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Play Deals Rummy & Earn Loyalty Points

Do you want to try out Indian rummy games for big money? offers the chance of playing online rummy games for real cash. There are a variety of rummy games offered by Deccan Rummy to match your playing style.  Players can choose the game that matches their playing style and start earning.

We request all our new registrants to spend some time to play practice games before moving to cash tables. As you get better at practice games, you can move on to our cash rummy tables with lots of confidence. To make gaming easier, we even give you a 100% free bonus on your first deposit.

Indian Rummy games are known to sharpen your intellect, improve your IQ, and also enrich your wallet. Different rummy variants require different strategies. In this article, we explain in detail about Deals rummy which is considered as one of the most challenging rummy variants.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is a 2 to 6 player Indian rummy game played typically with 1 or more standard deck of cards. Players play with chips for a pre-decided number of deals. The player with the least number of points at the end of all the deals is the winner of the game. After the number of deals has been pre-decided, a fixed number of chips are then distributed to all the players on the table. Deccan Rummy currently offers 2 Player deal and 6 players Deal as two variants in Deals Rummy. At present, only 2 or 6 players can participate in Deals rummy offered by us.

In a 2 Player deals rummy 160 Chips are distributed to each player

In a 6 Player Deals Rummy 480 Chips are distributed to each player

The winner’s amount is calculated as follows;

Winning Amount = Total entry fee of all Players – DeccanRummy fees

Deccan Rummy has a wide range of Deals Rummy games starting from as low as Rs. 5 going up to Rs. 10000. Players who are interested in accumulating loyalty points are advised to play high stakes games. Unlike Points Rummy, the format of Deals rummy allows the players an opportunity to make amends for their mistakes in the previous rounds. Because of this exhilarating proposition, many rummy enthusiasts prefer this variant over points rummy. Deals Rummy can be considered as an equivalent to an ODI in cricket where the pendulum swings alternatively.


Similar to other rummy variants, the objective in Deals rummy game is to arrange the 13 cards dealt into proper sets & sequences

Determining the Winners

  • The winner of each round earns the chips from the losers.
  • The Player who has the maximum number of chips at the end of the deal becomes the winner.

Eg: If 6 players play a game, Player 4 declares and the remaining players have garnered 70, 60, 50, 25, 25 points respectively, then the winner takes (70+60+50+25+25) 230 points.

If there is a tie-breaker, players with equal chip count would play between them to decide a winner.

As our Phuket Gala Loyalty Race is gaining heat, lots of players are looking out for ways to increase their loyalty Points. Playing Deals rummy is an effective way to increase your loyalty points and grab all those wonderful prizes

As far as Rummy promotions are concerned, Deccan Rummy has been the de facto destination. Make use of all our rummy promotions and have a happy playing time. Join our ever growing Online Card games community by creating an account at DeccanRummy. Pick your favourite rummy variant; Join our tables and start playing 13 cards rummy now.


5 Rummy strategies

As our Phuket Gala promotion is heating up, we see lots of players actively playing cash games to increase their loyalty points. Who wants to miss this stunning promotion with prizes such as Phuket Trip, iPhones, Cash awards and gift vouchers? Loyalty points can be earned by playing more cash games. As mentioned in the previous article, playing high stakes points rummy games is one of the easiest ways to pile up loyalty points.

Points rummy being the fastest rummy variant can still be tough. High stakes games involve a lot of money, so it is important you play the game cautiously. If you want to build a bankroll and increase your loyalty points, you need to perfect your cash game strategy. In this article, we are giving you a leg up on some of the rummy strategies to be followed while playing hi-stake cash games.

Rummy Player

1.Starting Hand

It is imperative as a rummy player to gain an early advantage in every game you play. Based on the moves based on their starting hands, you can guess the cards your opponents are holding. You can read about the different types of starting hands in rummy for your reference. If the opponent is picking up a card that you have dropped, chances are such that he is using the card to make a set/sequence. Refrain from dropping any card close to it in the future.

2.Identify your opponents

Every rummy player has a unique quality, i.e., every rummy player has a different style of playing rummy. It is their playing style that decides their chances in a rummy game. As a professional rummy player, it is vital that you know the type of players you’re dealing with. Based on our observation we have classified rummy players into 4 categories – Aggressive, Manipulative, vigilant and Light hearted. In every rummy game, you may run across these 4 types of players. You can read our article on how to deal with different types of rummy players to know more.

