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The journey of Online gaming industry

Online gaming is the fastest growing industry at the global stage. The growth is tremendous and the industry is a giant one. The industry has updated itself regularly. Games have turned a cultural part of one’s life. It all started with board games and now much popular with the virtual reality technology. The Online gaming industry has taken only few decades to becomes the most profitable industry on earth.

Online Gaming

The journey 

One main reason for the popularity is the revolution in the field of Internet. The concept of Online gaming got embedded with smartphones in the year 2007. Microsoft launched Minecraft in 2009 which became one of the biggest sale ever with 176 million copies sold. On the same year, Apple introduced the concept of in-app purchase for iPhone apps. As time passed by, Internet had a parallel growth simultaneously. The number of gamers started increasing steadily. In the year 2015, the attendance rose to 1.5 million players. 

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016, became the highest revenue generating game in the very first month of launch. Last year google released a cloud gaming service named, Stadia, which allows players to play without using a console. The gaming market was worth $152 Billion in 2019. 

These are some of the to be noted moments in the online gaming industry till date. 

The Platform 

There are two main terms involved in the industry- Online gaming and Esports. These two aren’t the same, but still, people get confused between these terms. Online gaming is the act of playing video games using internet whereas Esports is the short form of electronic sports. Esports refers to competitive or professional gaming. 

The platform is split into 3 categories, namely PC gaming, console gaming and Mobile gaming. Of the three, mobile gaming has generated the highest revenue in 2019. Mobile gaming’s share in the overall value counted to 45% that sums up around $68.5 Billion. By 2022, the entire industry is estimated to generate $196.08 billion. Of the entire value, 49% of the revenue accounts mobile gaming followed by 31% and 20% by console and PC gaming respectively. 

The 5G version of internet service is speeding its way to India. This could improve the gaming experience for players – the more speed the internet is, the more exciting gaming becomes. In 2019, 2.4 Billion gamers played in the mobile medium. Of which, 50% are women.

India is a great place for online gaming firms. Firms are bringing out the cultural games like Online Rummy in the digital platform 

A stat says, gaming apps are the second top apps only behind social media apps among young users between the age limit 18-20. There are several aspects of online games that boost the popularity and improves revenue – in app purchases, subscription, rewards and social trade. 

The future 

The industry is showing great signs of a bright future. The technical part of the industry is proving to grow as days pass by. Virtual reality and cloud gaming the big options that players are going to enjoy the future. Gaming is going to reach new heights in the upcoming years. Both the version of games hold great advantage of fast gaming and reliving gaming experience. Virtual reality is expected to be reach the required demand in the upcoming year. 

5 alternatives for PUBG lovers

Battle Royale games are the most preferred and favourite genre of games people love today. In particular, gamers between the age of 18 to 25. The advent of PUBG is one main reason for the statement. There are several reasons why PUBG has been showing much famous in the gaming world including high-definition graphics, user-friendly interface, exciting game setup etc.

Shooter games

The game holds a very big market in the global gaming community. PUBG is now an example of a great first-person shooting game. Any new game built of this genre is using PUBG as the reference for the game. Such games are a proven practice to increase a person’s reaction time. 

Sure we are suggesting you some of the best alternatives that you can play instead of PUBG. 

1. Call of duty

The game is available on both android and iOS platform. Call of duty holds an impressive record in the play store. The game has 100 million downloads in the google play store. Activision Publishing Inc is the founder, and this game is the best of releases the form has made. Regular updates are making the gaming experience better Yand better. The game needs upto 2 GB space in an android smartphone and 2.1 GB in apple devices.  

2. Fightnight battle royale

The game has a very decent level of graphics, gameplay options and sound settings. This game is small than the previously mentioned game. It holds 140-150 MB space in your device. The game is available for android devices. Your mobile must be either android 4.1 or above to support the game. The game features over 1 million downloads in the google play store. 

3. Battle prime online 

The third player shooter online game is much compatible on both android and iOS platform. It holds decent records in both Google and Apple store. Fast-paced action gaming ecosystem, great range of weapons and unique looking heroes sum up battle prime online. Launched by Press Fire games, the game is believed to be the game for the next generation. There are age restriction policies and in-app purchase in the game. 

4. Shadowgun legends 

Released by Madfinger games on March 22, 2018- Shadowgun Legends is a first-person shooter game with role-playing and MMO elements. This is the third release in the Shadowgun series after Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone in 2011 and 2012 respectively. There are several modes in the game, namely, duel, elimination, ascendancy, Dungeons, and arenas. It is available in both android and iOS platform.

5. Infinity ops Sci-Fi 

Some gamers consider this game to be a hidden gem in this genre. It has been build with a futuristic idea of survival. The weapons here are very much new and modern. The option is definitely a great choice for a shooting game. Being available in both android and iOS devices, it needs Android 4.4 and iOS 11.0 or better versions for support. Graphics work is appreciable in the game. The look of the gaming ecosystem is to be a noted factor.

