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Ways by Which You Can Avoid Losing in Rummy

Wins and losses are a part and parcel of every skill based game. When you are playing a skill game like rummy, your chances of losing the game is almost equal to your chances of winning. Let’s get this straight, you cannot avoid losses while playing rummy, it is inevitable. You cannot expect the lady luck to smile upon you whenever you are playing online rummy.  There are days where you might be on a losing spree.

You may get frustrated by these losses and think about quitting playing rummy altogether. Don’t get bogged down! We have come up with some suggestions that you can follow when you are losing continuously.

Keep a check on your points constantly

Rummy is all about keeping your points at a minimum. You will have to calculate the points constantly even when you are playing. If you don’t seem to get a pure sequence, chances are that you will end up with a lot of points. So on such occasions, the best option would be to drop the game.

Many people commit the fallacy of continuing the game despite having a very bad hand and hope they can turn it into a good hand in the subsequent rounds. It often goes from bad to worse and they end up with lots of points. On hindsight, they feel they should have dropped out of the game earlier. So it’s better to analyze your hands properly and predict your chances before taking the decision of continuing to play. This applies even if you have jokers in your hand.

Applying the same strategy in every variation/type of game

You have to play each variation of rummy with a different strategy. The strategy employed while playing points rummy (which is the fastest version of rummy) might not be suitable for a variant like pool rummy that allows you to take lots of risks. Even if you are dealt a terrible hand in a game like Pool rummy, you can strut around experimenting with your cards waiting for the right hand to make your sequences/sets. There is a chance to turn the tables on as the game goes on for an infinite number of deals. On the other hand, it becomes important to play safe when you are playing Deals/Points rummy as you could end up with a lot of points as the game ends sooner. So, it is generally advised to drop the game if you get bad hands.

Playing against a professional

You may lose a lot of games while playing with a particular player and it is possible that this player is a pro in online rummy. You may observe this by the strategy he deploys in each and every game ie taking a lot of time to make his move, and not dropping the cards you require.  It is imperative that you mark that player out and avoid the table he is in until you have scaled up to his level. A loss in any game hurts; we are not going to deny that.  But there is no point in seeking revenge against that particular player when you’re not up to his level.

Playing with a distraction

Let us know if you are doing any of the following activities while playing online rummy; do you listen to music? Do you open multiple tabs and flippantly browse? do you munch snacks while playing? If you are doing any of the above, chances are that you might end up losing even if you’re good with strategies. Rummy games require utmost concentration more than anything. It is advised to refrain from multitasking when you are playing online rummy.

It is not easy to always win a game continuously. There are times when things slip out of our hands and it’s important to stay unflustered. Strategy holds the key whenever you are playing a rummy game. You will get to know different hands and different combinations once you play the game for a long duration.

It’s important you consider the above-mentioned points and see to it that these activities do not hamper your winning streak while playing in an online rummy site. Feel free to let us know of any other possible reasons that could impede your progress.

Advantages of playing Rummy using mobile app

Online card games are turning out to be a huge hit these days and there are multiple websites hosting exciting card games like Deccan Rummy, The popularity and interest level in card games have been soaring high ever since the day of its inception.

Unfortunately we live in a country where casinos are confined to just one or two cities. Mobile card gaming has saved users from the trouble of visiting finding the right casinos or clubs to play games like poker, rummy et al. The most surprising aspect of this mobile gaming craze is that even traditional card games have been repackaged and are making a comeback on your tablets and phones in a new and improved form. A traditional game like rummy is now available to play on your mobile devices via Mobile APPs.

Playing Rummy using your mobile devices entitles you to a lot of advantages that cannot be witnessed while playing the game through other ways. Now let us discuss in detail about the advantages of playing rummy through a mobile app


The Deccan Rummy app is available for free download from the app store for iPhone users and Android users can download the app from our website after logging in. One of the biggest advantages of Deccan Rummy App is that the game can be played practically anytime anywhere: in your home, classroom or even during travel. Our Rummy games are available 24/7 – all you need is a smartphone with a good internet connection.

