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Live the IPL excitement with Deposit, predict & win

Deccan Rummy stands as a pillar of hope for both seasoned and new rummy players alike. Deccan Rummy’s ethos is to provide an exhilarating online rummy experience, with super fast deposit/withdrawal options, stupendous promotions, and exhilarating tournaments. So far, we have stood by our ethos and very often our promotions have exceeded our players’ expectations.  Players can only expect more and more as time goes on.

For well over a decade, IPL has been acting like a staple food to meet our entertainment needs. This year, the league started with much fan fare and lived up to its expectation in satisfying our entertainment and sporting thirst. Just like cricket, another sport is extremely popular in India is 13 card Indian Rummy online. It is one game people never grow tired despite various card games that have sprung of late. IPL rummy fantasy league is going at a great pace. Every day the tournament is conducted in full house and we thank every user for the overwhelming support they are extending to this league.

Deposit Predict Win

Now as the IPL is heading towards a stage where every match is a make or break kind of match, it is getting really riveting. We saw KKR prevailing over Rajasthan Royals very easily, now realistically speaking every single team other DD (excluding CSK and SRH who by the way have already qualified), have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. We are now at stage wherein every match could be an eliminator.

None of the teams like KXIP, MI, RR, and RCB are in a position to suffer a loss. So you are excited for the league right? Hold your excitement, there’s an exciting offer that we have launched which could reward you during this exciting phase.

Deposit, Predict, & Win

Deccan Rummy already is introducing a new contest called Deposit, Predict & win where players can win a double reward for making a deposit.

How the contest works?

  1. Make a deposit on all the match days which the offer is valid on all match days with the bonus code which we update. The offer is valid only on the time we mention.
  2. After the deposit, select the winner in a pop-up. Your suggestion will be auto-saved
  3. Keep Playing cash rummy games till the start of the match
  4. At the end of the match, if your prediction comes true, the amount of loyalty points generated can be converted to cash bonus and added to your account at a ratio of 10:1. (eg: 1000 Loyalty Points = Rs. 100). Additionally, the loyalty points would also remain in your account.

So Make a deposit, Play Online Rummy games and try your luck with this phenomenal offer.

KKR VS RR – Predict and win From Rs. 4 Lakh by playing Rummy Fantasy League

The IPL 2018 has come to such a stage that every match is crucial and make or break a team’s fortunes firther. Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals, both lying in the tables with 12 points each other, face off against each other in a do or die battle tomorrow on Kolkata. A loss will bring about an end for the campaign. Here at Deccan Rummy too, the Rummy Fantasy League is moving at an exciting run. Lots of people are participating in the tournament for free and are doubling their earning.

Rummy Fantasy League

Crucial IPL Match tomorrow

While KKR are placed fourth in the table, Rajasthan Royals are fifth. Both the teams have had their ups and down in the league with some beautiful wins and dismal losses. Both the teams have coming with a commanding win, with KKR streamrolling KXIP and Rajasthan knocking out Mumbai Indians.
Butler is in the form of his life almost performing in every match that he’s played so far. KKR has to rely on Sunil Narine and Kuldeep Yadav to provide the early breakthrough. Aside from Jos Butler, there is Ben Stokes too who will waiting to fire. For the KKR, its been Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa and DInesh Karthik who have all come up with some exceptional batting performance to lead them all the while. Whereas RR seems to be too very reliant on Jos Butler. So one would be tempted to choose KKR to go through the job. But RR has the habit of pulling out surprise and can always play the spoilsport on any one’s parade.

Rummy Fantasy League

Give your an exciting opportunity to win big from today’s match by selecting your pick between RR and KKR today after registration for the tourney. Just like the IPL fantasy league, Rummy Fantasy league presents you to go unhinged with your game play. Just follow the below steps and go for the win.

Easy Registration Process!

1. Register for the tourney at 2:30 PM after logging in and visit tourney->special
2. Select your favorite team between KKR and RR in the popup. Your suggestion will be autosaved
3. Play the tournament at3:30 and secure a win
4. Cash in double of what you win at the end of the match if your prediction wins

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Rummy Fantasy League – Predict your winner between KXIP vs KKR

The eleventh edition of Indian Premier League is promising to be as exciting as we all expected. At this juncture, after 35 days of electrifying action every team has played at least 10 matches and except for the last two teams mathematically the others have a chance.

