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Makar Sankranti

Press Release about Makar Sankranti Tournament

Just a few days for India’s first Major festival Makar Sankranti and several rummy sites have already announced huge offers and promotions. India’s obsession towards playing card games is well known and playing card games during festivals have always been something like a tradition. That’s the reason why Online rummy sites are continuously offering huge promotions with lots of stakes involved in all promotions that they launch.

Makar Sankranti is one such festival when rummy sites across India host several promotions and offer to rummy enthusiasts. As Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival, the tournaments coming with the festival tag often come with rich prizes available to reap. Also, Makar Sankranti signifies an auspicious beginning, there’s a wide belief that all-good things done during this period will bear fruit.

Deccan Rummy, India’s Premium Online Rummy site has come up with a unique tournament for this Makar Sankranti festival. Open to 1000 players, this Makar Sankranti Freeroll Special tournament comes with a prize pool of Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus. A total of 167 players would be getting cash prizes in this tournament. The winner would be taking a fat share out of the prize pool. The tournament is a freeroll which means players don’t have to spend a dime to participate.

Makar Sankranti Freeroll Tourney Details

Name: Makar Sankranti Special

Date: Jan 15

Time: 3:30 PM

Registration: 2:30PM

Entry: FREE

The opportunity to benefit from a special tournament worth Rs. 50000 doesn’t come along every day. Players who want to build a solid bankroll playing free rummy online can play this Makar Sankranti Freeroll tourney.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event recently conducted to celebrate the success of New Year Leaderboard, Thamaraikannan, Head of Operations, said “We are very excited to launch a brand new tournament at the start of this year. What better occasion than the festival of the harvest to play and win. Deccan Rummy has always endeavored to provide players with the best experience with our unique offerings. We want to ensure that a lot of players benefit out of this tourney that’s why we have added a lot of tables so that we can accommodate 1000 Players. But remember Ripe fruit falls by itself, but it does not fall into your mouth. You’ve got to reach towards it if you need it to consume. We would like to convey our Sankranti/Pongal wishes to everyone”.

Both Android and iOS users will be able to play this Makar Sankranti  Freeroll Special tournament from their hand-held devices. Deccan Rummy Mobile App boasts of a State-of-the-art interface that makes playing rummy games on the move a pleasure.

Players can register for FREE at to play this tournament.

Play Makar Sankranti Special Freeroll Tourney

The first major Indian festival of January “Makar Sankranti” is just a few days away. Makar Sankranti or Makara Sankranti is an important festival observed in all parts of India. Though the name by which and the way it is celebrated varies from state to state, the underlying significance of the festival remains the same. Makar Sankranti festival marks the beginning of the harvest season in South India and the transition of the Sun to Capricorn.

Makar Sankranti

India’s fastest rummy online site Deccan Rummy is all set to celebrate Makar Sankrati in a big way with our Rummy Players. It’s a special feeling to roll out a special freeroll rummy tournament “Makar Sankranti SPecial” for our players. With Rs. 5000 Cash Bonus up for grabs, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Yes you heard it right! The entry for this tournament is absolutely free. Players don’t have to spend a penny in order to participate in this tourney. Aside from staking a chance to win huge cash bonus, you also get a chance to play with the winnings instead of having to deposit further. This is definitely an-opportunity-not-to-miss especially when there is a weekly leaderboard tournament running parallel.

Entry : Free
Date :15th Jan 2018
Timings :3.30 PM
Registration: 2:30 PM

It’s been a superb year to start with here at Deccan Rummy with our weekly leaderboard contest which is receiving a great response. At these times, a tournament with a jaw-dropping prize like this is irresistible. Why miss a great opportunity when it comes free?

DeccanRummy already has a wide range of rummy online games but, as you know in rummy online, there’s always room for more. So we’ve added something new. This Makar Sankranti freeroll tourney comes as a welcome addition to our already impressive set of rummy promotions.

Don’t miss out. Sign up today and register for the tourney for free. Play and build your bankroll easily.

