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5 ways to beat the Monday Morning Blues

Morning Blues

After a long weekend, waking up on a Monday morning is quite a stultifying ask. Don’t we all feel that our Fridays could last forever on many occasions? If on Monday mornings you wish you could get your hands on a time machine to go back 2 days, then you are not alone. For many, Monday morning blues kicks in right around Sunday evening as you can’t help but start thinking about the next 5 days.

Because of the lack of motivation and anxiety creeping in, Morning blues sets in and affects your ability to be courteous and receptive to your colleagues and even your superiors. No matter how many days of vacation you are returning from, Monday morning blues is a serious problem. You can take the fear of Monday morning blues with the help of some solid planning. Here in this article, we are going to offer some tips to overcome the Monday morning blues.

1. Identify what puts you off

Write down the things that are causing you concern; make a complete list of them. The reason we stress on writing down things is that when you write down your ideas you will automatically focus your full attention on them. Maybe when you write this down you would get an idea if it’s really worth your time. The more you write the more chance you have to beat stress.

2. Get adequate rest

One of the main reasons for Monday Morning blues is lack of rest. There are far too many distractions that prevent us from getting adequate rest. Studies indicate that lack of sleep affects metabolism and has a lot of detrimental effects including mood swings, anxiety etc. It is important you utilize the break to take sufficient rest. As with the analogy you can’t recharge your batteries if you’re constantly using them, you will not regain your strength and spirit if you drain it too much on fun activities during weekends. Remember, you do not want to do anything that exacerbates your stress.

3. Calm your nerves

Coming after a short break our body needs a bit of readjusting on Monday mornings to get on with our usual activities. Instead of starting in a rush, give yourself some calmness by setting the alarm 30 minutes early. Consider doing a bit of exercise as it is one of the best techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety. Regular exercising will bring remarkable changes to our bodies, our spirits, and mood. It is proven that regular exercising will alleviate stress.

4. Indulge in some valuable past time to beat morning blues

Hobbies are the one of the best ways to alleviate stress. By hobbies, we don’t mean things that are strictly beneficial. Anything even playing a simple rummy card game will help you beat the stress. Playing 13 card rummy game is proven to have multiple benefits – increases concentration, memory power, improves decision-making skills, and even tolerance. A short and sweet session of rummy gaming will refresh you and help you prepare better to tackle Monday morning blues. There are many online rummy sites these days where you can play to your hearts content.

5. Consider Career Change

If none of the things is proven to have any positive effects, consider a career change. But if your career continues to push you towards your breaking point continuously, there is simply no point to continue. A career change in such situation is imminent.

If you have any other ways to beat the Monday Morning Blues, please let us know in the comment section.

Pattaya Leaderboard

Memories from our Pattaya Trip for New Year 2018

India’s Fastest online Rummy site, recently launched a New year Leaderboard contest from Nov 1 – Dec 25, 2017 where players competed against each other to feature in the New Year leaderboard. As expected the contest was very fierce right from the word go and the players kept on increasing their leaderboard points. The stakes were high this time as many exciting prizes were up for grabs.

Prizes such as all-expense paid Pattaya Trip, iPhones, Gold coins, Gift Vouchers and Cash Bonus pushed players to perform to their best. The highlight among prizes, however, was the VIP Party in Pattaya. Partying in Pattaya during New Year’s Eve is every tourist’s desire. The theme of the party was “Never Say Never Again” which goes well with the vibrancy of Pattaya. This probably aroused the audience and they came down in droves to participate in this event.

At the end of the contest, 15 successful players held their nerves to come out on top. The top 3 leaderboard winners received brand new iPhones besides the New Year trip to Pattaya. Deccan Rummy has always gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to rewarding their players and this time it was no exception. The players who traveled to Pattaya received a fabulous treat of their lifetime and spent New Year the way they always wanted. Here’s a short recap of the extraordinary fun that the players had at Pattaya.

