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Five behavioral traits of successful rummy player

Rummy is an entertaining card game that has been associated with the Indian culture and ethos for several centuries. Not only has it acted as a source of entertainment and fun but also as a bridge in mending the generation gaps. One can see the pattern in the way we learned about the game. Most of us learned the game from our earlier generations. We saw them playing, played with them, aped their strategies before establishing ourselves. The traits of the rummy players are pretty interesting .When the game reached its pinnacle, it became a source of study. Many gaming gurus were keen on studying players’ behavior and their approach when it comes to playing 13 card rummy online. The findings on the study were pretty interesting and it is acting as a doctrine for players’ who wish to emulate them.

Having merely mastered the skill is just not enough; players’ must also notice the habits of the successful player and start emulating them so they can advance their gaming career. Are you curious to know the habits of these rummy players? Read on to polish your skills and enrich your gaming sessions.

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Week 1 of Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

India’s Fastest Rummy Site – continues to excite rummy players in India bringing up amazing offers and promotions. Just like we finish every year with a bang, we’ve weaved an enticing spell in the form of Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special for our players, which happens to be our largest offering till date. The offer started from Nov 25 and is going great guns. The offer is slated to end on Dec 29. The contest comes with an amazing prizepool of Rs. 1 crore. Unlike the earlier leaderboards which were a single contest, this leaderboard contest takes into account, the players’ performances in the weekly leaderboards across 5 weeks till Dec 29.

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

Deccan Rummy knows well about the player’s mindsets. So the Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special is split across all the 3 levels – gold, platinum, and diamond. This gives the players a perfect opportunity to grab some eye-popping giveaways.

The eventual topper in the race gets a BMW 3 Series which still remains as the dream car to drive. You no longer need to imagine, we infuse life to your dreams. Some of the other awesome giveaways for the Diamond Leaderboard are Innova Cresta, Santro, and a thunderous Royal Enfield Bike.

In the Platinum leaderboard, eventual topper cut across all the five weeks will receive a blazing gixxer. The other exciting giveaways associated with the race are iPhone 8+, iPhone 7+, and iPhone7. Those are some strikingly awesome giveaways that you cannot afford to miss.

The eventual topper in the Gold Leaderboard gets OnePlus 6T – which continues to be a hot-seller. Some of the other fabulous prizes under this label includes Honor Play, Vivo v9, and Honor Lite.

Every rummy enthusiast likes a leaderboard contest. They’re a perfect opportunity to aspire for something so big, a chase for something very bigger. That’s exactly what this Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special is all about. It gives the players a perfect opportunity to get their hands some of the most spectacular prizes in the market apart from the regular giveaways. Yes! You read that right! You get to keep what you won in the weekly leaderboard contest. These enticing list of giveaways is the reward for maintaining a consistency.

End of Week 1

The Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special began on Nov 25, and has been positively bursting with high energy from its start date. The first week of the leaderboard is already completed.  We are seeing a huge surge in the number of players playing cash games across all the levels. Want to know who are leading the race at the moment.

Week 1

Diamond Leaderboardmayurget
Platinum Leaderboardsadashivam
Gold Leaderboardarham


So, do join the race next week and stand a chance to hit big. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Play as many cash rummy games as you can and keep increasing your points to feature in the leaderboard consistently. The higher you finish the more chance you have to grab these prizes. Keep playing and watch your name fly up in the leaderboard. Every week provides you with a new opportunity to up the ante. Who knows you may the one walking out with that Dazzling BMW 3 Series. See you later next week. Happy Playing!

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A quick refresher on Online Rummy card game

If you are new to the rummy card game, there are certain rules that you must master before venturing into the game. We have covered a few areas in the below article which will allow you to learn the game from the basics to advanced level. Reading this article would help you get a new perspective about rummy and also ensure that you have a trouble free gaming experience. New players reading the article can consider it as a FAQ sort of material when it comes to playing rummy online. The article would help your gain good grasp of the Indian rummy rules and would enable to play the game with lots of confidence.

What is Rummy Card Game?

Rummy is a group of card game s where you match cards of the same rank or same suit to form what are known as sets and sequences.

What is the objective in rummy card game?

All the players playing the game are handed 13 cards. The goal is to build melds which consists of set, three or four cards of the same rank; or sequences, where you match cards of the same suit in a consecutive order. In order to meet the objective, your melds must have atleast one pure sequence, which means a minimum of 3 cards of the same suit in a consecutive order without jokers.

What are Joker Cards?

Joker or wild cards or those cards which can aid you complete the objective in online rummy by acting as a substitute card in a missing set or a sequence. Every standard deck of card pack used in a rummy game has a printed joker that can be used for the above said purpose. Additionally, during every game, a random card is drawn after card distribution which can also be used as a substitute for the missing card. This card is called wild joker.

Basics of Online Rummy game

In order to start playing rummy card game online, you must first select a rummy website of your choice. Just ensure you do a proper research before signing up on a website. As soon as you signup on the website and login, you will be taken towards lobby. Lobby is the place which holds the collection of cash games, free games, practice games and tournaments. Players can pick their choice and start playing. We would suggest players to start playing practice games first as soon as they login so that they hone their skills.

Indian Rummy Game Play

Some of the key features of the Indian Rummy gameplay are given below

  1. Shuffling and Dealing

Unlike physical game where a person assumes the role of a dealer and shuffles/distributes the cards to players, the process is entirely automated in online rummy. Thanks to the RNG technology, which ensures shuffling is completely random and impartial. As soon as the players get seated in the table, a toss decides which player is going to make the first move. The dealing of cards takes plays after toss in a rummy game.

