthrall its players in the grandest way imaginable. In the past year and a half since their launch, Deccan Rummy has been giant strides towards becoming the numero uno site of the rummy industry in India.‘s an all-expense paid trip to Phuket in the month of April created a buzz within the Indian Rummy Community. The winners of the leaderboard contest conducted in the month of April were given an opportunity to travel to Phuket for free. Unlike sites that give tour packages to the winners, DeccanRummy crew was on the ground preparing for the trip and enjoyed the fun along with the winners. Here is another opportunity for the rummy enthusiasts to relive those exciting moments again.

Deccan Rummy has weaved an exciting spell for their players with a very competitive New Year leaderboard 2018 contest. The New Year leaderboard contest will run from Nov 1 – Dec 25, and the top 15 players of the New Year leaderboard contest will get spectacular prizes. The players who secure the top 3 position in the leaderboard will be getting an all-expense paid trip to Pattaya and celebrate New Year in the most exciting way with their team. That’s not all; players can also win fabulous prizes like iPhones, Gold Coin and cash prizes along with it.

Pattaya Leaderboard

Trip to Pattaya – New Year Leaderboard 2018

The tentative date of Pattaya trip is from Dec 29 – Jan 2. The company will intimate their players if there is any change in the travel programme. With this New Year Leaderboard contest, Deccan Rummy aims to attract new players all over India and expand their userbase. Rummy enthusiasts who missed the fun last time, can register at and be a part of this fun.

From glamourous pool parties to visit to exotic beaches to exploring gorgeous landscapes of Pattaya, the trip promises extreme fun for all the players. Buckle up for a trip to Thailand to celebrate this New Year in the most extravagant way possible with this contest.

Thamaraikannan, Head of Operations, said “Since the last Phuket trip, many customers kept asking us about the next trip through multiple channels. We were brainstorming on the various types of promotion which we could conduct for our players and we finally came up with this one”. He further added “New Parties in Thailand are always fun. When you get to travel with a vibrant and passionate team like, the fun and joy will definitely be unparalleled. Right now, the preparations are going in full swing and we may come up with the travel itinerary in a short while from now. Players meanwhile can keep working towards increasing their points”.

Rummy Offers galore

Playing rummy games for money has been a trend now. Many Online rummy games hosting companies are wooing their customers with several offers and promotions. People go gaga over rummy because of the fact they find the game fun, challenging and most importantly very profitable. Many companies have been pushing the boundaries in terms of prizes as players prefer a lot of other stuff apart from regular cash rewards. At this time rummy enthusiasts couldn’t have expected a better promotion than this. Players can register for Free at their website in order to participate in this New Year Leaderboard contest.

About holds the trust of more than 2,00,000 Rummy Players. At present, the site offers the three most popular rummy variants: Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool rummy. Rummy card Games hosted at are  100% legal and the site provides a safe and secure gaming environment for all the rummy enthusiasts out there. 

How to earn Leaderboard Points?

The Leaderboard contests hosted at Deccan Rummy includes a built-in leaderboard points system that encourages the players to compete with each other for gaining leaderboard points. The standings in the leaderboard contest are based on the number of leaderboard points players secure.

What are leaderboard points?

Leaderboard Points are the points specific to leaderboard contests that you can obtain by playing cash rummy games. Every cash rummy game that you play will fetch you some points regardless of winning or losing.

How are leaderboard points calculated?

As mentioned, players can earn these points regardless of the outcome of the game they play. The formula used to determine the number of leaderpoints  points awarded to a player (in the top 15% of finishers) for any given tournament is:

For a win, Leaderboard Points = Winning Amount/100

For a loss, Leaderboard Points = Losing Amount/200


  1. If you play a Rs. 1000 cash game and win Rs. 800 then your points are calculated as 800/100 = 8 points
  2. If you lose a Rs. 1000 cash rummy game, your losing amount would be Rs. 900 (after rake fee deduction), here you will secure Rs. 900/200 = 4.5 Points

Always Focus on winning more cash games so that you always stay at the top.

In order to check the leaderboard points you have secured, follow the below steps

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Leaderboard Tab
  • Check the number of points you have earned in the right end at the top of the leaderboard

What are the benefits of Leaderboard points?

