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The Pros and Cons of being a professional rummy player

The thought of turning into a pro should have occurred in you many times when you play rummy online. In fact, a lot of players are turning to rummy these days as a professional career option. Most rummy online sites existing today are developed by former players who are well known in the Indian rummy circuit.

Most of us fall in love with rummy because it looks challenging, cool, and a potential revenue earning option. If it’s not the jaw-dropping money that’s available for the taking, it’s the prospect of putting yourself into continuous challenging scenarios that helps you emerge as the best in the table.

Going professional is not an easy decision to make. You need to ask yourself a few questions and check if you could make ends meet with this decision of yours as it’s a life-changing decision. Many rummy and poker experts spend a fair bit of time (we are talking years) turning their game into a profession. It’s mandatory to know the ins and outs of the game completely before taking that crucial decision. Here are a few pros and cons of going pro.



1. Following your dream career

Not many get the opportunity to live their dreams. They settle for some other thing and often yearn for that day where they could follow the dream. For professional rummy players, it’s a dream come true. They are able to follow their passion and in the process make some mint too.

2. Freedom

Everyone likes the idea of working at our own hours. Not many have that luxury as they have to subject themselves to the schedule of their employers. If you go pro, you are your own boss and can be flexible with your schedules. Working at your own hours is something that excites many people. No boss, no alarms, no 9-6 schedules.

3. Earning Opportunity

Money at the end of the day is indispensable part of our lives. Fortunately or unfortunately, money is the element which determines our status in the society unless we choose to live the life of ascetic. By going pro in rummy, which happens to be your passion as well, you are doing a job you like and getting paid too.

4. Fame

Let’s face it, if you are employed in a company, you are best known within the company circle. There are very little chances that you are known outside your company ecosystem, whereas your success in a sport like rummy will get you fame, adoration and money too. Becoming an icon in any sport is a great feeling!


1. Handling losses

It’s important that you realize that you cannot win every single game that you play in rummy. You must be prepared for a dry spell then and there.

2. Long Hours

While it’s true that you can work flexibly when you choose playing rummy as a career option. However, you must prepare yourself for some long gaming sessions where you cannot afford to relax unlike a regular job. At times, you cannot prevent fatigue setting in.

3. Uncertainty

You can be certain about your skills and strategy, but you cannot be certain about the outcome in the game. Not every time the tide would swing your way. Though you may see yourself ahead of other players in terms of skills, you cannot be certain of a win.

4. Weekend fun

If you want to go pro, you must prepare to let go of your weekend fun. Weekends are the time where hi-roll tourneys are scheduled in most classic rummy sites. If you miss them, you are going to lose a significant chunk of your monthly income.

Whether you chose to go pro or play casually, the unbridled fun of rummy will charm you eternally. However, it is essential to know the ins and outs of any activity before taking a crucial decision concerned to it.

Why is Online Rummy Safe to play?

The growing technology is making people living a great luxurious digital life. Indians are enjoying playing rummy in the online platform. The game is available 24*7. A mobile rummy app is enough to play the game. There are three variants of 13-card Indian rummy you can play here. The game is legal and also win real cash here. Even though the game has owned a legal status, there are many failing to accept the trueness.

This blog briefs the truth behind online rummy,

Online Payment

Online payment is the best way to make payments in the current lifestyle. The digital cash concept turned out to be a great revolution. It is now a great option to make an online payment from anywhere at any time. The concept has merged in the online rummy platform. Players in the online rummy platform must make a real cash deposit to win real cash and withdraw them. Online payment in online rummy is very much easier with a great bunch of payment options. Paytm, PayU, net banking, UPI are some famous ones. Payments are now recorded, safe and very fast to do here. Therefore the burden of making payments is nothing to worry about. Withdrawal is also similar to it.


As you already know, the rules of the game are pretty simple and very much easy to learn. The rules are as same as the traditional off-line method of gaming. For the convenience of players, every online rummy host has a page named “How to play Rummy?”. This page details players on how to play the game and about the rules for every variant of rummy. The rules of rummy are strictly followed in here. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any kind of room for any errors to happen while playing.

Card distribution

Rummy is a card game there would be a lot of doubt on the card distribution among players. The game has an answer for this. Random number generator (RNG) is the proof to users that cards are dealt in a very fair manner. Not just the card distribution but also the joker selection is very much fair and legal. The RNG certificates are certified from globally famous labs.

Responsible Gaming

All rummy platforms are making sure to take steps to prevent addiction. Not just addiction, platforms are making sure to prevent Under age access. The support department in every digital rummy hosting firms monitors player activities regularly, to make sure they don’t overspend at their site.

