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Rummy vs Poker

Rummy and Poker are the two most popular card games in this world. Card game enthusiasts would have definitely played one among them. Rummy Card game has undergone tremendous changes with time and the latest version that is extremely popular all around the world is called Indian Rummy or Paplu. There are many variants of Indian rummy like Deals rummy, Pool rummy, Points Rummy, and Gin Rummy. Similarly, modern day poker has undergone several changes to its current form. At present, Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are the two most popular types of poker played all over the world.

Rummy Card game

13 card Indian Rummy card game is a popular card-matching game played based on the draw and discard of cards.  The objective of the game is to meld the hand cards into proper sets and sequences. Poker is a family of card games, which involves betting. The winner here is determined by his ranks and combinations of their cards. Both rummy and poker are played in a social setting and have religious followers opening up several communities for them. Now, we shall analyze some of the similarities and differences between poker and rummy.


Both poker and rummy, have a lot more in common than you might think.

  • Both Rummy card game and Poker needs at least two players to begin the game.
  • Dealer plays a vital role in both these games. It is the dealer who has to deal the cards to begin the game. In poker, dealer has to keep track of the pot amount and check if the rules are followed properly by all the players
  • Players can fold their hands anytime in both the games.
  • Skill plays a vital role in both the games. You need to have a strong knowledge of key mathematical concepts for rummy and must use a lot of logical reasoning in poker.
  • In both the games, starting hand cards make a huge difference. You have to analyze your starting hands and formulate a game strategy in both these games
  • Both Rummy and poker are available to play in the web/mobile format.
  • In both the games, players need to show their cards once the winner is declared.
  • Both the games create tremendous opportunities to win huge cash prizes.


  • Rummy card game is way easier and simple to learn whereas poker is a bit complicated with its rules. Remembering the hand value rankings may be a bit overwhelming for the beginners playing poker whereas rummy rules can be understood even by laymen.
  • The outcome of a rummy game is purely based only on the player’s skills whereas in poker luck plays a big role. You can be confident of a win if you do your math properly in rummy, but in poker, even with sufficient skills, you may lose because of the luck factor.
  • Winning amount depends on the bet placed by the players in Poker (it may vary from game to game) whereas, in Rummy, there is no betting involved.
  • Rummy is normally played in clubs and also during family get-togethers and functions whereas the game of poker requires a lot of accouterments, so it is usually played in casinos.
  • You make a lot of assumptions while playing poker but in rummy, there is no room for assumptions only calculations based on observation.

Both these games have their share of advantages and disadvantages but they are extremely popular and have their own cult following unquestionably. Plus, both the games give some solid work to your brain cells and stimulate you. One can play both poker and online rummy to have fun, play and let us know which one you like. Will you?

Tips to play online rummy tournaments

Whenever you ask a rummy player the factor which he finds fascinating in online rummy, his answer would be rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments are a true test of endurance and skills of a player. In addition to this, there are plenty of opportunities to win real cash prizes as well.

Whenever you join a rummy tournament you will be pitted against a barrage of players across India, so it is important you possess the necessary skills to counter them. In this article we what it takes to become a successful rummy tournament player.

  1. Skills

In a country like India where card games are viewed with hostility, a game like Rummy is followed wildly only because it is skill based. The Supreme Court even acknowledged that rummy is a skill based game and declared it as legal to play. Indian players have a penchant for skill games and rummy being one is finding a lot of takers.

You can improve your rummy skills only by practicing. For this, you will have to hit our practice tables once you register with us. Playing practice games gives you a good experience in dealing with various card combinations. Only then you will have the confidence to face intense competition and hardships in rummy tournaments. You can refer our articles on Rummy tips and strategies to know more.

  1. Registering

We constantly advise our players to register their names as soon as the registration for a tourney opens.  Many players have the bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to registration. Eg: if the registration of a tourney opens by 2.00PM and ends by 4.00PM, we see players rushing in at the last minute for registration. This attitude is perplexing especially when they had a solid two hours for registration. Often in such cases, they return disappointed as the tables are full. This also displays the callous disregard for the rules and an easy-going laid back mentality that are a strict “NO” while playing online rummy. We always operate on first-come-first-serve basis, so if you miss the registration you only have yourself to blame.

