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Get 200% Daily Deposit Bonus in Real Money

Would you love to see your deposits fetch big returns? Yes, it is always possible with At, we have a slew of offers that are exceptionally rewarding to all our customers. As a player, you can always make your rummy experience with us rewarding by taking part in all our bonus offers and promotions.

One of the brilliant promotions that remain omnipresent with is Instant Deposit Bonus up to 200% . From its debut to this day, this bonus feature remains as a HOT deal here at Numerous players have benefited immensely from this promotion so far. It’s a kind of reward befitting for their passion towards rummy card game.  The other great thing about this promotion has been it will help players play cash games without any inhibitions.

200% Daily Deposit Bonus

200% Daily Deposit Bonus Offer

The 200% Daily Deposit Bonus gives the players an amazing opportunity to make some extra bucks on their deposits. The 200% Daily Deposit Bonus offer is applicable only on the player’s first deposit of the day. Subsequent deposits made by the player on that day will not be eligible for this offer. As soon as the player completes the purchase in DeccanRummy, his account will be instantly credited with the bonus amount in real cash.

How to avail this 200% Daily Deposit Bonus promotion?

Players can avail this promotion by simply making a deposit to their accounts. They do not need to enter any deposit code to claim this bonus. This deposit has to be the players’ first deposit of the day; it will not be applicable for multiple deposits made in a day.

Please follow the below-procedures to make a deposit to your account;

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on My account tab and then click on Add cash
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit (Min Rs. 100 – Max Rs. 50000) and click on Apply
  • Click on Buy Chips and confirm you are not playing from the restricted locations
  • Choose your payment method and click on the PAY NOW button to complete the purchase
  • The Bonus amount is credited instantly to your accounts.


By the virtue of getting this bonus amount, the player is getting a free license to go for the kill in our cash rummy games. Players can play as many cash games they want. By playing cash rummy games, players can earn more loyalty points and derive all the benefits out of it as well.

At, we have a smorgasbord of Bonus offers, tournaments, and special rummy promotions through which you can win astounding prizes. Visit our rummy promotions page and check all the live offers and promotions.

Avail this unbeatable bonus offer now and go into a rapture playing high-stakes cash rummy games online!

Terms & Conditions

  • If you are found using multiple accounts to grab the offer, the entire amount credited will be cancelled.
  • Please note that up to 200% means, not necessarily 200% every time. It could be anything from 1% -200%
  • This bonus offer is applicable only on the players’ first deposit of the day.
  • *Standard terms and conditions apply.

Playing at DeccanRummy is 100% Safe & Secure

Just as with any other online gaming sites, it’s imperative that an online rummy site is Safe and secure for all its customers. Being secure is especially relevant for a rummy website now when there is a wild craze for the game all over India. With its world class gaming platform for playing rummy online, is one of the premier rummy site in India. We have enforced state-of-the-art safety measures to ensure our players get a safe & secure rummy experience.

Safety of our players is paramount to us and that is why we have invested heavily to keep hackers and phishers at bay. We have integrated the latest technologies to protect personal information of players like email id’s, banking details, credit/ debit card details, account passwords, and mobile numbers. Players can rest assured that their data is in safe hands and stop worrying about any unauthorized access to their accounts. This article talks about the security measures that we have implemented at to have a safe and secure rummy experience.

Safe and Secure rummy site

Certified for Fair Play – Safe and Secure

The systems and practices at exist to ensure total fairness for all the players on our site. We have been certified by InfySec Security labs for fair play and random number generator (RNG) by iTech Labs. iTech Labs has confirmed the reliability of the random number generator (RNG) that DeccanRummy uses to shuffle cards on our online Rummy site, proving that we have deployed the best industrial practices in generating unpredictable and random combinations for dealing cards.

A good RNG in a rummy site signifies the following:

  • Every player receives a set of completely random and unrelated cards
  • Sequences are unpredictable

Every online rummy website uses a certain RNG system that distributes random cards to all the players so that each player receives a fair hand every game. The RNG is a mathematical program that creates unpredictable patterns. Our RNG system was rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining their results to ensure it operates fairly. Every player playing at has a fair chance of winning.

Safe Banking offers multiple payment options – You can add cash to your accounts using credit, debit card or net banking. provides SSL security so that all your transactions are completely safe and secure. We have integrated four payment gateways to ensure speedy transactions. We are verified by COMODO. COMODO confirms the use of SSL for secure transactions.

