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Fair Play at Deccan Rummy

Rummy is not just a game for us here at Deccan Rummy! It is an experience, artistry – reserved for intellectuals who share the similar rummy passion like us. Deccan Rummy is India’s most exciting gaming platform to play rummy cash games and rummy tournaments for fun and real money. Players can access our rummy games by playing online, downloading our desktop software or by downloading our mobile APP for your Android and IOS devices. With multiple methods to access the rummy game, playing rummy online has become very easy. Register with us now and get the most authentic rummy experience.If you are an Android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy takes every measure to ensure our users get the right kind of rummy experience they have been wanting all the while. We ensure that all the data by our customers are safe & secure.


Deccan Rummy provides a safe and fair gaming environment for all our patrons. We have taken every necessary step to protect the integrity of our Rummy room. Moreover, we want our rummy players to feel confident in the trust they place in us, which is our primary imperative. In order to keep the gaming environment clean, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards players indulging in cheating and collusion.

Deccan Rummy offers a variety of 13 card rummy games so that the players get a wider selection of gaming experiences. Deccan Rummy’s rummy games have been built with a state-of-the-art software giving a stunning gaming experience. Moreover, we have installed a robust random number generator (RNG) that ensures a random shuffle. Deccan Rummy is certified by InfySec Security labs for fair play and random number generator (RNG). RNG ensures le permutations and combinations not related to each other that is virtually impossible to predict. Our RNG system had been rigorously tested by running millions of rounds to ensure random distribution. Deccan Rummy has deployed a sophisticated technology identifying the players indulging in collusion or other types of fraudulent activities.

We hope that you enjoy your playing experience at Deccan Rummy, trust us and rest the burden on our shoulders to provide you the most secure platform to play 13 cards Indian Rummy game online. We are sure that the exhilarating card games in our website will keep you hooked and glued to your screen. The fun and thrill of playing online rummy at Deccan Rummy are unparallel. It hardly matters what level you are in; signup and enjoys the most genuine card games that you will ever get. See you at our rummy tables.

3 Amazing bonus offers at Deccan Rummy

Of all the online card games populating the internet, none comes close to online Rummy in terms of the excitement and entertainment value. It comes as no surprise that 13 cards Indian rummy game remains as the most preferred card game in India. Of late, we have seen a big surge in the number people registering in online rummy sites. This may be because of the rampant TV advertisements, omnipresent Internet Ads and banners put up by several rummy sites all over the Internet. Additionally, many rummy sites are luring players with huge promotional offers, exciting bonus offers, and stunning gaming environment.

Deccan Rummy is one of the authentic providers of online rummy in India. You can find almost all of the Indian Rummy variations here like Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy and exemplary tournaments with sumptuous gifts. Whether you are an amateur or a professional rummy player, the games we host can be played by anyone.

In addition to hosting exciting multiplayer rummy games, Our USP has always been the offers & rummy promotions that we update periodically. As there are many sites to play rummy online in India, we strive hard to come up with promotions that connect us with rummy enthusiasts almost instantly. For example, Our Baahubali 2 special tournament was conducted around the release of the movie with movie ticket vouchers as prizes for the winners. Not only was the tournament massively successful, it catapulted us to be a significant force to reckon in front of established bigwigs of the rummy industry. We announce rummy promotions periodically after a lot of groundwork and research. This gives us an idea of what players want and enables us to come up with promotions that instantly strikes a chord with them. We constantly strive to enhance player experience and engagement. Here, you can see some of the bonus offers currently available at Deccan Rummy.

  1. Refer A Friend

 bonus offers


As you introduce your friends to Deccan Rummy, you will get “Unlimited Lifetime Bonus”- 10% of your friend’s winning fees as bonus amount for life. The referral bonus will get credited as referral points in your account. You can redeem at the rate of 10 Referral Points = Rs. 1. This is an unlimited bonus and gives you an opportunity to earn for life. No other rummy site offers a promotion like this. Make it count by referring as many friends as possible.