  1. Social Media statuses

If you are a budding player, it is very important that you follow us on social media sites like Facebook. As you might be aware of, social media pages are no longer just used for just entertainment, it is becoming the de-facto mode for advertising all the company’s products. You can follow our facebook page ( for all updates regarding our upcoming tournaments and offers.

  1. Never underestimate your opponents

Rummy tournaments are the place where you will find players from all walks of life. You never know about the strengths and weakness of your opponents so it becomes vital that you always play to your strengths. Never allow any distractions or outside influences that may impede your progress to the subsequent rounds while playing a tournament. Only when you respect the game, you can earn favours from it.

Deccan Rummy is the perfect destination to play rummy tournaments. We have a wide range of free roll as well as cash tournaments that you can play to your heart’s content.

Check our rummy tournaments section for a staggering array of freeroll/cash tournaments worth more than Rs. 7.5 lakhs. Follow the above strategies and get back to winning ways.  See you at our tables!

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Future of Online Rummy game

Rummy is one of the interesting card game enjoyed by most of the adults in India. Since this game had some legal issues in the past in India, it was mostly played in secrecy among adults. Now the Supreme Court has legally termed Rummy as a game of skills instead of gambling. After the rummy game moved online, people from all walks of life started playing the game. Because of the technological explosion, online rummy game is now available to even play in your mobiles. So, what does the future hold for online rummy?

Immersive Gaming (Virtual Reality)

Immersive Gaming (Virtual Reality) is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. The perception is created by surrounding the user of the VR system with images and sound. This technology was used in the James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Avatar. As you can see from the movie Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) enters the Virtual world of the Pandora’s biosphere using the Avatar program of the military created using Virtual Reality concept. Online Rummy will be no stranger to this technology. We can expect to see VR used to create casino like gaming atmosphere in the near future – the players can play the game as if they are played from a casino.

Secondary Screens for Gaming

With the booming market for handheld devices like smart-phones and tablets, the console war between the three major brands (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) has intensified. Wii U Gamepad is one of the latest gaming consoles created by Nintendo which can actually be used as a secondary screen that lets you screen your enemies inside buildings, access the map or use your inventory seamlessly without leaving the game field. These Secondary screens have already been incorporated into popular games like Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition WiiU, Marvel- the Avengers Battle for Earth WiiU. Similarly, 13 card Rummy game has also got a chance to be part of this console in the future. With this technology, you can use the secondary screen to take a closer look at the table and also drag and drop the cards on the table like a real player sitting at the table.

Open Source Gaming

Open source gaming is a concept of free gaming development kit for any game lovers instead of Gamers or gaming companies buying independent Software kits for developing and launching their game. For instance, Ouya is an Android-powered, upcoming video game console designed to bring the game directly into your television sets. Similarly, Rummy can also be brought into our television sets in 1080P HD with this technological advancement.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology for games that lets the player to interact with the surroundings in real-time. Eg: Droid Shooting, a simple shooter game which lets the player to interact with the game surroundings.

Holding your smartphone up, you will need to shoot targets appearing from everywhere around you. What does Rummy get to do with AR in the future? Let’s say you and your friends start a rummy game sitting in a coffee shop facing each other. When you start playing the game you will naturally feel like you are playing inside a casino as augmented reality brings in the realistic table into the virtual world.

Cloud Gaming

With Cloud Gaming, we need not wait forever to get upgrades to high-quality games. You can access all the latest games almost instantly. The cloud technology helps us to play games at ease and cheaper. SimCity –Build it, is one such game designed by EA sports for android and IOS devices. The game utilizes cloud gaming technology and it can be played both in offline and Online Mode. The advantage of this game is when you are playing in Offline mode all your data will be merged with the server when you turn on your internet.