Rummy Leaderboard contests are always exciting. The main objective of any leaderboard contests is to win a maximum number of cash rummy games so that you lead the table at all times. Most of the leaderboard contests hosted at Deccan Rummy come with an awesome and enviable prize package. Winning a leaderboard contest boosts your reputation in the rummy community by leaps and bounds. DeccanRummy hosts different types of leaderboard contests throughout the year. At present, we have a spellbinding leaderboard contest called “New Year Leaderboard 2018” wherein the winners are going to be taken to Pattaya.

As the leaderboard points kind of selection promotes healthy competition and fosters excellence, we see this as an ideal way for determining winners in a large scale promotion like our Road to Pattaya. If you have got the right skill and passion for rummy card games, you can easily win our leaderboard contests. Your presence will also spice up the leaderboard contest. Head to cash tables and begin your journey to Pattaya with a resounding win! Now it doesn’t get bigger than this, so try your best at the tables! We look forward to meet you very soon at Pattaya!

Play Cash Rummy Games to feature in the leaderboard

What do you prefer for entertainment these days? Sure there is TV and outdoor games to relax always. But do we get sufficient time to enjoy Television the way we did when we were kids? The answer is no. Even if we do get, the programmes aren’t captivating to keep us arrested to it. We get a few giggles here and there and suddenly a change of mind and we flip channels; sometimes we even develop a deep aversion to it. That’s the reason we see people shunning the traditional way of entertainments like TV, Games and try more sophisticated source of entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and online/console gaming.

In these tough times, there is a new source of entertainment that is rapidly gaining a strong foothold in the entertainment industry. Confused about what game we are talking about? Of course, it is online card gaming websites.

Over the past few years, many online rummy sites have sprung up and have been attracting a lot of players. One may wonder what might be the reason behind the appeal of this game. Well, rummy is a skill game that anyone regardless of their caste/creed/gender/barriers can play. The game rules are so simple that it requires just an hour our two to internalize it and start playing.

The other reason why there is a huge following for rummy games is the incredible money spinning opportunity it gives. A player can start playing at an online rummy site virtually with no cash in his hands. In that way, players have a good opportunity to build his bankroll. But always remember cash games are where the real money is in online rummy. The more you play cash games, the more benefits you avail.

At, we have a wide range of cash games available under all rummy variants. The benefits of cash tournaments are endless. Not only do you get a chance to win huge but also additional benefits like Loyalty points and Deccan Rewards. Our New Year leaderboard contest is all set to run from Nov 1 – Dec 25 wherein the top 15 players will be rewarded with prizes. A flurry of awesome prizes from an all-expense paid trip to Pattaya to expensive gadgets like iPhones to gold coins are up for grabs. The Pattaya trip is reserved for players who secure the first 3 positions.


Leaderboard Points

In order to feature in the leaderboard, you must play cash games. A win or loss in a cash game will fetch you leaderboard points anyway. Leaderboard points are calculated as follows;

For every win you secure in a cash game, leaderboard points will be calculated as (winning amount/100). Eg: If you play a Rs. 1000 cash game and win Rs. 800 then your leaderboard points are calculated as 800/100 = 8 points
Similarly, for losses, leaderboard points are calculated as (Losing amount/200) eg: If you lose a Rs. 1000 cash rummy game, your losing amount would be Rs. 900 (after rake fee deduction), here you will secure Rs. 900/200 = 4.5 Points. The simple idea is to continuously play high-stakes cash rummy games during this promotion period so that you secure adequate leaderboard points to remain in the hunt.

This is an incredible opportunity for poker enthusiasts out there to celebrate their New Year in the most awesome way possible. The other wonderful thing about playing cash games apart from gaining this leaderboard points is that players get automatically qualified for Deccan Rewards. There are some super-hot offers available at present under Deccan Rewards that you can check in our website.

With Deccan Rummy one won’t go home empty-handed as you are handed over multiple opportunities one after the other. From high-value cash tournaments, freerolls, Trips to exotic destinations, and leaderboard prizes on offer, players have multiple options to win cash.

So, if you want to visit Pattaya for New Year then do not postpone, jump into action right away! To know more about the New Year leaderboard promotion, read the blog entry or check our promotions page.

Come! Let’s usher in this New Year with a party in Pattaya

New Year is fast approaching. Have you planned any vacation to celebrate this New Year? If so, maybe you want to reconsider this after hearing about this offer. will be conducting a New Year Leaderboard contest from Nov 1 – Dec 25 exclusively for our players. The top 3 players of the leaderboard will usher in The New Year in Pattaya, Thailand. It’s surreal, is it not? Six months back, we had a wonderful time in Phuket, this time we can promise you, even more, fun in Pattaya. Pattaya has been a dream destination for many travelers and features regularly in the itinerary of people who want to chill out for the New Year. As the saying goes, Pattaya is the city that never sleeps.