  1. 100 % Deposit

 bonus offers


The first ever deposit made by new registrants is eligible for a 100 % bonus with the maximum bonus amount capped at Rs. 5000.00. Players who fund their account for the first time will receive twice as much as the bonus. This bonus is instantly credited to your account and enables you to play many cash #rummygames and tournaments. It’s not just great, it is SUPER AWESOME!Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.

  1. 200 % Instant Deposit

This is an extraordinary rummy bonus offer that has become a permanent feature at Deccan Rummy owing to its huge success among our players. Your first deposit in a day could fetch you a bonus amount up to 200%. The bonus amount would be instantly credited to your Deccan Rummy amount. We are providing you the luxury of playing high stakes table by giving away this bonus amount. Deposit daily and play our high stakes cash rummy games with an authority.

These are some of the exciting bonus offers available at present at Deccan Rummy. So, make use of these awesome rummy bonus offers and stock your rummy account with huge cash. If you got a feedback on our bonus offers, feel free to mail us at If you’re ready to jump into the action, then register immediately. If you already have an account with us, make use of this awesome rummy bonus offers immediately. Catch you at the tables!

5 Gaming Mobile APPs to power up your mobile

Ever since mobile APPs made their way into gaming environment, game developers are constantly exploring various avenues to create games that keep the gamers glued. However, this has become increasingly difficult as thousands of games hit Google store and APP store every day. It is hard to predict if mobile gaming has reached its zenith as the boundaries are getting pushed with every new game that hits the market.

Keeping up with the extraordinary demand for fun, the mobile developer population has rapidly boomed. The revenue generated by the global mobile gaming industry has been staggering. Mobile gaming is now ubiquitous; it is inseparable from the popular culture today.  Anyone with a basic Smartphone can play these games, without needing to invest in expensive consoles and other necessary accouterments. We have seen many players hooked to games like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans for hours. With its current explosive growth, Industrial analysts predict mobile gaming might replace console games entirely within some duration. The reason behind the crazy success of mobile gaming is because of its playability on the go. While playing traditional games, you may have to spend an hour, or several hours, to playing through a level to get a feel of accomplishing something. Mobile gaming, with its short duration, fits the demands of today’s world. It comes as no surprise to see game developers aggressively developing mobile gaming apps targeting the last of Smartphone user. According to a study, mobile games in India are growing at an average rate of 56% and are expected to grow at 100% very sooner. With Jio facilitating an aggressive internet penetration, we can expect the mobile gaming community to grow even bigger. If you are someone looking to get some flawless gaming applications for your Smartphone, you can try playing these games which gathered a massive following over the past year.

  1. Online Rummy/Poker

Mobile APPs

Just like many games that shifted to the mobile platform, rummy too made its stylish debut in the mobile world and made rapid strides almost instantly. Many successful 13 card Indian rummy sites like Deccan Rummy moved to the mobile platform and expanded their market. It is projected that Indian mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $3 billion by 2019 and card game industry especially is expected to have a phenomenal growth. At Deccan Rummy, we are witnessing a rapid surge in mobile users evident from ever growing app installs every week. A rummy player spends an hour on average playing rummy games in a day, across three to four sessions. Many rummy sites keep the mobile rummy players engaged by providing stunning offers and a great gaming experience. Most of the rummy mobile APPs are available for free to download. This gives it an extra advantage as you get an exciting gaming experience at the cost of nothing. Rummy mobile is the future!Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.

  1. Super Mario

Mobile APPs

The Super Mario game for your Smartphone is finally here. Following its launch exclusively for iOS last December, Super Mario is now available for your android handsets as well. The game is very easy to pick up, with one-touch gameplay and easy mechanics. Super Mario Run is available free to download. You can play through certain levels after which you need shell out $9.99 for the full version of the game.

  1. 8 Ball Pool (free)

Mobile APPs


8 Ball Pool allows you to go head-to-head against players all over the world. The gameplay is very similar to other pool games. In the table, you aim the cue with the help of your fingers and hit the ball, in the direction that you want. From there, you should try to beat your opponent based on the ball you hit – shooting the striped or colored ball.


