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Five effective Rummy Strategies

We have been getting a lot of questions of late on the effective strategies required to win rummy games. So, we take this opportunity to present you “Five Effective Rummy Strategies” which would be very helpful going forward.

By this time you must know that Rummy is a game of skill. Mastering the game is not so difficult task as playing practice games in our website would really enhance your rummy skills.

The rules are straight as an arrow. You will have to arrange the 13 cards rummy dealt to you in sets/sequences. For that, you need to pick up a few strategies which would be of real help. Most of the players would pick up these strategies as they play.

  1. Arranging your cards

The first thing to do after receiving the cards is to arrange them as per suites i.e. spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds so that you could easily differentiate between them. After arranging the cards by suits, another smart trick to follow is to sort the cards by color eg: Red – Black – Red will help differentiate cards easily. You can use the sort option provided to sort your cards

  1. Aim for Pure Sequence

The first and foremost objective that should be running in your mind is to aim for the pure sequence. Because if you have a pure sequence in your hand, it will not get counted as points, if in case your partner declares before you. The moment you sort and arrange your cards, the first thing you should check is that whether you have a pure sequence or not. If not, then your first step should be to meld a pure sequence.

Eg; 3, 4, 5 of spades is a pure sequence.

  1. Discard the high cards

What to discard? Cards like Jack, Queen, King & Ace carry 10 points. If they remain ungrouped when your opponents declare rummy, you might then lose with heavy points. Discard the high-value cards that may not be useful to meld sets and sequences.

Note: Do we need to discard such high-value cards every time? Absolutely not!! There lies the strategy behind Rummy. If you see your opponent picks up any card you discard, then chances are that he is trying to meld a sequence with those. You must hold your higher value cards in such cases to prevent your opponent from melding sets/sequences with them. Eg: For example, if you discard queen of diamonds and your opponent picked it, chances are high that your opponent will also pick jack of diamonds so you should think twice or thrice before discarding jack of diamonds even if you want to reduce your points.

 The idea behind this is to carefully observe cards that the opponent is picking/discarding and make your move accordingly.

  1. Hoodwink your opponents

As mentioned earlier, you must keep track of what cards your opponents are picking/discarding. If you do it, you can have a clear idea of what cards your opponent is holding. You can then sit back and bait your opponents. The first step to confuse your opponents is picking few cards from the open deck and discarding low-value cards initially. Your opponents may think that you would declare the game anytime and discard cards in a hurry, which might help you on occasions. Rummy Experts often employ this strategy to defeat their customers.

Also, try to throw a few cards as bait and see if your opponents are picking it up.

  1. Using your joker card wisely

Joker is an easy way to meld your cards into sets and sequences. It is considered as a jackpot in the game of Rummy. If you have a pure sequence and a joker too, you should try to use that joker to make the second sequence by using that Joker as the idea is to meld all the hand cards into sets/sequence quickly. Also, the trick to using a Joker should also revolve around reducing the points so if you have a King and queen of hearts vs. a two and three of diamonds, you should use the joker with King and queen of hearts so that you would get points only for two and three of diamonds.

Also remember to drop out of the game early in the event you have a very bad hand, so that you will lose only with 20 points

We are sure some of the tips and strategies offered here would come in handy for the player at times. At the end of the day, the amount a player earns is entirely dependent on the player’s skills.

True to the saying “Practice makes a man perfect”, if you practice the game of rummy using the free 10000 practice chips offered then chances are that you might even develop your strategies on how to win. New visitors can always join us anytime at our website.

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Playing rummy online – Some Unknown benefits

Online RummyOnline Rummy – Some Intrinsic benefits

The popular conception of the online rummy game is that it is played mainly for entertainment purposes and also provides a platform to win cash prizes. However, the game of Rummy gives unbelievable benefits – things that you do not expect. True, the game offers extraordinary entertainment, exciting opportunity to win monetary prizes. These are some of the tangible benefits of playing online rummy. But there are a few intangible aspects of rummy which many of you would find surprising.

Mood Relaxant

Given the arduous demands of today’s world, do we get the time to relax the way we want to?  Even if we get, do we use it in any productive means? Investing your precious time by watching TV programs or by stroking your mobile phones constantly is extremely unproductive and it could act as a mood spoiler instead of the much-needed relaxation your demanding schedule requires. We have a question pondering in front of us, what is that we can do to cut some slack for ourselves?

Playing online rummy games in any of the rummy sites available can help you achieve it. Rummy acts as the perfect mood relaxant and it enables you to forget all the hectic and tiresome activities in your life. That begs an important question. Do we have to pay money to play online rummy? Absolutely not! You don’t have to invest cash to play rummy every time. In DeccanRummy, you can try different practice games or even freeroll rummy tournaments much to your amusement

Mood Enhancer

Rummy acts as a perfect catalyst for your mood enhancement. Sometimes we all require some mood booster – As the grueling outside schedule sucks the living hell out of everyone and leaves us in tatters. Playing online rummy comes in handy on such occasions. The game of online rummy with its exciting and competitive game play rejuvenates you and keeps you in good spirits.