Ringed with beautiful beaches, Pattaya is always a tourist’s dream destination. Also, not to forget the picturesque islands around Pattaya offering some spectacular visual delight. The town abounds with water sports activities because of its geography. If you’re someone who loves to explore water sport, there is a wide range to choose from – diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, boating, parasailing etc.

Pattaya Leaderboard


Leaderboard 2018 – Pattaya calling!

Aside from the trip, there are many other extraordinary prizes up for grabs. 15 players will be eligible for cash prizes with the top 3 players eligible for Thailand trip. From expensive iPhones to Gold Coins to Gift vouchers to Real cash prizes, there are lots of goodies that you can earn by participating in this leaderboard. The leaderboard will be updated on our website every 15 minutes. The only way to feature in the leaderboard is to play cash rummy games. Play more cash rummy games and earn high leaderboard points. To be precise, playing higher stakes rummy games is the quickest way of earning leaderboard points. If you win the game, you get the extra cash; even if you lose the game you would still earn leaderboard points. So, it’s a win-win situation!

Contest Details

Name: Leaderboard  2018

Date: Nov 1 – Dec 25

Trip Date: Dec 29, 2017 – Jan 02, 2018

Another thing uncanny thing about this contest is that you can never be sure of your place on the leaderboard. There are always players who will leapfrog others in the leaderboard. We are aggressively framing our team for the preparations for this mind-blowing event and we’re working hard every minute to make it a grand success. You can leave the preparation part with us and instead focus on the ways to lead the leaderboard. Remember there will always be players who would be vying for initial dominance.

The initial lead would place in you a distinct advantage. If I were a player, I would like to have a solid lead right up in the front. Slender leads are very dangerous in this contest as you may lose hold of your spot. Players can check their current position in the leaderboard by clicking here. Always keep a close watch on your points and position for the reasons mentioned.

Last year, we hosted a fantastic VIP party in Pattaya which was conducted in a lavish way and was very high on style quotient. The guests had unimaginable fun in the company of a bevy of stunningly attractive women at large. Some of the players who missed out on that trip regret to this day. This year we are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to make this promotion exceptional and want more and more players to have a crack at the prize.

Since our players never shy away from a competition, we expect the contest will be a fierce one. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary. Just keep playing as cash games and keep accumulating Leaderboard points. Stay tuned with us, we will be bringing you all the updates with regards to the leaderboard standings, preparations and also ground zero reports from the event.

Play more, win more!

It’s a great time to be a player at! We have been launching exceptional promotions and offers over the last few months. There’s a lot of good stuff that we are adding every month – some perma-fixtures, and others for that particular month. The response to all our promotion is what that motivates us to push further. What a swashbuckling year this year has been so far! It’s been one hell of a ride and there’s a flurry of exciting promotion headed your way! We guess this is a befitting promotion to conclude such an incredible fun-filled year. If you are some reading this and have not yet registered at, now is the time! Jump in right away and register now. This is a spectacular, oncce-in-a-lifetime New Year party that you don’t want to miss!

Winners of Monsoon Thunders Tournament’s Monsoon Thunders tournament concluded in an emphatic way with better competition all the way and sumptuous cash prizes. The whole tournament was gripping from the start to finish. With over Rs. 50000 up for grabs spread over a period of 5 days, the tournaments witnessed more than 3000 players fighting it out for the coveted cash prizes.

Playing rummy for cash is nothing new. The massive turnout to Monsoon thunders was always expected as the tournament was freeroll and most importantly it came with a prizepool of Rs. 50000 cash bonus. As a result, players stormed in huge numbers and made this tournament a grand affair.

To win such a tournament amidst such a heavy competition is no ordinary feat, it deserves a special applause. So, without further ado, we present to you the winners of the Monsoon thunders tournament:

Monsoon Thunders

Date Winner Name
Oct 26 Scarlet
Oct 27 Prabin74
Oct 28 Grimmy
Oc 29 Priya29
Oct 30 Skaranbir7

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the winners of this tournament. And to those whose who couldn’t make the cut this time, do not lose hope! A lot of exciting offers and tournaments are coming your way. Keep calm and knock it over!