Terms & Condition of Makar Sankranti

  1. Cash Bonus will be instantly credited to the players’ cash bonus accounts after the end of tournament. Winning Players can check their cash bonus account to confirm
  2. Just like all the tournament,  would begin only when 50% of the seats are occupied
  3. Creating multiple accounts to play in the tournament would result in a ban.
  4. Deccan Rummy reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the terms and conditions any time.
  5. If there are two or more players with similar points at the end of a round, then our software randomly selects a player, who then moves into the next round
  6. *Standard Terms and conditions apply


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Win big rewards playing Weekly Leaderboard Contest

Wow! What a fantastic year 2017 had been for online rummy enthusiasts! From awesome bonus giveaways to rousing tournaments to splendid leaderboard contests, it has been one heck of a year. Everyone here at Deccan Rummy wishes all our players a very Happy & prosperous New Year 2018! Let’s get together again and start off 2018 in an exciting way.


The New Year is already upon us and we can’t wait to launch a new set of promotions for our players. DeccanRummy’s leaderboard contests which we are conducting since our inception have created a big impact on the rummy community. The Leaderboard contests spur the players to push more than their ability and foster heavy competition between them. Strong contest and a bevy of opulent rewards are always going to stoke players’ interests.

That’s the reason Players consider these leaderboard contests as one of the best ways to compete against other players here at Who can forget our spectacular leaderboard contests that were hosted at It was very novel at that time and created a buzz within the rummy community with its all-expense-paid trips to places such as Pattaya and Phuket. Apart from the paid-trip prizes, we included other prizes like smartphones, Gold coins, and cash bonuses so that our giveaways become diverse. We’ve been running leaderboard challenge for a while now, and we’ve been asked by the players for a shorter version for it for some time, and we decided to make their wish come true.

Weekly Leaderboard 2018

In what comes across as a spectacular start to this New Year, we are launching the Weekly Leaderboard contest for our players. Short Leaderboards are fun, more competitive and don’t take much toll on the players.

Leaderboard contests makes a grand return in a shorter format to DeccanRummy with a rousing 1.5 lakh guaranteed prize pool. Running on a weekly basis, the weekly leaderboard contest will begin every Sunday at 00.00AM and close the next Saturday at 23:59 PM. Lots of fabulous prizes will be up for grabs. And to keep the contest interesting we would be changing the prizes every week. This is done to ensure we provide players with the latest gadgets that are making rounds in the market. In this week, players have an opportunity to win awesome prizes like iPhones, Cameras, gold coins, and cash bonuses. Sounds really great, right?

In order to feature in the weekly leaderboard, players have to earn generate Deccan Points. A player can generate Loyalty Points by playing cash rummy games. The more games you play the more chance player has to feature on our leaderboard.

As we want to give everyone to have a piece of the cake, we have three weekly leaderboard contests namely Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Levels Table value to wager(from) Table value to wager (to)
Gold Rs. 10 >= Rs.400
Platinum Rs. 500 >= 2000
Diamond < Rs. 2000

Weekly Leaderboard winner tournaments

Guess what more? Players not only have an option to win from this leaderboard but also will get a free ticket to participate in 3 splendid rummy tournaments the very next day. You heard it right! There will be 3 tournaments conducted every Sunday for which players who feature in the leaderboard will get free tickets – Golden Special, Platinum Special, and Diamond Special. Players who finish in the top 20 in each of these 3 leaderboard levels get a free ticket to the tourney reserved for that level respectively

The concept of 3 weekly leaderboards is unique. It gives all players an excellent opportunity to compete for some really cool prizes. Deccan Rummy’s Head of Operations ThamaraiKannan added, “Running the leaderboard contest was always an exciting time for us, overseeing thousands of players competing for a solid prize pool. The feedback we received from our players was overwhelming, so what better way to say thank you than to make it more frequent and much shorter; I’m sure players will participate in this weekly leaderboard contest with the same passion and ensure they come out on top”.

Deccan Rummy team once again wishes every player a very happy New Year and we hope we get to see a lot of new players win the contest in the forthcoming weeks. Happy Playing!