3.Keep an eye on your Bankroll

While it’s true that high stakes games fetch more loyalty points, but there is an element of risk involved in it. Chances are that you may lose a huge chunk of money. We advise our rummy players to fix a bankroll while playing cash rummy games. Do not exceed the limit at any cost.  At Deccan Rummy, we have high stakes games starting from

4.Play with confidence

Many players in high stakes tables will be competent cash game players. Confidence holds the key to succeed in high stakes rummy games. If you’re a reluctant drifter on to cash games chances are such that you may lose. We can even discount inexperience as a factor that keeps players down as lots of rummy novices make it big. But players who are pessimistic have very little chance.

5.Post Game Analysis

Playing in a challenging cash rummy game can be good or bad for your bankroll. But a key part of playing online rummy that you are always in control of is the post-game analysis. You have the option to analyze where you went wrong and what moves met with success at the rummy table. We strongly recommend a post-match analysis by all our users as it is an imminent part of rummy learning curve.

Good luck at the tables and see you soon at the rollicking Khelo365 VIP party!

Play Points Rummy game & win a trip to Phuket

The immense popularity of card games has forced Indian card game lovers to invent new and exciting variations of online card games. Right now, there are multiple platforms to play your beloved card games. Be it in web, mobiles or using desktop software, card games are accessible literally from anywhere at any time.

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. The reason rummy is so popular in India is because the game format is engaging while also presenting an excellent opportunity to win real cash. Indian Rummy game has evolved with time and branched out into different variations – Points Rummy, Deals Rummy & Pool Rummy. The most popular and preferred format among these three is Points Rummy. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to its quick gameplay.

Points Rummy Game

What is Points Rummy?

Points Rummy has players playing for points that have a pre-decided monetary value. At the end of each game, the winner wins all the cash. The player who finishes first has their winning amount calculated as; (sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point). Players have to pay an entry fee in order to participate in the game. 2-6 Players can play points rummy game in a table at Deccan Rummy. Each game lasts for one deal only. You can refer the How to play rummy section to know more about the game structure of Points rummy.


Similar to other rummy variants, the objective in points rummy game is to arrange the 13 cards dealt into proper sets & sequences.

Cash Prize

The player who finishes first has their winning amount calculated as: (sum of points of all opponents) x (monetary value of 1 point) – Deccan Rummy Rake Free

Eg: If 6 players play 5 point rummy and 5 players lose with 50, 30, 20, 20, 10 points then the winner takes 5*(50+30+20+20+10)= Rs 650 minus our service fee.

At Deccan Rummy, we have a wide range of cash games starting from as low as 0.80 paise to Rs. 4000. The other benefit of playing Points rummy games is that you can earn high loyalty points. This is the season where loyalty points are paying rich dividends. We have a loyalty leaderboard contest by name “Phuket Gala” wherein the winners are taken to an all-expense paid trip to Phuket & also given expensive iPhones & iPods as prizes.

We have been getting a lot of queries from our customers about the ways to increase their loyalty points. The best way to increase your loyalty points is to play high stakes Points rummy games as you can quickly increase your loyalty points when compared to other formats which are time-consuming. If you’d wager on high stakes points rummy (Rs. 800 and above), chances are that you may see a big increase to your loyalty points tally. If you are so focused on winning the coveted trip, then you must immediately head to our points rummy tables. See you soon at the tables!

Rummy Trivia – Become a pro rummy player

So you think that you’re a good rummy Player?? We have given some questions related to Indian rummy below. Try answering them. Deccan Rummy houses talented rummy players all over India. It is paramount that you raise your rummy skills if you want to challenge them. Take this rummy test to see if you’ve can play with the big boys.

The answers to these questions are given at the bottom. Do not refer it; Try answering them without looking into it as it would help you identify where you stand in the game.


Rummy Player


1.How many pure sequences are mandatory to declare victory in an Indian Rummy game?





2.Which variant of rummy is considered as the fastest?

a).Points Rummy

b).Deals Rummy

c).Pool Rummy

3.In a 6 player deal rummy how many numbers of chips are given to players?





4.Is middle drop in “2 Deals” Rummy allowed?



5.Alex’s hand card value is 106 while playing 101 Pool Rummy. What would be his position in the game?



6.Is it mandatory in online rummy to make a hand with Joker?



