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Six Tips to be more professional at work

Many organization expect their employees to be thorough professionals. A professional in any field commands good respect, pay, and status in the society. Even in online games, there’s plenty of talk about professionals having an edge over others. If you are wondering what’s being professional is all about, then this is the article you ought to read. Professional does not equate to being rough and haughty with your subordinates or a more ruthless demeanor on the outside.

Professionalism goes beyond that, it is about maintaining positive relationship with your fellow employees which in turn creates a healthy work environment and helps your organization. Following are the list of tips that can turn your attitude into a positive one and help you in journey to become a thorough professional.

How to be more professional?

1. Respect your coworkers

Respect given will be the respect earned. If you treat your co-workers well, you will get a good respect in turn. On the other hand, if your behavior is contemptuous, you will be a subject of scorn. Even if your co-worker fails to complete a task within the deadline, it is important that you stay within your limits and treat them decently. You must remember that every employees’ work benefits your organization. Similar to rummy game, where it is constantly communicated to the players asking them to treat fellow opponents fairly, always treat your co-workers, sub-ordinates, and seniors in your organization with due respect.

2. Communicate effectively

People do not have the time or passion to listen to glib talk, smug talk, and self-boasting. Speaking in such a way leaves a bad impression on you and people would very soon become tired of your antics. While communicating with people, be succinct and precise. Avoid glib talk, and get to the point straightly. Effective communication builds a healthy work environment and creates good camaraderie with fellow workers

3. Dress Appropriately

Most organizations have approved business casuals these days. However, some people who are fashion savvy love to keep trend with the latest fashion and buy things. It is important to dress in a way that looks decent and does not affect other people’s sensibilities. You do not want to attract unwanted attention.

4. Listening

While effective communication will land the point across, listening is also equally important. Many miscommunication happen in corporate ecosystem because of miscommunication. Everyone who aspires to be a professional must cultivate the habit of listening properly. Just like how you acquire while listening in your colleges, you may understand other’s point of view and gain valuable insights at times

5. Maintain successful habits

Planning, organizing, and time management are very important within the corporate circles. In order to be a good professional, one must be manage their finances and time well. If you are playing rummy, it is important to remain patient, relaxed, and motivated at all the times. Playing rummy with a positive mindset fetches good results. Many people tend to overlook these things and consider trivial without realizing that it has a major impact. These qualities in no doubt will have a significant impact on your professional life

6. Take Initiatives

Regardless of where you are placed in a organizational structure, taking initiatives will help you get noticed by the management. No good deed with go unrewarded. By taking initiatives, you also get a chance to demonstrate your leadership and increase your self-confidence. Even in the game of rummy, keen learners end up as tournament champions very often.

Madhapakka ships Holi Splash Tournament

The Much revered Holi Splash tournament concluded last week. It was a big guaranteed tournament with 5 Lakh Prizepool up for grabs. Just like the festival of colours which is celebrated in a grand manner, the tournament was a grand success. From the date of announcement, there was palpable excitement among the players. We all know how rummy game is intrinsically connected with Indian festivals. Holi being a colorful and vibrant festival, deserves some equally thrilling competition, and Holi splash tourney perfectly filled that space.

Normally, special tournaments run to packed houses in our platform and this was no exception. Being a multi-level tournament, Holi Splash was conducted in three levels – Satellites, Qualifiers, and Finale. Droves of players from all walks of life and the level of competition was intense with players actively pitting their skills to climb on top. Normally, in a tournament like this, only skilled players who have the ability to dig in for a long haul prevail.

Holi Splash Winner Madhapakka

After a tough battle, it was Player “Madhapakka” who emerged at the top outwitting all the other challengers. It was Madhapakka’s first major win and it couldn’t have come at a better occasion. Winning a special rummy tournament like Holi Splash is a remarkable achievement and Madhapakka’s win in this tourney will be remembered for long. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Madhapakka and we hope this is just a beginning! We expect him to crush many high-value guarantees and biggies in the coming tourneys. Special congratulations to players “sampathsampu” and “lakshay0717” for securing the second and third spot respectively.

Deccan Rummy would like to extend our thanks to all the players who participated in this tourney and made it a grand success. Stay connected as the cricket season is fast approaching and we have so many exciting contests up in the pipeline. See you all with an exciting rummy promotion very soon!

Must play rummy tournaments for Indian Rummy enthusiasts

Indian Rummy tournaments are the most preferred game form by players. Since, they are very rewarding by their nature and also offer a platform for players to demonstrate their skill; it’s loved by experts and novices. It is the reason why most rummy tournaments run to packed houses

To get things clear, Tournaments are the format of rummy, where different players compete for a prizepool. A tournament runs into many rounds (depending on structure) and players do get eliminated in the subsequent rounds all the way to finale with six players in the table. Our multi-table tournaments are extremely popular in the Indian rummy circuit as they come with a tempting prizepool and also a chance to compete against the best in the business

Deccan Rummy offers Free and Cash tournaments in our platform to keep you at the edge of the seat. These tournaments are hosted throughout the day, whatever time you login, you will find a tournament for you to compete and enjoy. Now let’s discuss these tournaments in detail along with popular tournaments in each category.