Enhanced visuals

The advanced graphics used in the app keeps the player glued to the screen. Features like easy swipe, 2D tables and easy navigation between screens helps the player to enjoy the game to its maximum. Our 2D tables are designed to perfection which recreates the traditional game into the digital world. Similarly, the easy navigation implemented allows you to move across the tabs and screens without any hassles.

User Friendly

Deccan Rummy app is extremely user-friendly when compared to playing on the website. We have taken maximum efforts to make the game user-friendly and to give our users, a very satisfying rummy experience. Multiple login facilities through social media sites like facebook and Google+ have been implemented. Deccan Rummy app loads faster even during slow connectivity issues. Flash free gaming gives you an advantage of playing uninterrupted online rummy without any crashing issues.

Customer Support

Most of the games in mobile apps don’t have an instant customer support system for their players. They either suggest you contact them for help through their mail id or through their facebook page for resolving issues. But we have our exclusive customer care team for providing assistance to our players at any time of the day. Our team is professionally trained to solve your technical as well as transactional queries while playing the game in the mobile app. You can contact us through online chat 24/7 or send us a mail to


We value our players’ privacy as utmost important and we have taken sufficient steps to safeguard information about the players. Deccan Games has been Certified from InfySec Security labs for fair play and random number generator (RNG). Comodo SSL secured to provide highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. As a player, you need not worry about your privacy and bank information and can rest assured about the safety of your personal information.


Deccan Rummy hosts a plethora of free roll and cash tournaments round the clock.  Our tournaments are best played in landscape mode in the app. You will be having an edge over other players when you are playing a tournament using your mobile rummy app as the app comes with exceptional features like easy navigation, swipe, and toggling.

Low Consumption of  Data

Deccan Rummy app size is just 11MB which does not make it very heavy for your smartphones. The app can be installed easily in your smartphones as it is very less in size and also easy to use at any time you wish. Moreover, the less File size makes our app suitable for any smartphones operating systems.

These are some of the advantages of playing rummy using our mobile app. Being one of the leading online Rummy sites, Deccan Rummy app offers several advantages that add to the thrill of playing rummy with real play chips.

Rummy is one of the traditional games that has settled easily into the digital space. With the advent of technology and massive usage of mobile phones, Rummy has the potential to increase its customer base a thousand fold in the gaming industry of India. Indian players have a penchant for skill games and rummy being one is finding a lot of takers.

In the event, you haven’t downloaded the mobile app you can download it from

  • Android users can download the app from Google play store.
  • IOS Users can download from App store.

Why youngsters like to play online rummy

Online rummy is consistently transcending barriers and reaching new heights every day. What started off as an experiment on a minimal scale has grown on to epic proportions and is sweeping away game enthusiasts everyday with its incredible game play. Though the game of rummy can be enjoyed by people belonging to any age group, we’ve noticed that youngsters (aged 20-35) are more attracted to the game in particular. This comes as a surprise as youngsters are normally attracted to action oriented games like GTA, Battlefield, and Call of Duty etc.  So we started exploring some reasons behind this strange phenomenon and we have come up with some solid reasons why Indian youngsters are going gaga over a game like online rummy.

  1. FREE –In a third world country like India, many youngsters cannot afford to play action games that require them to buy video game consoles. Online Rummy is free to play in all the rummy sites in India which allows the player to participate without worrying about the deposit. Since Indians are frugal by nature, free rummy sites are a blessing in disguise
  2. Fast – Youngsters prefer a game to be fast and decisive. People no longer have the time or energy to sit in front of the system to play the game for hours together. Unlike skill games like Chess that goes on for hours, the game of rummy lasts only for a few minutes. A dream hand could even finish the game in the first hand. A 500 player tournament hardly takes an hour to complete.  Perhaps this ridiculous fastness of rummy is one of the main reasons why it appeals the most to youngsters. Playing online rummy gives them action packed entertainment in addition to the work given for their brain cells. So, it is not unusual to see rummy players playing multiple rummy games in a day
  3. Challenging – Who doesn’t like a challenge? True to the saying “Don’t limit the challenges, challenge the limit”, today’s youngsters don’t shy away from a challenge. In fact, a challenge stimulates them to get to their top of the game. Online rummy games & tourneys hosted at Deccan Rummy attracts the best in the game all over India and youngsters those who are craving for a challenging platform are more than happy to display their rummy skills against qualified opponents. You will be pitted against the best players across the country thereby giving you an opportunity to wage a fierce battle.
  4. 4. Rewarding – It goes without saying playing online rummy is extremely rewarding. At the risk of sounding redundant, we advise the readers to take a look at the scintillating promotions on offer on our website. Would someone say no to an easy way to make big money by simply playing an easy game like rummy?
  5. Socializing – Online rummy games come with an interactive chat feature that allows the players to communicate between themselves. Players can discuss the strategies, moves and other things relevant to the game while playing. Today where virtually every communication is made online, it’s not surprising to see players befriend random people and develop a strong bond henceforth.