In order to make online money transactions simple & easy, provides our users with a wide variety of payment options. We have 4 payment gateways integrated to ensure smooth transactions

  1. TechProcess
  2. PayUMoney
  3. EBS
  4. PayTM

Responsible Gaming is dedicated to providing our members with a responsible gaming environment. In addition to providing our members with an entertaining gaming environment, we believe it is important to prevent addiction and underage access. In line with the Indian laws, we do not allow any one below 18 to play at our gaming portal. As a law abiding company, we do not allow players from Odisha/Assam/Telangana to register and play on our website. Players can read more about responsible gaming measures we have implemented in our website. is a completely safe and secure website and offers an exciting gaming experience with rich cash rewards. Download our DeccanRummy Mobile and win enjoy gaming on the move anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about payment processing

Deccan Rummy has earned the tag of being the safest online rummy site in India because of the safe and secure methods we’ve integrated with payment deposits and withdrawals. In order to make online money transactions simple & easy, provides our users with a wide variety of payment options. We have 4 payment gateways integrated to ensure smooth transactions

  1. TechProcess
  2. PayUMoney
  3. EBS
  4. PayTM

 We monitor all the transactions to prevent money laundering, terror funding, and any other malfeasant activity.

Payment Processing

Do you have doubts on payment processing?  Many Customers have doubts about the payment processing activity in Deccan Rummy. This post will explain the normal problems faced by the customers while transacting online and the solutions for it.

Question 1

I tried adding cash to my account but my transaction failed, I wanted to know what the reason is?


Generally, online transactions fail because of the below mentioned reasons

  1. Session Timeout
  2. Entering Incorrect Card Details
  3. User Authentication errors
  4. Card Limit Reached

Sometimes, there might be issues with the bank servers or payment gateways.  We request you to try after a few minutes during such instances. Please note that our company is not responsible for authorization/denial for such transactions, and these come under the terms and conditions of the payment gateways & banks. Generally, players must check their internet connection before initiating any online transaction. A stable internet connection is required to carry out successful transactions.

Question 2

I tried adding cash to my account and the amount is debited in my account but it’s not reflecting in My Deccan Rummy account


If you receive the transaction success message but the payment isn’t credited to your account then there are two possibilities:

  1. Payment kept on hold by your bank
  2. Payment kept on hold by the payment Gateway

In either cases, you can contact our 24/7 instant chat support with your 12 digit Transaction Reference Number or even mail us to  Your 12 digit transaction reference number will be sent as an SMS to your mobiles and as a mail to your email ID which you can send it to us for investigation. We will investigate what went wrong in such cases. Upon investigation, if we find that Payment has been kept on hold by your bank then you must contact the bank to find out the reasons for blocking. However, if we find that the amount is caught in our payment gateway then we will immediately credit the amount to your account.

We at promise all our users an extremely simple and safe payment process. At, be rest assured that your transaction details and all personal /financial information remain completely secure.

More about the new Cash Bonus Feature

As part of our commitment to provide a truly splendid service, makes every effort to ensure that gaming experience is as much entertaining and rewarding as possible. Special offers and bonuses will always be available to you at We’ve recently launched a special feature called Cash Bonus under Deccan Rewards wherein the prizes for special freeroll tournaments & surprise cash bonuses amounts are credited. Many players have doubts on how to move the money from the cash bonus account to your live account? This is an automatic process. In this article, I’m going to explain how the cash moves from the locked Cash Bonus account to your withdrawable balance. Also, I’m going to discuss the others ways in which you could use this money.

Where Cash Bonus Feature can be found?

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Deccan Rewards tab at the top.
  • Click on Cash bonus tab where you can check your cash bonus balance.
  • “Total” indicates the total surprise cash bonus in your account. “Pending” indicates the cash bonus pending to be released, and “Released displays the bonus amount that has been moved to the withdrawable balance

How does the money move from Cash Bonus?

The bonus amount you receive cannot be withdrawn directly. Players can move it to their withdrawable balance by playing cash rummy games. For every win the player secures henceforth, that player would receive 10% of the bonus amount from the cash bonus amount. The amount will move from his cash account to withdrawable balance. The amount will stay in your account forever; there is no time limit for availing this bonus.

For example, if you get Rs. 200 as a cash bonus; the bonus amount stays at Cash Bonus bucket. When you play in a Rs. 100 rummy table and win Rs. 80, then 10% of the winning amount Rs. 8 is debited from the Cash-Bonus bucket and added to your withdrawable balance as Bonus amount. Now, the “Pending” field in the bonus bucket balance would be Rs. 192 (200 – 8) and “Released” field would be Rs. 8.