  1. Free Roll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are those tourneys which cost you nothing to play. You can enter the tables without an entry fee. These come with a fixed prizepool which the winners of the tournament will share. A lot of player start with freeroll tournaments before transitioning into cash rummy games and tournaments. Freeroll tournaments offer you an excellent platform to improve your rummy skills and also get a chance to win money without having to invest any.

Deccan Rummy offers a number of freeroll tournaments throughout the day with real cash prizes, cash bonuses, gold coins, and gift vouchers as giveaways. Tournaments like Giftraffle, GoldQuest, Mega Blast, and Rapid Rustle have consistently attracted people from all walks of the life over several years. So many players have won these tournaments a number of times and moved on to achieve more glory in high-value contests! Freeroll tournaments are the perfect learning curve if you are looking to improve your rummy skills and also to learn what real competition feels like.

  1. Cash Rummy Tournaments

Cash Rummy Tournaments are those tournaments where you will have to pay an entry fee in order to participate. Normally, for a cash rummy tournament the prizepool is determined by the number of participants in the tournaments multiplied by their entry fee. The winners (differs by number for each tournament) share the prizepool. The number of rounds may vary from tournament to tournament.

All the tournaments will begin only when 50% of the seats are occupied. Cash tourneys are a bit more competitive than freeroll as it features players who have a considerable rummy experience under their belt. Nevertheless, even newbies can participate in them provided they are confident with their rummy skills. Deccan Rummy hosts a multiple number of cash rummy tournaments namely Cash Splash, Knight Rider, Twenty Twenty, Hyper 500, and Turbo 250 which see a good turnout.

  1. Special Rummy Tournaments

We know Indian festivals are celebrated with much pomp and fervour. Indian Rummy has always played an integral part during Indian festivals. There has been a syncretic  connection between Indian rummy and festivals. Throughout history, they have various urban legends about rummy being a courthouse game in different empires that have ruled over the Indian subcontinent. It is normal to see families bonding towards each other with a game of rummy after festival celebration and get-togethers.

Now that rummy action has moved online, we’ve left no stones unturned to enjoy the game in its favorite format. At Deccan Rummy, we host tournaments on all major Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Christmas, Pongal, Makarsankranti etc. These tournaments come under special rummy tournaments category and come with a hefty prizepool. Throughout the years, hundreds of players have benefitted in a big way by winning these tournaments. All it takes is a bit of extra effort and better overall control to emerge on top in these tourneys.

Now that you’ve learned about Indian Rummy tournaments, don’t you feel an urge to take part immediately? Just login to Deccan Rummy from your mobile app/laptop and check out the tournaments running and it could be your turn today! See you at the tables! Happy playing!


Holi Special

Big Winnings await you in our Holi Special Tournament worth Rs. 5 Lakhs

Considered to be one of the most legendary card games every played for well over several centuries, rummy continues to captivate audiences across the world since it’s moved online. One of the most significant features of online rummy is the tournament format which attracts the best in the business to one place. Deccan Rummy understands the craziness behind tournaments and has been churning out special rummy tournaments regularly on all major festivals. You would know that playing rummy during festivals has been a regular custom practiced over for ages. Rummy brings delight, pleasure, and is believed to bring good fortune. Most importantly, it is one of the easiest cerebral workouts available.

Holi Special Tournament

This being the Holi Season, the atmosphere is vibrant. There is excitement everywhere. Holi is unmistakably one of the most vibrant Indian festivals. Let the vibrant colours of Holi engulf your lives with profound happiness and lead to great Success. We at Deccan Rummy are adding more colour to the mix and make your Holi Party come alive with more excitement.

Just to make you experience the best of rummy strategy, the rush of adrenaline and vibrancy of Holi, we are hosting a Holi Special tournament with a enormous prizepool of Rs. 5 Lakh. Running from Feb 27-Mar 8, this sparkling tournament is here to make your celebration more fun-filled and profitable one. To give everyone a fair chance at winning, the tournament follows a progressive format with three levels – Satellites, Qualifiers, and Finale.

Back to back days of uninhibited time with your most favorite card game, we are sure that you’d love this experience. Settle down comfy in your sofa, grab a beverage, and get set to put your rummy skills to test this Festival Season. A tournament is a place where you may face the big boys of rummy, you better up the ante! Spread the word to your friends about this tournament and book your table to take a shot at the awesome prizepool!