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DeccanRummy – The best site to Play Indian Rummy Card Game

It goes without saying that Rummy remains as the most popular card game despite stiff competition from games like Poker and TeenPatti. The game which is known for its ability to captivate its players and keep them spellbound in their seats for hours together is constantly so much with time. What started off as a minor card game played within family circles has transformed to become something really big after going digital.

Normally old games do not stand the test of time but rummy game adapted to modernity and kept evolving constantly. It’s puzzling that the game still has so many followers. True that marketing helps big but the word-of-mouth compliments help even a great deal in attracting new players. It is the combination of both that made as one of the leading destinations for Rummy online India ever.

Exceptional Features

Our user-friendly and intuitive gaming interface created with HTML 5 Graphics will give you that casino experience you have been longing for. Additionally, we hold the tag of being the fastest rummy site in India. So you will never at any point be irked by the slow gaming interface. The best thing about is that the waiting period is very low when compared to other rummy sites. You don’t have to wait for the tables as there are players participating in our games and tournaments anytime of the day. We try out best to reach to the players to encourage them to participate in our tournaments and games. Many times our tournament sees 100% participation.

At, a player can play cash games and practice games in 3 multiple variants – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Additionally, there is a wide range of freeroll and cash rummy tournaments. Players can enjoy playing these interesting rummy variations with their friends, family and with other rummy enthusiasts from India. And we do conduct special tournaments and leaderboard contests with the mammoth prize pool. You can get to us by completing our 3 step simple account creation process. So, by creating an account for free, you are entitled to a stunning gaming experience that you are not going to get anywhere.

At, we also have a Mobile Rummy APP for you to play on your Android and iOS sets. Download Rummy android apk for free and start playing anywhere and at any time.

How to Deposit Safely at

DeccaRummy is here to offer Indian players great 13 card Rummy games supported with exquisite promotions and the safest deposit methods.

A safe list of deposit methods is critical for a rummy site’s success. Having a safe and secure deposit system instills confidence about the online rummy site, and the aim of DeccanRummy is exactly that, to make the players feel confident that they are in a safe rummy site. It’s something that we have striven hard to achieve. offers a multitude of payment gateways that are safe to perform online transactions. We have integrated almost all the preferred payment gateway systems.

Available Deposit Methods

All of the deposit methods at have been handpicked as the best and safest ones for Indians with more to be added very shortly. As we are growing rapidly and known to experiment, count on us to include any new payment methods as soon as they come out in the markedly.

The current Payment Gateways that we have integrated are

1. PayUMoney
2. TechProcess
3. EBS
4. PayTM

At DeccanRummy you can make deposits using 4 main payment options; credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners card; e-wallet services such as Freecharge, Ola Money, Airtel Money, Oxygen, PayCash; UPI; Internet banking of almost all the banks.

KYC documents have to be updated in order for a withdrawal. Kindly follow the link  in order to update KYC.

How to Make a Deposit

Kindly follow the below steps to make a deposit
1. Log in to your account
2. Click on Add cash button that you can see in the lobby
3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on any bonus code. Rest assured that we will update bonus codes so frequently so that you will always have one
4. Choose the payment gateway from the 4 (PayUMoney, TechProcess, EBS, PayTM) & click on Buy Chips. PayUMoney is the default PG for the desktop whereas for the Mobiles it is TechProcess
5. Confirm you are not playing from Odisha, Assam or Telangana by clicking on Yes
6. Enter your Mobile Number and proceed to make payment with the help of any of four payment options.

Just follow the procedure given below and rest assured you will have a safe deposit. For any queries that you have our customer service team is always at your disposal. You can contact them via live chat or send a ticket.

You can contact the chat by clicking on the green template that you see at the bottom in the lobby “Need Help? Let’s talk” – Just fill up the details and you will be instantly joined by our support staff that will be ready to assist you. Alternatively, you can also raise a ticket by clicking on Need Support by giving your query in brief and by entering your username and your issue category.

Play Rummy at Deccan Rummy

We are proud to say that we have integrated some of the best payment processing systems to make sure you have a hassle-free deposit. With our fantastic choice of rummy games online, we can guarantee that you will have an awesome gaming experience. If you’re someone skeptical about making a deposit, hope this would have been of great help. Hurry! What are you waiting for? Deposit and indulge!

