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What’s better to play online games – Android or iPhone?

Have you ever thought about the difference in gaming experience in Android and macOS platform? It is not that one platform is better than the other; it’s about how the experience differs. It’s about the various factors that revolve around the user’s experience in both the OS platforms. Over the last decade, the impact of the mobile phone, regardless of the OS, has left a huge impact. When people were more so possed with buying laptops and PC’s, mobile phones are proved to be more portable and provide comparatively better specifications.

The comparison between the two OS platforms started in 2007 when the very first iPhone was launched.

Game launch

Several gamer developers prefer releasing their games in the Apple store before launching in the Google play store. There’s a lot of advantage on such launches. When it comes to Mac OS, there may be different versions of the software, but there are only two devices (iPhone and iPad). Whereas, when it comes to the android section, there are more models in thousands; hence adaptability of the app needs a lot of scope. The cost will be higher relatively when compared to the Mac OS launch. It is believed that the app users in the Mac OS users invest more money compared to the Android users. With the developers looking to make huge revenues, they preferably chose to launch in the Mac OS naturally.

If you are a player who is looking to play the game as soon as it is launched, you should opt to buy an iPhone. You are going to enjoy gaming even before the Android users.


Mac OS users will remember the announcement Apple made in 2016. The company made an important update regarding removing all the outdated software in order to focus on the quality of gaming rather than the quantity of gaming. At the same time, Google has all apps regardless of any kind of specific check-in points. There’s a stat that the number of games available in the Mac OS platform is decreasing, and the games in the android platform are increasing consistently. Some developers make full efforts to make sure their players do not feel the difference in accessing the game on both platforms. There are prime game collections on both platforms. There is a very slight difference in the gaming experience with the Mac OS platform scoring extra marks; that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the android section.

Game list updates

iPhone users will receive regular updates in the games accessible for them. The Apple company could suddenly remove your favourite game from their support list. This happens regularly as the company regularly checks on the service they provide their customers. It doesn’t happen at the Google store until and unless there is a legal issue with respect to the tropics. Players can enjoy the relief that their favourite gaming apps will be available all time.

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Games that can kill boredom!

People are finding it terribly hard to pass the time during the lockdown. The common complaint among the citizens of the country is “boredom”. If it had been just days, things would have been different, but we are fighting this virus for more than a year. Running out of options to spend time? We present you with the best gaming options to kill boredom. You could never feel bored after playing these. Gaming is real fun, and it is quite a challenge in picking one to play. Your job is very easy here. Read below,

Ludo King

The game is considered the “Latest Sensation” in the Indian gaming community. The traffic for the game has gone up tremendously ever since the start of the lockdown. The game was built by Gamion; in fact, it is a long journey. The biggest success of the game is that the game has bought the childhood game boards to the mobile device successfully. The experience is not a compromising one. People across various age barriers have loved the game as it enables people to connect with known as well as unknown players. So in this game, each player will be given four tokens each and is put on task to reach the finish line. Players can eliminate others token, thus making the game spicier.

The game is available across all platforms like iOS, Android & windows. The game was played by a majority of you during your childhood, but now the same game with a completely new experience is ready for you.

Online Rummy

Online Rummy has always been in the top ranks over the last few years. The game known for a historical reign in India is now ruling the online gaming records of the country. Online rummy is considered one of the richest games in the industry. Indians have a special place for the game, right from playing the game in gatherings and now playing it in the online circuit. Rummy is considered the best game for lockdown. The game has access 24*7 and can be played against players from across the country. The card game has always been the favourite as the game has broken the barrier of gambling and has proven to be a skill game.

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Candy Crush

The game was launched by the Kings and turned to be a huge hit, especially among the female gamers including, college girls and homemakers. The game is very simple; it is all about matching three or more like tiles. There are different challenges thrown at the player at each level. It is free to play, and the player could opt in to make any kind of buy-in required. The game can be played only by a single player, making you own the credit for success and failure. It is a proven companion while feeling bored.

Is it that important to read your opponents?

On any chance while playing online rummy, you would have known how regularly player talk about measuring the skills of opponents. Determining your opponent’s skill is a fundamental part in the game. Just when understand your opponents’ level, you can detail your procedure for that game. 