4. 2 cars

Mobile APPs


2 cars is an addictive game where you must control blue and red cars at the same time so that they collect the circles and avoid the squares. This game is extremely popular because of its seamless, efficient gameplay which gives it an excellent replay value. Most of all, the game is very gripping and keeps you on the hook for the most part.

5.Mortal Kombat X

Mobile APPs

This is a familiar game that we have known right from the days of Video games. Now, Mortal Kombat has made an amazing comeback on the mobile platform. Gamers familiar with its console version will be amazed at the quality of the graphics in the mobile app. Similar to 2 cars, this game is spellbinding and keeps you glued from start to finish. Unlike other free games, there wouldn’t be adverts bothering you during the middle of the game. Not bad for something that is free!

These are some of the popular Mobile apps among the gaming community. We are sure you might be interested in any one of the games mentioned above. You can download all these mobile APPs from Play store or APP store for free. Just give them a try and feel the power of the games.

How Deccan Rummy differs from other Rummy Online sites?

With so many Online Rummy sites available all over the Internet luring the players with extraordinary bonuses, offers, deals & discounts, it’s difficult for the players to pick the best one. Additionally, other online rummy sites too have a problem in setting themselves apart from the rest. is the safest Indian rummy site that offers genuine rummy online games in different formats. Be it points rummy, pool rummy or Deals rummy; you can play all rummy variants on our site. Playing online rummy at Deccan Rummy is quick, easy, and completely free. All you need to do is register with us for free and start playing rummy and win big prizes like gold coins, gift vouchers, and real cash prizes.  In this article, we will look at the points where Deccan Rummy has a clear edge over other rummy sites.

  1. Fastest Gaming Environment

Our online gaming portal is flash free. Most other top rummy sites are flash player based. Flash based games are incredibly slow loading which is walking on our nerves. Because of the slowness, flash based games fail to create any user immersion. Deccan Rummy creates a nice immersion into the game through the nice accelerated full-screen HTML5 graphics. We proudly announce ourselves as the fastest rummy portal in India.

  1. Fastest Withdrawal

Deccan rummy is the only place where you get your winnings quickly. We offer the fastest withdrawal services in the entire gaming industry. We understand many rummy players get really frustrated with the delay in getting their winnings credited to their account, so we have taken adequate steps to ensure that the payout is fast.

  1. Lowest Service Fee

 Make the most out of your winnings at Deccan Rummy. Deccan Rummy charges the lowest service fee of all the rummy sites in the market. Play more, win more and get more!

  1. No wagering required

Unlike other rummy sites where wagering is an important criterion for withdrawal, At Deccan Rummy, you can withdraw what you have deposited without wagering.

  1. TDS deduction

As per law, TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) is currently applicable at the rate of 30% on winning above Rs. 10,000 in online games in other sites. At Deccan Rummy tables, you get your winnings as it is without any TDS deductions.

  1. Extravagant gifts/offers

We are always ahead of our competitors with our giveaways. Apart from the cash prizes, we have gift vouchers, trips to exotic locations, gold coins, and movie vouchers as prizes for our winners. No other rummy site provides a bonus for life like refer a friend promotion at Deccan Rummy.

  1. Mobile APP

Deccan Rummy Mobile APP is one of the best mobile APPs for playing rummy online. Built with state-of-the-art technology, our APP is the perfect way to have a seamless gaming experience. Our APP is high on function, low on your memory (just 11 MB) and acts as an ideal platform to showcase your rummy prowess.

Besides the things mentioned here we have an edge over our other online rummy sites in several areas:

  • Secure deposit/withdrawal system
  • Multiple payment options
  • 24/7 Customer support through email & chat
  • Exclusive bonuses and rewards
  • Tourneys with guaranteed prizes
  • Festival tournaments
  • Fastest Mobile APP
  • Multiplayer, Multi-table games available 24/7, 365 days a year

Why waste your time with other online rummy sites? Join Deccan Rummy & invite your pals to play a game of rummy & earn an unlimited bonus for life.

Do Rummy sites encourage in favouritism?