The top 2 teams are more or less decided with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings having 16 and 14 points respectively. While Kings XI Punjab, Mumbai Indians, KKR all have a realistic chance to reach the playoff.
We are at a stage where every match counts, for the last mentioned trio – KXIP, MI, and KKR every match is, in fact, a do or die battle. They are at a make or break stage.

Rummy Fantasy League

The good thing about cricket game is that certain teams thrive in adversity. Here we at the stage where the situation is like a “push come to shove” – It’s absolutely vital each of them perform to their fullest of ability to move to the next stage.

Tomorrow, KXIP are going to face off against KKR in their home deck. The game is so important for both of these sides as both sides cannot afford to lose as they are reeling under a spate of losses. It’s incredibly tough for KKR as they are struggling in the fifth place with 10 points and also a low run rate of -0.359. On the other hand, KXIP despite struggling with inconsistency, have 12 points at a healthy run rate of 0.097. However, both the teams desperately need a win to carry forward the momentum for the last leg of matches.

Knight Riders have a trio of fantastic spinners in the ranks that could do the job for them. Ravichandran Ashwin led KXIP have been riding on the form of K L Rahul and Chris Gayle. Andrew Tye and Mujeeb ur Rahman have been phenomenal.

On paper and based on current form, KXIP seems to have enough in their arsenal to overpower KKR. However, having won the championship twice, KKR have been wily opponents and would definitely find ways to win the match.


Want to predict who will win? Your prediction could give riches from the rich prize pool of Rs. 4 Lakhs. Play our Rummy Fantasy League KKRvsKXIP tomorrow at 3:30 PM.

Easy Registration Process!

1. Register for the tourney at 2:30 PM after logging in and visit tourney->special
2. Select your favorite team between the two teams that are going to clash
3. Play the tournament at 3:30 PM & secure a win.
4. Cash in double of what you win at the end of the match if your prediction wins
5. The tournament will be conducted only on match days.

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RR vs CSK – Predict & Play – Win from Rs. 4 Lakhs PrizePool

Tomorrow is a big match in the IPL 2018. Red hot CSK is going to take on the struggling Rajasthan Royals who seems to have found some footing with a commanding win over Kings XI Punjab. It was definitely a morale booster as far Rajasthan Royals are concerned as their comeback to the IPL was definitely not up to the expected level.


As to Chennai Super Kings, there are simply unstoppable at the moment. It’s been a dream ride that they couldn’t have wished. This is the reverse fixture where RR will host CSK in Chennai. Last time they met, Shane Watson absolutely demolished the Rajasthan Bowlers all over the park and got to 106 off 57 balls propelling his team to 204/5. Later, CSK bowlers shot out Rajasthan Royals to a paltry 140.

Worth remembering that these two franchises are making a comeback after a 2 year ban and were the teams that clashed during the first IPL finale. So the expectations are always high whenever they met. CSK have a better head to head record with 12 wins when compared to Rajasthan’s Seven.

Also, reports suggest that RR players are going to turn up in pink outfits to sprpead awareness about early cancer screening. Gestures like this should always be appreciated. With 14 points and holding firmly to its second place, CSK all but need a win to qualify for the playoffs. Rajasthan on the other hand is in precarious position with having to win all the matches to stay in the league. So, we are expecting Rajasthan would carry over the momentum they had in the last match in order to seal a berth in the playoffs. It must be an interesting encounter!

Play Rummy Fantasy League

So have you picked your choice? Who is it going to be – CSK or RR? Do not forget to clock your entry and play our Rummy Fantasy League around 3:30 PM. Should your predictions come true, you will receive the double of what you win. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to boost your poker bankroll.

Predict your winner between KKR vs MI & double your prize amount

After more than a month of cricket filled with action packed moments, IPL has come to a stage where every match is pretty important. The outcome of each match will decide the fortunes of the team going forward in the league. Teams like Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings are happily sitting at the top.