Pattaya Trip Details

Day 1

Elaborate travel arrangements were already made for the players to travel from their destinations to Bangkok. As soon as the players landed, they were received by the well-prepared Deccan Rummy team who took them to the luxurious villa booked for them. From the moment they landed, it was Fun! From receiving energizing Thai Massage in the morning to visiting the crazy Russian girls club on Walking Street, it proved to be a fitting start to the amazing fun they were about to receive.

Day 2

The next day being New Year’s Eve, players were thoroughly gearing up for the New Year Pool Party as it was always showcased as a highlight of the promotion. The players started the day off with a visit to the shooting range with some of them shooting a few rounds to really blow off some steam. It was followed by go-karting at one of the best Go-Kart tracks in the world. After a sumptuous lunch, players relaxed for some time. As the day winded down, players started to gear up for much expected New Year Party at 808 Club in Walking street, aka the gateway to heaven on earth. And the party was special in every way it was expected. Accompanied by beautiful women, the guests had an awesome time partying in a setting that’s an envy of every tourist.

Day 3 and 4

Coming back to the trip, the next day started understandably late as the guests were so jaded by the all-consuming party. But there was not even an iota short in entertainment. The day started off on a powerful note with Bungee Jumping which was a delight for the adrenaline junkies among the guests. And then immediately it was followed by Human Slingshot, which was a new experience for all the guests. Players who craved for more adrenaline went for Pattaya Rocket Ball Ride which was a breathtaking experience. The adventure involves players turning upside down every way in the air. A few tired players decided to remain in their villas and opted for a trad thai message while the rest of them preferred to go shopping. The day came to a close with guests chilling off in a Thai disco with the guys partying so hard. We were so amazed by the energy levels of the players. On the final day, the guests were escorted by a luxury van to Bangkok and they departed from there to their respective destinations. All said and done, this trip was truly spectacular in every way that it was planned.

Message from Head of operations

Thamaraikannan, head of Operations, said “Calling this promotion merely a successful one would be an understatement. We were completely blown by the commitment shown by the player to reach the top. That gave us an added responsibility not to disappoint players anyway during the trip we promised. Thanks to our support staffs everything went as planned and we were able to provide the players with everything that we promised. We hope our players would continue to support in our future endeavors”.

He further added “We have a lot of offers and promotions planned for the year 2018. As a fitting start, we have started the weekly leaderboard contest that is being received warmly by our players. The excitement is already sky high as the prizes keep increasing with every promotion of ours. All I can say is keep playing, you don’t have to scramble for goodies, they will come to the place where you are”.

Chef Daniel Isberg

The most wonderful aspect about the whole trip other than the players’ energy was that the guests were treated with some of the finest cuisines they could ever get in the world, with the dishes prepared by the world-renowned chef Daniel Isberg. Players got a perfect culinary experience with an electric mix of dishes every day.

To satiate such a diverse group of players in one shot is no mean feat and Daniel Isberg proved once again why he remains as the top Chef in Thailand. Be it Spanish, Mexican, English or Traditional Thai Food, Isberg made sure our guests were in for a treat every time. After all getting to gorge on best dishes from all around the world at one time is not an opportunity that people will get every day. We really appreciate Daniel Isberg’s phenomenal work and thank the users for being such a sport. His long and multi-faceted culinary experience was fairly evident when everyone appreciated his stunning culinary skills. We look forward to associating with him as often as possible.

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Promotions & contests galore this January at DeccanRummy

With bells on, Deccan rummy has launched new tourneys and delightful bonus offers for players this January. This is New year, New season, so it’s fair we start off in a grand fashion. In 2017 Deccan Rummy has provided a huge number of rummy promotions, rummy bonus offers, rummy Tournaments much more than the others. It was a sort of milestone year for Deccan Rummy. Lots of players availed our promotions and heartily thanked us for our offers.

Nothing exceeds the happiness we get when we hear good compliments from our customers. In fact, we take it as a token that we are travelling in the right path. We understand the onus is on us to match the high standards we’ve set in the last year, so it makes sense we start this year with some grand promotions. Because of the stunning offers and promotions we’ve launched last year, there has been a solid surge in our user-base. That’s a huge responsibility on our shoulders that needed to be taken care of. So without further ado, here’s a recap of the offers we have in store for you this January.

