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Life Lessons that you can learn from playing Rummy online

We always learn new things in life from every little activity that we do in life. Be it as simple as something like going on shopping or mowing your lawn, we do learn a lot of things from life. Rummy game cannot be just dismissed as a skill game that is played as a past time. There are various life lessons that one could learn by playing online rummy.

1. Respect your opponents

It’s important that you respect your opponents. There is no place for arrogance in the rummy table as it could result in your own downfall.

This is one of the important life lessons  that you can learn by playing the rummy game online. Having respect for all your opponents is key to success. Do not underestimate or disrespect your opponents at any cost in a rummy table as it could cause your downfall.

2. Patience

Patience is one of the important virtues to be successful in life. When it comes to learning patience, there are no better games than rummy and chess. These two games are good games to stretch your patience levels.

Therefore the game of rummy teaches you patience and helps you to come up to terms with lots of stuffs in life at this time when people hardly have the patience to even wait in a queue.

3. Decision Making Skills in a rummy game

Only the person who has the ability to take the right decision at the right moment stands a chance to be a good leader. Decision making is a skill that comes up with experience and requires solid logic to discern between the two things up for make a  decision.

As rummy game involves multiple scenarios which would require the players to take decisions at various stages of the game, decision making is one of the important skill that the players need to sharpen. The key for a successful decision making is to master the rummy skills. Learn the rummy tips to be successful in the game.

4. Perseverance

Just like other games, rummy has its share of ups and down. A player invariably witnesses success and failure during his rummy time at any online rummy website. What sets apart a player is his ability to hang on, his mental dexterity to withstand the upheavals and downfalls. A good rummy player possesses rock solid perseverance skills if he wants to be successful in the game.

If you treat online rummy as just another game, you wouldn’t get these skills, it takes profound level of thinking to pick up the clues and apply them for their lives.

5. Positive Attitude

If being optimistic is your nature, Having positive attitude is the choice you make. Similarly, players with a positive attitude can bounce back easily from a string of losses.



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Claim big bonus with Super September Bonanza

Of late, there has been a slew of offers and tournaments at Deccan Rummy. Many players have been actively participating in the tournaments and availed every new bonus offer that has been put up. Examples of some being Rummy Raani’s huge inroads into the Online rummy space in India with exceptional offers like Glorious Guntur and Namma Ooru Madrasu.

It’s time we start this September month on a startling note. Deccan Rummy has announced a new rummy bonus offer that every rummy player wouldn’t want to miss. It will make even the free rummy online players play for real money.  The new bonus offer by name “Super September Bonanza” promises to be exciting and will reward every rummy player, to make a deposit and play rummy game for real cash. If you have been playing free rummy games at Deccan Rummy, it’s time to upgrade your account and play some real money games. It’s time to take advantage of this bonus offer and play rummy for real cash.

Super September Bonanza

So by now players would be curious to know what the offer is all about. With Super September Bonanza, players have an opportunity to earn bonus upto Rs. 1000. Get 20% Bonus on your deposits. Make your deposit with the bonus code “SEPTEMBER” and earn this super awesome bonus

If you have been playing free rummy games at Deccan Rummy, it’s time to upgrade your account and play some real money games. We have a wide range of real money games with stakes starting from as low as Rs. 0.8 to Rs. 16000 and there are many benefits of playing cash games like having a shot at our weekly leaderboard and earning surprise gifts from our Deccan Rewards.

Steps to avail Super September Bonanza Bonus Offer

Here’s how you can take advantage of this awesome bonus offer:

  1. Login to Deccan Rummy
  2. Click on Add cash
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit (Min Rs. 100 to Max Rs. 50000)
  4. Click on the bonus code “SEPTEMBER”, once you click on the bonus code, it will be pasted automatically in the bonus code box below and just click on APPLY, the bonus code will be applied ( Please note that If you haven’t used the welcome bonus offer, this offer cannot be used)
  5. Click on Buy Chips and confirm you do not play the game from our restricted locations
  6. Players have an option to choose their payment gateway from any one of the below payment gateways
  • PayUMoney
  • TechProcess
  • EBS
  • PayTM
  • MobiKwik
  1. Complete the purchase and your bonus amount will be automatically credited.

Get to know about the latest rummy tournament, promotions, offers and deals at Deccan Rummy Blog.  Bookmark the link to stay updated. If you have any feedback on this article or any of the promotions updated at, post a comment below or mail to

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Become a Lakhapati by winning our Rummy Lakhapati Tournament

Deccan Rummy is synonymous with lots of high value tournaments. One cursory look into our history suggests that every special tournament has found massive success with the audience.

Looking for an exciting online challenge this september? Then, hold a few dates, Sept 2, 6 and 13 free respectively. India’s best online rummy site – is offering you a unique opportunity to win big at just nominal buy-in this spectacular event. Continuing with the craziness and excitement, this tournament offers a real shot at winning spectacular prizes.

rummy Lakhapati

With a hefty INR 1.5 Lakh in the guaranteed prize pool for just a nominal buy in, this special tournament proves to be the most valuable offering for any rummy player this month. Are you curious to know what’s so special about this tournament? Stay curious while we let the details know to you below:

Tourney NameDateTourney TimeRegistration TimePrizepoolBuy inTotal no of seats
QualifierSept 2, 20189:00 PM8:00PM20000 cash bonus + 300 free tickets to semifinalRs.251295
SemifinalSept 6, 20189:00 PM8:00 PM50000 cash bonus + 150 free tickets to finaleRs. 100660
FinaleSept 13, 20189:00 PM8:00 PM80000 Cash BonusRs. 200341

This tournament is more than special in one way as its a multi level tournament coming with different stakes and a massive prizepool of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. It is special is it not? It is a given fact that players would be gunning for the free tickets to move ahead in the subsequent rounds.

