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Winners of Baahubali 2 special tourney

Deccan Rummy is always a step ahead of our competitors when it comes to satisfying our customers’ needs and requirements. All our offers and rummy promotions are designed in a way that allows our customers to make use of them without many hassles. All the rummy tournaments we conduct have bigger and guaranteed prize pools.Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.

As you might be aware, this is the season of Baahubali. As the Baahubali fever was running so high, we decided to join the zeitgeist with our Baahubali 2 Special tourney. We understood that people were going gaga over the release of the film; we wanted to associate with this colossal brand somehow. What better way than allowing the customers to watch the magnum opus that they were waiting for with bated breath? After all everyone who watched the prequel wanted to know the answer for the million dollar question that kept them baffled for over 2 years – Why Kattappa killed Baahubali? When we announced that winners of the tournament were going to be given movie vouchers the adrenaline was running high among all our players. We expected a fierce competition and unsurprisingly we got what we expected.

Special tourney

The battle was ON last night for the Baahubali 2 special tourney @ 7PM.  As usual, the response to this tournament was thunderous which was not surprising. A total of 307 players gathered, all competing to win the movie vouchers.

Here are the top 9 winners along with their prizes:

Position Player Name Voucher Amount
1 Yashwant25 Rs. 1000
2 bhalukapoor Rs. 600
3 Driftking Rs. 500
4 Raja999u Rs. 300
4 rajnavin Rs. 300
4 Sradar123456 Rs. 300
4 susanoo Rs. 300
4 bunnyrummy Rs. 300
4 Karan100 Rs. 300

As promised, we have arranged to send the vouchers to your email IDs. The wait is finally over! The much-awaited Baahubali 2: The Conclusion hit the theatres this Friday. Using the vouchers you can book the tickets to enter into the fantasy world of the ostentatiously opulent Mahishmati kingdom and find the answer to the question that was bothering them for over 2 years. We can’t wait for the frenetic and jaw-dropping battleground action just like you!

Congratulations to all the registered players! We thank you all for participating and we wish you good luck in all our future tournaments!

Press Release for Baahubali 2 Special Tournament

Ahead of the release of India’s first magnum opus “Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion”, Deccan Rummy is thrilled to announce the Baahubali 2 Special Tournament. This tourney will be conducted on 27 April, 2017 at 7:00 PM where entry is free for all the registered players. Get to watch this path-breaking movie by participating in this tourney as the first winner will be awarded a movie voucher worth Rs. 1000 from India’s leading online entertainment ticketing portal.

Baahubali 2 Special Tournament

This multiplayer rummy tournament is going to bring up to 407 Rummy lovers together to compete for 9 exciting prizes – all of which are movie vouchers. Thamaraikannan, Head of Operations said “Indians love for movies and rummy game needs no introduction. Baahubali is no longer just a movie, it has grown to a giant brand and everyone wants to be associated with it. As we were pretty certain that many of our players would love to watch the film, we forged an alliance with one of India’s largest online entertainment ticketing portal to issue movie vouchers to the winners. The winners of this Baahubali 2 Special tournament can use the voucher to book the tickets and watch their favorite Battle hero Baahubali going after his enemies”.

The details of the tournament are mentioned below:

Tourney Name          –           Baahubali 2 Special Tournament

Date                            –           Apr 27

Tourney Time           –           7:00 PM

Registration time      –           Starts from Apr 26 @ 2 PM

No of Participants    –           407

Total No of Prizes    –           9

Total Prize Pool        –           Rs. 3900

Entry Fee                   –           FREE

This is a wonderful opportunity for the players to get free movie vouchers. Rummy players are requested to make use of this awesome opportunity and win the vouchers for FREE!

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About Deccan Rummy, which has a player base of more than 1 lakh rummy players is owned by Deccan Games Pvt Ltd, is an India-based online gaming website. Rummy Players all over India can join the website for free and start to play 13 cards Indian rummy game for free and cash. Deccan Rummy offers an extremely secure playing environment with multiple payment options & an easy and quick withdrawal process.