We have some skeptics always casting apprehensions about the genuineness of the rummy sites. Some of the accusations thrown in are rummy sites indulging fraud, favoritism, and luck. We have already dwelled enough on fraud and luck, being a factor that decides the outcome of the game. This leaves us dealing with another common accusation against rummy sites favoring a particular sect of players.

Rummy Sites


Is there any truth to this weird accusation about rummy sites indulging in favoritism? Unfortunately, it is not. Any site that hosts the 13 cards rummy game goes out of its way to ensure that each player gets the right benefits, right rummy promotions and the right offers. In this article, let us take a look at the factors in a rummy site where the players start on equal footing.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus will be credited to the players’ account once he successfully completes the registration process. The registration process in most online rummy sites is very simple and doesn’t take much time to complete. Once this process is completed and his mobile number is verified, players get an instant signup bonus. This amount varies from site to site. At Deccan Rummy, the newbies get Rs. 25.00. This is to ensure that no one is given an unfair advantage and everyone gets started on an equal footing.

Deposit Bonus

This is another incentive given by most of the rummy sites encouraging players to play cash rummy games. Most, if not all rummy sites offer a welcome bonus when making a first deposit. All the players who make their first cash deposit to their rummy account are eligible for this bonus. At Deccan Rummy, we provide 100 % first deposit bonus up to Rs. 5000 for all our new registrants. This bonus amount is too enticing for players that it makes them flock to the tables to try their luck at rummy online games. All the players are offered this enticing promotion without any prejudice.

Seating arrangement, Joker, Cards dealt

In all the rummy sites, seating arrangements are random. Most of the rummy sites have RNG installed in them which ensures that cards are randomly dealt. Similarly, joker selection is random. There is absolutely no prejudice of any sorts in any of these.


Rummy rules are common for all the players. There are multiple variants of rummy games hosted by rummy sites but the rummy rules remain same for all the formats. Again there is no prejudice or any favoritism involved in this.


All the games are available for all the players 24/7, 365 days a year without any restrictions. Sports is one of the best ways to break all the barriers that are existing in our society and rummy sites are doing a fabulous job by attracting the best minds.

As you can observe, all the factors listed above are common for all the players. Hope this article helped you clear aspersions that have been cast regarding rummy sites indulging in favoritism.

5 Common Blame tactics for Rummy losses

Every loser often indulges in a blame game. If a cricketer fails in a match, he blames it on pitch or weather conditions. If a student fails a test, he blames it on his teachers. Even worse are some people who constantly whine about their bad luck, misfortune et al. Does our bad luck stop our progress every time?

Rummy Skills

Similarly, some losers among the online rummy community often blame their bad luck or accuse the rummy site they play in, of indulging in foul play. We can only pity their miserable understanding. Online Indian rummy is one of the cleanest games out there. In Rummy, skills play a major role in deciding the outcome unlike a few games like Teen Patti where luck decides the fate. In this article, we are taking apart a few common blame game tactics used by rummy game detractors in their effort to taint the game.’s all about luck

In online rummy, the luck factor ends with the distribution of cards in the first round. We have an article on various types of rummy starting hands which explains the way to play all kinds of starting hands you could receive. Regardless of the strength of your starting hands, you can still win the game provided you know how to get the right combination of cards to make a rummy set.

2.Rummy Skills are overrated

This is sheer baloney. If skills are overrated and luck is the sole deciding factor, how are a few players consistently winning the game? Rummy skills are the primary desideratum in a rummy game. Skills are the primary desideratum to be successful in a rummy game. Perhaps, a quick read about the rummy skills & strategies could help you change this wrong notion about skills being overrated.

3.Accusing the site of Fraud

This one is our most favourite of the blame game tactics used by our community’s naysayers. Fortunately, there is a little truth to it. Most rummy sites have enforced stringent anti-collusion, anti-fraud measures and do not compromise one bit on player security and safety. Additionally, most rummy sites have RNG (Random Number Generator) installed in them, which ensures that card sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed.

