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Time to be enchanted with Deccan Bonus Bounty for March

The month of March has arrived. March is significant month with numerous festivals that Indians celebrate with much passion and fervour. Also, with some hot cricketing action happening already and IPL about to commence shortly later this month is all set to keep your evenings busy. To add more buzz to the action-packed month, we are all set to entertain you with a slew of offers and promotions that will keep you on the hook and keep you pushing for more!

This Month Deccan Rummy has launched an awesome March Moolah offer which you might be aware of! With the March Moolah offer, players can get 20% bonus upto Rs. 1000 for one of their deposits. A lot of people have already started availing this bonus offer and are boosting their bankroll.

Deccan Bonus Bounty
Deccan Bonus Bounty


Deccan Bonus Bounty – Get 60% Bonus upto Rs. 3000

Additionally, we have a series of bonus codes under Deccan Bonus Bounty offer which will help you get 60% bonus upto Rs. 3000. Deccan Bonus bounty is an offer that is popular with a lot of cash rummy players. Split into 4 weeks, each week there is a bonus code available for the users.

Want to know what’s up for grabs this week?A fabulous 15% Bonus upto Rs. 750 is available for our Deccan Rummy players this week. Head into the lobby and click on Add cash and pick the one that’s in for this week.

That’s a huge weight on your bankroll which could be crucial in helping you get some big wins under your belt. Just make sure you avail them to your advantage. You can use all the bonus codes listed above on their respective weeks and boost your bankroll.

Now, if you’re finished with the welcome bonus code already, you’re eligible for this bonus code and what it means is you get something extra along with your deposit. And speaking of the welcome bonus when you sign up at Deccan Rummy and make your first deposit, we’ll match it with a 100% bonus which will be credited instantly.

And all you need to do to avail the bonus is a free account at Deccan Rummy – if you haven’t done so yet, do it without further ado. Log in, select Add cash and click on the bonus code listed for this week and get the ball rolling!

Start this March with Rs. 1000 Bonus with March Moolah offer

India’s fastest online rummy website, Deccan Rummy is all set to delight the users with a series of promotions as we head into the March Month. Wanting to make this March month memorable and marvelous, we have designed a few promotions which will be up shortly in our website. The first promotion in the lineup of exciting promotion is the March Moolah, an exciting bonus offer.

March Moolah

March Moolah Offer

If you are a regular player at Deccan Rummy, you might know that every month we delight the users with an exciting bonus offer at the beginning of the month. This is done to give the player more value for his deposit. Any player depositing cash would want something extra and our monthly bonus offer has been delivering just that.

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Online gaming industry in India – a veritable goldmine

Since the digital revolution, one of the key positives Indians earned was access to online gaming. Prior to the era, the gaming was mainly restricted within the elitist section of the society who had the money and resource to access those games. Players accessed these games through consoles and gaming accessories. Some of the games that were popular among the gaming audience in this segment were call of duty, FIFA, Counter Strike, and DOTA. Since the rapid penetration of internet, online gaming fever caught steam among the Indian gaming audience.

The booming Social media opened the flood gates for many game developers. The huge success of games like candy crush, pet acquarium, cityville, restaurant city, farmville are certain games that were some of the games that were hugely popular in Facebook. The games captured the imagination of millions of gamers and it’s reach was so massive that it broke all the established barriers with regards to gaming like age, gender, location etc. The next stage of online gaming is the mobile games that are so popular today.

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Learn to control your emotions while playing rummy online

Emotions are auto-generated instantaneous responses for our actions or the situation that we endure. In scientific terms, it is termed as a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. There are different emotions – Joy, Sad, Anger, Hilarious, Ecstatic, and Grievance and so on. Rummy game and emotions are intertwined as the game can change its course anytime. Players can only react to the situation he is in. There are different emotions like Joy, Happiness, confusion and sadness in a rummy table.

A player not necessarily experiences everything at a time. However, controlling one’s emotion is one of the important tricks players have to master while playing rummy online or offline. You may wonder, since you do not physically see your opponents what role could emotions possibly play? There’s much more to it than what sees the eyes. A player in a confused or sad state of mind is likely to commit more mistakes that your opponent can take advantage of. Once your opponent picks your mindset, it becomes easy to maneuver you to submission.

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