Join Baahubali 2 Special Tourney for FREE

Deccan Rummy is the only site which is continuously offering bona fide promotions and tournaments for the all the rummy enthusiasts in India. After the hugely successful Phuket gala, here comes another one – Baahubali 2 Special tourney coinciding the release of India’s largest magnum opus “Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion”.

We can understand that movie buffs can’t wait for the release of Baahubali 2 given the massive success of the first part. No other film generated such a buzz for a decade’s time as much as Baahubali 2 has generated now. Just like you, we too are finding it hard to hold our excitement and are eager to find why Katappa killed Baahubali? The film will hit theaters this Friday in more than 7000 screens across India. Releasing in four Indian languages – Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada – the magnum opus is expected to shatter all box office records. In- fact, Bahubali has become one of the biggest franchises with the film being the main part ably supplemented by merchandises, comics, games & toys. Rumors are emerging that this sequel would be more intense than its prequel. The franchise is being fervently promoted by its makers across all media platforms. So, it’s not surprising to see leading brands coming up with new offers associated with the movie to cash-in on the craze.

Baahubali 2 Special Tourney

Baahubali 2 Special Tourney

When it comes to offering reliable rummy promotions to players in India, Deccan Rummy is miles ahead of our competitors. As Bahubali fever is gripping the nation, movie buffs are dying to get the tickets to watch the film on the first day. To make this job easier, we are conducting this Baahubali 2 special tourney where the winners are going to be given Movie vouchers as prizes. Players can use the movie vouchers to book the tickets online in one of the leading entertainment ticketing portals. A contest like this is especially relevant at this time when the fever surrounding the movie is high

Tourney Name         –           Baahubali 2 Special

Date                            –           Apr 27

Time                           –           7:00PM

No of Participants    –           407

Total No of Prizes    –           9

Total Prize Pook       –           Rs. 3900

Entry Fee                   –           FREE

Count on this tournament to be fierce one just like any other tournaments hosted by us. So, brush your rummy skills before you hit the tables. Aren’t you excited by the possibility of winning the contest and watching the film? As Baahubali seems to be the zeitgeist now, it’s important you get to be a part of this zeitgeist and avoid the risk of being left out.

Take part in this tournament; outmaneuver your opponents; win the vouchers; Book the tickets without any delay and hit the theaters for a gripping FDFS experience. After all, there is nothing more gratifying than to watch your favorite film on the first day. Deccan Rummy is the perfect place to play rummy games online; stride inside to play a variety of rummy.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

Winners of Phuket Gala

After a gruelling 50 days in our Phuket gala contest, 15 rummy stars have successfully emerged as the winners. We had been drumbeating the details about this contest vociferously on the social media as more people could benefit out of it.

The action-packed contest was very lively and exciting right from the beginning and became extremely competitive with the time. There were multiple changes in the leaderboard over the course of time and it was extremely intriguing to see who’s going to win the race. The biggest reason behind the huge success of this promotion was the stunning prizes this contest offered – Phuket trip, iPhones, iPod Touch, Gift Vouchers and Cash prizes. Who wouldn’t be aroused when such gifts are offered? Not surprisingly, many freeroll rummy players turned to cash games as everyone wanted their share of the prize. Now here we are at the end of this tournament; it’s time to reveal the winners.


  1. Suni28 – Trip to phuket + Free ticket to Khelo365 VIP Party + iPhone 7 Silver 32 GB
  2. vkshady – Trip to phuket + Free ticket to Khelo365 VIP Party + iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB
  3. farhan – Trip to phuket + Free ticket to Khelo365 VIP Party + iPhone 6 16 GB
  4. pr1ya –  iPhone 5s 16 GB
  5. karunabi – iPod Touch 16 GB
  6. rocky1329 – 10k Worth Gift Voucher
  7. manjupuv – 8k Worth Gift Voucher
  8. guruksk – 6k Worth Gift Voucher
  9. karsun81 – 4k Worth Gift Voucher
  10. lokesh – 2k Worth Gift Voucher
  11. vinayy20 – Rs. 1000 bonus
  12. sughosh   – Rs. 1000 bonus
  13. rishav      – Rs. 1000 bonus
  14. nrayyar – Rs. 1000 bonus
  15. kathira1982 – Rs. 1000 bonus

