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How can a Beginner turn into a Pro Player?

Do you think you can make your presence to be a history in the online rummy ecosystem? Yes, this can happen even if you are a newcomer to the game. There are already many who have made this possible. Deccan Rummy is giving you an excellent opportunity to learn about the process and to implement the learning at the table. The game doesn’t have constant formulas but has well-framed rummy rules and regulations that put the player in thinking a lot in the given situation within the constraints they are put in. Here are a few tips in helping you reach pro status in the gaming arena.


Winners always maintain a positive vibe in and around them. They never have the habit of giving up on things. Try hands in various rummy tournaments and leaderboard contests. Being put in different situations can test your character and behaviour- it is indeed a huge process to involve. Such practices are worthy moves when looked back from the future.


The game has enough entertainment along with an equal amount of challenge at the table. The game demands a high level of intelligence, there are a series of challenges, tasks to cross the finish line. Hence one has to stay focused on the tables. Every second in the game can impact the game’s result. Don’t let any kind of external factors disturb your hunt for huge winnings.

Patience and Aggression

Both the terms seem to be contradictory, but both are needed while playing online rummy. One must be patient enough in handling failures, and aggressive enough in their gaming strategy. When it comes to Online Rummy, patience is a huge term. The player has to stay patient when hit with continuous failures and must be matured enough to handle continuous success.


Bring your A+ game in today’s Ganesh Chaturthi Finale

Deccan Rummy Wishes You All a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. The festive vibe, celebrations, and enjoyment are palpable. On this special day, Special Poojas are performed in all households. Known to bring good fortune into every family, Lord Ganpati is worshipped and venerated today on these auspicious occasions. May Lord Ganesh bless you all and you stay in sound physical and financial health.

After finishing your festival customs, it’s time to gear up for hot rummy action! No festival celebration without some online rummy action these days! While we pray to Lord Ganesha to bring an abundance of health and wealth, here’s your chance to win some amazing fortunes! Ganesh Chaturthi finale is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

Ganesh Chaturthi Finale

The Ganesh Chaturthi tournament which has been running on our platform since Sept 2 has received a great response from players all over India. With an awesome prize pool of ₹5 Lakh up for grabs; players have been actively participating in the satellites and qualifiers hosted on our platform. Since free tickets are issued along with prize money, the tournaments have been packed.

The moment you all have been waiting for is now here! Players looking to soak in the thrill of rummy must participate in our Ganesh Chaturthi Finale today @ 9 PM. With a prize pool of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs, the tournament offers amazing winning opportunities for all. Players can either register with the free tickets obtained through qualifiers or play with a buy-in of Rs. 500. With just 600 seats available, there’s going to be plenty of rush to register. Be an early bird and register for the tournament as soon as it begins at 3 PM. Brush your skills to get rummy tips in place at the right time.

No one likes to miss a lucrative opportunity to win big during a festival. Turn this Ganesh Chaturthi tournament finale as your perfect shot at diving into big winnings and stardom. Let this festival occasion be the beginning of everything that is prosperous and inspiring.

Things to avoid while playing Rummy

For those who have played the 13-card Indian Rummy, it is a perfect skill game to test an individual’s smartness. It is a real fact that people have to play with proper rummy strategy to survive here. Even a small mistake can cause a huge loss. A game’s result is dependent on moves played by each of the players at the table. Making sequences and sets to declare the game would sound easy from the outside but the task demands huge efforts from the behind.

There are several mistakes for which people lose the game; we have detailed them below for reference,

Sorting cards

With the cards available in just 2 colours, people tend to get confused about the suits.  There are players who do not take sorting as an important factor in online rummy. Using the sort button, people can easily sort the cards in order of colour and suits. It gets the players a clear perception of the cards dealt. Taking things for granted can turn to be a huge mistake.


The basic quality in a rummy player is to have good knowledge of the rummy rules. There are a lot of rummy variants in the online platform, and the differences within them are very few hence people get to get confused about the game format and the rules. Sometimes people play with different rules in mind and get to lose the game.


The game demands a lot of focus and concentration on the table. Not just on your cards but also on the cards picked and discarded by your opponents. Due to lack of focus, you could lose your turn or could miss out on the much-needed card or sometimes even discard the joker cards. Thus, to be a successful rummy player one must have better concentration and focus.

High-Value cards

Rather than playing for wins, a player must focus on playing the smart way. Many go wrong in this scenario, there’s a lot of players getting tempted to take a risk and also result in losses. Things must be calculative in rummy, taking risks is acceptable up to one extend. One has to discard the unnecessary high-value cards as soon as possible in order to escape from huge losses.

analytical skill

Five easy ways to improve your analytical skills

One of the key skills required to succeed in your life is analytical skills. In today’s fast-paced world, every person working in an organization is expected to think outside the box. Employers expect their employees to be smart, clever and follow a proactive approach while dealing with complex problems. So, when they are hiring candidates for a position, they expect the candidates to have good analytical skills.

While some are gifted with good analytical skills by birth, others have to cultivate them. You must develop a keen interest and an eye and ear for learning new things. Just like developing any other skills, developing your analytical skills require patience, determination, and perseverance. If you think you are ready to invest time in it, then here are a few tips that can assist you.

How to improve your analytical skills

1. Be observant

The first step to increase your analytical skill is to stay observant. It is important to be aware of it what is happening around you. Whether you are working in a factory or studying in a college, take a stroll and actively engage your mind on what you are seeing. Once you actively engage all your senses, you can achieve perfect mind-body coordination. Strong observation automatically makes your mind responsive and you can effectively apply your mind to all the tasks you’re performing

2. Read Books

Reading is one of tried and tested methods known to increase your mental skills. Reading keeps your mind fresh and active and most importantly, open to learning new things. The important thing is to grasp and understand the ideas the author tried to convey and apply them during circumstances that happen similarly in your real life. Reading not only improves your thinking ability but also helps you to communicate in a better way. Pick that book that has been idly lying on your table for too long.

3. Play Brain Games

If you want to improve your analytical skills, maybe its turn time to play online skill games like sudoku, 13 card rummy, and poker. Card games like rummy and poker are known to improve your logical and analytical skills. Additionally, online card game sites serve as a place to socialize. Games like rummy come with a challenging task that requires you to arrange the 13 cards into proper combinations within a stipulated time period. Playing rummy online trains your brain to think quicker, deeper and also helps you to take correct decisions. Just 30 minutes of playing games like rummy or poker can make a huge difference.

4. Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise is known to improve your analytical skills by a significant margin. Research indicates that engaging in a moderate exercising schedule for a period of six months is known to increase the volume of certain regions in the brain. The type of exercise you follow is entirely dependent on you. There are millions of workout routines available online. Pick the one that is comfortable to you and start practicing from today

5. Learn something new every day

Most people after they graduate and settle in a job, become passive when it comes to learning new tasks. Maybe they are in a shell or too reluctant to learn about new topics. Never pause on learning. No matter how much your earn or what your current designation is, it does not mean you can stop expanding your knowledge. Instead, try to learn some new topics every day. As they say, knowledge is wisdom. There is no dearth of information or topic available online. The more you learn, the more engaged your brain is, and the more knowledge you gain.