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Celebrate the month of love with Rs. 1000 Bonus at Deccan Rummy

February Fiesta

As we crawl towards the end of January, we hope we drew your attention with some exceptional offers from January. It’s time for the month of love! Yes, as we head into February, the valentine month, things are really heated up at Deccan Rummy. We’ve all heard about this Roman legend cupid. Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love It is said that if Cupid shoots his arrow of love and hits you that you will fall in love soon.

At, Cupid is spreading lots of love and bonus cheer this month. It’s time to enjoy this valentine month with the most superb bonus in town. Don’t worry if there is no love and romance in your life at the moment, cupid at is striking golden arrows in the form of exceptional bonus offer.

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Deccan Rummy Mobile App – A must for rummy enthusiasts

Rummy Mobile App
Online gaming industry is booming in India and it is touted to be a multi-billion dollar industry in India very soon. There are many gaming industries that have sprung up in the recent past and have made rapid inroads in the Indian market. Of all the games that have made inroads in India, rummy stands apart as a clear winner. This is pretty evident from the number of players who rush to join those rummy sites and download rummy mobile app.

Many online rummy sites are available to Indian players and they allow them to play real cash rummy games in India. DeccanRummy is the most advanced online rummy website. Touted as the fastest rummy site in India, Deccan Rummy has been in the industry for more than 3 years and has registered phenomenal growth. From hosting rummygames 24/7 to conducting online rummy tournaments to holding special leaderboard contests, DeccanRummy has it all for the rummy players. The hallmark of the site is the intuitive gaming environment which creates an immersive gaming experience. Also, the site is known for its stringent safety measures because of which players are able to deposit and withdraw cash without any worries

Play multiple rummy variants like points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy with your friends, family and with other players across India. Also, a broad range of articles related to online gaming are available in DeccanRummy’s blog. Their blog can be termed as the hub of knowledge when it comes to online gaming.

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5 Ways to maintain a good rummy bankroll

Let’s face the fact: Lots of rummy players have an incredibly tough time to maintain a good bankroll. Even the best of the players suffer a burn in their bankroll often.

No matter how good you are, how hardworking you are, suffering bankroll burnouts seems a part of this game. It’s not uncommon to see the best of players, who toiled so much to build a solid bankroll ruin it in a game or two with bad decisions.

Rummy Bankroll

Even live casino players mention that they have a tough time maintaining a good bank balance. 13 card rummy online is even trickier. There are no restrictions, no visible opponents, no one to pull you out when you hit the deep end. So, it’s important to exercise a lot of self-restraint while playing rummy online for cash. If you are someone who has suffered a bankroll burnout, these are the five tips you must follow:

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Chandunaidu takes down Sankranti Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy special tournaments have always attracted the best rummy players across the country at all experience levels. Designed with the intention of providing the best prizes to players, our special rummy tournaments have received immense praise from the rummy community in the country.

ChanduNaidu winner

Last night the much anticipated Sankranti Special Tournament was held in our website. Since the day we announced the tourney, it was extremely popular among the curious. Players were genuinely interested to try their hand in this tournament and availed free tickets to the tourney by making a minimal deposit of Rs. 500 in large numbers. Also, to ensure last minute entry, we also made a buy-in available for Rs. 200 for this tournament. To make sure every genuine rummy enthusiast gets to know about the tournament, we ran several social media campaigns.

The tournament started with full house participation with numerous players with a wide breadth of experience chipping in from all parts of India. Just like all Deccan Rummy tournaments, the rummy action was intense from the start with players’ displaying their skills wanting to win big from the big prizepool of Rs. 50000.

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