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How to host a Diwali Rummy party?

Diwali is just around the corner. It’s by far the grandest Indian festival both in terms of scale as well as enthusiasm. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil. These days, the festival is celebrated across different religions and communities serving as a stellar example of India’s rich diverse culture. The festival symbolizes unity and strength as it is celebrated with everybody – friends, family, and relatives.

On this special day, people venerate Goddess Lakshmi, as she is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity. The mood has kicked in for Diwali, with the excitement up in the air. This is the time of year the atmosphere is overflowing with joy and splendor. Aside from sweets, patakas, and firecrackers, Card game parties are incredibly popular during Diwali.

We’ve heard heaps of stories on Diwali card game parties conducted during the yesteryears. Games like Indian Rummy, Teen Patti, and poker are incredibly popular in the Northern part of our country.

The Diwali celebration is incomplete without the fun and thrill of card games. Of all the card games that are usually played at home, rummy occupies an important position. Why not take the fun and thrill of rummy game to the next level by hosting a Rummy party during this Diwali? Yes, host a Diwali rummy party for your friends and relatives. Let’s explore the ways through which we shall make the Diwali party more groovy;

Diwali Rummy party

  1. Date & Timing

The first step is to finalize the date and timing for the party. It’s good to host the party a few days before the festival as most people would want to spend the festival with their family. Ensure you do not conduct the festival during the weekend as most people would be busy with their personal activities. The best day to host a Diwali rummy party is either Thursday or Friday, as it leads to the weekend. The next step is confirming the timing. Ensure it’s a late-night party so that people can head to the place after relaxing some time from their homes.

  1. Budget

Fix a budget for your party well in advance keeping in mind the number of guests. Confirm the guests’ availability and then go ahead with the planning.

  1. Invitation

A good and impressive invite is a must to make the party huge success. It’s better to use a deck of cards while preparing an invite as it is indicative of what’s in store. Whether you want to send an invite in a physical form or e-form or through communication modes such as WhatsApp, ensure it’s attractive. Replies to the invite would confirm the number of guests attending your party. Make sure to attach a copy of the rummy rules document along with the invitation so that viewers who are not in touch can get a hang of the game.

  1. Decoration

Here comes the most important part. It’s very important that the venue of the party is eye-catching. Try to decorate it as much as possible and embellish them so that the guests feel “Its all about rummy”. Get that glassware and tableware with the playing card design.  Ensure you use striking color balloons usually red and black to give the atmosphere resembling a casino. Decorate your table with a card-themed table runner. Purchase sufficient card game related materials like wall hangings and banners to give a realistic feel. Ensure you use dim lights to give the users a feel of a casino. Remember, they are here for a party, so you want to make things as comfy as possible.

  1. Food

Now comes the important part of it – the food. A good party is incomplete without good food. It’s always better to serve something light during such parties. Start off with a welcome drink and crispy starters. Appetizers are the savior of such parties. Light snacks like sandwiches, salads, along with a good drink should suffice. Alcoholic beverage is your personal choice. Make something like chips, fried nuts available to your guests throughout the course of the game. Fried foods go along really well in such parties and they are also quite easy to prepare.

  1. Gifts

After the party is done, ensure you reward your guests with a small gift that fits your budget. Any Diwali rummy party is incomplete without gifts. It could be anything from a simple photo frame to wall decors. Do not forget to sign off with a thank you note to all the guests who made it all the way for your rummy party.

Following these steps would definitely help you host a successful rummy party. Playing card games has always been a custom during Diwali. Make this Diwali memorable hosting a successful Diwali Rummy party. DO host the party and let us know how it went?

How to host a Diwali Rummy party?
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Arpit06 ships Grand Dussehra freeroll

Yesterday was an action-packed day at Deccan Rummy as Grand Dussehra tournament took place. The tournament is a part of our Dussehra Celebrations. It’s been a custom to play rummy during Dussehra and other major Indian festivals as it’s been considered to bring good fortune.

Deccan Rummy never misses an opportunity to enthrall our players with special freerolls. Dussehra was no exception. Matching the vibrancy and verve of Dussehra, the tournament came as a fitting addition to this joyous festival. To ensure everyone has a fair crack at the prize pool, the tournament was open free to all the users.
The tournament saw participation from all players across India and from all walks of life.

As the registration was free, players came in droves from all quarters to participate. After all who would want to let go of such an opportunity to win big cash prizes at no investment.

The action was intense right from the word go. As it was a freeroll, the tables were filled with a weird mix of veterans, novices, and casual gamers. Normally, freerolls see heavy participation from casual gamers as they see it as an opportunity to win quick cash. The contest began with a strong field of close to 2700 rummy players.


Arpit06 – the winner

After several minutes of intense battles, Arpit06 championed the event taking down his opponents comfortably. It was certainly not an easy day for Arpit06, as such freeroll tournaments are extremely competitive.

