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Play 13 card Indian Rummy Game online is an Indian gaming site owned by Deccan Games Pvt Ltd. We host 13 card Indian Rummy Games in multiple variants for our customers. Rummy Players all over India can join our website for free and play 13 cards Indian rummy game for free and cash. Deccan Rummy offers an extremely secure playing environment with multiple payment options & an easy and quick withdrawal process.  With over 2 Lakh players in our user base, is rapidly growing and continues to push the boundaries of online gaming with our passion for innovation. Come, join us and quench your needs for online rummy.

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Understanding this is an era of flash free gaming, Deccan Rummy has made our games flash free. Our online rummy games create good user immersion through the nice accelerated full-screen HTML5 graphics. No longer will you have to rely on flash player updates which make the gaming, a cumbersome exercise. Say good bye to dull, bland, slow and tedious gaming sessions by registering in our site for free & play our high-speed rummy games.

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If you love to play rummy online then look no further than We host rummy games 24*7 with a superb gaming environment that almost resembles a casino. Be it games, tournaments or contests, has everything you name, in sumptuous amounts. The best thing about playing rummy here at  is that players don’t have to spend a dime for earning. You can just walk-in empty-handed and take home bundles of cash and joy.

Exciting Indian Rummy Variants

Experience the best online Indian rummy variants at As you learn the basic rummy rules, you will be able to play all the rummy variants. Win huge cash prizes playing our awesome rummy variants. Once you sign up with us, you can play exciting rummy variants like points rummy, deals rummy, and pool rummy games 24*7, 365 days a year. Light up your spirits with a few wins!

Play Rummy on the move

With our Deccan Rummy Mobile APP readily available to download for free, you can now playing rummy on mobile is very easy. Download our mobile APP for your Android & iOS devices for free and play rummy and play whenever you feel like playing. With Deccan Rummy Mobile, you can easily beat your travel boredom on long-haul flights or train/bus. There is no substitute for playing this awesome game on one the best gaming interfaces like what we have with Deccan Rummy mobile.

Get ready for rip-roaring action with Beat the Clock

After cricket, the game that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life is rummy. It is hardly surprising considering the game’s longevity in India. Ever since the game went digital after the Internet revolution, it evolved to become one of the quickest forms of entertainment available. Now the game is fast-paced, comes with diverse challenges and offers a huge potential for earning.

With technologies advancing at a rapid pace, we now get to play in an environment that is almost as close to the brick-and-mortar casino. There is literally not an iota of reduction in thrills and excitement of playing rummy from the comfort of their own home, or while on the move. The manifestation of this can be seen watching millions of players playing in one rummy site or the other.

DeccanRummy is a burgeoning online rummy site which is making rapid strides competing with the bigwigs and having a user base that is envy for many. Established in March 2016, DeccanRummy quickly found a flavor among the Indian audiences.

Deccan Rummy is a heaven-sent delivering a wide range of online rummy games for the players to play with. Always in the favor of players, Deccan Rummy offers a stunning gaming environment with a phenomenal welcome bonus for all new players.

The action is always hot here at DeccanRummy with our exciting online rummy promotions, fast-paced online rummy tournaments and exciting leaderboard races. Every month we are providing rummy players a chance to showcase their skills and win some exceptional prizes. There’s always something exciting to scoop up.

BEat the Clock

Beat the Clock Challenge

This month we have some excellent offers for our players. It is not such a bad idea if your gaming sessions were a little more adventurous and rip-roaring, right? Knowing our players liking for short-term contests, we have launched Beat the Clock challenged. Beat the clock, as the name indicates is racing ahead of time – completing a task before its deadline.

True to its name, Beat the clock challenge is a pulsating contest that fosters healthy competition. At present the contest has three categories;

1. Beat the Clock – Loyalty Points Challenge

How does the contest work?

In this contest players have to generate a fixed number of loyalty points within a defined time; once they complete the objective, they will receive a surprise bonus. We reserve the right to fix the date and time on which the offer will be activated. The offer will be active on table values that we define.

2. Beat the Clock – Winnings Challenge

How does the contest work?

Win the amount that we mention on the day the offer runs and get a surprise bonus for completing the objective. Deccan Rummy reserves the right when it comes to fixing the date, time and the tables on which the said offer is active.

3. Beat the Clock – Marathon Challenge

How does the contest work?

Players need to play a number of 13 card cash rummy games on designated tables specified during the course of the time, the offer runs. Players who complete the said objective will receive a surprise bonus. The offer may be randomly activated anytime. Keep checking our website every day to avail this wonderful offer.


Rummy Set Rules Explained

The 13 card Indian rummy game is usually played among 2-6 players using a standard 52 card deck and 2 additional printed jokers. This is a game that has been played for generations here in India and still has a great audience

In the beginning of the  game, the dealer deals 13 cards each face down to every player in the table with a card face up to form the closed deck. The face-up is a wild joker card. All cards belonging to the same rank irrespective of the suit become wild jokers. Players can use these cards in place of missing cards as a substitute while melding the cards. The cards discarded by the player form the open deck or discard pile.

The objective of a rummy game is to meld 13 cards into proper sets and sequences with a minimum of two sequences out of which one must be a pure sequence. Pure sequence refers to sequences made without the usage of joker

Rummy Set Rules

What is a rummy set?

A Rummy Set is a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same numerical Value in different Suits.

For eg: (Q, Q, Q of different suits)

Kindly find that in a game that uses 2 decks or more, a player can’t use the same card twice to make a set. For instance, 7♠ 7 ♠ 7 ♦ is not a valid set.

For example, if 8 ♠ is the wild card and you’re trying to make a rummy set with four 7’s (7 ♥ 7♣ 7♦ in hand and 7♠ is missing). In this case, you can use 8 of any suit to complete this rummy set (7 ♥ 7♣ 7♦ 8♦) can be considered as a valid rummy set.

Rummy set rules are as simple as they can get and it’s one of the easiest methods to meet the objective.

Deccan Rummy is your go to for ultimate online rummy experience, nothing less! The very best of 13 card games can be found right here and nowhere else. Register with us for a stunning gaming experience.


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