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The Rise of Social Gaming in India

Social Gaming is a buzzword these days. Social gaming is all about playing online games with multiple players over the internet on a common platform. There are millions of social games available these days keeping the players occupied 24/7.

People play these games for various reasons the primary being to have fun and to relieve themselves of the stress. With the rising technological revolution, social gaming is all set to rule the internet in the years to come.

According to a recent research published, the gaming sector is growing at the rate of 60-70% in India. It is valued at 900-1200 crores approximately. The main reason for such an explosive growth is the rapid internet penetration and the proliferation of smartphone devices in India. With cheap data plans offered by mobile service providers throughout India, gaining access to the internet is not so difficult. People of India by nature are adventurous and they are not going to let go of such an opportunity. With various games available on the iOS and Android platform, they have their hands full.

Social Gaming

The rise of Mobile gaming companies offering Social Gaming

There are so many mobile gaming companies offering social games on both the platform. They identify the needs and requirements of various players and cater games to them. They have in-depth knowledge of the player’s mindset so they design and develop games that they like the most. Most of the games are available for free so that the players can play without much effort.

Many players are intrigued by the initial levels of the game which are free, however, if they wish to progress to the next levels, they need to make in-app purchases and that’s where the companies are making a huge profit. People naturally get lured to go to the next level as most of these games are very exciting. Companies too deploy various creative levels in the existing games to keep the audience’ interest soaring. Many of games are very motivating and encourage the people to push their limits. You may want to read about the 5 Motivational factors in Online Gaming that we had put up earlier in our blog.

Online Rummy – A skill based game

Many traditional games have been converted to the online platform and have found interest in the audiences. In particular skill, games seem to have high takers among the Indian audiences. Online rummy is a skill based game which is extremely popular among Indian audiences. You can see online rummy has featured in the top 5 mobile games. The reason for such a popularity is that online rummy requires the players to apply logic and overpower their opponents. The game involves a lot of intricate techniques like outmaneuvering your opponents with your decision-making skills, remembering the fall of cards and base your moves accordingly.

Additionally, online rummy has deep connections with the Indian history and it works to its advantage. Another factor that contributes to the rise of social gaming in India is, the companies come up with lots of incentives. For example, online rummy companies come up with generous offers and promotions like the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, leaderboard contest with opulent rewards.


Already popular with millions of users worldwide, social gaming continues to impress with local nuances and cultural elements incorporated to make the game interesting. For example, Deccan Rummy recently launched a promotion called Deccan Carnival, where a fictitious character called Rummy Raani travels to many locations and collects information about various places also coming up with various promotions. This promotion serves as a good example of how popular social gaming could be. Many rummy sites offering social rummy games also have extensive tutorials on rummy rules and how to play rummy online.
Social gaming is all set to make a big impact in the years to come given the explosive growth rate. It will continue to capture the attention of millions of passionate gamers throughout the country.

6 Reasons to Play rummy at

Are you new to the rummy world? Do you have trouble choosing the best online rummy site to play rummy given the innumerable number of sites. Do not worry anymore! Deccan Rummy is here to solve all your worries and give you a wonderful platform to play rummy online. Here are six compelling reasons that make Deccan Rummy Stand apart from the rest of the online rummy sites.  Once you read this you will steer clear of any doubts you may have regarding taking a decision.

rummy site

1.Fastest Rummy Site:

There are so many rummy sites out there in the market. Most of them are flash based and they are slow, crashes very often and makes the game play annoying. Built with HTML5 and powered by nicely accelerated graphics, the gaming platform offers a nice way to enjoy the game. There are no instances of crashing nor slowing down thus making Deccan Rummy, the fastest rummy site in India.

2.  Unlimited entertainment:

We want to make sure the customer’s passion for the game keeps growing that’s the main reason we have included multiple rummy variants – Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. Besides the multiple rummy variants, we also offer a wide range of games and special tournaments. Youngsters have a real liking for the rummy game as  it offers them unlimited entertainment.

3. High Value Freeroll Tournaments:

We understand rummy tournaments are the best way to make some quick cash if you are a skilled player. You can play rummy free & cash rummy tournaments here at Deccan Rummy to showcase your ace skills to your opponents. Our rummy site has freeroll tournaments valued at 7.2 Lakhs that the users can play for. Our rummy tournaments has a wide range of prizes from gold coins to gift vouchers and thousands of players have benefited richly out of it.

4. Hefty Bonus, Offers and Rewards:

In addition to addictive gameplay that our platform provides, we also come up with high quality offers and promotions with which the users can make some additional cash also thoroughly entertaining themselves. Last year Deccan Rummy conducted a spectacular Phuket Gala where the users were taken on a trip to Phuket. Offers like these found huge appreciation and interest from the audience.

5. Easy Deposits & Fast Payouts:

One of the best features of our rummy site is the easy payment deposit and withdrawal options. We provide the fastest withdrawal services in the entire gaming industry. You will get what you win very quickly. We have five reliable payment gateways through which you can make your deposits without any hassle.

6. Safe and Secure:

The best aspect of playing rummy online is that it is safe and secure. Our payment gateways are protected with SSL (Secured Socket Layer) making the transactions safe and secure.

Aren’t these reasons sufficient to play the game here at India’s fastest rummy site welcomes you all with a fine Rs. 5000 welcome bonus. All you need to do is to enter a few basic details and register for free; Once you verify your mobile number you will get Rs. 25 real cash Bonus for free. You are all set to enjoy our rummy games and get an exhilarating rummy experience. So what are you waiting for? If you want to win real money online, then make the decision of joining Deccan Rummy immediately.

Life Lessons that you can learn from playing Rummy online

We always learn new things in life from every little activity that we do in life. Be it as simple as something like going on shopping or mowing your lawn, we do learn a lot of things from life. Rummy game cannot be just dismissed as a skill game that is played as a past time. There are various life lessons that one could learn by playing online rummy.

1. Respect your opponents

It’s important that you respect your opponents. There is no place for arrogance in the rummy table as it could result in your own downfall.

This is one of the important life lessons  that you can learn by playing the rummy game online. Having respect for all your opponents is key to success. Do not underestimate or disrespect your opponents at any cost in a rummy table as it could cause your downfall.

2. Patience

Patience is one of the important virtues to be successful in life. When it comes to learning patience, there are no better games than rummy and chess. These two games are good games to stretch your patience levels.

Therefore the game of rummy teaches you patience and helps you to come up to terms with lots of stuffs in life at this time when people hardly have the patience to even wait in a queue.

3. Decision Making Skills in a rummy game

Only the person who has the ability to take the right decision at the right moment stands a chance to be a good leader. Decision making is a skill that comes up with experience and requires solid logic to discern between the two things up for make a  decision.

As rummy game involves multiple scenarios which would require the players to take decisions at various stages of the game, decision making is one of the important skill that the players need to sharpen. The key for a successful decision making is to master the rummy skills. Learn the rummy tips to be successful in the game.

4. Perseverance

Just like other games, rummy has its share of ups and down. A player invariably witnesses success and failure during his rummy time at any online rummy website. What sets apart a player is his ability to hang on, his mental dexterity to withstand the upheavals and downfalls. A good rummy player possesses rock solid perseverance skills if he wants to be successful in the game.

If you treat online rummy as just another game, you wouldn’t get these skills, it takes profound level of thinking to pick up the clues and apply them for their lives.

5. Positive Attitude

If being optimistic is your nature, Having positive attitude is the choice you make. Similarly, players with a positive attitude can bounce back easily from a string of losses.



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