Alternatively, you can also use this bonus amount as an entry fee for cash games. If you use the same Rs. 200 in your cash-bonus bucket to play Rs. 100 game and you win the game, 10 % of the winning amount will be moved to your withdrawable balance and Rs. 192 would remain in your cash-bonus account. However, if you lose the game with this by using Rs. 100 from the cash bonus account, you will lose the whole Rs 100. During such instances you will have only Rs. 100 remaining in your cash bonus account. The only way to get the bonus amount soon is to play more cash games and win. You can refer our rummy tips page to sharpen your skills.

Hope this information about cash bonus was helpful.



New Rummy tournaments – Play Rummy FREE daily!

Rummy is an exciting and addictive game that has been widely played in India for ages. The game which was originally played for entertainment purposes evolved to be a game that can be a money-spinner. Rummy is now available online where you can play the game easily with an internet connection for anywhere and at any time. It’s now one of the hottest games in Indian card game industry. The unique thing about the rummy game is its ability to spurn more variations – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and gin rummy are some of the popular rummy versions. Rummy tournaments are incredibly more fun and thrill than rummy games. In rummy games, you play with a limited set of players where as the number of players playing freeroll tournaments are huge in numbers & also the structure of tourneys gives you some fast game play. Many experienced players prefer playing rummy tournaments more than games as they push them to bring out their best., has earned the tag of India’s most reliable rummy site with our mindblowing rummy games and fast-paced rummy tournaments. Our Freeroll tournaments are worth more than Rs. 100000 per day which are available to play mostly at your leisure timings. With a multitude of freeroll rummy tournaments, we offer every player a fair chance to win big huge prize amounts. Here’s a brief summary of the freeroll tournaments that we’ve launched this September:

Daily Rapid Rustle

After the massive success of our existing promotions, we are launching a new free roll tournament “Daily Rapid rustle” that will run everyday @ 11 AM. This tournament is a free roll tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of Rs.5000 cash bonus.

Registered players can play this tourney every day at 11 AM. The tournament is open to 600 players and the entry is free. The registration for this tournament begins at 10:00 AM every day. This tournament is ideal for players who prefer playing in the morning. You can play every day without making any investment and win some cool cash bonus prizes. The most wonderful aspect about this tournament is its fast gameplay. Unlike other rummy tournaments, this tournament has only one round per deal. They’re sort of like watching the highlights of a game. The more astute you are, the more chances you have to win!

Onam Special Tournament

On the occasion of Onam, Deccan Rummy is conducting two freeroll tournaments on Sept 3 and 4 with a prize-pool of Rs. 25000 each day. The registration for these tournaments is free and players have a great opportunity to win real cash prizes. You can check further details about this tournament here.

Don’t miss these wonderful tournaments! It’s an ideal opportunity to play rummy free and win some uber-cool cash bonuses! See you at our tables soon!

Press Release on Daily Rapid Rustle Freeroll Tournament, Indias Fastest Rummy site, today announced the launch of Daily Rapid Rustle Freeroll tournament. This online rummy tournament comes with a guaranteed prize pool of Rs. 5000. After running numerous freeroll tournaments successfully over the past year, the company is upping the ante with yet another freeroll rummy tournament online.

Daily Rapid Rustle Freeroll tournament, which boasts to be one of the fastest rummy tournaments in India can be played every day @ 11 AM. The tournament is open to 600 players and the entry is free. The registration for this tournament begins at 10:00 AM every day. This tournament is a daily fare; rummy players across the country can start playing this tournament from Sept 1. This tournament provides an ideal opportunity for rummy enthusiasts all over India to win some cool cash bonuses.

How to Register in Daily Rapid Rustle Freeroll Tournament?

To register for the tournament, players’ first need to create a free account with and follow the below steps:

  1. After the registration, players must sign in to their account.
  2. Under lobby, players can find the tourney tab. Click on the tourney tab and under freerolls they can find Rapid Rustle tournament
  3. Click on “Join” button at the right every day between 10 AM – 11 AM to register. Entry to this tournament is subject to availability of seats.

Players who have already registered with can log in and follow the same process. Rummy enthusiasts can learn more this Daily Rapid Rustle tournament by visiting

Elaborating on the tournament, Thamarai Kannan, Head of Operations at said “We at are always passionate about what we do and go great lengths in satisfying the requirements of our customers. Because of our stellar efforts, we have secured the tag of being a reliable rummy site in an increasingly competitive online rummy market”.

He added “The overwhelming response we receive to all our regular and special tournaments are an indication of widening audience interest in online rummy. Now, we consider this time to transcend to the next level. We hope this Daily Rapid rustle tourney is a good start in that process. Rummy enthusiasts can expect many more lucrative offers & promotions from us going forward”.