7.Is 6 ♠ 6 ♠ 6 ♥ considered as a valid set?



8.If printed joker is selected as a wild card which card is takes the place of joker





9.Jack has a hand score of 104. He loses the game with how many points in hand



c).Cannot be determined

10.If the player decides to drop the game in the middle of Points rummy game, how many points he loses?






2.Points Rummy







9.80 (A player’s maximum score in Rummy is 80)


If you’ve got all the 10 right then you’re definitely a rummy pro. We can look forward to seeing your name sooner in our winner’s list. If you’ve got seven out of the 10 questions correct you earn a passing grade and can bank on your skills to win you money sooner. For players who got less than seven questions right, they must spend more time reading our materials.

We guess you find our rummy quizzes are engaging, informing, and grooming you to become a better rummy player. Sign up immediately & Start playing online rummy with us. Boost your earnings with easy-to-win rummy tournaments & get exclusive monthly rummy promotions. Join us now!


Play Indian Rummy with our Desktop software

Playing rummy has become easy at Deccan Rummy. You have a multitude of options to play Indian Rummy game here at Deccan Rummy – on the web, mobiles, Mobile APPs. Now gear up for an additional way to play this extra ordinary game; we have recently launched our Desktop software that can be used to play rummy games from your PCs (Windows, Mac-OS, and Linux). Deccan Rummy’s rummy download software brings all the excitement of Indian rummy game to your desktop! The software is quick and easy to use.

Indian Rummy


Deccan Rummy offers an authentic rummy experience with a sophisticated design, along with stunning features that draws competition and breeds expertise. You can simply download our Deccan Rummy software and install it in your PCs and start playing.

How to Install Deccan Rummy?

Select your file from our downloads page and click the preferred icon based on your PCs under “Download for your Desktop” and follow the instructions as mentioned below

Step 1 – Download the Deccan Rummy File

Download the Deccan Rummy setup file and save it on your system or run the setup which will guide you through the installation process

Step 2 – Install Deccan Rummy file

Follow the instructions as mentioned in the Deccan Rummy installation wizard to complete the installation

Step 3 – Complete the installation

Deccan Rummy is installed on your system. You can access Deccan Rummy software from your program list or desktop shortcut. Log in to your account and start playing rummy games for free and cash.

Play free Pool/deals/points rummy now! It takes just few seconds to install this software!

Extraordinary Features

  • You can choose any game from the multitude of games available in our website
  • Add cash to your account and start playing cash rummy games
  • Compete with real players all over India & win real cash prizes
  • Play live multiplayer rummy games with real players.
  • Secured with 2048-bit SSL encryption
  • Built with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that prevents game crash
  • Saves the waiting time for tables
Specification Tech Requirements
OS Windows 7 & above
Processor Intel Dual Core or Core 2 Duo
Screen Resolution 1024*768
RAM Min – 512 MB
Internet Min – 256 Kbps
Diskspace Max – 100 MB
Browser Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, IE 8 and above

A solid uninterrupted high-speed internet connection is recommended for a seamless gaming experience.  Download now and start playing on your PC. Our games are also available in a wide range of other platforms, so join us and explore the fun & thrill of playing Indian rummy.



Learn to Play Indian Rummy without Jokers

Indian Rummy is a card game often played with two or more decks, in which the players try to form sets and sequences of cards. One or more standard deck comprising 52 cards is used in the game. Two printed jokers are used in addition to it. 13 cards are dealt to each player. The objective of the game is to meld all the 13 cards into proper sets or sequences.

Most of us in India are used to playing the rummy game with joker cards. These wild cards come as a jackpot during the course of a rummy game as it allows the player to complete their sets/sequences. However, the true test for a rummy player is to win without jokers in the game. Rummy experts do not need the assistance of joker cards to complete the meld as they rely more on their skills to complete the game than an external assistance like Joker.

Indian Rummy

Let’s get this straight; a joker card makes playing Indian rummy easy. As we have reiterated before, Indian rummy is a game of skill and in order to test the real skills of playing rummy. In order to gain expertise in rummy one must learn to play the game even without a joker. It might appear easier said than done but it is possible.

The thumb rule to succeed without joker is to keep a close tab on the cards discarded/picked by your opponent. You must be on your toes all the time while playing the Game. You should be adept in doing quick calculations and must predict the cards that may be useful to your opponent.

Count your Points

You should be aware that all cards carry a certain number of points.