If Cloud gaming is implemented in Online rummy, it is destined to be a success. As of now, it is not possible as most of the rummy sites do not have bots. Players play the game with live players. In future, we could envision a powerful bot that could challenge the players  just like they have it for chess. We can count on many exciting rummy variants and free tournaments with the bot. In such scenarios, cloud gaming could be handy as your offline play against the bot would be saved and you can resume your session once you get your internet up.

Deccan Rummy Mobile for iOS

Deccan Rummy – India’s fastest online rummy site has now brought the thrilling rummy experience to your iOS devices through our Mobile App. It’s been a dream that has come true, many customers were constantly asking us to release a rummy mobile APP to play the 13 card rummy game to their heart’s content, so we hastened the development process and here present to you – India’s most trusted rummy APP for your iOS devices.

Rummy, as you know is a skill game where you need to use smart rummy tips and strategies to outplay your opponents and win the prize amount. You can read about rummy rules and how to play rummy in our website. Once you get accustomed to the rules, you can straightaway start playing cash rummy games.

Our State-of-the-art Mobile App is built with robust technology to ensure that the players get a flawless rummy experience. The elegantly rich graphics and features work smoothly without any lag, giving a cracker of a gaming experience to all the players. Choose from the exhilarating rummy variants – Points Rummy, Deals Rummy & Pool Rummy (101 or 201 variant). Download now and go head-to-head with other rummy players across India and display your mettle.

Technical Requirements

Deccan Rummy APP is compatible with devices that run in the iOS platform that have the following configuration.

  • iOS OS → 8.0 and Above
  • Minimum Processor Speed → 800 MHz
  • Screen Resolution → Supports 480×320, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 800×480, 1024×768, 960×540, 1024×600, 1280×720, 1280×80
  • Recommended → 1024 x 768 and above Screen Resolution
  • Internet connection→ Works well with 3G/4G data and a good wifi connection

You can download the Deccan Rummy Mobile App absolutely for free in App Store. You can also download the APP from our rummy mobile page.

From now you can experience the joy of playing multiplayer online card rummy game anywhere, anytime on your iOS device for 100% FREE and have a great fun on-the-go. Download Deccan Rummy Mobile app for free and enjoy playing rummy games against millions of players around India 24/7.

Deccan Rummy is continuously striving to provide an awesome rummy experience for all our patrons. Our App is out to fulfil all your rummy requirements on the fly. We always value the feedbacks or suggestions from our customers. Feel free to contact us through our 24/7 online chat feature or email us to with your feedback/suggestions about our app. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

Online Rummy Chat Etiquettes

Etiquettes can be defined as a code of polite conduct. If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or annoy people — and you may even charm them. These etiquettes are most important because it demonstrates your upbringing and social behavioural skills in the society.

Online Rummy

Why is this Etiquette most required while playing Rummy?

Whenever we play a game we must follow some etiquettes required for that particular game as it constitutes the fabric of game spirit. Also, we gain the respect and attention of our co-players when we follow the etiquettes. These etiquettes will also help us to bond with them and develop a long term relationship. The following is the list of etiquettes that needs to be followed in online chat while playing rummy;

  • Never intrude in the privacy of other

Whenever you enter an online Rummy site to play, you will have the chances to interact with your opponents through our interactive chat feature. Some of the players might keep asking personal questions about you completely irrelevant to the game. You must be careful not to disclose your personal information as the opponent might misuse it. Asking personal questions are considered to be a privacy intrusion that goes against the basic etiquettes to be followed while playing a game.

  • Never use foul language

It is highly recommended that you refrain from using unparliamentary words while chatting with your fellow players during the game. Please note that chats between the players are monitored by the system, so if we find any vulgar remarks or abusive language being used while communicating, we will be banning your account. Also avoid using racist language, using language that hurts the religious sentiments, pass flippant, irrelevant & crude remarks while playing as it goes against our Terms & Conditions.