From whatever we have witnessed so far it looks like we have something super exciting to look forward to. From now, it’s like the Darwinian Theory – the survival of the fittest. If they are good enough to win, they win else they don’t deserve to.

Rummy Fantasy League

Match for the day – KKR vs. MI

Both the teams have been very heavily inconsistent this season suffering a spate of losses and scampering through to victory wherever they’ve won. Mumbai has the tag of the team that thrives in adversity, now is the time you expect them to come out all guns blazing as they are at the brink of getting thrown away  from the league should they falter around this time. The records clearly favour Mumbai as they an edge of 17-5 over the boys in purple, including their previous meeting where they got the better of them by 13 runs. For Kolkata Knight Riders, it is more of a roller coaster ride. They keep continuing to blow hot and cold.

Their inability to travel the distance has hurt them so much despite their skipper Dinesh Karthik and Robin Uthappa coming good with the bat on multiple occasions.  One more point to be noted is that Eden Gardens has always been a happy hunting ground for the Mumbai Indians as they have defeated the hosts 6 times out of the 8 times they have faced each other in the past. And Rohit Sharma has an excellent record in KKR. Now that he’s struggling to find his foot is the best thing that KKR can exploit and try to stop Mumbai Indians who are known for their resurgence. All said, this match promises to be a cracker of an encounter that people can look forward to

Register for Rummy Fantasy League

The registration for the Rummy Fantasy League is currently open and will close by 4:00 PM.

Follow the below steps to cash in big from the awesome prizepool of Rs. 5000

  1. Register for the tourney at 3:00 PM after logging in and visit tourney->special
  2. Select your favourite team among KKR and MI. Your choice will be auto-saved.
  3. Play the tournament at 4:00PM & secure a win
  4. Cash in double of what you win at the end of the match if your selection wins

Are you geared up for the battle? Register right away and see if you can double your winnings!

Double the IPL Fun with Rummy Fantasy League

It’s been a decade since the mecca of entertainment is back, yes we are talking about the Indian Premier League or the IPL. Indian Premier League since its inception has been a revolution of shorts. It had its share of excitement, drama, and controversies all the while. But the point was it was always able to pull off a fine balance between quality of cricket and entertainment. The revenue the league generated has been astronomical.

With almost every season, the ceiling has been constantly pushed in. Many records set are being consistently being broken, bowlers have found ways to enter into the record books, and the technology has been constantly pushed to enhance the gaming. Going into the eleventh season with robust financial health courtesy of the astronomical amounts received from the television, the league started in a resounding faction.

After nearly a month into IPL, we have seen so many memorable moments. Right from the resurgence of the most decorated team in the IPL history, CSK to the nightmarish run for the three time champions Mumbai Indians, the league has had its moments so far. With some sparkling performances on and off the field, the league has grown on to us.

In order to celebrate the carnival, we have something special for all the cricket enthusiasts out there. Deccan Rummy invites every rummy enthusiasts out there to participate in our rummy fantasy league.


How the Rummy Fantasy League Works?

  1. Rummy Fantasy League is a freeroll tournament open from May 7 to May 27 on all match days
  2. The tournament will be conducted at 3:30 PM
  3. The registrations will begin by 2:30 PM
  4. After the registrations, the players will receive a pop up asking them to choose the winner of the match scheduled for that particular day.
  5. Players need to select an option and their selection will be auto saved
  6. After which, the players can play the tournament.
  7. For the winners, if their selection turns out to be true, they will receive twice the amount of what they have won.
  8. The prizepool for this special tournament would be Rs. 5000 per day
  9. In the event of cancellation or tie, the players would just receive what they have won. Players are requested to note that the prize amount would be disbursed only at the end of the match.
  10. Players can access the game with Lobby->Tournaments->Special->Rummy Fantasy Leagaue

So, sounds pretty exciting right? If you are looking for some extra fun during this IPL season, join this Rummy Fantasy League season and double your winnings. The rooms will be packed by 3:3, get on at the earliest and ensure you go for the win. All the best! Stay tuned to us for many other exciting 13 card online rummy promotions and offers.