Likewise, it would help you in choosing the table and buy-in you would need to bring to the table. Thus, it is fundamental that each rummy player should be adequately in calculating their opponents’ abilities. Here are a few tips that can assist you with understanding your opponent’s ability levels. 

Calculating the level of your opponents 

1. Cards discarded  

Generally, the discarded cards give you a hint regarding the task of your opponent’s which he/she is attempting to achieve. Talented players know this and find ways to guarantee they don’t giveaway this to their opponents. Your normal gaming style won’t help, you need to track down a alternative style to outfox them, which isn’t simple. Such players are specialists in unraveling the cards and the moves of their rivals dependent on their discarded one. In the event that your opponents doesn’t discard the cards that you need, it very well may be a sign his/her ability level is higher. 

2. High Value cards 

One of the oldest rummy technique is to discard high value cards as they can demonstrate exorbitant toward the finish of the game. Most rummy players follow this technique strictly. Notwithstanding, rummy specialists proceed cautiously while carrying out this methodology. They don’t discard the high-value cards only for its hell. They check the circumstance twice prior to disposing of the cards. Discarding high-value cards is obviously a piece of their game, which they do in a very much built way. It is vital for practice your passing judgment on abilities to build up on the off chance that they are master or fledgling. You can gain this ability just with broad practice. 

3. Drop 

Rummy specialists don’t beat the shrubbery around with cards which don’t allow them an opportunity. They regularly go for the main drop or if nothing else a center drop, when they have a terrible hand. You don’t see them interminably trudging it off with a terrible hand. Be that as it may, this will not be a situation when your opponent is a beginner. A beginner permits his feelings to assume control over rationale and takes actions quickly. They don’t have the foggiest idea about it’s astute to go for a drop, rather pursue the unimaginable. In the event that you see a specific player dropping regularly, odds are to such an extent that he/she is a specialist rummy player and doing as such to stay away from heavy loss. 

Ideally, this write up should give you a idea regarding checking your opponents skill level. The more you play, the more you will learn it yourself.

Fun activities to do during summer

Summer can be excruciatingly cruel. It’s one of the most horrid times of the year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has added to the misery , confining ourselves to homes cutting our entertainment options.

To conquer this phase of boredom, which is seemingly growing by the day, there are certain fun activities that you can indulge in even you are confined to your homes. Remembering that the pandemic is raging all over again, we have shortlisted fun activities that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your homes

1. Play games like Chess and Rummy

Chess is an incredibly fascinating game. One of the favorite games among families, many of us enjoyed the game during our childhood. Research indicates that people playing ches regularly are better at strategizing and decision making.

Similar to chess, rummy is an excellent skill game. Playing rummy game helps you develop good analytical and logical skills. Now that the game is available online, all you need to do is download a rummy app. The game is easy to learn and simple to get started. As you know sites like Deccan rummy offer unlimited chances to win real cash online. You could use these extra hours during home-confined days to make some easy extra money

2. Gardening

As the world environment day is round the corner, it is important to do our bit to the nature that nurtured us. The best thing you can do during these lockdown, is to keep your environment clean.

You don’t need to have a sprawling area to raise a garden. A home terrace or a space around the sidewalk would be fine. Gardening is one of the most productive activity that you could indulge in during these days. You can grow your own flowers that you like, or even vegetables like tomato which grows on all most soil types. The best thing you can do during these lockdown, is to keep your environment clean.

3. Home Cooking

Lockdowns have taught everyone a very important lesson, i.e. the need to know cooking. It’s something everyone should know regardless of the gender stereotype associated with it. When push comes to shove, we all need to deal with it! So better be safe with knowing things than be sorry!

With so videos available on Youtube, you can get started in no time. Learn cooking basic food that are necessary for your survival. Cooking your favorite dish can be a good past-time and also an incredible stress reliever

4. Binge watching

Since the advent of OTT platforms, binge-watching has becoming a norm. We all have a list of series and movie that we always wanted to watch but didn’t find due to our busy schedule. Now is the time for it. With so many community websites and discussion forums for movies, the recommendations for movies and shows keep growing. Have a bucket list of movies and shows that you want to watch. Make use of these free times and start watching.

Alas! There’s some light in the end of the tunnel filled. Try these easy-to-do activities from your home and never be bored again during summers.