  • Never pass casual criticism

While enjoying the game or competing against a tough opponent please ensure that you never criticize your opponent. Nobody likes a negative opinion as it always debilitates their initiatives and distances them from reaching their goals.

  • Never Ask for winning Amount

As you know there are plenty of cash tables available on our site, each table has different prize money depending on the buy-in rates. It is unethical to ask the winners the details about winning amount in public chat.

  • Always cooperate while playing Rummy

Rummy is a skill based game played online by rummy enthusiasts all over India. The game is played between players of all ages, caste, creed, gender and ethnicity. So players have to cooperate among themselves while playing to keep the game intact. Our site provides the best support through our professional Customer care Team who are available 24/7 all through the year.

  • Do not pester users in online chat

If someone feels online chat is acting as a distraction and refuses to reciprocate to your queries, respect his privacy and allow him to close the chat. Do not pester him with frequent messages as it goes against our etiquette that needs to be followed.

These are some of the etiquettes that need to be followed while playing online rummy. We also suggest our players read our Deccan rummy Terms and Conditions section on our website to have a clear picture about the “Dos” and “Don’t” while playing online rummy. Play more and win more!

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Online Industries and its impact on us

To say internet has impacted our lives would be an understatement; on the contrary it has revolutionized our lives. The easy availability and accessibility to information via the Internet has transformed the world into a global village. The spread of the Internet around the globe has created humongous job opportunities and expanded the work circle across the globe. The internet technology has intruded on to different spheres of our lives and has left an indelible impression on us. In this article we shall analyze some important activities in our lives where the internet has percolated and changed it from their original form;

  1. E- Shopping

To say online shopping has replaced the conventional method of shopping by foot would be an understatement. Online shopping has grown on to become an irreplaceable entity.  Be it apparels, groceries, home appliances or even books, buying online seems to be the way forward. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits like cheap pricing, avoiding the crowd, multiple varieties, more and more people say they prefer online shopping over traditional shopping.  According to a report by global payments firm Worldpay, India is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest e-commerce market. Indian e-shopping is expected to reach up to USD 63.7 billion and set to overtake the USA in 2034. That’s rich indeed.

  1. Online Banking

Online Banking refers to the banking services provided by the banks over the internet. Online banking has made tasks like withdrawal/deposits, funds transfer, viewing account statement, etc very easier. You no longer have to stand in queues for hours together. Banks also deliver their latest products and services over the internet. Utility payments like paying your bills, the premium can be done very easily using net-banking. It is extremely user-friendly so beginners won’t have much difficulty to adapt. It is available 24*7, You can perform your tasks from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Online Education

e-Learning involves the use of digital media and technology to bring the learning experience to your living rooms. The education sector in India is no longer restricted to just classrooms. Thanks to the number of mobile apps that have hit the play stores with a focus on education and also the increase in the number of start-ups that have sprung up producing educational materials, online education in India is making rapid strides every day. With an increase in the number of mobile APPs related to e-learning, the sector is expected to reach $1.29 billion, by 2018.

  1. Online Gaming

Games are no exception to this physical to digital transformation phenomenon. Many exciting games like Football, Racing, and Combat wrestling have been digitized and the advanced graphics in such games are giving a real-time gaming experience to players. In India, as many players can’t afford to buy gaming consoles, they are turning up to strategy games like online rummy and online poker which provides a satiating gaming experience.  Mobile gaming has taken precedence over console gaming due to the penetration of smartphones in India. App Annie NASSCOM report reports revenue from games is expected to grow at a CAGR of 87 percent to reach as high as $1.1 billion by 2020.

  1. Online Food Ordering Services

Would you take pains to go to eat out in a restaurant braving the heavy traffic when they deliver your food at doorstep you with an extra charge for delivery? Gone are the days where you have to visit a restaurant whenever you feel like dining out. Now all you would require is a mobile food delivery app which allows you to place an order which will arrive within few minutes. Companies like FoodPanda, Zomato have flourished big time catching on this exceptional phenomenon and making big money.