Being Pure and Perfect does reward you big!

Are you looking out for an excellent and challenging contest that pushes you to the limit?

This is possible thanks to Deccan Rummy, the go-to place for many rummy players all over India.

There are many excellent reason to play at DeccanRummy including low service fee, gaming-friendly platform, fast loading tables, top-notch security, and a host of offers and rummy promotions.

Want a chance to win from Rs. 3 Lakhs playing just one day of rummy game online? Sounds very exciting, right? They do say that time flies when you’re having fun, playing rummy would fit the description completely. You must be aware of the new list of offers and promotions that we have here at Deccan Rummy this March.

From Beat the clock offer which has a range of challenges to cash for Ace offer, the month has been exciting for all rummy enthusiasts. All these promotions have received humongous responses.

If you missed out on any of these contest, you have another chance to get your hands on some cash with our brand new “Pure and Perfect” Bonus offer.

Pure and perfect

A pure sequence is the holy grail of Rummy. Without pure sequence, there is no chance of a victory. Now as an incentive for creating pure sequence we are coming up with an exciting offer. With a prizepool of Rs. 3 Lakhs to choose from, this offer is something extraordinary!

How the Pure and Perfect Challenge works?

  • Players can find when the offer is on by checking our upcoming promotions
  • Players need to build a pure sequence with the card we mention as a starting card and declare to get a stunning bonus amount.
  • The Bonus amount will be instantly credited and we reserve the right to decide the type of the bonus.
  • Deccan Rummy reserves the right to hold when the offer will be active
  • The prize bonus will be disbursed as cash bonus/booster bonus/bonus points.

India’s fastest rummy site – continues to excite its players with our incredible offers and promotions. We have a host of offers and promotions at the moment and the players are absolutely making a killing out of it.

If you don’t yet have a DeccanRummy account, you can follow these simple steps below and you’ll be all set to go in no time

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Abdullashaik takes down Social Sharks Tournament

Great opportunities are hard to come these days, smart ones lap up even the tiniest of greatness available in their sight. Nothing comes close to the excitement for a rummy player than a rousing prize pool for winning it. Tournaments have an ardent following among the card game enthusiasts – they are the ultimate test of skill and endurance.

After the smashing success of the festival freerolls, Poker has already created quite the buzz in within the Indian rummy community and has always been the most preferred choice for Indian rummy enthusiasts.

Social Sharks Winner

Social Sharks

The much anticipated Social Sharks tournament was held on Apr 30 @ 3:.30 PM. Much like all our tournaments, the seats were close to a full house. The tournament will always remain special to our hearts. Ticket tournaments are always fun as they involve the users to perform an activity to get it. Just like the saying “The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest” – we held some contests for the users so that they could answer them and get the free tickets. All our users actively participated in the contests.

The quizzes were an eclectic mix of rummy, cricket & movies – the 3 most preferred modes of entertainment in India. So the response we received came as no surprise. All the users who completed the objective received the free tickets within 24 hours. Since there was a buy-in option as well, some of the users who came at the last minute were able to buy the tickets and participate in the tourney.

The action was top notch right from the first deal, with players trying to outclass one another with some solid strategies. After some solid gameplay that lasted for nearly an hour, abdullashaik held his nerve to come out on top. We at Deccan Rummy would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to abdullashaik for his stupendous efforts to win this tournament. Special thanks to players who participated and made this tourney a massive success. Those who couldn’t make the prize cut this time, don’t lose heart! Keep trying, your moment is not too far off.

Deccan Rummy

Whether you want to play rummy cash games online or want to scratch yourself a jackpot in our promotion. Deccan Rummy is a part of Deccan Games Pvt Ltd and is dedicated to providing players from around India, 13 card rummy games. Players around India worldwide can access Deccan Rummy online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC or Mac and experience the best multi-player rummy game online.

Hurry! Just less than a week to go for Social Sharks Tournament

So do you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the best among the rummy community? If you think so, you should head over to DeccanRummy and try to participate in our Social Sharks Tournament.