  • J (Jack) – 10 points
  • Q (Queen) – 10 points
  • K (King) – 10 points
  • A (Ace) – 10 points
  • All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value for ex. 7 carries 7 points and 3 carries 3 points.
  • The jokers carry zero points.

Points play a very vital role in online rummy. If your starting hands are bad, it is advised to abort the game as you run the risk of losing with high points if you don’t. If you drop the game initially with a bad starting hand, you will lose only with 20 points. You can also drop out in the middle of the game when you’re finding it difficult to make melds; middle drop will cause you to lose with 40 points. Dropping the game is completely players’ call. You can read our article on the types of starting hands in our blog.

Learn to Play without Joker

Professional rummy players can easily predict the sets/run their opponents are trying to build. If their opponent is picking more from the open deck then it is evident that you’re dropping the card required by him. Professional rummy players would pick their cards mostly from the closed deck and play with it. They would pick a card from the open deck only when they are on the verge of completing the objective. Once you’re used to picking cards from the closed deck and completing the game, you can easily play the game even without joker card.

Try playing an Indian rummy game without joker card and let us know how it was to play the game without it. Fortunately, the rummy card games hosted at are played with a joker. If you wish to try out online rummy games for free, do not hesitate to sign up with us. Once you sign up, we will credit your user account with Rs. 25 as a token of appreciation. Happy Playing!

Things to do & Places to visit in Phuket

As most of you would be aware by this time that the winners of our PhuketGala Loyalty Race are going to be taken to Phuket – one of the most happening tourist places in Thailand. As the contest is heating up, we see a lot of players actively playing cash games to lead the leaderboard and be a part of this spectacular extravaganza. The Khelo365 VIP Party is reserved for VIPs. Lead the leaderboard and be a part of the amazing carnival, which is an eclectic mix of fun & entertainment hosted by renowned event organizers. As I am writing this article preparations are going in full swing to ensure that this event is going to be a grand success.


We know Phuket is mainly known for its voraciously beautiful beaches and its raucous nightlife scene. There is another face of this wonderful town that needs to be explored apart from the beach places. In this article, we shall discuss the other aspects of Phuket that need to be explored

Tiger Kingdom

The Tiger Kingdom is a relatively new addition to the tourist attractions in the town. If you want to get up close with the big cat then this must be your choice. Tourists will have the privilege to play with the kitty cats. As the big cats love to be stroked and petted, you will have an amazing time here. Snap the beautiful moments here with your camera – you will relish them for life.

Big Buddha of Phuket


The Big Buddha of Phuket is one of the most iconic and revered landmarks in the town. The 45m tall Big Buddha sits on the highest peak of the Nakkerd Hills in Ao Chalong. The whole project relies on public funding and donation. Visitors swarm this place in huge numbers as there are road signs pointing the way to it right across the whole island.

Hat Mai Khao

Hat Mai Khao is a beach on the northwestern coast of Phuket. Mai Khao is one of the few beaches in Phuket that continues to nesting turtles. The sand in Mai Khao is the coarsest in Phuket and it appears underdeveloped when compared to other hotspot destinations in Phuket. However, if you are someone who enjoys being in solitude this place should be on your itinerary.

Hat Nai Han Beach

Nai Harn is a beautiful & secluded beach in the south of Phuket.  It is calm and more laid back than other tourist spots in Phuket but has a fair share of food, hotels, and shops you need for a great time. Swimming is not recommended during the monsoon season i.e from May-Oct. This beach is less crowded and makes it perfect for people who prefer privacy.

Hat Kamala

Hat Kamala is a serene, picturesque beach located in the North of Patong. This beach is considered ideal for swimming snorkeling and sunbathing. If you’re the one who’s seeking adventure in your Phuket trip, this should be your ideal destination. The north end of the beach has a coral reef that invites undersea adventures while you can wade through other sections of the beach.

Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town is a historical section of Phuket that is a must-see on the itinerary of all the tourists. The town is famous for its vintage architecture, shops, museums, restaurants, and hotels. Visitors interested in History & Archeology can enjoy the illusion of being transported back to over a century ago. Old Phuket town is primarily comprised of five roads namely Phang NGA Road, Thalang Road, Thalang Road, Krabi Road & Anong road.

