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Unlock unlimited earnings through Refer & Earn

Probably the best thing about Online rummy other than the rush and fun part is the real cash earning opportunity. With a wide range of promotions live, sites like Deccan Rummy give players a opportunity to win real cash regularly. From rummy bonus to tournaments to leaderboard contest, the site is filled with exclusive promotions that could increase your bankroll consistently. Why not share the same with your friends?  

Rummy is a game that is best enjoyed when played with a group. Deccan Rummy provides opportunity to share the thrilling rummy experience with friends. 

With our Refer a Friend offer, Players can refer their friends to Deccan Rummy through different means which have been detailed below. These revered players can create an account, and start their rummy career. 

For each game that they play, you would get a reward which is 10% of their rake fee. This promotion is better compared to most Refer-A-Friend programs that will generally offer a little award for the referrer. There’s no limitation on the quantity of players that you can refer to our site. 

How to refer a friend  to Deccan Rummy? 

⦁ Click on Refer and Earn

⦁ Go Invite your friend – > ‘Web Mail Share’. Add email manually or import contacts from gmail and send an email to every one of your friends.  

⦁ Click on Social Share. Select the account you need to use to share the outside reference (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn). 

⦁ Get them to register with the link. 

⦁ Remind them of the welcome bonus offers and other extra offers that they can benefit of when they register. 

⦁ Once they hit the money tables, your reward will begin growing.

Strike rich in our New Year Bash tournament worth Rs. 5 Lakhs

India’s fastest rummy site,, has been a pioneer in the Indian rummy circuit. We have been flooding the circuit with various contests, tournaments, leaderboards, and cash games. Is there a better way to welcome the New Year than by securing some big wins? We certainly don’t think so! That’s the reason, we’ve curated one of the best promotions to welcome the New Year in a grand fashion.

Strike rich with your rummy skills and win big in our New Year Bash Special tourney worth Rs. 5 Lakhs. The multilevel New Year Bash Special tourney runs from Dec 17-29 with plenty of winning opportunities at every level. Be a part of this well-structured tournament and earn massive winning opportunities.

The field is wide open, you can either join the finale with a direct buy-in or progress through satellites and qualifiers. Without shedding much from your bankroll, it would be engaging to move to the finale through satellites and qualifiers.

If you crave a superlative tournament experience, this tournament will be a perfect fit. The much-anticipated tournament is expected to draw players from all quarters. It is a must-play tournament for every rummy player who wants to end this year on a high note.

New Year Bash Special tournament

Tourney NameDateRegTimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
NYB SatellitesDec 17 – 24 @ 9 PMDec 17 – 24 @ 3 PM₹ 50402₹20000 + 25 Free Tickets to Qualifiers (each day)
NYB QualifiersDec 25 – 28 @ 9 PMDec 25 – 28 @ 3 PM₹ 120 or free ticket300₹35,000 + 25 Free Tickets to Finale (each day)
NYB FinaleDec 29 @ 9 PMDec 29 @ 3 PM₹ 500 or free ticket402₹2 Lakhs

The previous editions which have been hosted so far have been a grand success and a massive turnout is expected for it. Be an early bird to register as soon as the registration opens.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for this special rummy tournament and make sure you end this 2021 on a great note and start the New Year with a cash-stuffed bankroll!

It’s time for Rummy Bonus!

The game of rummy is one of the most exciting things in the online gaming world. The online version of the game is far different from the offline version. Several elements have been added to the online form of gaming. There are several online rummy sites in India running successfully, like Deccan Rummy. Online Rummy is all about fun elements like a rummy bonus, rummy tournaments and rummy leaderboards.

Moreover, in the online platform, the games are available 24*7, making it very easy for the players to access the game at their convenience. Sites like Deccan Rummy have enormous benefits to the players. The site has huge rummy bonus promotions for each and every player in the hub. Let’s check on the bonus active now,

Deccan Bounty

Use “COOL10” during deposit to claim a bonus of 10% up to Rs 500. The offer is valid from Nov 23-30. Such bonuses are available with new bonus codes every week. The bonus can be used only once on any one of the deposits made during the period.

Novel November

This is another bonus active now. The bonus can earn you an add on benefit worth 15% up to Rs 750. Like the bounty bonus, the monthly bonus can also be used in any one of the deposits.

Head to the promotions page on the Deccan Rummy site to know about many more rummy promotions available on the site.

Tips to be a rummy expert

The game of rummy has travelled a long way carrying a lot of evolutions in the timeline. Earlier the game was played in the real world with close ones, whereas now the game has completely transformed to be played on the digital platform. Rummy is a tradition in history. Even now, people in many parts of the country play the game during gatherings. It is a fact that rummy fans are enjoying their time in the digital platform experiencing seamless rummy gaming.

People get to enjoy the real rummy experience at rummy sites like Deccan Rummy through rummy promotions. Since the games here are played for cash, the challenge demands extra smartness, rummy strategy, and skill. Some complain about the game, but the truth is that the game is easy to play and win. Here are a few tips that can lift up your game.

Play Responsible

Before entering the online rummy world, there are a few conditions for you. To make sure the game can be accessed only by the people who should, there are a few criteria that the individual should match. The player must be 18+ of age and must access the game only from the government recognised states to play the game.

Strong with the basic

There are several blogs in Deccan Rummy that emphasise the importance of knowing the basics of rummy. The game owns a bunch of rules that have to be followed in the game. There are times players forget the basics and lose the game; Only when you are strong enough with the basics, it’s easy to travel in the rummy journey.


Rummy demands a player to be extra careful about playing rummy cash games. When the player has the required stuff, then there’s no stopping. There are materials like rummy skills and a rummy strategy that could be very useful for playing the game. Taking the right decision in a quickfire time is a crucial one in rummy.


Rummy table is not a war field to be brave enough; it is more like a chess battle where the smartest wins. Some people take a risk and lose huge in rummy. There is an option in the name of “Drop” that players must use the best way. When the cards don’t look that easy to finish, there needs no doubt about dropping from the game.

Make sure to use the practice games available to grow yourself as a successful rummy player. Download the Deccan Rummy mobile app to start your rummy graph.