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Himadri ships the Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

After two months of hard fought high intense action, The Grand Rummy Powerplay came to a conclusion yesterday. With the contest scheduled to end on Sunday, however, heavy downpour postponed the match to the next day. It gave the players an extra chance to win some points.

Ever since the contest was announced, a sea of players from all walks of life was eagerly participating in this tournament. Players cut across different experience levels joined the action to have a crack at some of the most awesome prizes in the rummy circuit.

Made up of two exciting contests, The Rummy Leaderboard Bonanaza and Rummy Fantasy League, both these contests offered plenty of winning opportunities for the players. It’s all about capitalizing your rummy skills. The other important quality that is required to win contest of this nature (long drawn out) is patience. Patience when combined with skills and precision can be a surefire recipe for success.

Himadri the winner of Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

The action soared high with players competing for lots of mind-blowing prizes in both these tournaments. In particular, the rummy leaderboard bonanza saw heavy competition. The players were battling hard to get placed within the top 10.

After a hard battle that lasted for two months, it was player “himadri” who claimed the top spot in our Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza. Deccan Rummy extends our heartfelt appreciations to himadri who had the resolve to prevail in this incredible battle of mental strength and resilience. For his extraordinary efforts, himadri will receive a Kawasaki Vulcan S from us shortly. A win of this magnitude is a lifetime achievement for any player. Hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of himadri, more biggies are going to follow this remarkable player

Special appreciations to Udayon and Ramakanta for securing the second and third spot respectively in this contest. Both the players gave a tough fight to himadri till the end. UDayon will receive a Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 and ramakanta will receive a Jawa 42 Bobber shortly. Many veterans made a comeback and had their moments.

Deccan Rummy also congratulates all the other prize winners and extends our heartfelt thanks to people who participated. Not everyone can win a contest like this, its all about passion, dedication, and commitment to the sport. If you think, you have them all along with rummy skills, and then there’s nothing stopping you from cashing your skills in a big way.

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Grand Rummy Powerplay

Grand Rummy Powerplay is heating up – Join and win double

It’s been well over a month and a half since we launched Grand Rummy Powerplay and the contest is hugely popular among the players. Comprising RFL and Rummy leaderboard Bonanza with a prizepool of 30 Lakhs that included grand prizes like Vulcan S, Super Meteor 650, Jawa 42 Bobber, and many other stunners, this contest has attracted the Indian Rummy audience right since its launch. The players in contention include both Veterans and novices.

A contest of this magnitude is rare in the rummy community and we are immensely proud to deliver it during the cricketing season. Designed for players across all walks of life, this serves as a perfect way to enjoy the cricket season while earning a chance to win riches. The other advantage in tournament like this is that with so many poker pros participating, it is going to be a chance for the newcomers to learn and improve their game

Both Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and RFL 2023 are seeing intense participation from the users. RFL with its doubling prize money proposition is ideal for gamers who are looking to make it big by spending low!

As of now himadri is leading the race with 40667 points closely followed by players Udayon and Dangeroursravi. However, with nearly two weeks to go for the conclusion of the tournament, the field is still wide open. The top prize is within a hand’s reach for many players.

Rajasthan vs Punjab – Predict & Win Double

We are nearing the end of the league stages in this Indian T20 contest. All but three of the ten teams are looking to progress to the next stage. Both the players and fans are on the edge. Punjab square off against Rajasthan in a high-profile contest today. Both the teams have slim chance of qualifying for the playoffs. Even a win for either team would still not confirm a playoff berth as it depends on the fortune of the other teams in contention. However, both the teams would go all-in as they head into this match. Rajasthan are in precarious position as they’ve won just one game in their last five games, while Punjab has a slightly better record of having registered two wins in their last five games.  Both the teams badly this win to stay in the race.

As a contestant, this is a fantastic chance for you to leapfrog in the rummy leaderboard bonanza. Just predict the winner and deposit with the code (Rs 500 atleast) PUJ23RAJ and play rummy cash games till the conclusion of the game. Move ahead in the race for the right prediction. Similarly, predict the winner and play our RFL tourney today @ 9 PM. For the right prediction, get to double your winnings. The registration for this tourney is now open and you can play this tourney for a buy-in of just Rs. 10.

So, there is a lot to look forward to. Not the time to relax! Take part and Embark on a thrilling ride and have a go at these remarkable prizes! See you at our tables tonight! All the best!

Six Tips to be more professional at work

Many organization expect their employees to be thorough professionals. A professional in any field commands good respect, pay, and status in the society. Even in online games, there’s plenty of talk about professionals having an edge over others. If you are wondering what’s being professional is all about, then this is the article you ought to read. Professional does not equate to being rough and haughty with your subordinates or a more ruthless demeanor on the outside.

Professionalism goes beyond that, it is about maintaining positive relationship with your fellow employees which in turn creates a healthy work environment and helps your organization. Following are the list of tips that can turn your attitude into a positive one and help you in journey to become a thorough professional.

How to be more professional?

1. Respect your coworkers

Respect given will be the respect earned. If you treat your co-workers well, you will get a good respect in turn. On the other hand, if your behavior is contemptuous, you will be a subject of scorn. Even if your co-worker fails to complete a task within the deadline, it is important that you stay within your limits and treat them decently. You must remember that every employees’ work benefits your organization. Similar to rummy game, where it is constantly communicated to the players asking them to treat fellow opponents fairly, always treat your co-workers, sub-ordinates, and seniors in your organization with due respect.

2. Communicate effectively

People do not have the time or passion to listen to glib talk, smug talk, and self-boasting. Speaking in such a way leaves a bad impression on you and people would very soon become tired of your antics. While communicating with people, be succinct and precise. Avoid glib talk, and get to the point straightly. Effective communication builds a healthy work environment and creates good camaraderie with fellow workers

3. Dress Appropriately

Most organizations have approved business casuals these days. However, some people who are fashion savvy love to keep trend with the latest fashion and buy things. It is important to dress in a way that looks decent and does not affect other people’s sensibilities. You do not want to attract unwanted attention.

4. Listening

While effective communication will land the point across, listening is also equally important. Many miscommunication happen in corporate ecosystem because of miscommunication. Everyone who aspires to be a professional must cultivate the habit of listening properly. Just like how you acquire while listening in your colleges, you may understand other’s point of view and gain valuable insights at times

5. Maintain successful habits

Planning, organizing, and time management are very important within the corporate circles. In order to be a good professional, one must be manage their finances and time well. If you are playing rummy, it is important to remain patient, relaxed, and motivated at all the times. Playing rummy with a positive mindset fetches good results. Many people tend to overlook these things and consider trivial without realizing that it has a major impact. These qualities in no doubt will have a significant impact on your professional life

6. Take Initiatives

Regardless of where you are placed in a organizational structure, taking initiatives will help you get noticed by the management. No good deed with go unrewarded. By taking initiatives, you also get a chance to demonstrate your leadership and increase your self-confidence. Even in the game of rummy, keen learners end up as tournament champions very often.