These are some of the reasons that make youngsters turn to online rummy. The online rummy industry is experiencing a surge which owes it largely to the fact that youngsters comprise of the majority of its base. Going by the current trend, it is safe to assume more and more youngsters will eventually turn to rummy to quench all their online gaming desires.

Joker card – Its history and types

A standard deck consists of 52 cards with two more cards i.e Printed Jokers. Also called as a wild card, the joker serves different purposes in different card games. In rummy, jokers act as a replacement for the required cards in melding sets or sequences. In 13 cards Indian Rummy, the objective is to meld all the 13 hand cards into proper sets & sequences. Jokers come in handy to reach the objective.


Joker Card has a rich place in Rummy history. The joker card that we see when we purchase a card deck has its origins in Euchre game in the 19th century when there was a consensus among players that an extra trump card was required. The game of Euchre was extremely popular at that time and American Euchre players when modifying the rules sometime during the 1860s decided that an extra trump card was required to spice up the game. Originally called the Imperial bower, the card came to be called as the joker in the later half of the 19th century as the card manufacturers were making it with depictions of clown or jesters.


Jokers or wild card is a card generated randomly at the beginning of the rummy game that can take the place of any card in a run or a set is called Wild card. As it is highly improbable to meld all the 13 cards dealt into pure sets and sequences, Jokers come in handy as they act as a substitute for the card missing in a set or a sequence.

Usage of the wild card
A Joker is randomly auto generated at the beginning of the game and it can be substituted for any card while making a set or sequence eg: Suppose if 6♠ turns to be the wild card, you can use of 6 from any suit while making a set or a sequence. 2♠ 3♠ 6♣ is a valid sequence since 6 is the joker.6 can be used as a substitute even while making a set. Eg: 8♦8♦6♥ is a valid set.
One or more Wild cards can be used to complete a game
Joker play a very important role in a rummy game as it increases the chance of winning. You must know how exactly to use the card to meld proper sets and sequence so that you can declare show at the earliest.

Types of Joker
We all know joker plays a very vital role in the game of online rummy. Now let us discuss in detail about the two types of joker cards that will help us to attain our objective.

Printed Joker
In every deck of 52 cards, there are 2 more cards in the pack with printed cards. This is called the printed joker and is used to complete another set after a pure sequence is done. Jokers do not have any standardized appearance and the depiction of it varies across different manufacturing companies. The card manufacturing companies trademark their joker cards with arts depicting popular contemporary culture. Most Cards manufacturing companies have retained the clownish portrayal of this card as mentioned in the image below.

Joker card
In case a printed joker is selected as a wild card, then ace card (A) of any suit can be used as a joker.

Cut Joker

In the game of online rummy, a card which is randomly selected as Wild Joker in the beginning of the game is called as the Cut Joker. All the cards with the same rank of all suits will become as cut-joker in that game. For example, if 8♣ is selected randomly as the Wild Joker, then apart from 8♣, 8♠, 8♥, and 8♦ become the joker that can be used as a replacement card for melding a set or a sequence.

Please ensure that in order to declare show in the game of online rummy, you will have to have one pure sequence at least. Three or 4 cards of the same suit without joker can be referred as the Pure sequence. 3♠ 4♠ 5♠ is a pure sequence.

Now that you must be clear about the role of wild cards while playing rummy, use the joker card prudently. We have seen some players drop the joker cards due to a lapse in concentration, which proves too costly especially while playing cash games. Remember to stack your joker card as it may come in handy during the subsequent rounds. Drop it only when you are sure that you’re going to declare.

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