Congrats to Suni28, vkshady, and Farhan on winning the top 3 prizes. Special thanks to the rest of the winners who made us proud. As promised, you guys will be taken to Phuket where you are going to get a new definition of what the word “Fun” really means. From royal cuisines prepared by internationally renowned chefs to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like scuba diving, Yacht cruise, zorbing and karting to shaking your legs along with beautiful girls at Khelo365 VIP Party – you are going to get them all for FREE. We’ve named the theme of this whole trip “I will survive” which is a suitable description of the energy you need to match the vibrancy of Phuket. Be prepared for this action-packed trip that delivers on the promised thrilling fun! Start packing your bags and do not forget to load high energy and enthusiasm along with it as you would need it in high dosages. As for the other players, you will be getting iPhones, iPod Touch, Gift Vouchers and Cash prizes as promised.

Congratulations to all the players who participated in this wonderful race! We thank you all for participating and we wish you good luck in all our future tournaments! As for the players who missed out, don’t worry! There are many other offers coming up exclusively for you.

Deccan Rummy has vowed to make 2017 as the best year for online rummy and you can certainly expect a lot more to come in the subsequent months. Deccan Rummy is not just about providing rummy online 24/7 for 365 days, but to also provide world-class entertainment opportunities to our patrons. Stay connected with us for more adventurous activities this year.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

Last 3 days of Phuket Gala Promotion

We are going to draw the curtains on our Phuket gala contest shortly. As there are just 3 days remaining for this loyalty race to end, we expect our players to come out firing on all cylinders. The response to this promotion was huge considering our popularity in the social media circles. The loyalty race has been very exciting right from the beginning and we are sure it’s going to end in a special way.

Our Rummy Players’ commitment and the passion with which they participated in the promotion deserve special appreciation. After a long battle that went for over 50 days, we are now at the brink of its closure. Though we can’t deny it feels a little sad to watch this contest coming to a close, we are very excited about the Phuket trip which gives us a chance to hang out with our dear players.


In this long-drawn-out contest, we’ve have seen a lot of changes in the leaderboard all the way. Because of the long duration, the contest allowed lots of people to join days after the contest went on the roll. Many players have been displaced from the positions because of the heavy competition this contest spurred. As to the top 3, it seems like they have firmly established their positions and aren’t going to be displaced any sooner. It’s going to be very difficult to displace them from their positions as the time is running out.

Lead the leader board – Phuket Gala

As to the others, the contest is still wide open and there are many other prizes up for grabs. They can compete for the other exciting prizes like iPhones, iPod, Gift Vouchers & cash prizes. Players from position 4 to 15 must be very careful to retain their position. Do not allow any sense of complacency to set in over the next 3 days as you might be bettered by the person next to you in the leaderboard anytime. Remain vigilant on it & play more cash games and keep striving to improve your rankings. Players can check their current standings by clicking on the leaderboard option on our home page.

Upon seeing the leader board, we still think the players in the position 15-20 have a fair chance to sneak into it. All they have to do is to play more cash games (preferably high stakes) so that they earn the required loyalty points to displace the players above them.

At this time, we can’t wait for the contest to end and find out the top 15 of our Phuket Gala leader board. Keep going, friends! Always remember, Deccan Rummy is the best destination for Rummy Promotions.Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.


Play Rummy Online & Win Real Cash

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Rummy Promotions

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Win Real Cash

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How Chaplin would have fared in Indian Rummy?

Charlie Chaplin was one of the biggest actors of the 20th century’s silent-film eras. Revered still for being one of the most original creators in the history of movies, he was the one who helped Hollywood industry gain recognition. He was a gifted actor whose repertoire is not just restricted to humor but branches out to many. His gifted intelligence coupled with his eccentric character makes him truly one of a kind. To the outsiders, he was a charismatic comedian, but to those who know him; he was an enigma, a brash and unpredictable person. Rummy is an interesting game where skills play a pivotal role along with an element of unpredictability. It should be interesting to observe how Charlie Chaplin would have fared in modern day Indian rummy? Given Charlie’s passion for trying out new things, we strongly feel not only would have Charlie would have liked the game but would have excelled in it.