Many of the activities as mentioned are virtually undoable without the help of Internet these days. In the event you happen to be a skeptic, you shouldn’t mind trying any one of the above activities to steer clear of the doubts in your mind about online Industries. The massive success of these online industries is may be because it gives us vibes about being in a home away from home Remember the proverb “ When in Rome, be a roman”, so it’s always advised to be part of zeitgeist on trends like this.

What pays better in Online rummy?

While playing online rummy everyone has their own theory for success; some say it is the sheer brilliance of the players while others insist the quality of diligence as the most important factors that are going to help you forge ahead. While both points seem to have their merits, what is the quality that you feel is the most important among these two?

For this, we need to analyze the merits of being a brilliant player and compare it with the one who can be best described as an assiduous player in online rummy;

Quality of Being Brilliant

  1. Updated with the rules – Getting updated with the rules is the basic tenet of achieving expertise in any game that you play. Only then you would know about the challenges that are going to come in your way and would know how to tackle them.
  2. Skills – As rummy is a skill based game, it is important that you pick up all the skills and strategies as fast as you can. A brilliant rummy player would be acclimatized with the rules and would learn all the skills and strategies within a few days after his first game. Rummy is all about knowing the right combinations to win; a brilliant player would try different combinations and win in a novel way each game.
  3. Knowledge – By knowledge, we don’t mean only the knowledge about the game and its strategies; it means a thorough understanding of the site hosting the game including the technical aspects involved in it. A brilliant rummy player’s relationship with a rummy site not just ends with their tables but extends way beyond it. He knows very well about the technicalities (software) involved in the game, updates himself constantly about any changes in the rules, and has a thorough knowledge of the existing offers and promotions. He would also be aware of all the factors that could affect his gameplay.

Virtue of Endurance

  1. Never give up – As we have mentioned many times, wins and losses are part of a rummy game. A diligent player is undeterred by losses and keeps playing regardless of the outcome. This quality of enduring any defeat sets them apart from the rest by a mile. Surprisingly, these are the players who are more likely to win prizes from random draws as they are almost there every time.
  2. Passion & Zeal – A resilient rummy player would never lose enthusiasm and zeal in the game despite enduring losses. They somehow motivate themselves and derive passion to stick on. Most rummy sites consider this kind of players as their pillars of strength. Some might derisively call them as sloggers, but slogging is not bad while playing online rummy.
  3. Lively – A persistent player is often lively and keeps the fellow players at the table in splits with his humour sense. As he visits the site often, he would have made lots of friends so for players like them, a rummy table is a virtual home away from a home.

When you delve deep and review about the quality of being brilliant and resilient, it is not surprising to note that a player needs to have both of it in ample amounts in order to succeed. A resilient player will be unperturbed by the losses and would be playing it and over the course of time, he will master all the rummy moves and strategies and become a brilliant rummy player. So are you ready to be persistent and become brilliant?

Deccan Rummy provides 365 days 24/7 non-stop services and support to our customers. Play rummy games whenever you feel like playing. We are always there to assist you – just ping us through instant chat support or drop a mail to

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Launch of the Deccan Rummy Mobile app

Deccan Rummy, the most preferred Online Rummy site In India is proud to announce the launch of our Rummy Mobile app. We are very excited to launch this mobile app as it has been requested by players for some time. As our priority has always been to deliver a flawless rummy app to our customers, the launch was delayed than we had originally planned. But you will realize the wait is worth, once you start playing rummy using our mobile app. The exciting features of our mobile app can be accessed both in the Android and IOS mobility platform. Our State-of-the-art app is made using a robust technology that will provide a classy and memorable rummy experience. Now rummy enthusiasts can play the game in both Android as well as iOS devices. To ensure hassle free gaming on the move, the app was tested multiple times for bugs and glitches. Customers can now experience a flawless rummy app to exercise their rummy skills.

Since we have set the benchmark so high without elegant user interface for desktops, expectations were high when we announced that we are developing a mobile app. True to the expectation, the app has come with fine features that are going to keep you engrossed.