Arpit06 has been a consistent performer with some notable cashouts on our site. To perform at this level one requires incredible amounts of passion and skill. Arpit06 Gupta tactically maneuvered through this massive field of players, which included several former champions and veterans of Deccan Rummy.

Congrats to Arpit06 for his stellar achievement in shipping this prestigious tournament. It’s a record that he can be proud of throughout his rummy career.

Peterraj and Manoj071025407 put on a splendid performance falling short of Arpit by a few moves. They eventually had to settle for the second and third position respectively. Congrats to both for their spirited performance. Their days of winning a special rummy tournament are not far off!

Several other players won cash bonus prizes for their efforts. We are really overwhelmed by the response to the tournament. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who made it to the tournament. As it stands, Grand Dussehra Freeroll finds itself added to the enviable list of the most successful tournaments hosted by us.

Want to win big like Arpit06 but don’t have an account as yet? Sign-up HERE and begin your online rummy journey with an Rs. 5000 welcome bonus!

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Benefits of playing free rummy practice games online

Rummy is one of the most entertaining and exciting games. In recent times the game has grown in popularity in the gaming world. Thanks to the explosive growth of technology, the game is now available online and is readily available to anyone. The game has a rich history and legacy attached to it. The online version of the game is completely seamless, available to every player 24*7. The game is 100% legal and secure. The outcome of the game is entirely based on your mental ability. Practicing and playing the game not just Improves the thinking capacity of a person but also earns them good money.

Earning money in online rummy is the primary reason behind many players choosing to play the game. It might sound so much easy but it takes time and a lot of effort to reach up to that level. The more you practice; the better is your game. In the earlier post, we have discussed a few warm-up routines to follow for rummy players. In continuation of that, this post talks about how practice games help them,

Practice Games

To start this remarkable journey ahead, register with Deccan Rummy. Verify your mobile number and avail Rs 25 sign up bonus instantly. Play practice games in our portal and get used to the online rummy gaming atmosphere. Practice games are handy in enhancing your rummy skills and finetuning your rummy strategies. Get used to the different variants of 13 card online Rummy games. We present you with points, deals, and pool rummy games online. Play your game as per your preference and make yourself more comfortable stepping into cash rummy games. Not just practice games; you can also play free rummy tournaments to win huge cash rewards.

 Advantages of playing practice game-

Players can play independently without having to worry about making an investment. These practice matches are available for every player anytime. There isn’t any registration required for playing practice games. Deccan Rummy is giving you 10000 chips to make you play practice games. As you exhaust the practice chips, you can refill them again. Once you start getting your groove in the game, your gameplay will become better and confident.

Best platform for online rummy-

So, you are good at rummy? what next? You need the right platform to showcase it and prove it to the rest of the world, isn’t it? Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest destinations to play rummy online. We have leveraged technology to give people an amazing experience. The much-revered rummy game which was restricted to our living rooms is now available online under different variants.

Backed by a strong technical and support team, Deccan Rummy is available both on the web as well as mobile platforms. Your search for the best rummy site ends at Deccan Rummy. So, if you are ready to make it big in the online rummy world, start off with practice games at Deccan Rummy. You will be amazed by your transformation within a few weeks of your gameplay.

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7 warm-up routines for Indian rummy players

Do you love to play rummy online? Have you ever had a bad day in your online rummy career? Aren’t their days where you think you might have made a better move in hindsight quite often? If your answer is yes, then you need to follow a proper warm-up routine to streamline your fledgling Indian rummy career. It’s quite obvious that we cannot function at our 100% best all the time.

While occasional defeats are inevitable given the nature of the game, however, you can mitigate losses if you have picked the knack of playing a consistent game. A good warm-up routine would help you play rummy with more confidence. Here are some basic step rummy warm-up routines that will help you in your rummy career.

Indian Rummy Warm-up Routine

1. Rummy game demands complete focus and concentration. Ensure you isolate yourself from the hustles and bustles of your daily life and stay away from distractions. If possible hang a do not disturb sign in front of your room so that no one disturbs you.

2. Switch off the television, audio sets, and mobile phones while playing. These gadgets easily capture your attention thereby disturbing your focus in the game.

3. It’s important to stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water alongside so that you do not have to go out for water. Staying hydrated helps your mind function better.

4. Sign out of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that you do not get carried away by its notifications.

5. Keep your mind fresh an hour before the game by meditating or doing yoga. As the game warrants patience and focus, it’s important to keep our minds in a stable state.

6. Ensure you refresh materials relevant to rummy like rummy rules, rummy tips, and types of gameplay. There are tons of materials on rummy that are available online which are easily accessible.

7. Avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks while playing the game as they tend to affect your concentration. It’s crucial to reenergize the body and mind with healthy food and exercise.

Ensure you follow these seven warm-up routines every time before you play Indian rummy online. You will see the best results in a few days! With so many exciting rummy promotions lined up, you would need to conserve a lot of energy for better performance. Follow this routine religiously and bring your A-game to our tables every time.

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