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Five Multiplayer online games that you can play anytime

The wonders of the internet has been amazing. We practically have the world at our fingertips, at a click away. One of the most fascinating aspect of the internet boom is the evolution of online games. Now with the help of rapidly booming technology, online gaming is becoming more and more sophisticated, the multiplayer gaming is one of the staples of online game evolution. Gone are the days where we spent hours enjoying outdoor games with our loved ones, MMORPG and MMO games are the new modes of entertainment .

Multiplayer online gaming is dominating because of the value it brings. While playing with friends is always special, these platforms allow you to connect with unknown strangers at different geographic locations, making your gaming experience even more fun and thrilling. With a mountain of options available under multiplayer gaming, selecting the best game tailored to your taste may be an arduous task. In this post, we give you a selection of multiplayer online games that will thoroughly entertain you anytime.


Multiplayer Online Games

1. Online Casino

Online casinos have seen an immense rise in the number of players in the recent times. Not many people have the time and budget to visit brick and mortar casinos. Online casinos have attracted thousands of gamers to their platform by giving them the same pulsating action. Now with technologies like VR and AR, players can experience the fun and thrill of real casinos from their couches. Several casino games like Rummy Online, Poker, Blackjack, Russian Roulette, Blackjack are available online. Additionally, you get various incentives like bonus offers, tournaments, and leaderboard contests to add more fun. What separates Online casinos from the rest is that they give the players multiple earning opportunities. Earning money online an additional incentive that gives an edge to Online casinos.

2. Call of Duty

Developed by Activision and Tencent Games, the game features similar game dynamics and controls like PUBG. Despite being a console game, it has been ported well to Android and iOS platforms. The game has multiple options; whether you like to play the first person shooter game or Battle royale, Call of duty is an engrossing game with multiple game modes. In terms of mechanics and gun play, COD remains unrivaled.

3. Fortnite

Fortnite is the first mobile game to bring the concept of Battle Royale. The most awesome feature is that it allows cross platform game play. Which means players from console, PC, and mobiles can be part of the same squad. Fortnite is one of the popular multiplayer game with excellent game mechanics and optimized controls.

4. PubG

Guess you should be living under the rocks, if you have not heard about this multiplayer game. Having won several awards for 3 consecutive years including some renowned ones, this is the most widely played multiplayer game in the world at the moment. The game also comes with an in-game chat feature that allows you to communicate with your team mates. The makers also keep the viewers updated with new challenges, new maps every now and then. If you want to spend some quality time with your friends or family, then PubG is an excellent choice.

5. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is the mobile version of the popular console game. The game allows players to play soccer in a real time multiplayer 11 vs 11 game. Players get an option to build their own teams. Currently, the players have an option to choose from over 650 fun playable events.

Dominance of online gaming in the digital platform

Things keep changing regularly. It is all about the trend. Working professions and gaming have changed a lot. Are you thinking about how these two are connected? Actually, both the terms are much connected now. Games aren’t a pass time now. Games are professional and much skilful in the present trend of gaming.

Online Gaming
The professional working style has completely changed. The opportunities have opened up to a maximum range. Even games like online rummy and online poker have made it possible to earn real cash from any place they are localised. Online gaming is now a hot profession; people really love the most. Who would regret playing online games, when the games get you real cash. Not just gaming, there are several other options in the digital world, but the online gaming industry is yielding the biggest sum in the overall money generated in the digital world. 

Online Gaming 

Online Gaming has a huge impact on gamers. Gamers and the time spent by them have increased in recent days. There’s a new record made regularly. There’s are many new games in the market every day. Online gaming is considered the best indoor entertainment globally. The market has created employment all around the globe on a large scale. There are several reasons why online gaming has a major contribution to the digital money generated overall. The reasons are as follows,

1. Accessibility 

Gaming is a hobby for a very long time but has changed into a culture in the recent past. One main reason for dominance is the accessibility factor of online games. The nature of gaming keeps changing regularly. The gaming device is ever-changing. There’s a change instantly. Things are getting more complex and more technological as time pass by. The gaming experience is much better than past records. The change is making people enjoy the game to the fullest along with the increasing accessibility to play them. 

2. Best user interface

The Indian gaming society had a big doubt on the online gaming platform’s survival in the country. But as time progressed, the gaming community has adapted well to the online gaming style. Online gaming platform provides the user with great gaming interface experience. The player need not be brainy to play them. The games are very simple to learn and play. There needs no trainer or someone else to guide you in the platform. Once you play the game with sincere focus, it is very easy to learn. 

3. Options

Online gaming isn’t about 10 or 20 games. There’s a huge number which isn’t a constant. You will never find the game store boring; there is something new every time you check-in. The games are just a pass by; there are many skill games that can build you mentally. There are many gaming firms bringing out new projects regularly. There are many new genres available in the play store for you to explore, making your exploration very big than expected. Smartphones are much better these days, making them much suitable for such gaming experience.