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Tips to win Rummy Tournaments consistently!

Rummy tournaments are a definitive test for any rummy player. Alongside a chance to win money, the stage offers a stage for the players to profess their expertise in the game. It is one of the basic reasons as to why people choose rummy online tournaments. In order prevail amidst the heavy competition, players need to build up certain qualities which will help them to win more consistently.

The following are the rundown of hacks which will be valuable to each rummy player when he or she are playing tourneys. These hacks will assist the player to level up his/her game and play competitions more confidently. Your path to turning into a rummy star becomes easy with these five hacks.

1. Time Schedule

To be a decent tournament player, you have to have an appropriate time schedule. Set up a time schedule of the tournaments (Daily, Monthly, and Weekly) well ahead of the schedule. See to that your schedule for rummy tournaments doesn’t affect your normal routine. In the event that you cannot meet a schedule, redraft it to your convenience. Play tournaments only with the time you can afford for your entertainment. Following a legitimate schedule will impart discipline and would assist you with paying attention to the game more.

2. Bankroll Management

Continuously keep a record of the money you bring to the table. Playing tourneys require a committed bankroll. See to that you have adequate balance in your rummy account so that you don’t run short of money. Fix a time and money limit for yourself and ensure you strictly stick to it. We regularly state players just tp play with what they can stand to lose. It need not be taken in a negative meaning, as the fortunes of rewards and losings swing fluidly in a rummy game.

3. Monitor adversaries

You are one among the several players competing for a prize in our tournaments. You should continually watch your opponent’s game play so as to have a thought regarding the melds they are building. Since the tournament is a lot quicker than the tables, you should be completely centered around the tables with no interruption. See to that you don’t toss a single card that may enable your rivals.

4. Figure out how to drop viably

You can’t dominate each match that you are playing in rummy. Despite the fact that it’s an game based on skill and ability all around, starting hands does have some say to it. In the event that you have a terrible starting hand, there is no reason for proceeding with the game. Overlay before you lose by a bigger margin

5. Play with a positive outlook

It is significant that you play each rummy competition with a positive outlook and with undeterred attention. Ensure the place from where you play is interruption free. Give your 100% focus in the game without giving space for different preoccupations. Additionally guarantee you are in the correct state of mind to play the game. Playing the game while you are restless or testy won’t help your motivation.

These rummy tournament tips will help you a long way in guaranteeing success in long term. Download rummy mobile application for Android now and have a go at the scope of freeroll and cash rummy tournaments!

Why should you spend time in Online Rummy?

Rummy is India’s most celebrated game on an all-time note. Rummy was played in India on special occasions like marriages, birthday parties and many more celebrations. But time has changed now! You can play Rummy from anywhere, anytime and make the worth celebrations. Online Rummy is the best leisure activity you can do. Online Rummy has broken the doubts about accessibility and legality concerns.

Real money rewards and 24*7 gaming availability has a completely new look on Rummy in the name of online Rummy. The online card game is one of the most popular online game in India. Thinking about how these many play the game. There are several reasons to play the game. On a more technical note, it is only fair to say; online Rummy is the best place to ‘invest” your time.

Here’s are five reasons why you should do this,

Smartest entertainment

With all the outdoor entertainments shut down with the lockdown happening in the country because of the corona, Rummy is a proven means of entertainment. You could find people spending a lot of time social media, which is obviously an unproductive one. The game is fresh and very ugh interesting with a responsible mindset wherever logged in. Not just them, the game also fills your wallet. Such an online gaming platform can also help you make new friends from different parts of the country using the chat option available in the game.

Increases workability

The game of Rummy is very much a skill game. A game won by a person’s mental strength. There are many quick calculations and decisions in a very short time. That’s a great exercise for your brain. One needs qualities like these in real life to improves their efficiency. Playing Rummy is the best way to train your mind. The game increases the managerial skills in a player as he/she manages to attain success with minimal resources in hand.

Cash rewards

Who would miss out such big jackpots? Online Rummy is a treasure box of unimaginable cash rewards and other forms of giveaways. There are a countless number of opportunities you can get every day to win huge rewards on your wins. There are three forms of the game where you can collect your winning rewards- cash games, tournaments, and leaderboard contest. Cash games include all three variants of Indian Rummy; tournaments have both cash and free-roll tournaments. Leaderboard contests, oh god how huge are they!

Real-life skills

As mentioned earlier, playing Rummy consistently develops much needed real-life skills. Many like decision making, managerial, sharp observation, and situation study skills are more likely to develop in an individual. Remember, it is a double benefit to earn money and life skills at the same time. Players can get in a lot of experience in playing card games like Rummy.

Easiest accessibility

Rummy is very much accessible in today’s digital world. Smartphones are very much cheap in today’s market, and internet packs are very much pocket friendly. Mobile rummy apps are available for all users, be it android or the iOS platform, it is very easy to install such Apps. Players can switch to any device whenever they wish to when you have the accessibility to enjoy such advantages rummy can and should never be missed out.