4.Playing online rummy is illegal

Nope, it’s not! How come there are barrages of rummy sites out there catering various rummy variants to the players if it is illegal? We have seen many TV advertisements where popular stars endorse playing rummy online. Can someone explain why does the mainstream media endorse the game if is illegal? Truth is that the honorable Supreme Court of India has declared playing rummy for stakes as legal.

5.Newbie’s can never win

Another humbug! Smart players will win cash at any rummy site no matter who they are playing against. There is neither written rule nor any significant statistics to assume that only experienced players would win all the rummy games. Sure, experience plays a role but that doesn’t close the door for other budding rummy aspirants. If you are acquainted with all the rummy skills and strategies, you can easily outplay your opponents even if he is a stalwart in online rummy.

Truth is that naysayers and detractors always exist in all the trades and rummy seems no different.  It is not amusing to see such voyeuristic individuals’ gain upper hand on occasions and influence people. May be they feel jealous about some rummy players winning money online easily just by playing the game they lost. But we must accept it’s our fickle & fragile mind that at times doesn’t want to do our own research and instead get carried away by these red herrings. We are sure you might have come across any one of these false propaganda. Hope this article helped you in getting the right information about playing rummy online. Shed your skepticism, play rummy & win real cash now.

Wisdom behind online rummy card games

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind the rules of 13 card online rummy card games? We know it might sound silly to analyze about the game that is insanely popular. But to scrutinize something that is immensely popular is human nature. While scrutinizing the reasons behind the massive reach of online rummy, we had to come across various questions – Why are the joker cards used in this game? Why online rummy sites allow a maximum of 6 players in a rummy table? Why are cards dealt randomly? Of all the playing card games, why does rummy stand out as the most exciting one?

Card Games

In fact, there is an underlying wisdom in all the activities that we do. No matter what the activity is, be it a ritual or a daily routine, we do it with a purpose. Online rummy is no different; there is an underlying wisdom in all the activities that are followed in online rummy.

The wisdom behind rummy card games:

1. No of Players

Most of the online rummy only allows 2-6 players in a table. The main reason behind this to retain the charm of the game and ensure competitiveness prevails throughout the game. We have heard the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” – this holds true in online rummy, as too many players will make the game lose its sheen.

2. No of Decks

The number of decks is proportional to the number of players playing the game. Assuming 6 players play the game, we cannot use a single deck as it is insufficient for the number of players. It is only logical that two decks of cards are used for a game that features 6 players.

3. Shuffling of cards

The traditional way of playing rummy may lead to the bad shuffling. There are high chances that certain players are dealt favorable cards that can swing the game in their favor. In online rummy, everything is automated and shuffling/ dealing of cards will be done in seconds, arbitrarily. It makes the battlefield even and gives everyone a fair chance to win. Also, other factors that can influence the outcome like favoritism and abuse are prevented.

4. Joker Cards

Joker cards are primarily meant to provide everyone a fair chance to win. It is highly impossible to meld 13 cards without joker as the probability of getting all the cards in order is extremely low. At certain instances of offline rummy, apart from the printed jokers, a card is selected and kept face down that acts as a joker card. This makes sure everyone has a fair shot at getting the joker card.

The idea behind making pure sequence mandatory for declaring a show is what that makes rummy a game of skill more than being a game of chance. This ensures that none of the players have any unfair advantages in the game.

5. Pure Sequence

The idea behind making pure sequence mandatory for declaring a show is what that makes rummy a game of skill more than being a game of chance. This ensures that none of the players have any unfair advantages in the game.

6. Middle drop

A player’s maximum score in Rummy is 80. If a player drops the game in the first turn, he/she get 20 points and the game continues till a winner emerges. If a player drops the game in any other turn, he/she gets 40 points. The wisdom behind this is that players don’t lose much money.

7. Scoring Pattern

10 points for A, K, Q, J, 10 while the points of the numerical cards (from 2 to 10) of all suites are their Face value.  This shows that a lot of thinking has gone behind the scoring pattern.

This clearly shows that game of rummy was not an arbitrary knee-jerk invention among card games. So, it’s not surprising that rummy remains as the most preferred of all the free card games available in the market.