After all, who wouldn’t want to have a crack at such an offer. With such a massive prizepool available, every rummy player would be dying to hit the tables and claim a shot to win this awesome prize.

Bring the warrior in you

So, bring out the warrior within you, showcase your rummy skills at the tables and win big in this super awesome Rummy Lakhapati tournament. Remember, the competition is going to be intense and gripping. Only the people who have the ability to hold their nerve would be able to win this awesome tournament. Make a strong statement in this rummy space with a thumping win. See you soon at our tables!

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Namma Ooru Madrasu – Best Rummy Promotions online

Hey rummy enthusiasts, Rummy Raani’s trip to Guntur was very special in every way imagined. A lot of people warmed up to her and were taken down a nostalgic trip down the lane with the destinations that she visited. Perhaps the most significant highlight of the whole promotion was that the players actively took part in all the promotions and availed them to the fullest. Be it the Glorious Guntur Bonus offer or the free 100 for 100 offer, the players were on the elements and took advantage of each offer to its fullest. We saw a lot of players walking out in flying colours with this promotion. Even before the scheduled closure of this promotion, a lot of people curiously enquired about Rummy Raani’s next destination stop. We could see the kind of impact that Rummy Raani has created with such enthusiasm from all quarters.

Namma Ooru Madrasu- Best Rummy

To make things interesting, there was a contest where a teaser about Rummy Raani’s next visit was updated in Facebook and players were asked to guess the answer. Players who came up with the correct answer were given free tickets to Social Shark tournament. Finally, the wait is now over, it’s time we officially let the world know about Rummy Raani’s next destination stop. Yes, folks, Rummy Raani would be traveling to the gateway of the south (a) Chennai. Called as the Detroit of India, the place is vibrant and buzzing with activities throughout the day. It is also called as the cultural capital of India, given the rich culture and heritage the city represents. Kudos to the players who picked the clue that we had given earlier in our contest and came up with the right answer. You guys continue to impress!

Want to know the promotions on offer. We do not make rich claims but rather walk the talk with whatever that we promise. We’ve named  this promotion, Namma Ooru Madrasu. Here are the ways through which you can make some cool bonuses.

Count Coffee

The first promotion starts with a bang and that carries what exactly Chennai is famous for. Yes, the traditional Filter Kaapi for which every chennaite would even die for. It’s one of the unmissable parts of the daily routine of every Chennaite, to down XYZ number of cups of Filter Coffee/day. Here is the promotion in detail

  1. Find the number of coffee mugs hidden in our play rummy page
  2. Click this button , remove XYZ and update the Coffee count & Click the tweet button
  3. Take a screenshot of your tweet & WhatsApp it to 8939033366

Players who successfully complete the above steps can win an instant cash bonus of Rs. 50.0. Avail this awesome bonus amount and play cash rummy game online.

Marina Match

With a length of 13 km, including a 6 km promenade, the Marina is considered the world’s second longest urban beach. Just like Marina Beach which is in the history books, you have an opportunity to register yourself in the history books of Deccan Rummy by winning this contest. Play rummy online and finish the game with the longest 5 Card pure sequence and win a rewarding bonus that amounts to 10% of your table winnings. Offer valid till Aug 29.

Four Central

Central Station is one of the important landmarks of Chennai that regularly features in movies and many other media publications. The central station connects the south to the 3 corners of India. To mark this quadrilateral connection, we have an exceptional contest on the cards. Win rummy games with a monumental 4 set of number 4 card and win huge bonus cash – 10% of Table winnings as a cash bonus

Free Fifty for Fifty Promotion

  • Offer open to only TN Players
  • Use WhatsAPP
  • Send the scanned copy (front and back) of your address proofs
  • Address Proof includes Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License & Passpor
  • WhatsApp it to 8939033366
  • 50 Tamil Nadu players get the bonus amount of Rs. 50 on a first-come-first-serve basis

Namma Ooru Madrasu

Curious to know about the places she’s going to visit

  1. Marina Beach – Provides an ideal way to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The relaxation that the place offers is non-pareil and second to none in relieving the tensions of the outside world
  2. Central Railway Station – Built in the year 1873, the structure is 145 years old and serves as an important landmark for the city. The terminal connects the south to 3 other directions (North, East, and the west).
  3. Other places where I would be heading to are – Rippon Building constructed in the year 1913, now acts as the office of Madras Corporation, St George Fort built in the year 1644, is where from which Tamil Nadu State Legislative assembly is operated; St. George Museum built in the year 1948 and currently being maintained by Archaeological Survey of India
  4. Chennai is famous for street shopping and there is a multitude of options available. Watch out for some of the iconic locations that Rummy Raani is going for street shopping
  5. ECR, the name every Chennaite would be in love with as it’s the perfect spot for hangout during the weekend for both families and bachelors.

So stay connected to Rummy Raani by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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