How Positive Thinking Can Change your Lives?

Keeping a positive outlook on life is good for your health, well-being, and the quality of your life in general. However, it is not always possible to remain optimistic at all times given the materialistic world that we live in.

We have all been told about the benefits of positive thinking, yet, at times, we need a reminder about it to put us back on track if we digress.

In this article, we will put to your attention, the benefits of positive thinking and the ways through which you can leverage its advantages of it.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

1. Better Stress Management

Most of this generation suffers from stress and anxiety-related issues. True that stress is unavoidable and a part of our lives, but not dealing with it in a proper way can have adverse effects on your health and mind. While we don’t have the power to control the stressful situations which may come without an announcement, we can, however, take better measures if we see trigger warnings and the way we respond to them.

Cultivating the habit of positive thinking helps us to deal with bad situations with better clarity and focus. By identifying the core of your problem, you can mitigate the damages the stressful event can have on your life.

2. Mental Health

Positive thinking directly impacts your brain. Our moods, thought processes, habits, and responses to situations are all based on the chemical responses in the brain. Bad habits or stressful events can cause a chemical imbalance in your brain and therefore can turn your lives upside down. Getting trapped in the vicious cycle of stress and depression can make us hopeless.

So, seeking out good things and fostering good thoughts are essential to maintaining good mental health. Indulge in activities like playing puzzles online, and skill games like 13 card rummy online which are proven to improve your mood and increase your cognitive ability.

3. Physical Health

There is a strong correlation between your mental well-being and physical health. We can easily distinguish between a confident person and a not-confident one. Thought process and action reflect in your appearance.

Continous spates of stress and anxiety can take a toll on your body. Stress can cause a spike in blood pressure, sugar levels, weakened immune system and even organ malfunctioning at times. Therefore, it is essential to develop positive thinking so that you can stay healthy at all times. Engage yourself in some mood-lightening exercises if you feel down.

4. Career prospects

Corporates these days are looking for a go-getter than someone who they wish to train for months. You can be a go-getter matching the expectations of the corporates if you develop positive thinking.

Having an optimistic outlook helps you plan better and be more productive. Being positive is also infectious, it might rub on to the others in your team and create a better work atmosphere.

5. Social Life

Nobody would like to hang around with timid and negative people. Having an optimistic outlook in life draws people towards you. You can serve as their mentor and have an opportunity to change their lives. At the same time, you can also have a sense of self-satisfaction and aim for bigger goals in your life.

If you want to improve your social life, you better develop positive thoughts right from today.


Positivity attracts, and negativity repels. Aim to be positive as much as possible. While exercising caution or having a little scepticism is not bad, ensure your negative feelings do not overwhelm you at any point in time. It can be difficult to get started from the word go, as we all might be conditioned in a different way. However, isn’t impossible a word in the dictionary of fools?

If you like this entry, do feel to share it on your social media feeds. Stay tuned to many other exciting articles like these going forward in this very space.

How to determine the skill level of your opponents in rummy?

If you ever played rummy online, you would have known how often player talk about gauging the skill level of your opponent. In fact, gauging your opponents plays a vital role in the game. Only when know your opponents’ level, you can formulate your strategy for that game.

Also, it would help you in selecting the table and amount of cash you would want to bring to the table. Hence, it is essential that every rummy player must be shrewd enough to assess their opponents. Here are few steps that can help you understand your opponent’s skill levels.

Determining the skill level of your opponent

1. Discarded Cards

Usually, the discarded cards give you an idea about the sequence your opponent is trying to build. Skilled players know this and take steps to ensure they don’t giveaway this to their opponents. Your routine strategies are not going to help, you need to find an alternate way to outsmart them, which is not very easy. Such players are experts in deciphering the cards and the moves of their opponents based on their discards. If your opponent is not discarding the cards that you need, it could be a sign his skill level is higher.

2. High Value cards

One of the well-established rummy strategy is to discard high value cards as they can prove costly at the end of the game. Most rummy players follow this strategy religiously. However, rummy experts tread carefully while implementing this strategy. They do not throw away the high-value cards just for the heck of it. They gauge the situation twice before discarding the cards. Discarding high-value cards is of-course a part of their strategy, which they do in a well-constructed manner. It is essential to exercise your judging skills to establish if they are pro or novice. You can acquire this skill only with extensive practice.

3. Drop

Rummy experts do not beat the bush around with cards which don’t give them a chance. They very often go for the first drop or at-least a middle drop, when they have a bad hand. You do not see them endlessly slogging it off with a bad hand. However, this won’t be a case when your opponent is a novice. A novice allows his emotions to take over logic and makes moves hurriedly. They don’t know it’s wise to go for a drop, instead go after the impossible. If you see a particular player dropping often, chances are such that he/she is an expert rummy player and doing so to avoid heavy defeat.

Hopefully, this post should give you an idea about gauging your opponent’s skill level. However, you should not restrict yourself to these skills. Rummy skills are like an universe without boundaries. The more you play, the more you are going to invent it yourself.