5 tips to Choose the best 13 card rummy site

Are you planning to enter into the exciting world of online playing card games? If yes, then gear up to register in one of the most exciting sites offering 13 card rummy games. Of all the card games, none comes close to rummy in terms of entertainment and rewards. Indian rummy or paplu, as it is popularly known, has a huge following among players as it is a skill based game rather than a game that is reliant on mere chance.

As there are barrages of rummy sites available in the market, a budding player often gets confused in selecting the best rummy site. In addition, there are google ads from many rummy sites pervading throughout the web appealing to the customers with enticing offers. So, this lands customer in a big conundrum as he seems to be suffering from the problems of plenty. This article will cover some insights about picking the best rummy sites and tips to play rummy safely.

13 card rummy


Players must ensure that the rummy site you choose adheres to the regulatory and judicial laws in India. Supreme Court of India has declared playing 13 card rummy for stakes to be legal. However, it is the players who need to check if the site complies with the regularity laws prevailing in India. We suggest rummy players to thoroughly read the site and check for legality before deciding to play with them.

2.Safe & secure

Players need to check if RNG certificate for the random distribution of cards has been implemented on the site. Also, choose an online rummy site that offers safe and secure payment gateway to make sure money is in safe hands.

3.Take advantage of the bonus programs

Most of the online rummy sites have some promotions exclusive for the new registrants like a welcome bonus, First Deposit Bonus etc. Players need to make use of all such offers and promotions to their fullest capacity.

4.Practice Responsible gaming

As a policy, most rummy sites practice responsible gaming that includes not allowing players less than 18 years to register, banning multiple registrations and enforcing anti-fraud measures. Similarly, players can practice responsible gaming by fixing a bankroll for rummy game online and ensuring that they do not exceed their bankroll

5.Player reviews

Check the player reviews about the site you have shortlisted to have more insights about the player experience. It definitely helps you to develop confidence in the particular site and build trust.

These are some of the points that should be considered while choosing the best 13 card rummy site., an authentic provider of 13 cards classic rummy is one of the best sites offering free rummy games. A wide range of rummy variants in our seamless gaming environment will keep you occupied. Choose the best rummy variant that matches your style and get your rummy journey started in an exciting way. Deccan Rummy is the best place for earning money online and having a wonderful rummy experience. Forget all your worries! Step inside our exciting rummy world and avail all the exclusive benefits only for you!

Indian Rummy Game – Social & Economic impacts

Rummy has always been one of the most important games in India. Indian Rummy game was usually played for fun and has evolved from a version of Rummy played in South Asia called as Rhuk or Celebs Rummy. Indian Rummy was initially played mainly for fun, with time it was played with stakes. Eventually, the game moved to the digital platform just like all the other games and earned a massive following. Card game industry in India is worth at $100-120 million and is projected to further go up. According to a research, it was found that an average rummy gamer spends around 1 hr a day playing rummy and avid gamers spend up to 10 hours a day.

In this world, the only thing that is constant is change. Just like all the other things, rummy too has endured a lot of changes over the course of time. At present, Indian Rummy appears like one of the best free online games to play and earn money online. In this article, we are going to analyze social and economic impacts of playing online Rummy in India;

Indian Rummy game

1.Kill Your boredom

One of the most important things that seem to annoy people is the boredom. Given the strenuous demands of the outer world, people hardly find a time to relax. Even if they do find a way, it comes with a heavy price tag making a huge dent in their pockets. Playing online rummy game is one of the least expensive ways to kill your boredom. When you play online card games, you not only get entertained but also get a chance to win real cash without making any deposits. Surely, a nice deal, isn’t it?

2.Beat your loneliness

Loneliness and a sense of being left alone are becoming a common occurrence as today’s jobs demand people to relocate from their home or to spend most of their time in office. Online Rummy embraces such players with both arms; not only does the player enjoy the game; he gets to be a part of a huge rummy community that shares a common goal. Indian rummy game helps those loners forget their loneliness and be part of a social group pursuing common interests. Moreover, it helps them foster social interaction through the interactive chat feature that comes with it.