Bangla Road

 Like owls, Bangla road awakens when the sun sets. If you’re a party animal, then this place should be on the top of your list. This is the place to relax and freak out as almost all of the bars are outdoors or open-fronted with music from each one blending into a weird but delightful mix. The sex industry is big here. Some like it while others loathe it, whether you like it or hate it is still on tourists’ diary as one of the must-see tourist destinations in Phuket Island.

Spa in Phuket

Most of the spa junkies find Phuket to be extremely fascinating. There is a wide range of spas available that allow you to get scrubbed and soaked from head to toe. With the renowned Thai hospitability and a mind-soothing ambiance, you will feel like you’ve just visited an alternate universe once you’re done with your spa session. It is important for tourists who visit Phuket not to miss the Spa sessions.

 These are by no means is a comprehensive list of tourist attractions in Phuket but visitors who are on a short trip can try to make it across most of the places. If you’re someone who loves a weird mishmash of calm, serene place and raucous, brash places, then these are the places to look forward in Phuket.


Online Rummy – Rummy Quiz

We’ve reiterated many times in this blog that online rummy is a simple game. All that takes to win the game of rummy are some few tips & tricks that can be acquired by practice. Once you acquire the requisite rummy skills, you can then start playing rummy for cash. In this article, we have given a set of questions related to rummy. If you’re well endowed with rummy rules then you can easily answer them. Answers to these questions might help you to analyze where you stand in online rummy and then you can plan your strategies accordingly.

1.If you’re getting J ♥ K ♥ 10 ♥ 8 ♥ as your hand cards and if you’re getting 9 ♥ as the doled out one, what card would you drop to make a pure sequence?





2.Below-mentioned are some scenarios where you drop out of the rummy game after the starting hand cards are dealt. Arrange them in an order of most-to-least scenario where you are likely to quit the game.

a.Dream Hand – A dream hand is when you have 2 pure sequences with 1 or more sets and more than one joker

b.Average Hand – An opening hand with only a pure sequence and with no jokers can be considered as Average Hand

c.Bad Hand – A bad hand is a combination of cards with no jokers or sequences

d.Good Hand – A good hand consists of one pure sequence with one or more jokers

3.After being dealt hand cards, John has J♥, K♥ (all he needs is Q♥ to make a pure sequence) and the rest are unrelated cards with 10 ♠ being the highest. Now he is in a conundrum about which card he shall drop? Help him out.




4.How would rank the cards when suit ranking is applied?





5.When you are using 2 decks or more, can 9 ♠ 9 ♠ 9 ♥be considered as a valid set?



6.Identify the impure sequence?

a.6♠ 7♣ 8♠



1. K♥ (as 8 ♥9 ♥10 ♥ J ♥ is a pure sequence)

2.C, B, D, A

3.10 ♠ (as all the cards are unrelated)

4.D, A, C B


6.6♠ 7♣ 8♠

If you’ve gotten all the answers right, then you are a rummy expert. You must see yourself win a couple of tournaments in the near future in the event you haven’t won it already. On the other hand if you’ve answered less than 3 questions right, it is time to read the rummy rules and how to play rummy once more and spend more time in our practice tables.


Join our PhuketGala Loyalty Race

Now gear up for a breathtaking rummy promotion, we are giving you a shot to earn a Free trip to an exotic location that you’re going to relish for rest of the life. In what comes as the promotion of the season, we are conducting a loyalty race by name Phuket gala.  The winners of this loyalty race would be taken to Phuket. Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, with a beguiling landscape and gorgeous beaches. Deccan Rummy provides you this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Phuket and get a free entry to a ravishing VIP Party by participating in our Phuket Gala Loyalty Race. This Phuket Gala loyalty race also promises other prizes such as iPhones & cash awards.

Loyalty Race

Now you may think what is so exciting and mind-blowing in Phuket? Why do you need to visit Phuket once at least in your life?