Chaplin – An enigma

Charlie was an enigmatic person who had a commanding charisma and optimistic outlook towards everything in his life. He had that rare ability to set himself apart from the crowd through his weird and bizarre antics. Intelligent humor has always been his biggest selling point. He was able to put across many social messages to his audiences through his humor. Chaplin was also a grueling perfectionist. His love for experimentation with perfection often meant countless takes, and it was not uncommon for him to order the rebuilding of an entire set. His penchant for perfection is only matched by his commitment and dedication to the art that he loved so much. So, these attributes would come to his aid whenever he is in a rummy table. Rummy is no arcane sport. It is for the commoners, developed by the commoners. As Chaplin loved the proles, it is only fair to guess that Chaplin would have loved the game, the proles love to play.

Indian Rummy

Chaplin in Indian Rummy

  1. If you want to succeed in a rummy game, you must set yourself apart from the others in a rummy table. One of Charlie’s little idiosyncrasies was always his “look-at-me” kind of exhibits. Given a short span, he would carve a niche for himself and would become a personality cult in Rummy with his uncanny gameplay.
  2. Known for his ability to infuse social messages in his comedies, he would keep the chat feature in an online rummy split with his funny postings. Clean humor without any double entente has always been Charlie’s biggest strength. Also, he would try to use his humor sense as a weapon to bait his opponents.
  3. Charlie’s uncanny & mischievous attitude would come into the picture while playing Indian rummy. He might intentionally throw a card for his opponent as bait only to make a complete fool of him in the subsequent rounds.
  4. One of Charlie’s biggest flaws was his impatience which made him vulnerable at times. While playing online rummy, patience is one of the important virtues to be successful. Chaplin with his short-lived surges of jitteriness could lose the game even at the brink of a victory.
  5. Moreover, Chaplin’s antics often goes synonymous with Joker card. So we have an instant answer to why Chaplin would have liked this game, right?

As we know Online Rummy is a unique game which blends intelligence and luck together. In fact, the unpredictable nature is one of the biggest quirks of the Indian rummy game. So, if an equally unpredictable Chaplin was alive playing the game today, there’s every reason to believe that he would become a Rummy superstar.Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.

13 Cards Indian Rummy Game in Olympics?

Olympic Games is believed to have originated in the Ancient Greece around 776 BC. A cook named Coroebus won a 192-meter footrace which is said to be the only game that took place and he was the world’s first Olympic champion. The ancient Olympic Games were held every four years during a religious festival honoring Zeus. After the Roman Empire captured Greece, the roman emperors abandoned this tradition of conducting Olympic Games under the guise of erasing pagan traditions.

It took nearly 1500 years for the games to resurface. Following the efforts of “Father of modern day Olympic games “Baron de Coubertin, the game would rise again from its ashes. The first modern day Olympics were conducted in Athens in 1896. The first Olympics featured games that were reserved only for the men. 280 Players from 13 countries participated in the 43 games in the first Modern day Olympic Games. The official symbol of modern day Olympics is the five interlocking colored rings, which represents the continents of North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. It is paraded during the opening ceremony and at the closing ceremony, the flag is presented to the next host city by the current host. Olympics now has become the have become the world’s preeminent sporting competition and considered as the pinnacle of sporting events. It is a stage for sportsmen across the world to prove their mettle on an international stage. It is generally considered as the ultimate symbol of athletic achievement. Apart from the exciting sporting events, they cultivate harmony, camaraderie, and unity among players from different parts of the world.

13 cards Indian rummy

India, being the world’s second most populous country has won just 26 medals over the span of 100 years. This includes 9 gold medals, 6 silver, and 11 bronze medals. Considering the huge success of relatively smaller countries in the Olympics, India’s track record appears dismal. This begs an important question – what is the sport where Indians would excel?

13 Cards Indian Rummy Game

13 cards Indian Rummy is a popular card-matching game played based on the draw and discard of cards. 13 cards Indian rummy remains the most preferred rummy game because of its simple gameplay. Classical Indian Rummy (or Paplu) is the Indian version of original rummy with little variations. It could be considered a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin rummy.