Healthy Gaming habits are vitally important

The Nation wide lockdown brought upon us by the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted several sectors. Besides affecting the demand supply quotient, the lockdown has also brought significant lifestyle and behavioral changes.
It’s very important to have a healthy relationship with all sorts of gaming, whether you are playing online rummy or poker or even betting in an online casino. Now more than ever it is important to keep control of your gaming habits in these unprecedented times.

Keep your gaming habits in control

Most of us are confined indoors right now and we have more free time with us than ever before. While it’s tempting to play rummy online more than our scheduled time, it is not a bad idea to remind ourselves that gaming habits are just for fun and entertainment. The fun is best enjoyed if we keep our gaming habits within our budgets.

While we have already highlighted the five important ways to maintain a good rummy bankroll, it is important for the players to follow responsible gaming habits themselves. You can refer to our posts on responsible gaming to get an idea about it. Read it, digest it, and internalize it whenever you play rummy online. Always remember the thumb rule before gaming – your bankroll must never exceed the amount that you cannot afford to lose. Not that it need to be taken in an negative sense, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can have a kick ass gaming experience and earn lots of money by following responsible gaming practices. A lot of rummy veterans are still in the field only by keeping their gaming habits in control.
As a company, Deccan Rummy follows responsible gaming practices and ensures our users have a positive gaming experience every time. We have a range of tools that are designed to keep our users to keep their gaming habits in control.

From deposit limits to restrictions on certain tables, we go tooth and nail in providing the user a solid gaming experience. We never shy away from advising the users to take a break on occasions where the players ebb out of control.

You can always reach us

Even in these harrowing times of uncertainty brought upon by Coronavirus, 100% of our customer support are providing your assistance. You can always reach us through chat support and email; they are available round the clock and will respond to your at our earliest.
Our Social Media accounts remain vibrant always. No matter whether which channel you chose – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we will respond to you promptly. We understand that the moods are somber all along, you can always light up your day with some rummy action and we are always there to assist you.

Together we will overcome this

We are doing everything in our power to providing you with a vibrant gaming experience. With everyone stuck at home, you cannot go out as we normally do. Our rummy platform loaded with exceptional games and rummy tournaments will come to your rescue during these tough days. Eat, Sleep and Repeat’ routine, it can get onto people’s nerves easily. Modern day smartphones are a great tool for entertainment, aside from media content and socializing, they can be a great gadget for gaming. It’s also worth downloading the Deccan Rummy app for your Android or iOS devices and connect with millions of gamers across India.

Ready to jump into action?

If you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of rummy game online, then click here to download Deccan Rummy and get started?
We would like to once again thank you for choosing Deccan Rummy as your rummy companion.

Benefits of playing online games

Online gaming is more of a pure class entertainment in this digital world. The massive growth in mobile technology has led the way to popularise online gaming. The boom in internet usage in the country is also one reason for promoting online gaming. In India, smartphones have become very affordable to buy, and you can also find huge data packs available for a very affordable rate. These two factors, combined together, become a huge motivator for any user to explore the digital world. Things are turning so real and true with this revolution in the digital world.

Certain simple card games like rummy and poker which part played in real-time for so many decades in the country is now available in the online platform in the form of online rummy and online poker. Both these games have turned to be a great giant in Indian gaming circles. It is very much easy to play card games with mobile rummy app and mobile poker app.

Playing online games does leave some positive note on the player’s behaviour traits. Online gaming is considered as a natural way to workout not physically but mentally. There are many advantages because of playing online games. This blog helps you understand why you should play online games.

Reduces stress

Scientists have proven that playing online games reduces stress in a person. Especially card games like rummy when a player when a person place card game regularly, it is proved that the person playing has very low stress and feels more comfortable with the surrounding more than anyone else. On a more scientific a note the stress-related hormones are 17% less when playing online card games. This directly increases the level of joy and enjoyment of a person. After a full day work, playing online games could be the best way to reduce the stress in you.

To stay engaged

Online gaming is very much true to reduce stress and also increase the skill levels in an individual. Boring routine in daily life it’s not so good for a person that’s when online gaming turns more like a medicine to boost up the adrenaline in you. When you have an empty space in life, online gaming can feel with more fun enjoy it makes you feel more engaged with what you are doing. When you think psychologically this move would be a great one. There are certain games you can play in the online gaming world, which can make you feel so much real, and you feel like the players your phone and gaming ecosystem does really exist.


As mentioned earlier in this blog, gaming is considered one of the best entertainment you can enjoy from the very place you are in. You need a smart device along with an internet connection to make it happen. Enjoy a varied collection of Online games across different genres. Regardless of the time you play the game, regardless of the place you play from, entertainment is guaranteed in online gaming.