Phuket is an exotic island in the southern provinces of Thailand with picturesque beaches. Are the beaches the only fun you’re gonna see at Phuket? Nope, you’re going to get much more than that. You will be getting a free entry to Khelo365 VIP Party, which is going to rock Phuket. The party is reserved for VIPs and that’s exactly what you become once you win our loyalty race. The activity in Phuket Town is nearly around the clock bustling with energy. Famous for its raunchy nightlife, the town goes into a freak-out mode with girls, alcoholic beverages, and music that tear the roof down. To put in a nutshell, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at night in Phuket. We understand 4 days is too small a time to explore a gorgeous place like Phuket but our team is extensively working to make this trip memorable by taking you to exotic locations that you’ve never seen before. Gear up for a lot of fun activities and start thinking about the way you can add more spice to this trip. Our hard-working team is currently involved making all the arrangements. We’ve appointed a vibrant consigliere who’s gonna chaperone all your requirements. All you need to do is prepare yourself for this extraordinary fun you can get at our Khelo365 VIP Party. The moment you board the flight to Thailand from Chennai, you can keep aside all your worries and go ready to go unhinged. Gear up for the ultimate fun in beaches; relax in luxurious spas, gobble up the free flowing hard beverages; enjoy adventurous yacht rides and much more.

The other prizes in this delightful promotion are iPhones, E-Shopping Gift Vouchers, and cash awards. We guess it’s more than what you were expecting. It’s the start of a new era for Deccan Rummy. We hope you’ll join this blitzkrieg and make it memorable.

Whether you are a person looking for the best deal or someone who’s looking for a simple way to boost your bankroll, we bring our players the best rummy promotions in the business. Every month we surprise our players with lots of alluring offers and promotions. Our mission is to take the online rummy game to every nook and cranny of India and we have been emphatically successful so far in that. To maintain a deeper connect with our customers we periodically update monthly offers & promotions based on your requirements and the current trend. Join us and have fun unlimited playing rummy & boost your bankroll.

How to win this trip

To win this awesome trip, you need to lead the loyalty leaderboard. In order to lead, you need to earn more loyalty points. Play more cash rummy games to earn high loyalty points.

How to check your Loyalty Points

Once you login to your account, please follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Click on My accounts Tab
  2. Under My Accounts Tab, Click on the drop down in the right end and select Loyalty Points option
  3. The Total Loyalty points indicate the number of Loyalty points generated

Loyalty Leader Board

You can check your position in the loyalty leaderboard by clicking on Leader Board tab after logging into your account. Our Loyalty leaderboard can be also viewed by clicking here. The first 15 players are eligible for prizes in this promotion.

Press Release for Phuket Gala Contest

Phuket Gala

After the hugely successful New Year tourney, Deccan Rummy is announcing a brand new promotion by name “Phuket Gala”. This promotion commences from Mar 5 and ends on Apr 23. The tournament is based on Loyalty points where the top 15 players are going to be rewarded with astonishing prizes. The players who secure the first 3 places will be taken for a trip to Phuket in Thailand, a place that is known for its vibrant & gorgeous beaches. These players would be given entry to the Khelo365 VIP Party that promises amazing fun and entertainment. A luxurious cruise, a yacht party, an open beach party, night club extravaganzas are some of the fun the winners are going to witness. Lots of other fabulous prizes like iPhones, e-shopping gift vouchers, movie vouchers and cash awards are also in the offering.

Tournament Name– Phuket Gala Loyalty Race

Date-March 5- Apr 23

Journey Date to Phuket-Apr 27 to May 1

Other Prizes– iPhones, gift vouchers and cash awards.

The offer is open to all. Players need to play more cash games especially high stakes cash games to earn more loyalty points. Players can register for free on Deccan Rummy and add cash to their account from the various credit cards, debit card and netbanking options and start playing cash games.

Thamaraikannan, the head of Operations of Deccan Rummy said, We had been contemplating about changing the prizes for our tournaments sometime as we wanted to drift away from the cliché of giving away cash prizes everytime”.  He added “We shortlisted Phuket as it offers a more genuine Thai experience compared to other places in Thailand. Phuket offers the right blend of native thainess with luxury. We are sure our winners are going to be astounded by the sumptuous settings made for their comfort during their stay. We are also giving away luxurious gift items like iPhones, Gift vouchers and cash awards”

Deccan Rummy team is super excited about this Phukel Gala and wishes all the very best to its Rummy Players.  This is a great opportunity for the rummy enthusiasts to win this huge bonanza from Deccan Rummy. Grab this amazing opportunity, double your entertainment, and end up visiting a trip of your life time.

About Deccan is an India based online gaming website, which provides the players a platform to play online 13 cards Indian rummy game. Within a span of a year since their launch, they have made a name for themselves with their safe and secure gaming environment. Here players can participate in different variants and win handsome rewards in tournaments. You can register at Deccan Rummy for free and play on their website or you can download Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for your android/iOS devices for free and access all the rummy games.


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