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New Year Millionaire Leaderboard Winners

It was an explosive month at Deccan Rummy with the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard running all guns blazing. The contest which set the rummy arena on fire came to an end last week. It was an extraordinary contest and came as a another feather in our cap in hosting high-value guarantees.

With the mindblowing giveaways on offer, we had no doubt that contest would resonate in a big way amidst our players. True to our expectation, the contest was lit!

Right from the first day, players from all walks of life actively participated in the contest. Since, the contest was based on the performance in the weekly leaderboard, Who wouldn’t want to enjoy double treat? The giveaways from the regular weekly leaderboard and the reward for consistency in it in New Year Millionaire Leaderboard. many old players resurfaced and many newbies also joined in the quest for glory and started playing cash games.


Normally, leaderboard contests like this is always competitive. People who hold their nerves and have a better control over their emotions while playing rummy end up at the top. The race was tight from start to finish with many newbies actively putting their best foot forward to land up in the top. The ranking board saw so many changes in the bygone 5 weeks with players trying hard to repeat their previous week’s performance.

As the old saying goes, no good deed goes unrewarded. For their stupendous efforts, shivrajsss, ashulove, shanjana, and lokesh1207 ended up being winners and walked away with BMW G 310 GS, Royal Enfield Scram 411, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and 25K Cash Bonus respectively.

Deccan Rummy extends our heartfelt kudos to every winner and acknowledge their supreme efforts to get placed in a high-voltage contest of this magnitude. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest and made it a great success.

We would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. May this year bring you good health, prosperity, and big winnings. Stay tuned to our platform for many other exciting rummy tourneys and bonus treats this year.

Score better in rummy by keeping your emotions under check

Certain people think that luck plays a major role in the game of rummy. Sure, one cannot deny the involvement of luck in the game. For example, you could consider yourself lucky if you get a good starting hands. With a good starting hand, you can easily meld your sets and/or sequences without much worry. However, luck alone does not determine the outcome in a rummy game. It is the players’ skill and mental dexterity that determines the outcome in a rummy card game. Long term sustainability in a game depends on your skill and how well you are able to handle your emotions in a rummy table.

Take stock of emotions

Talking about emotions, it is very important to keep your emotional tab under control as not keeping track of it may cause spoilsport in the game. If you give into emotions like fear, anxiety or anger, then there is very little chance for you to win. Players who win consistently have mastered the art of handling their emotions well. They do not take hasty decisions when things do not turn out in their way.

Being a card game online that is heavily reliant on skill, one must focus on improving their skills continuously without giving room for emotions. You need to completely focus on the game and do not give any room for distracting thoughts and ensure that negative emotions do not ruin your game at any cost.

Make sure you are at peace at all the time and sit and play the game in a comfortable environment where you could focus on the game only. Keep the diverting thoughts at bay and ensure you put forward your best moves when on the table.

To help you further overcome the bouts of emotions that may interfere in the game which may affect your prospects, here are a few tips that you can follow:

Activities that you can follow


Meditation increases your focus and concentration. It helps you calm your mind and keeps negative thoughts at bay. Since a game like rummy involves you to concentrate heavily, it is important to not to let your attention go astray. A prolonged session of meditation would clear your mind and keep you focused. Be it any activity that involves your mind, it’s always better to start with meditating.

2. Listen to Soothing Music

A good music has the power to heal. It is not uncommon to see music used in various kinds of therapies. Music can touch your soul and calm your nerves. So when you are under any kind of duress, make sure you listen to your favorite track, which will set you right on track.

3. Exercising

Apart from having physical benefits, exercising also several benefits on your mind. Going on a long walk would help you break free from negative thought cycle and develop positive thoughts. Exercising releases endorphin, a feel good hormone which will lift your moods and keep you afloat.

Trying out any of these activities whenever you are under some kind of duress would help you a long way in beating the negative emotions. Have a happy gaming session.

Bonus Offers to boost your chances in our New Year Millionaire Leaderboard

It’s the year end finally! With Christmas and New Year eve around, the excitement is palpable. 2022 has been a remarkable year for the Indian rummy enthusiasts as they were party to some of the biggest promotions in the rummy industry and one can only imagine what 2023 has in store for rummy enthusiasts. It’s only befitting to end the year on a high note. So, the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard Race couldn’t have come at a better time.

Bonus Offers for New Year Millionaire Leaderboard

With the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard running in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to win big. As soon as the contest began, we can see the excitement among players. There has been a rapid influx of the old players and many new players have joined the fray to go for the big prizes.  To help you have a fair chance at these prizes, We are giving away a few bonus offers to boost your chances in the leaderboard race. Load your wallets with 70% bonus upto Rs. 3500 with our Dazzling December and Weekly Bonus offer. These bonus offers gives you fair chance to increase your bankroll and play cash games.

Normally, any leaderboard race is extremely competitive, so players have to bring their A+ rummy game to stand a chance. Keep grinding and maintain consistency in our weekly leaderboard contest every week as this contest is based on these weekly leaderboard.

Grab these Bonus offers on time, play more and go for the biggies in the leaderboard.

Offer NameOfferBonus CodeValidity
Dazzling December15% Bonus upto Rs. 750DEC2022Dec 1-31
Weekly Bonus Offer20% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.1000CHILL22Dec 1 – 8
Weekly Bonus Offer10% Cash Bonus Upto Rs.500DELIGHT10Dec 9 – 15
Weekly Bonus Offer15% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.750FLASH750Dec 16 – 22
Weekly Bonus Offer10% Cash Bonus Upto Rs.500XMAS22Dec 23 – 31


New Year Millionaire Leaderboard Promises big giveaways with 25 Lakhs Prizepool

The New Year Buzz has started! After a thrilling year filled with high-value promotions, we are here sign off things on a grand note with a mind-blowing promotion.

Are you up for some giant winnings? Stay tuned to an exciting New Year promotion in our Platform that will shower you with life-altering prizes.

2022 was an awesome year for Rummy enthusiasts at Deccan Rummy. To sign off this spectacular year, we are coming up with a breathtaking promotion! Wouldn’t it be great to sign off the year with colossal winnings under your belt.

New Year Millionaire Leaderboard

Running from Nov 27 – Dec 31, the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard is all set to reward you in a big way with its colossal giveaway of ₹25 Lakhs. In terms of prize money, it is one of the largest leaderboard with stunning giveaway.

Spread over three categories, the contest comes with exciting rewards like Kia Sonet, BMW Bike, RE Scram, iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and lots more along with cash bonus prizes. So, there is a lot to look forward to! Don’t miss to capture the perfect New Year vibes by winning awesome prizes.

The best part about this contest is that it is based on your performance in our regular weekly leaderboard contests.  The more consistent you are in these five week period, the more your chances to earn a spot in the leaderboard. No matter whether you are a low stakes player, a mid-stakes player, or a high-stakes player, this promotion promises to be greatly rewarding for everyone. Keep grinding your favourite rummy cash games to improve your chances.

Since this contest is conducted in three levels, aim for the prizes you want to win right at the beginning and play with the stakes required to crack that particular level.

The field is wide open and all are welcome to participate in this contest. It is a perfect opportunity for those seeking big wins at the end of the year.