Unlike other card games based on chance, Rummy requires a certain amount of skill because the fall of the card has to be memorized and building up of Rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding cards. In short, the players need a clear-cut strategy in order to meld the hand cards into proper sets & sequences. Knowledge of the game rules and sufficient practice are imperative in a rummy game. The Supreme Court of India in the year 1968 ruled that rummy card game is skill based game. “The game of rummy is not a game entirely of chance like the ‘three-card’ game. The ‘three-card’ game, which goes under different names such as ‘flush’, ‘brag’, etc is a game of pure chance. Rummy, on the other hand, requires a certain amount of skill because the fall of the card has to be memorized and there building up of Rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding cards”. This decision has been relied upon in the subsequent rulings by many courts. It must now be evident that 13 cards Indian Rummy games are a skill based game where chance plays virtually no role.

Rummy in Olympics?

Sports can be defined an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of competitive nature. Modern society has broadened the definition of sports. Disregarding the sports that don’t involve sweating, bleeding and palpitations is not the right way considering the impact mind sports has made so far. International Olympic Committee included chess and bridge in its list of recognized sports. These sports were brought under the tag of mind sports and could make its way into Olympic games shortly. In fact, Chess and Bridge along with 26 other sports have applied for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Though the chances of it getting into the main list are grim as of now, we do believe it will find its way in the future. “Mind sports” is a relatively new term for sporting activities, such as chess and bridge that rely on mental skills.

Shouldn’t 13 cards Indian rummy be a part of Mind sports as it heavily relies on mental skills? There have been a lot of calls from online rummy site operators all over India vouching for the game to be recognized as a Mind sport. International Mind Sports Association has been conducting World Mind Sports Games (WMSG), a quadrennial multi-sport event from the year 2008. The following sports were included in the first two editions: Chess, Bridge, go (weiqi), draughts (checkers), and Xiangqi. Our contention is that rummy game should be a part of WMSG first as it comes under mind sports. As of now, applying for a place in Olympics seems to be a far-fetched idea since there are many other games ahead of 13 cards Indian Rummy vouching to be included. The immediate priority must be to get the game recognized as a mind sport and apply for an entry into WMSG. A place in WMSG would be a good start for the game to gain international popularity. As the sport gains traction and goes into mainstream worldwide, we can push for a slot in Olympic Games. Given the ever-growing audience, the inclusion of skill based games like the rummy game would make Olympics, an even more enthralling watch.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.


Phuket gala race – Lead our Loyalty Leaderboard

If you love playing rummy, then make sure you get involved with our Phuketgala Loyalty Race. The race is presently going great guns and an epic battle vying for the top 15 slots is unfolding. We noticed that many new players have joined the hunt for the breathtaking prizes in this contest. As we are just two weeks away from the end, it’s time players step up the ante and go for the kill. The reason we insist on playing more cash games is that only by playing you can pile up loyalty points. Our Loyalty Leaderboard is updated every minute based on the loyalty points, so customers are really getting into the groove in increasing their loyalty points.

The first three players on our Loyalty leaderboard are going to be taken to an astounding Phuket Trip. Ever dared to imagine you’re going to spend a summer vacation in one of the most decorated tourist destinations in the world? And to top it all you have a chance to shake a leg with ravishingly beautiful girls at the lively Khelo365 VIP Party. The party is reserved for VIPs and that’s exactly what you become once you win our loyalty race.

The winners would get to be a part of this amazing carnival which would be an eclectic mix of rollicking fun & entertainment. Renowned event organizers in Thailand are going to host this fantastic feast so we can guarantee you unlimited fun. It’s this wow factor that seems to motivate many players to leapfrog others in the leaderboard. We are aggressively framing our team for the preparations for this mind-blowing event and we’re working hard every minute to make it a grand success. You can think about the things to do in Phuket while we are busy making arrangements for this grand trip. Apart from the Phuket trip, extravagant prizes like iPhones, iPod Touch, Cash Awards & Gift Vouchers are also going to be given.

Loyalty Leaderboard

We are updating our Loyalty leaderboard every minute based on their loyalty points. As the contest ends on Apr 23, expect a lot of changes in the leader board. Players at the top must not get complacent or sloppy at any point of time till Apr 23.