Online Rummy novices and veteran rummy players alike are invited to try out this free Daily Rapid Rustle tourney and win their share of prizes.

About is a leading online rummy website in India that has become the one-stop destination for online rummy enthusiasts across the country. With more than 200000 players, is one of the most popular & rapidly growing rummy sites in India. DeccanRummy guarantees more than Rs, 1000000 in monthly prizes, features special bonus offers and promotions periodically. has earned the tag of being the safest, the most rewarding and highly entertaining online rummy portal in India.

Grand Onam Special – Win from Rs. 50000 Prize Pool

Playing Rummy Tournaments are one of the best and most entertaining ways to spend your free time. Players in India have access to a wide range of tournaments at Many players love online rummy tournaments. Why? Because they provide a great opportunity for the players to make some heavy bucks with minimal or even no expense. Many players consider playing freeroll rummy tournaments as a relatively low risk when compared to playing cash games. You walk in free, win cash or lose nothing! has built a reputation of launching special tournaments on all Indian festivals with a humongous prize pool. We are adding these tourneys to provide some extra zest to the already vibrant festive mood. These tourneys are kick-ass entertaining right from the word go. Most of our special tourneys are freerolls which mean players don’t have to pay a penny to participate. Not surprisingly, these tourneys have attracted players from the most diverse walks of life and were gripping from start to finish. Players who performed well in these tournaments have evolved to become some of the leading players at In line with our custom of conducting special tourneys for Indian festivals, we are going to conduct a Grand Onam Special Tournament on the occasion of Onam.

Grand Onam Special

Grand Onam Special

Onam is an Indian festival that is celebrated by Malayalees all over the world. Also dubbed as the harvest festival, this carnival of Onam lasts up to ten days. In order to celebrate this festival with additional fervor, we are going to launch “Grand Onam Special ” on Sept 3 and 4.

Grand Onam Special comes with a massive prize pool of Rs. 50000 split across two days – Rs. 25000 each on Sept 3 and 4 respectively. Open to 600 players, the tournament is a freeroll tourney where every player participating has a fair chance to win.

The tournament begins at 3:30 PM on the aforementioned dates and the registration for this tourney starts at 2:30 PM, just an hour before the start of the tournament on both the days. The winners of this tournament will receive a cash bonus.


If Rummy is an art, skills are the Picasso of it. In freeroll tourneys like these that come with a huge prize pool, you can expect players at various skill levels to participate. Refresh your rummy skills by referring to our rummy tips page. Grab your seat and join the fun! is India’s most trusted rummy online website to offer a wide range of 13 card Classic Indian rummy games & tournaments online. Our world-class rummy games are available across different channels, so you can enjoy playing whenever you want and wherever you are. If you haven’t signed up with us yet, register now. This is the best to play rummy online at DeccanRummy as the offers galore. Stay connected with us for many other exciting contests and promotions.








Play Daily Rapid Rustle tournament for FREE

If you believe bigger is better, then you’re going to love all our awesome special tournaments and promotions. Here at, we are striving to take the gaming experience to the next level. That’s the reason you see a lot of buzz around our promotions and offers every month.

Nothing comes to close to the experience of playing an exceptional fast-paced tournament. Gone are the days of having to spend thousands of rupees, simply to play rummy tournaments. Players can use our free rummy tournaments to build their bankroll. In fact, many players have built bankrolls worth thousands of rupees from the scratch playing freeroll tournaments. Additionally, they also enrich their rummy skills by playing so.

If you do not wish to spend for playing rummy online, free rummy tournaments are a great way to begin. Playing free rummy tournaments have been a life-changing experience for many players. What’s there not to like about winning a title, gaining fame and money playing rummy online? Furthermore, If you end up doing well in freeroll tournaments, your chances of winning cash games improves drastically.’s freeroll tournaments have a history of having a good connection with our players. All of our freeroll tournaments have seen huge user participation right from their inception. From the company’s perspective, freeroll tourneys are our prized asset since they help in building trust and reputation. To this moment, we have succeeded in fulfilling our customers’ expectations. In line with our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, we are launching a new tournament “Daily Rapid Rustle” that will run every day.

Daily Rapid Rustle

Daily Rapid Rustle

Daily Rapid Rustle is a fast-paced rummy freeroll tournament running seven days a week in a turbo format with an awesome prize pool. If you prefer fast rummy action, Daily Rapid Rustle is for you. A completely free, fast-paced, a big prize pool and a quick pay-out system make this tournament a guaranteed fun for players of all levels.

