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4 situations when you have to drop from Online Rummy

Only passionate Rummy players know the importance of maintaining low-value points in hand. A smart player would drop from the game when not confident about the cards received rather than to lose big by taking a risk. This is a major quality a player to be a pro in this card game. It will also keep a player confident enough to stay strong. Let’s discuss on how to improve your rummy skills. Learn many more rummy tips and strategies on our website.
First drop – When you drop from the game in the very first chance, it is called the first drop. It will cost you 20 points.
Middle drop – When you drop out of the game after playing your first chance, it is called the middle drop. You will lose 40 points for middle drops.
You cannot drop from a game when you play 2 player deals game. Here are many options when you must drop.

1. Missing sequential cards

You might have multiple joker cards in hand, but when the other cards aren’t in sequential the formula wouldn’t work out. A situation like this can definitely confuse players. There mustn’t be any kind of second thought on dropping out from the game. Non-sequential cards are the cards from the same suit not falling in a proper sequence.

2. High cards without joker cards

Face cards can make you lose huge points. When you don’t have the x-factor card (joker card) in your hand, it is going to be really tough for players to meld all the cards. The joker card mentioned before not just denotes the face joker card but also the wild joker cards. Say you have a pure sequence along with some big face cards in hand without any joker cards in hand, you must drop from the game.

3. High cards without pure sequence

The first thing you must do when you receive the cards is to look for pure sequences. When there isn’t a pure sequence on hand, the game does look hard. Whereas when your hand is dominated by face cards without any pure sequence, it is definitely a disaster to play the game. The only option left for you is to step out – drop from the game to escape from a huge defeat.

4. Low-value cards without jokers and pure sequence

Players get confused on receiving low-value cards without joker cards and pure sequence. Don’t be ordinary in the plot. Just drop from the game. Even though the cards, on the whole, do not occupy big scores in the scoreboard, a player must drop out from the table.

Six reasons that make playing online rummy exciting

Rummy Online

Rummy is one of the most fascinating card games around. It is one of those card games which has found its way in family, festivals, and any large-scale gathering in the Indian sociocultural environment for generations. Despite the arrival of several high-end games, rummy has not lost an iota of its popularity. The majority of card games like Rummy and Poker have transitioned into the digital world today. The emergence of Rummy Online Sites caused a spurt in the popularity of rummy, thereby bringing players across all walks of lives.

What is that fascinating aspect of rummy that enraptures people all around? Forget win or loss, there are surely some exciting elements in Rummy that enamors people from all walks of life. The game gives you a new experience every time you play. In this post, we attempt to list down things that draws people towards rummy.

1. Rummy Online is a Skill game

The primary reason that people turn towards rummy than other card games is that rummy is a skill game. Contrary to other games where luck plays a major role, in rummy it’s the individual’s skill which will see him throughout the game. Everybody loves challenges and to take control of the situation, rummy game enables you to take complete control of the situations. The cards you pick and drop decide your fortunes in the game.

2. Multiple Game Formats

Prior to the emergence of rummy online, we could afford to play one just version of rummy. No one likes to play the same game for hours together. It’s quite natural to get burnt out after a while. With online rummy came a respite from the burn-out, you can now enjoy multiple versions of rummy (points, pool, and Deals), players can switch to any versions they want.

3. Competitiveness

Every gamer loves challenges. It is in fact the intense competition and challenge to overcome odds, that get the gamer more involved in the game. Rummy Online presents a wide open world full of challenges. Rummy Tournaments, Leader board challenges, and rummy variants foster healthy rivalry between players. The excitement and adrenaline rush upon overcoming odds and winning a tournament is something only players can feel.

4. Huge Rewards

In case you didn’t know no other game offers you that much chances to win real cash as much as rummy. The prospect of monetary benefits adds an extra layer of fun to the game. Rummy players with their skills and expertise can encash them in a big way. Also, the players can take advantage of various offers and promotions that rummy sites come up with. To put it simply, rummy offers you plenty of chances of turning from rags to riches.

5. Socializing

These are times where we are largely restricted indoors because of the ongoing home confinement situation. At these times when curfew is imposed, meeting and socializing with friends is a big No-NO. What else could entertain you more than a rummy online platform, where you get to interact with a lot of gamers without any geographical boundaries and have some fun.

6. Flexible Playing options

One of the biggest advantage of online rummy is its flexible options to play anytime, anywhere. Apart from enjoying the game from rummy portals, you can also download rummy mobile app and get started. In fact, these days with the abundance of smartphones everywhere, most players prefer to play the game from their rummy mobile apps. Don’t bother about the timing as the tables are open 24/7 and you can always find someone to play with anytime.