Weekly Leaderboard

January Promotions & Offers

1. Weekly Leaderboard Contest

The year started off with a great weekly leaderboard contest that players have been demanding for a while at least. While long leaderboards are fun and exciting undeniably, not many have the patience and time to sit through couple of months to get to the end. In order to limit the saturation period, we’ve launched a weekly leaderboard where the contest runs for just a week. Unlike the earlier leaderboard contest that requires players to win more, this contest is based on loyalty points. All that you need to do is to play more; your loyalty points would do the job automatically for you. The number of contests that this 13 card rummy game can spawn is really astonishing.

Players would be ranked according to the loyalty points they’ve generated. We have 3 leaderboard levels – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The players with maximum loyalty points would be eligible for prizes. 65 other winners would win stunning cash prizes. Loyalty points are given based on the number of cash games you play with Deccan Rummy. The more cash games that a player plays, the more chance he has to earn loyalty points. When you play games with higher stakes garner more loyalty points.

2. As an add-on that comes along with the leaderboard, we have Leaderboard tournaments wherein the top 20 winners of the 3 leaderboards would be given free tickets. Additionally, there is a buy-in option available to play these tournaments.

3. Makar Sankranti Special

Reap rich rewards this Makar Sankranti by playing our Makar Sankranti Special Freeroll tournament on Jan 15 @ 3:30 PM. This is a freeroll tournament where users can just walk in free, play and walk out with cash.

4. Bonus Offers

Rummy Bonus Whoppers

Bonus offers are the best way to boost your bankroll. Deccan Rummy has the following bonus offers for January
a) January Jubilance – Get 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs. 500 for one of your deposit this January. Deposit the bonus code “JAN2018”
b) Bonus Whoopers – Get 30% Bonus up to Rs. 1500 for one of your deposit till Jan 31. Use the bonus code “NY2018” while making a deposit.

Well, that’s an impressive set of promotions into the first two weeks of January, is it not? Avail all these bonus offers, play our tournaments and lead the leaderboard. Make this January memorable with your winnings

Play Weekly Leaderboard Tournaments every Sunday

2017 was filled with some of the most exciting promotions for the Indian rummy enthusiasts here at Deccan Rummy. If the response to our promotions were anything to go by, we have a huge responsibility to fulfill the huge expectations from us. And with the customers solidly behind our back, we think we can pull it off very easily.

Hope you guys are aware of the Weekly Leaderboard contest that we have recently launched on our website. Rummy players on our site have been requesting a short leaderboard contest for some time. Short leaderboards are fun, stirs great competition among the players and comes with exceptional benefits.

Leaderboard Special Rummy

While long leaderboards are great in their own way, most players are exhausted by the end of it.
However, we have no plans to scrap long leaderboard contest completely. We will hold it when the situation warrants.

For the moment, short leaderboard contests are here to stay for some time. One of the important benefits that come along with the leaderboard contest is free entry to the leaderboard special rummy tournament.

Leaderboard Special Rummy Tournament

Just like how Rummy leaderboard contests comes in 3 levels, these rummy leaderboard special tournaments also come in 3 levels – Golden, Platinum, and Diamond. Players who finish in the top 20 of each leaderboard will be getting a free ticket to play in these tourneys. These tourneys will happen on the day after the weekly leaderboard contest ends ie Sunday till now. Additionally, these tourneys are available to play for a buy-in of Rs. 500 as well. The prize pool for their tourneys is equally impressive.

We’ve kicked off the year already in a grand fashion with an impressive set of promotions. January already looks action packed promising much delight for the customers. This leaderboard special tournament looks all set to raise the heat. With so many freerolls and cash tournaments already available, these tournaments appears as a very valuable addition.

If you like to play rummy tournaments, this is an offer that you cannot miss. Being one of the fastest growing Indian rummy sites, DeccanRummy has exponentially increased our user base in the past few years. It all owes to the incredible promotions and offers that we’ve launched so far. With massive offers launched at the start of the year, this is going to be an incredible year to look forward to. The big question is just how much big would it be? Stay connected!

If you are an online rummy player who wants to take part in tournaments with big prize pools, this is the time to do it.