Highlights of the features

  1. Top Notch user Interface

Playing rummy using this mobile app keeps you glued to our Addictive gaming interface that is made using a robust technology and advanced graphics. Download and install our app to feel the incredibly rich rummy mobile experience.

  1. Seamless Navigation

Mobile App users would require easy navigation as any complications or hassles in navigation would make them quickly lose interest in the game. Special care has been taken to provide a smooth and seamless navigation and easy Swipe Features has been implemented for the draw and discard of cards.

  1. Clarity

Because of the enhanced visuals, the clarity of cards has greatly improved. Players can now enjoy the game similar to watching a 3D 1080P movie without any interruptions. Interactive game dashboards and Play Chips with colourful designs are other important features to be boasted about.

  1. Low Battery Consumption

Customers who download apps usually face the problem of battery draining whenever they use them for long intervals. So our developers have come up with a solution to ensure that the battery consumption is minimal. This allows you to use our App on an extended time periods without worrying about battery drain.

  1. High-End Testing

Usually Mobile app users face certain difficulties such as battery drain, frozen user interfaces etc. The Deccan Rummy team have taken enormous pain to mitigate all these issues. We have tested the app many a times searching for minor glitches that could potentially slow your interest down.

  1. Low Space

Our App occupies just 11MB of your memory, which is way too slow given the rich and awesome features that come along with the game. It goes without saying that APP size plays a vital role in its longevity.

  1. Contact us Anytime

24×7 Engagement with our Customer Support Tam for any assistance is the most appealing feature that no other Rummy app has provided.

Downloading the APP

Android Users can download the app from Google Play Store and install it in their smart-phones. iOS users can download the app from APPLE store.

Search for Deccan Rummy Mobile in Play Store and APP Store and then download the same.

Players can also download the setup files for apk and iOS mobiles from our website.

You can check how to download and install the app by visiting our Rummy Mobile page.

Technical Requirements

Deccan Rummy APP is compatible with devices that run in the iOS platform that have the following configuration.

  • iOS OS → 8.0 and Above
  • Android OS → 4.0 and Above
  • Minimum Processor Speed → 800 MHz
  • Screen Resolution → Supports 480×320, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 800×480, 1024×768, 960×540, 1024×600, 1280×720, 1280×80
  • Recommended → 1024 x 768 and above Screen Resolution
  • Internet connection→ Works well with 3G/4G data and a good wifi connection.

We have no doubts that our mobile app is a quite a unique and welcome addition for our players. The robust features of our mobile APP are going to captivate and engross you. Feel free to let us know the experience of playing rummy using our mobile APP, by mailing at Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.

Similarities between Rummy variants & Cricket

Cricket and rummy are the two most popular games in the Indian subcontinent. People go extremely crazy about both of these games. More than being just a game, Cricket is now considered as a religion in India. It is not unusual to see players worshipped as demigods and fans indulging in wild practices like tonsuring their heads as a wish for their dear players to succeed. Similarly, rummy games have delved deep into our families with the game being played on all festive occasions or even during family get-togethers.


Cricket is a game created during Saxon or Norman times by children living in the Weald of southeast England that lies across Kent and Sussex. Experts believe cricket originated from the game called bowls, where the batsman has to stop the ball from reaching its target by hitting it away. Some believe cricket as an extension of the ancient Indian game Gilli Danda with origins over 2500 years ago. It is a game that is played with two sticks: a large one called a danda, which is used to hit a smaller one, the gilli. Experts call it as a precursor to the modern day games like cricket, baseball, and softball.

There are many theories surrounding the origins of rummy. Some widely discussed origins of rummy are from Conquian, Egyptian, Chinese, American and Hungarian. However, in reality, there has been a common consensus that the modern day rules are an amalgamation of various forms of rummy games.