3.Smashes Social/Cultural Barriers

India is a diverse country with gazillion cultures and social practices in each state. We have very little in common with each other. In such a case, getting millions of people under a common roof is no tiny feat. Cricket did a great job in bringing different people together under one common clout. Apart from cricket, online rummy is the only game that united a farrago of players to make a big online rummy community. Imagine a compounder from North India going against a software architect from the south, would that be possible with any other game. The biggest reason for the success of online rummy is its unconventional format and non-elitist nature that gives everyone an equal chance.

4.Earn Money FREE

On the economic front, rummy online games have paved the way for players to earn money by simply playing this game. It provides an opportunity to supplement their income by merely playing the game that they love the most. Moreover, there are many players who constantly keep searching “how to make money in India” – for such players, playing rummy is the best option.

These are some of the social and economic impacts of Indian rummy games. We hope this sphere will widen as Indian rummy game has pervaded into the mobile platform as well.

Ways to Play Cash Rummy Games

One of the most scintillating aspects of online rummy is cash rummy games. Deccan Rummy is the perfect place to play cash rummy effortlessly.

Deccan Rummy has wide range of cash rummy games in all the 3 rummy variants starting from as low as 0.8 going up to Rs. 10000. We have an excellent tutorial which helps you to learn the game completely. Once you register with us you can play our practice game that allows you to get familiarized with the game.

Cash Rummy Games

Are you hesitant to make a deposit at Deccan Rummy? Forget about it! We have deployed the most secured payment gateways that allow you to make deposits without any worries. At present, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro Debit and Credit Cards issued by Indian Banks. We also accept Net Banking from various Indian Banks and a few Cash Cards. In the similar vein, you can withdraw your winning amounts easily at a much faster time compared to other rummy sites. Play Real cash rummy Games with the best Prizes on our Rummy Tables. In this article, we shall discuss some easy ways to play and win cash rummy games.

1.Learn the strategy

Skills are the most important prerequisite to be successful in online rummy. At Deccan Rummy, we have several materials that help you to get acquainted with the game. We always suggest our new registrants to start playing in our practice tables and then move to cash rummy games. Try out a Deccan Rummy practice game now and as you get better in the game you can move to our Cash Rummy Tables. In the meanwhile, you can check our articles on Rummy tips & strategies to know how to outclass your opponents easily.

2.Choose your games wisely

We have a wide range of cash games available in our site. However, players need to pick the game based on their bankroll. We always advise our players to follow responsible gaming that includes playing to your bankroll and not exceeding it at any cost. Deccan Rummy has earned the tag of being one of the best in this area of online cash games, so we try to keep it up by having our games available 24/7 & easily manageable. Check out the Online Rummy games we offer, and start making money right away at Deccan Rummy. Alternatively, they can play our freeroll tournaments that have rich cash prizes and use the winning amount to play cash games.

3.Check our promotions

To facilitate players play cash rummy games, we credit the players account with Rs. 25 once they successfully complete the registration. Players can use this welcome bonus to play low stakes games to build their bankroll. Additionally, we have a promotion called Deposit and Reload bonus in which the first deposit by the players will fetch them 100 % bonus with the bonus amount capped at Rs. 5000. Players can use this excellent promotion to deposit a big amount and earn the same as the bonus so that their account is stacked up with cash. Kickstart your entertaining journey into the rummy world by depositing cash and reap rich rewards.

4.Remain Patient

One of the key factors to attain success in Rummy is to remain patient. You do not become a billionaire the day you start a business; you will have to strive hard to become one. Rummy is similar to a business in the sense that you will have to strive hard to earn your place in the rummy world. Cash rummy could tire you and even make you feel like quitting the game altogether. The key to overcoming stress in such circumstances is to remain patient and avoid common mistakes made by many rummy players.

These are some of the ways to be successful in online cash rummy games. We would be glad if this article spurred to head over to our cash rummy tables. If you find this article interesting, do not forget to share, like on Facebook using the facebook button given below. If you have any further queries feel free to contact us at or through our 24/7 chat feature. Keep rocking our rummy paradise!


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