The most fascinating aspect of rummy online tournaments is that even normally docile guy automatically goes into bragging rights mode once he wins the game. It is perhaps the competitive nature of our rummy tournaments that’s making him/her lose their inhibitions and shatter all preconceived notions. With the chat feature assistance, players who are introverted by nature can use them to break the ice. Only when you come out of the shell, you can make it big in these kinds of tournament.

We would like to congratulate all the participants from the bottom of our hearts for their continuous interest in the game and the warm patronage they offer us continuously.

Gear up for many other stunning promotions

A lot of breathtaking offers and tournaments are heading your way as we approach the yearend. Similar to the last year, gear up for an exciting leaderboard contest with a trip to an exotic location for the winners. Additionally, we have also planned tournaments with a much bigger prizepool. Seize these opportunities to boost your bankroll and carve a niche for yourself in the rummy community sooner.

All you have to do to is to sharpen your rummy skills and participate in our online rummy tournaments daily. There is every chance in the world that you can win it someday sooner than later. See you again with yet another stunning rummy offer shortly.

Have any more questions? Just drop us an email to or contact our 24*7 chat support to get your queries instantly resolved.

Hurry! Register for Monsoon Thunders Tourney

Monsoon thunders tournament has started with a bang. Just as the Northeast monsoon made its landfall and is waiting to roar into action, our players are all set for some awesome adrenaline pumping rummy play. We have seen many players swarming in as soon as the clock hits 2:30 PM lining up to register. It is probably this interest which pushes players to achieve big things.

Many players walked away with cash bonus prizes. Cash Bonuses are the newest way to accumulate wealth in online rummy. Just keep playing and winning cash games to move the cash bonus to withdrawable balance. Our Special tournaments never failed to strike a chord with the audience. Similarly, Monsoon Thunders tournament has the name of success written all over it.

From new tournaments to a massive hike in special tourney prize pool, India’s fastest Online Rummy site, Deccan Rummy is pulling out all the stops to ensure rummy enthusiasts get a fair and square deal. A lot of thoughts and trend analysis takes place within our marketing team before we come up with promotions. And most importantly, prizes are decided based on what’s hot during that season.

The incentive for playing rummy at DeccanRummy is way too high for the fear factor that may creep in occasionally. There are plenty of incentives on offer for new registrants like 100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs. 5000, Up to 200% Real cash bonus for first deposits and many other giving you multiple reasons to join the action. As to Monsoon Thunders tournament, it is free to register. Kindly follow the below-mentioned procedures and register for the tournament.

Tournament Name: Monsoon Thunders

Date: Oct 26-30

Prizepool: Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus

Time: 3:30 PM

Registration: 2:30 PM

How to -register for the Monsoon Thunders Tournament?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. In the event you are a new customer, kindly register with us at
  3. The registration for the tournament starts at 2.30 pm on Oct 26th-Oct 30th.Players need not deposit a penny as this is a freeroll tournament.
  4. In the lobby, click on Tourney -> Special, you will find “Monsoon Dazzlers”.
  5. Click on Join and confirm your participation.

Hit the tables shortly @ 3:30 PM after registering for this tournament. Buckle up, players! the tourney is going down to the wire. Be prepared to fight all the way!

For a seamless tournament playing experience, download our Mobile APP for android and IOS which allows you to play the game from anywhere and at anytime. You can download the APP for free for your devices and play all the rummy games on the fly. A lot of players have stated us that playing rummy tournaments with the mobile APP is a lot more fun than the traditional method of playing online.

With more than 2 lakh rummy players signed up, Deccan Rummy is fast becoming the go-to destination for Playing Indian Rummy online. Players can join the website for free and start to play 13 cards Indian rummy game for free and cash. is the right place if you are on a look out for a site offering excellent rewards for playing rummy games online. From huge welcome bonus to tournaments with thunderous prizepools, things are always exciting with us. See you soon at the tables!

Joker Rummy Card Game Rules

Joker card plays a very important role in rummy card game. Probably, it is the most important card that every player wants to have. It helps the player to quickly complete their mission of melding the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences. Melding 13 hand cards to meet the rummy game’s objective is not simple without some assistance. Joker cards would help you to achieve you to complete this task easily. However, do remember you need a pure sequence (3 consecutive cards of the same suit) in order to declare the game. All aspiring rummy champions must learn joker rummy card game rules thoroughly.