The proliferation of smartphone and availability of affordable internet have opened the floodgates for the gaming community. Games like Rummy Online not only entertain the user but also reward them in a big way. The game is much loved for its simple rummy rules and easy gameplay. Why not hop on to the rummy tables in a reliable rummy site like Deccan Rummy and get started? As they say, time is precious. Make use of the free time to your advantage and rake in some big moolahs

Viswateki takes down Ugadi Tourney

Nothing is stopping our players from playing at Deccan Rummy. From day 1 of our launch, there has been some fantastic performances at our tables. We came to see one such performance yesterday. It was the Ugadi Special Tournament! It sounded to be a perfect start to a new year. The tournament had a completely new structure this year. The tourney was split into 3 levels, including Ugadi Satellite, Ugadi Qualifier, and Ugadi Special Finale tourney. The tourney has been open to all and, also had an option to play the finale without playing the initial stages. The tournament has placed itself on a perfect calendar timeline. Ugadi is really an auspicious and special time in the Deccan plateau region of India. The tournament starts from March 23 to March 25.

Ugadi Satellite

The contest started on March 23 and the first stage of the tourney saw some aspiring rummy players sharing the table with some of the renowned faces of Deccan Rummy. The competition had its own flavors with players fighting hard with the cards to progress in the tourney. The beginning had a reward bag worth ₹20k along with 46 free tickets to the qualifiers stage. Virat 4 stood tall defeating many star players at the very beginning of the tourney with some outstanding moves at the table. We won some handsome part from the prize pool along with a ticket to enter the qualifier stage. The satellite stage saw 46 players moving on to the next level.

Ugadi Qualifiers

Held on March 24, the qualifiers stage saw the next of gaming among our players. Players can join the contest either by using the free entry ticket or by making a buy-in of ₹100. The registration itself was a quick one. 299 seats in total were available at this level. The reward bag had ₹ 30k in total along with 100 tickets to join the special finale round. There were many nail-biting moments at the table. rknaidukoti Won the round getting a good sum of money from the prize pool amount. 100 players were given free tickets to join the finale round.

Ugadi Special Finale

The biggest advantage of this Ugadi tournament format is that a player who has lost the initial stage or even if the player hasn’t been a part of the tournament here before can join the finale round by making a buy-in of ₹ 200. There were 250 seats for players to battle out in the grand final. The prize pool was ₹ 50k. A great day with a great tournament. On March 25, Deccan Rummy had some fantabulous show of Rummy skills. Ugadi finale had top contenders of which 3 players held on to the top 3 slots. Viswateki, Hemantbhoye, and krish042 were the outstanding performers of the tourney. Viswateki had to mentioned in special, for a fantastic display of rummy gaming. We would like to thank and congratulate every contender.

We have got a lot more for you. There’s more to come in the future. Stay connected with Deccan Rummy!

Buckle up! Join the much-awaited Ugadi Finale tourney today

Deccan Rummy continues to excite rummy players across the country with exciting Rummy tournaments and bonus offers. This Ugadi is no exception. Ugadi is the New Year for those who are living in the Deccan plateau in India and it marks the arrival of Spring Season. Ugadi is consider to bring prosperity in the lives of people, so it’s celebrated with much passion and vigor. It’s the time considered auspicious to start new ventures. On this day, celebrations include decorating the homes with colorful rangolis and strings of mango leaves that symbolizes prosperity. As always, preparation of mouth-watering cuisines that has Ugadi Pachdi, a unique dish that provides six different tastes. In these days of Home confinement, Ugadi is largely a family affair. 


Ugadi Special Tournament which is running from Mar 23, is seeing some tremendous participation by rummy players from all walks of life. The tournament which is being conducted at three levels – SAtellites, Qualifier, and Finale is played by users in great spirits. 

Ugadi Satellites

The satellites which marked the beginning of the tournament nearly saw a full house. With prize amount and ticket for the next stage up for grabs, Players as usual were fiercely competitive. The Ugadi satellites saw some exciting rummy action with players trying to outplay others with their skills. In the end, it was Virat 4 who stood at the top outplaying several other competitors with his rummy skills. For his fantastic efforts, Virat took home a good chunk of prizemoney and received free tickets to the next tournament. Aside from Virat, 46 other players received prizemoney and free tickets to the Ugadi Qualifiers. 

Ugadi Qualifiers

Yesterday saw the conclusion of Ugadi Qualifiers, which saw players registering with the free tickets obtained from Ugadi Satellites and players who played with a buy-in of Rs. 100. It was business as usual with players fighting tooth and nail to emerge victorious. One-thing about these multi-level tournaments are, that they give the users several chances to win a prize. Even if you miss the satellites, you can directly join the Qualifiers and go for the finale. Ugadi Qualifiers was action-packed and in the long drawn out action, it was rknaidukoti, who took the top spot outplaying other players. In total, 100 players received free tickets to the finale.

Ugadi Finale

Now is the D-day, the almost important tournament is here. The moment you’ve waiting been waiting for is now here! It’s time to turn this festival day into special day. Deccan rummy is giving you an option to make it to the finals even if you haven’t been a a part of the initial stages. Make a buy-in of Rs 200 to join the Finale stage that carries a prize pool worth Rs 50k. The tournament is a best entertainment for Rummy enthusiasts as people have to stay in house as it is a preventive measure to stay away from Corona. There’s a lot of exciting rummy actions you can enjoy at the grand finale. You could play against some of the best Rummy players in the country. Hot seats with hot prize pool awaits you ! Pull off a great starts to the new year.