  1. Sorting

Every rummy website has a sort feature which allows the players to group their cards along similar suits so that they can play the game without any confusion. This also helps you to arrive at a quick decision on which card to discard.

  1. Draw and Discard

Every player during his/her turn has to draw a card from the open deck or closed deck and discard one in the open deck. Closed deck is the cards pending after card distribution and is kept with its face closed. Open deck is the collection of cards formed by player discards.

  1. Finish Card

Once you complete the objective of melding 13 cards with a minimum of one pure sequence, then you need to discard your last card into the finish slot. You can do that by manually dragging the card and placing it there or click on the card and select finish. The system will verify your melds and if you have done it right, you will win with 0 points. The other players will get the points based on the unmatched hand cards. The maximum points in a rummy game are 80.

Hope this refresher was extensive enough for you to learn about the rummy card game. What are you waiting for? Just register and start playing now, as there are a number of exciting rummy promotions and offer waiting for you.

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Sign off 2018 with Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

2018 has been an awesome year for online rummy enthusiasts here at Deccan rummy with a series of exclusive offers and promotions. Also this year marked the fastest growing year that rummy game has witnessed in the country yet. With the formation of Independent body, the rummy federation (TRF) to regulate the rummy industry and set standards, one can clearly see how astonishing the growth has been for the rummy industry.

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

We have been doing our best to attract every type of online rummy player in India. We have enhanced the number of freeroll tournaments and have also increased the prizepool of it by a colossal 20 Lakhs. It is our way of expressing our sincere gratitude for the unwavering support of our highly esteemed users all the while.

We at Deccan Rummy are incredibly honored to have served our players with the best of offers and promotions throughout the year. It was an incredible ride all this year and it’s only fitting if we leave you with something that you have been craving for long. Yes it’s the Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special that we are referring to.

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

New Year is just a month and a few days away. The heat’s really building up in the all the gaming sites with exciting offers and promotions. The time of the year has come to play and win big. Towards the end of the year, from the 26th of November to the 31st of December, we are hosting one of the biggest rummy online challenges for the rummy players in India with more than 10 million up for grabs.

Who doesn’t love New Year bashes? We have stitched together a special New Year Bonus Bonanza for all our players. It’s truly a spectacular one and a one that would remain in your memories for long. Yes, we are talking about the Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special, which would be open to the players from Nov 25 – Dec 29. This contest is coming with a Vroom. Yes, you read it right the topper takes away some amazing cars and bikes. The best thing about this offer is that, this isn’t a separate offer by its own but a combination of 5 leaderboards. Players have to consistently perform outstandingly in the 5 weekly leaderboard contests starting from Nov 25 and ending on Dec 29. The contest is open for all the 3 levels – Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

The contest is full of surprises & benefits and would promise to be an ultimate destination of all the rummy players looking for yearend giveaways. We have brainstormed for several weeks and have come up with a list of exciting prizes that you would remember for long.

The amazing contest comes with an amazing giveaway for the top finisher – A BMW Series 3. The BMW 3 Series is a compact premium sports sedan with a modern and powerful appearance. Afterall, who doesn’t want to enjoy a breezy ride on this monster in cushy seats? It could very well be you, if you top our weekly Diamond Leaderboard contest for 5 consecutive weeks.

List of Prizes available in the leaderboard contest

Diamond Leaderboard

  1. Top all the five weeks in our weekly Diamond Leaderboard race and walk away with a marvellous BMW Series 3
  2. Feature in the top 2 places top 2 places in 4 out of 5 weeks in the Diamond Leaderboard and have a chance to win Toyota Innova.
  3. Stake your claim in the top 3 places in 4 out of 5 weeks in the Diamond Leaderboard and win Santro King
  4. Players who manage to consistently hold their positions anywhere within the top 5 can win Royal Enfield Bike

Platinum Leaderboard

  1. Top all the five weeks in our weekly Platinum Leaderboard race and walk away with a elegant Gixxer Bike
  2. Feature in the top 2 places in 4 out of 5 weeks in the Platinum Leaderboard and have a chance to win iPhone 8+ 64 GB
  3. Secure your position in the top 3 places in 4 out of 5 weeks in the Platinum Leaderboard and win iPhone 7+ 32 GB
  4. Players who manage to consistently hold their positions anywhere within the top 5 in our Platinum Leaderboard can win iPhone 7 32GB

Gold Leaderboard

  1. Top all the five weeks in our weekly Gold Leaderboard race and walk away with a hot selling One Plus 6T
  2. Rank in the top 2 places in 4 out of 5 weeks in the Gold Leaderboard and have a chance to win Honor Play
  3. Place yourself in the top 3 places in 4 out of 5 weeks in the Gold Leaderboard and win Vivo V9
  4. Keep your position within the top 5 of our gold leaderboard for 4 out of weeks and have a chance to win Honor 9 Lite.

These are some amazing prizes aren’t they? It’s your turn to make the most out of it by maintaining your consistency in our weekly leaderboard. And we can assure you, making it into the top 5 of our leaderboard doesn’t take a Himalayan workload. Every effort you put forth henceforth would be worth in this Millionaire Leaderboard New Year special that comes with a generous giveaway.

Say good bye to 2017 by winning a parade of rewards by participating in this exciting Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special.

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