The fast paced structure of this tournaments makes it all the more super-exciting. Unlike other tournaments where every round has 3 deals and where the players with the maximum points proceed to the next round, this tournament has only one deal per round. It means players whoever secures the maximum point in that table proceeds to round 2 and so on.

Daily Rapid Rustle comes with a prize pool of Rs. 5000 every day and multiple players are eligible for cash prizes. The prizes for this tournament would get automatically credited to players’ cash bonus bucket immediately at the completion of this tournament.

This action-packed fast-paced rapid tournament is perfect for whenever you need some ultra-speed rummy action. With such a huge guaranteed prize pool on offer, you’ve got one more reason to play. This rapid rustle tournament is an ideal tourney format for playing on Deccan Rummy Mobile app. Download Deccan Rummy Mobile for your android and iOS devices and play rummy games free without any worry!

For any queries about our latest offers and promotions, feel free to mail us Alternatively, you can also contact us through our 24/7 chat support. We will respond to all your queries promptly.

8 Good Quotes on Playing Cards

There are so many expressions and words that we use in our daily conversations which have its origins in card games. For Instance, we often use words like “What’s the big deal”, “This is a great deal”, “Hot Deal” “Bluff”– most of these expressions have their roots in playing cards. We’ve seen many mentors teach their prodigies “Learn to play with the cards you’ve been dealt” which is encouraging a person to keep continuing despite being offered limited opportunities. Similarly, words like “He’s such a card” showcase the person in a positive light. Be it any emotions or feelings – sarcasm, anger, funny, seriousness or anything; you can always find some expressions that have their roots with card games. Many people even play card games for living.

Some other expressions like “Odds are stacked against him”, “Play your cards right”, “ace in the hole” also have their origins with card games. Haven’t we seen people use the phrase “the Jack of all trades” or “an ace up your sleeve” to praise people? We are very sure that there are tons of other playing cards catchphrases that pop up during casual conversation.

Quotes on Playing cards

1. One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards – Oscar Wilde
2. Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; The way you play it is free will – Jawaharlal Nehru
3. Life Consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well – Josh Billings
4. Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing poor hand well – Jack London
5. Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her; but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game – French Philosopher Voltaire
6. Just when you think you’re playing your cards right. God shuffles the deck – Mark Sheppard
7. Marriage is a lot like playing cards. In the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end, You’ll wish you had a club and a spade Unknown
8. I like to play cards. I’m not very good because I don’t want to calculate, I just play by instinct. But I’ve learned a lot of business philosophy by playing poker – Jack Ma
If you like this article, do not forget to share it on your social media profiles (FB, Twitter, and G+). Alternatively, you can also leave a comment below in the comment section of this article.

5 Common Reasons why players lose in Online Rummy

Taking good decisions and choices are the crux of rummy card game online. This is probably the reason why the game is often referred as a game of skill rather a game that relies on luck. Winning in online rummy requires wits, concentration, patience and a little bit of luck. However, the luck factor ends with the initial distribution of cards. Just like every game if there is a winner, there has to be a loser. Highly motivated players learn from their losses & improve their strategies in the future while others do not take much effort to improve and suffer heavy losses. In this article we examine the common reasons why rummy players lose in the game:

Playing with a bad hand

It takes some experience and a lot of intelligence to identify the starting hands. There is no point in playing with a bad hand when it is obvious that you have very little chance of winning. During such instances, it is advised to fold so that you lose with minimal points.

Forgetting the basic rules of Online Rummy

The first objective while playing Rummy is to go for the pure sequence. Without a pure sequence, your other sequences/sets aren’t going to save you from losing with heavy points. Try to make a pure sequence at the earliest. Therefore you must understand the basic rules while playing the rummy online.

Poor Strategies

Strategies form the crux of rummy. You must understand how to use the joker card & wild joker to make an impure sequence or a set. At the same time, you must discard high-value cards. Failing to do so would result in a heavy loss.

Playing with stress

Emotional control is very important in online rummy. You can play the game cleanly only when you are with a clear, open mind. When your mind is clogged with stress, you lose your emotional balance and act upon your wild intuitions. On such occasions, there is a high probability of committing blunders that you could have avoided otherwise.


Rummy is not a game where you can afford to be careless. A slight lapse in concentration could turn the game in favour of your opponents. We’ve seen players lose games heavily because of their negligence and callousness towards the rules.

These are some of the reasons why players lose in online rummy. Just like winning, losing is also an inevitable part of rummy. We hope that identifying these problems will help you turn your game around. You can always play online rummy game for free at and win bundles of cash.

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