Sharks have a famous reputation for being one of the foremost apex predators. Feared by everyone for its ferocious nature they command huge respect from their fellow aquatic animals. Though sharks are feared for being ferocious, research reveals some of them are very much sociable and some remain to stay in solitude and want to remain inconspicuous. They have this amazing ability to regulate aquatic population and helping in maintaining the ecosystem.

Rummy wizards are often called as rummy sharks they base their gameplay based on perfectly analyzing their opponent’s skills and attack mercilessly when the time comes. Sharks rarely ever miss their targets. Similarly, every rummy shark gets there to his position after years of experience. It’s going to need something special to displace them from the top.

Social Sharks

India’s Fastest 13 card rummy site – continues to excite its players and this time the rummy site is out there to make it all the more exciting with a perfect tournament designed for the summer take. If you think you are a rummy shark or think about becoming one then this tournament is the one for you. It’s the one that you shouldn’t miss.

Get ready to battle it out in the battle of rummy wizards by playing our Social Sharks tournament on Apr 30@ 3:30 PM. The tournament is a ticket based online rummy tournament, with the player getting an option to win free tickets to participate in the tournament or he/she can buyin the ticket for a price of Rs. 150.

Ever since we announced the promotion, our social media page ( has been abuzz with a lot of activities. So many people are actively participating in all the contests that we are holding and we are issuing free tickets to them promptly.

IPL Quiz – Social Sharks Free Ticket

As it’s the IPL season, there are so many quizzes that are related to cricket which gets the cricket fans to answer it them eagerly. At this time we would like to request to all players who are commenting on the questions to please mention their Deccan Rummy user ID along with their answer. Eg: (Answer, Deccan Rummy User name). Also, the players are requested to ensure they have at least made one deposit/ or should have had their KYC verified to have their tickets credited.

Social Sharks

As there’s a week away for the tournament to be conducted, players are requested to keep looking forward to the quizzes on our facebook page. There are so many quizzes related to IPL and Rummy that we have planned to hold over the remaining days till the tournament. Players who haven’t availed the free ticket are requested to get their free tickets. After all, it’s not such an arduous effort to get a chance to have a go at Rs. 1 Lakh, right?
Stay tuned! All the best for the tournament!

Heads-up to the perma-bonus offers at DeccanRummy

Over the past few months, we’ve been adding several top-quality promotions and offers in our site. This includes some amazing bonus offers, competitive leaderboards, and hi-octane tournaments. Seriously, this is a perfect combination that an aspiring player would be looking for.

One of the major reasons players are coming to us is that we continuously maintain highest standard of player fairness and safety.

While bonus offers and promotions are updated every month/week, there are few offers that are omnipresent which we will discuss here in this article.

Permanent Bonus Offers:

  1. 100% Welcome Bonus

Ever dared to imagine getting a Rs.5000 bonus for simply playing rummy online? We are making it possible with our hefty Welcome Bonus package. Join Deccan Rummy for free and begin with a bang!

Yes, now you can earn a hefty bonus of Rs. 5000 for your first deposits. All you have got to do is to register at Deccan Rummy – India’s fastest Rummy Online site for free and make a deposit. You need to use the bonus code “WELCOME”. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive the bonus instantly. You will receive the bonus in Bonus Points.

  1. Instant Deposit Bonus upto 200%’

Not comfortable making frequent deposits? No problem! All you need to do is make one purchase so that it helps you with a solid bankroll. We are talking about our Instant Deposit Bonus upto 200%. This offer is applicable for the first deposit that you make in a day. Just simply make a deposit and see your account grow rich anywhere between 1-200%. The said bonus amount will be credited in Real cash. With weekly leaderboard contest up and running, you will now have a solid bankroll so that you don’t have to deposit again and again to play cash games.Rummy Bonus

  1. Refer A friend Bonus

As a part of Bring A Friend promotion we are giving away life time bonus to players who refer their friends. Just invite your friends and ask them to play rummy cash game and get 10% of their winning fee for life. You can refer as many friends as you can with this offer. Why even wait? Now refer your friends and make your rummy community big.

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