10 Parallels between Rummy & Real life situations

Rummy is a game filled with excitements, joy, exudes splendor and grace in ample doses. As to playing rummy online, mastering the skill is half the battle won. Once you’re confident about your rummy strategy, then the next step is to identify the best rummy site suited to you and go on making a kill in it. Isn’t life almost the same? It takes a while for us to figure out our strengths and weakness and from then on our journey starts. On the same track, we are trying to draw parallels between real life situations and rummy game online. See it yourself to know more:

Rummy & Real Life

1. In Rummy, the way cards are dealt is random so there is not much option to change. Similarly, in real life, you are thrown into several situations that you’ve got to handle braving your gut.

2. Most times whenever you Play Indian Rummy online, you may make decisions based on your understanding or interpretation of the situation. Similarly, in real life situation, we do brainstorm a lot, before arriving at a decision.

3. You cannot control your opponents’ moves and expect him to throw cards to your liking. Similarly, in real life, you can’t expect the situation to be ideal to your liking and rely on people for aid all the time.

4. Following your instinct doesn’t qualify as your skill while playing rummy. Similarly, decisions taken on a haste that are taken on impulse have serious repercussions in real life.

5. Luck may someday be on your side when you find everything from start to finish going your way while playing rummy. Similarly, there are some occasions in like where the day is like every touch of yours will turn to gold. Cause it’s your lucky day.

6. As said already, 13 card classic Rummy is a skill game; there are some days where you know you have given your best but the outcomes are not up to your satisfaction. Haven’t we all felt distraught when our best efforts don’t yield the expected result? Life is always not fair. Be content and give your best even if the day appears not yours.

7. There’s a saying “Learn from your mistakes” Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in most cases, be it rummy or in real life.

8. It’s important to know when to quit in both these cases.

9. Chasing losses are meaningless in both the situations. Really no point in brimming with hostility about the things that are beyond your plane of capability.

10. Be it Rummy or real life, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters eventually is your effort. No amount of money or rewards comes close to it.

Get Rich with seal the deal Bonus Offer

It’s always great to start a month with a reward. We at understand this well and often comes up with exciting and most rewarding offers at the beginning of every month. Check out our exclusive bonus offers and tournaments that are almost available every day. With constant leaderboard contests, freerolls and cash rummy tournaments and special monthly promotions, you have a lot to take from.

March is an exciting month. It’s spring time, the flower blossoms! So does the offers blossom here at DeccanRummy. In tune with our policy of rewarding our players every month, check out the exclusive bonus offer that is available this Month.

Seal the Deal Bonus Offer:

Start every week this March with our brand new 60% Seal the deal bonus offer. Spread over 4 weeks, the bonus offer will allow the players to play with a bonus everyweek. Regardless of the rummy variant that you are playing, this bonus will definitely boost your gaming and get you all the way to feature in the leaderboard. As the bonus percentage and type keeps changing every week, players are advised to plan their deposit properly so that they don’t run short of cash at any point of time. Make sure you avail the maximum bonus amount everytime.

Seal The Bonus

The Bonus code are as follows;

Seal the Deal Bonus
DatesBonus OfferBonus TypeBonus Code
Mar 7 – 1420% Bonus Upto Rs.1000Bonus PointsDECCANJACK
Mar 15 – 2210% Bonus Upto Rs.500Cash BonusDECCANQUEEN
Mar 23 – 3020% Bonus Upto Rs.1000Bonus PointsDECCANKING
Mar 31 – Apr 710% Bonus Upto Rs.1000Cash BonusDECCANACE

Any bonus received is always a surplus and allows you to make a good progress. In other words, this is some extra money for you to play an extensive range of rummy cash games. Don’t miss out on this marvelous offer, Hurry! Make a deposit now!

Deccan rummy is legal 13 card Indian Rummy site and is also one of the fastest rummy online sites that allow the player to play free rummy online. In the event you haven’t signed up, follow our 3 step registration process and join with an awesome Rs. 5000 Welcome Bonus. DeccanRummy is also available on Mobile Platform. With a massive number of safe and secure payment gateways for both deposits and withdrawals, there is never a need to worry about making a deposit or a withdrawal.

Whether you are looking for a rummy download apk or for your iOS, Deccan Rummy Mobile is available on both platforms. Download Rummy apk on Google PlayStore or our site and start gaming on our seamless gaming platform almost effortlessly now.