Competitive spirit

As today’s world runs on the Darwinian Theory “Survival of the fittest”- It is extremely important to have an edge over others in terms of skill and talent. You need to mold yourself into being exemplarily competitive to sustain in the longer run. The game of rummy offers you a perfect environment to develop that much needed competitive spirit and killer instinct. DeccanRummy offers lots of exciting tournaments enabling the user to compete with some of the best rummy players across India.

Decision-making skills

Your decision-making ability decides the various outcomes in your life. The call to separate right from the wrong enables you to achieve great things. Rummy is a game where decision making plays a vital role. The decision to drop a card can eventually turn a course of the game. With sufficient practice, you would master the technique behind what cards to hold or what to discard.

Critical Analysis and Abstract Thinking

The game of Rummy involves lots of critical analysis and drawing patterns. You must carefully follow your opponent’s moves at every instance and think twice before discarding a card. One mistake could prove too costly. Knowing what cards your opponents discard, you can decide on what cards you discard. Once you play the game for longer periods of time, you would even be able to picture what cards your opponents hold in their hands. The ability to draw patterns, deep thinking are certain things that you automatically pick-up playing rummy, without consciously yearning for it.

These are a few benefits that come along with playing online rummy. And is there any other place better than DeccanRummy to have the perfect blend of competition and exciting rewards? The invigorating environment that DeccanRummy offers acts a stimulant and enhances your happiness. In the event you have not registered on our website yet, rush now and create your account. You sure wouldn’t want to miss all these unknown and unheard benefits, isn’t it?

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Online Rummy is 100 % Legal

online rummyWe still have many Doubting Thomases who are still sceptical about the legitimacy and legality of playing online rummy.

Let’s discuss this frankly. It’ll be better if we clear the air of suspicion around online rummy. Online Rummy is perfectly legal in any part of India(Barring Assam and Odisha) and DeccanRummy is the perfect place to try out your rummy prowess. As we have repeated a countless number of times – Rummy is a game of skill rather than chance.

Supreme Court of India has delivered a judgment on the same in the year 1968.

Quoting the Supreme Court in support of our claim “The game of rummy is not a game entirely of chance like the ‘three-card’ game. The ‘three-card’ game, which goes under different names such as ‘flush’, ‘brag’, etc is a game of pure chance. Rummy, on the other hand, requires a certain amount of skill because the fall of the card has to be memorized and there building up of Rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding cards”

Further, we have many other court rulings to support our claim that Online rummy is legal.

All those who doubt about the legality of playing rummy must stop worrying and should be proactively choosing our online rummy site. Ignore the people who scoff at you for playing rummy; they’re seriously missing some fun in life.

Once you sign up with DeccanRummy, you are allowed access to unlimited fun, thrilling games and the chance to unlock some amazing prizes. We are sure you do not want to miss win huge cash prizes by playing and winning rummy games @ DeccanRummy.

Dealing with a bad hand in Rummy online

Dealing with bad hands in Rummy is one of the precarious situations that rummy online players have to deal with, often. Seriously, how often you get a dream starting hand in rummy? Even if we get one, does having a dream hand absolutely ensure that we are going to win? A single mistake is enough to bring your party crashing down.

We all know that Rummy is a game of skills and strategy with luck playing a minimal part.  Don’t worry if you get a bad starting hand with no sets/sequences/jokers. You can still win if you know how to deal with that bad hand while playing. Expert rummy players hardly ever complain about bad hands in rummy, they know how to sneak through any intractable situation. Let us now see how to deal with bad hands in Rummy online.

Bad Hands in Rummy online

The first step in such a situation is to stay calm and look out for possibilities to reduce your points. Keep an eye on the discard section and observe the cards your opponents are dropping. The dropped cards might help you to meld a set or a sequence in such situations.

Drop high cards

You must drop cards with a high face value as they are going to reduce your points at the end of the game.Bait your opponents: If your opponent is picking cards from the closed deck,

You must drop cards with a high face value as they are going to reduce your points at the end of the game.Bait your opponents: If your opponent is picking cards from the closed deck,

Bait your opponents

If your opponent is picking cards from the closed deck, chances are that he might be having a good hand and might declare soon. In such situations, drop a card as a bait and if he/she picks it up, you will get a clear idea of the sets/sequences he is trying to make. You can hold the cards which would be useful to him and block his declaration.

Drop the game

In the event, you are unable to make any set or sequence even after following the above strategies, fold your cards and drop the game. Ensure you have disposed all the higher value cards before dropping as you would lose with minimum points.

It’s always important to stay grounded irrespective of the situation and believe in yourself. If you are a novice in playing rummy online, remember the saying “Failure is the stepping stone to success”. Losing a few rummy games should not deter you from your pursuit to conquer the Rummy world. Consider them as an opportunity to learn rummy strategies and polish your game play.

You can refer our article “Triple T’s (Tricks-Tips- Techniques) to Play Rummy Online” to know more about the techniques and tricks involved in online rummy. Once you master these rummy skills and strategies, you can be sure of increasing your winning percentage by up to 75%. Well, as the old saying goes, ‘where there is a will there is a way’. Passion and determination are going to take you the distance. When you are indoctrinated well enough with rummy strategies and tricks, you will find a way to emerge victorious throw any challenge.

Quoting the great Josh Billings “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well”. Life is like a rummy game, as simple as that. Keep playing and making merry!