The joker card has its origins in Euchre game. Back in the 19th century, Euchre players felt the necessity to include an additional card to ease the game play. Originally the card was called with names such as “The Best Bower” “The little Joker”, and “Jolly Joker”. It was first introduced in the USA in the year 1863, and then it found its place worldwide from 1883.

A joker is arbitrarily hand-picked card at the start of every rummy game. A joker is used as a substitute for the missing card while forming a set or/a sequence in rummy.  For example: if the joker is seven of clubs, the opposite 7 (spades, diamonds, and hearts) can be used as a substitute card. If by chance printed joker turns up as the random joker, only other printed jokers would be available for use as jokers.

Joker Rummy Card Game Rules

The rummy games of use joker card to ease the gameplay. Joker rummy card game rules is pretty simple to learn. Doubt us? Read how joker could be a game-changer in a rummy game.

Apart from the arbitrarily chosen card, there is a printed joker that the players can use while playing the game. A standard deck has 52 cards without including jokers. If you include the joker cards, it becomes 54. For a game involving 2 or 3 players, two standard 52 deck packs (104 cards) along with 4 printed jokers are used. For games involving 4 to 6 player, 3 decks of cards (156) and 6 joker cards are used.

After the disbursal of thirteen cards to each rummy player in a rummy table, a card is picked from the open deck and placed face up so that every player can see the card. All the cards of that rank can be used as joker irrespective of their suits. For example in a 2 or 3 player game where two decks are used, if the card picked and kept visible under the open deck is 7, then the additional jokers are 7, 7, 7 of one deck and 7, 7, 7, and 7 of the 2nd deck; a total of seven random jokers. Furthermore, there are 4 printed jokers, so there are 11 jokers in all. A whopping 11 jokers in a game to help you accomplish the task!


In conclusion, joker card enhances the game and gives everyone an equal opportunity to win. Playing rummy with joker doesn’t mean things become a cake walk in the game. Sure, it does help the players somewhat but ultimate online rummy skill lies in how cleverly you confuse your opponents. Keep grinding more to discover more rummy tips. Happy playing!

Winners of Mega Diwali Dhoom

Last Sunday,’s Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament saw 460 players competing for the coveted prize money of Rs. 200000. After a few hours of solid rummy action, Hemantbhoye emerged as the winner of this tournament.

With an immense love & passion for the game, we saw players registering for this tournament in huge numbers. The reason we planned the tournament not on Diwali day but a few days after Diwali was that we felt this tournament shouldn’t interfere with their Diwali celebrations. At the same time, players must play this tournament with the spirit of this festival.

Free tickets are a boon for this kind of tournaments. Lots of players availed free tickets for this tournament. All they had to do know was Like/Share/Review/Rate our Facebook page and send us a private message to get a free ticket. Players also had an option to buy the ticket of Rs. 500. Not surprisingly, most of the players opted to go for the free ticket. Our team had to go through some tough times as a massive number of players registered on the last day. But whatever hardships we had to go through pales out in front of the commitment we made to make our site the best online rummy website out there.

The tournament was gripping from start to finish. Several players walked away with huge cash bonus prizes while the remaining had a great time chasing the prize money of Rs. 200000. We, at, hope that all of you had an awesome Diwali and hopefully walk away richer!

Congrats Mega Diwali Dhoom Winners!

Mega Diwali Dhoom wishes all the winners our hearty congratulations and commiserations to all those couldn’t win this tournament this time. likes to thank every player who participated in this tourney from the bottom of our hearts. Without your interest, the tournament would’t have been such a roaring success.

We have planned a lot of events for the upcoming festivities. We request every one of you to participate in those events and make it a grand success.

If you missed this Mega Diwali Dhoom, do not worry! There will be a lot of other freeroll and ticket based rummy tournaments in the near future where you can play and win huge cash prizes. is always the go-to destination for online rummy. If you’re someone with a genuine interest in the game and wanting to make money, you couldn’t find a better place than

Apart from the regular freeroll rummy tournaments that is worth more than Rs. 4.3 Lakhs per months, DeccanRummy conducts special tournaments like Mega Diwali Dhoom on all festival occasions. These special tournaments come with a huge prize pool and open to more rummy enthusiasts than the normal freeroll tournaments.

Check our Promotions page to know the current promotions at DeccanRummy. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + to get instant updates about all our offer and promotions.

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