Loyalty Leaderboard

Deccan Rummy is currently hosting heaps of rummy promotions. Take a look at our promotions section of our website. We offer everything you would expect as a rummy player – sign up bonus, First Deposit Bonus up to Rs. 5000, Instant deposit bonus up to 200% and a smorgasbord of free roll & cash rummy tournaments. For now, this Phuketgala remains as the jewel in the crown. As a customer, your priority must to be grab hold of this wonderful opportunity & derive the maximum out of it. Get rewarded for all of your play at Deccan Rummy!

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5 Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile APP

This is the age of Mobile APPs. The number of Mobile users has become greater than the number of desktop users. Rummy Mobile APP has become indispensable for any business these days. Consequently, many companies have realised the importance of mobile channel to attract their customers. According to a research, it is proven that mobile users are spending nearly 86% of their mobile time on accessing mobile apps. It is vital for companies to develop mobile APPs that provide an excellent experience. More than 55% of users said they would uninstall the app if it fails to match their expectations.

An APP Annie Study reveals that 40% of Android users spend their time playing games using APPs. It is paramount for the gaming companies to develop Mobile APP as there is a huge requirement for them. That said the gaming companies have a huge challenge in front of them – enthral the users the moment they launch the game and keep them engaged to develop loyalty. At Deccan Rummy, we have recently launched the Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for Android and iOS making rummy play more user-friendly and easier. We have listed out the some of the reasons why Mobile APPs are extremely popular with the gamers.

Rummy Mobile App


The main idea behind developing mobile APP for games was to provide a seamless gaming experience on the move. It is impossible for the users to sit down in front of a PC or a laptop for a gaming session, given the busy schedule of most of us. Once the user downloads the game from the distribution platform, he gets unlimited access to the game. He can play whenever he feels like playing – be it while standing in a queue, travelling in a bus or during break timings in office. Anytime, anywhere mantra seems like the biggest reason for the huge popularity of mobile app games

2.Less Expensive

Given the high price of gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo, even hardcore gamers would be reluctant on investing that high. Mobile APPs have come as a blessing in disguise for them. Many gaming APPs have been developed using augmented reality & virtual reality giving the users an ultimate gaming experience. Most of those high-end technology games take only a few bucks to download & install. In addition, the distribution platforms (Play store & APP store) have a huge repository of free games. These games provide an excellent gaming experience, not an iota less of what you get in paid APPs.

3.Available Instantly

All gaming apps can be accessed instantly by tapping on the icon on our mobile devices. Once you’ve logged in, you can have a stunning gaming session and can continue your session anytime as your progress is autosaved. Many apps can be accessed offline too, with updates being stored until you reconnect to the internet. APP saves hassles that you could encounter in PCs and laptops like booting time, logging in etc.

4.Instant Notification & Better Personalization

How many times do we bother to visit websites for promotions? Even though companies send emails regularly, most of them get caught in promotions tab which we never bother to check. Companies have understood this and started sending notifications through the mobile app. If the companies create an offer that is simply too irresistible they can notify about it through the app. Users have more chances to utilize the promotions when notified through the app than by reading emails. Mobile apps usually allow users to set up their preferences based on which companies can send customized content to them. Also, Apps can also track and observe user engagement, and if GPS is enabled, can be used to provide geography-specific content.

5.Captivating Features

An enchanting interface design, seamless gaming, advances graphics will absolutely keep the users hooked to a website. Deccan Rummy mobile APP has everything that users can expect in an APP – Intuitive Graphics, Seamless navigation, Enhanced visuals, Great visibility & Picture-perfect User Interface. A Mobile APP with captivating features obviously boosts interest in the game and creates more user immersion and involvement.

It is now clear that huge popularity of Mobile app is due to the greater personalization and operational efficiency, along with many other exclusive features. Mobile APP is absolutely pre-eminent for a gaming company given the heavy competition.

Deccan Rummy Mobile App is available for FREE to provide you ultimate Online rummy experience. Download our Rummy App for Android and iOS and engage yourself in rummy mania.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.

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