You want some Rummy! Come, Get some Rummy & huge benefits!

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If you are a newbie, DeccanRummy extends our heartiest welcome into the world of our exciting Rummy Card Games. DeccanRummy is the fastest Indian rummy site tailored to meet the expectations of rummy enthusiasts. We are fast becoming the one-stop destination for all your rummy online requirements We operate with the motto “You want some? Come get some! You may wonder what’s so special at DeccanRummy? Here are some of the incredible benefits that you can avail when you decide to be a part of Deccan Rummy

You want some come get some at DeccanRummy

You have the chance to win Rs 5000 Welcome Bonus on your first deposit...

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Five easy ways to make money online

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This is the internet era where every tangible thing that we’ve been using for many years have been digitized. We are very sure that you might have heard about people making money online. We are now in a position where we need not take pains to slog it out in the office for hours together for a paltry sum. The technology has improved such a way that, you can make lots of money in the comfort of your home. However, it is easier said than done as there are thousands of fake websites luring the job seekers with attractive pay offers and swindle as much as possible. Here are some proven ways to make money online...

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What format of Rummy game should I Play?

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Online rummy websites have created a great environment for like-minded rummy players to play rummy games of their choice. They attract players from all walks of life regardless of any barriers. Of course, different people play the game for different reasons – some play for fun, some play for money. Undeniably money is one the important factor that is pulling players close towards the game. Who wouldn’t want to encash some big money simply by playing their favorite game? This trend of playing rummy games online and encashing on it is getting widespread acceptance with every passing day...

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Congrats! Winners of Navratri Special Tournaments

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Rummy has grown on to become one of the best mind based game in our country. The buzz that rummy game generates of late indicates that the growth and reach of this game are on an upscale. The widespread attention that the game is getting through various sources manifests itself in the form of full house participation in all the tournaments organized by different rummy online websites.

Just like every other tournament we host, received a thumping response from players across India in the recently concluded Navratri Special Tournaments...

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Press Release for Monsoon Thunders

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Monsoon is finally about to make a landfall, and we all are eagerly awaiting the first downpour of the season to bring some relief from the hot and sultry weather we’ve endured so far. A torrential downpour after the sweltering summer season that battered us will come as a huge relief. As we keep waiting for the nature gods to shower some mercy on us,, one of India’s best online rummy site is out there to give us something incredible to cool off.

Monsoon Thunders

Monsoon Thunders

In this October, a month brimming with festivals, is throwing open a tournament for all the rummy enthusiasts in India...

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Claim upto Rs. 2000 in our Bonus Bounty Offer

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October promises to be an exciting month. With festivals, monsoon and many other exciting activities lurking around the corner, this month has lots in store for every one of us. Many of us are already gearing up to share these fun moments freely with friends and family. Deccan Rummy wishes to add more joy with a brand new promotion called the Bonus Bounty Offer.

Bonus Bounty

Bonus Bounty Offer

Get drenched in a shower of money with this exciting offer. Bonus Bounty offer is open to all players who are willing to deposit. Under this offer, you will be getting 20% bonus for all your deposits. The maximum bonus is capped at Rs. 2000...

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It’s raining money – Play our Monsoon Thunders

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Hey, the monsoon season is just about to begin. The delight that season brings is probably unrivaled. It’s a blessing from the nature to fill the minds and hearts of her offspring. In a tropical country like India, people await monsoon with bated breath and many livelihoods depend on its outcome. That’s the reason you see people cheerfully partake in this wonderful carnival of nature gods. For them, it’s always been a welcome aberration after withstanding hot and humid summer. While some of them want to partake in nature’s carnival, some would prefer to stay indoors and watch all the fun...

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4 hacks for rummy tournaments

September 29, 2017 News  No comments

Everyone wants to win our Rummy Tournaments. Everyone admires and wants to emulate a winner – Be it their skills, class or mind games or their ability to keep their head cool on difficult circumstances. If you notice often, rummy experts often have a right balance of gaming skills, soft skills and most importantly a meticulous bankroll management.  It is the combination of all these factors which helps them to go the distance in rummy tournaments.

The good news is that none of it is a rocket science, anyone with zeal and passion for the game can get to that level in no time...

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Play rummy tourneys with our Deccan Rummy Mobile

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Do you worry about missing out on our tournaments? Have you planned to travel at the time when our special tournament is happening? Forget your worries! You can now play our tournaments at the place where you are.

Free Rummy app is one of the most popular preferred downloads in any app store. How would rummy hosting companies miss out on being on a mobile platform when it is embraced by most of the successful business models?  There are thousands of apps that have been designed to let you play rummy free of cost. Several rummy sites have dedicated mobile apps that serve the gaming interest of their customers...

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How To Deal with disconnection issues while playing rummy Online?

September 26, 2017 News  No comments

It’s always grating on your nerves when something interrupts while you are indulging in the activity you like. Be it the annoying phone calls while you are playing your favourite game or the pestering salesman barging in giving his sermons about his product while you are watching your favourite program on TV or even your boss who gives some additional tasks on a day where you have planned to leave early. Seriously, these are some of the issues that may look easy to read but it is really grating on the nerves for the person experiencing it.

Similarly, while playing rummy online, the major issue still haunting the customers is the freq...

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