The Game

Cricket involves two teams with 11 players on each side where the objective is to win the match either by defending the total you have scored or by either chasing the target posed by the opponent team. Rummy is a card game often played with two or more decks, in which the players try to form sets and sequences of cards. The main objective of the game is to arrange all the 13 cards dealt into sets or sequences. In order to win, you must have at least 2 sequences out of which one must be a pure sequence (without including joker) and the remaining cards must be arranged in sets or sequences.


Both these games have lots of similarities than one can imagine. Modern day Cricket has 3 formats of the game such as T20, ODI and Test matches. Similarly Modern day Rummy has 3 popular formats: Points rummy, pool rummy and Deals Rummy.

In T20 format, each innings lasts for only 20 overs. In this format both the teams play aggressively by either piling up a big total or shooting their opponents out for a paltry total. This is considered as the fastest form of modern day cricket and is also considered as the most preferred form of cricket these days. The growing number of premier leagues and the huge prize money for them are an ample indication of its wide reach.

Points Rummy is the fastest form of Indian Rummy and it offers a good chance to win lots of money. Points rummy games are games in which the monetary value associated with each point is preset at the beginning. Just like T20, this remains as the most preferred rummy variant by the online rummy players due to the fast nature of the game. There are many points rummy games that get over at a blink of an eye especially when the players are dealt good starting hand. Jokers in this variant can be considered as an equivalent to a power play in cricket, which gives the batsman a license to go for the carnage.

The ODI format in cricket can be compared with Deals rummy as the timeframe is limited in each format. Each team is given 50 overs to play in which they try to outplay their opponents by restricting/chasing the target. In Deals rummy, the number of deals (game rounds) is preset at the beginning. The player with the least number of points at the end of all the deals is the winner of the game. The idea behind both the games is to restrict your opponents. After the advent of the much more faster and engaging T20, ODIs have lost some sheen. There are many cricketers who are abandoning their international cricketing career just to be part of the lucrative T20 leagues that are conducted around the world. Similarly, most people prefer to play the faster version of online rummy ie Points rummy when compared to Deals rummy.

Pool Rummy is best matched with Test match format of Cricket. Test match is often termed as a test of endurance for the cricket players. They will have to toil hard in the scorching heat for 5 days at a minimum of 90 overs per day. The two teams of 11 players play a four-innings match, which may last up to 5 days. The gruelling battle that happens over 5 days is a test of team’s playing ability and survival instincts. Though T20s and ODIs have overshadowed it in the recent past, Purists still prefer test cricket and consider it as an ideal form of cricket.

Pool rummy is an exciting variant where the upper limit (101/201) for the points is preset at the beginning. Unlike Deals/Points rummy, pool rummy goes on for an infinite number of rounds. Similar to test matches where you have a chance to win even though you performed badly in the first innings, pool rummy presents you an excellent opportunity to make amends for the earlier mistakes that you could have done. For example, when you have dealt a bad starting hand while playing deals/points rummy you don’t have any other option other than to drop out from the game whereas in pool rummy you can strut around while waiting for the perfect hand. Just like the second innings during a test match provides an opportunity to regain momentum and take control, subsequent rounds in pool rummy helps you to regain momentum provided you are strong in rummy strategies.

These similarities have revealed that cricket and Rummy have deeper connections between them. The truth is it cricket or rummy, skill holds the key to succeeding.

Ways by Which You Can Avoid Losing in Rummy

Wins and losses are a part and parcel of every skill based game. When you are playing a skill game like rummy, your chances of losing the game is almost equal to your chances of winning. Let’s get this straight, you cannot avoid losses while playing rummy, it is inevitable. You cannot expect the lady luck to smile upon you whenever you are playing online rummy.  There are days where you might be on a losing spree.

You may get frustrated by these losses and think about quitting playing rummy altogether. Don’t get bogged down! We have come up with some suggestions that you can follow when you are losing continuously.

Keep a check on your points constantly

Rummy is all about keeping your points at a minimum. You will have to calculate the points constantly even when you are playing. If you don’t seem to get a pure sequence, chances are that you will end up with a lot of points. So on such occasions, the best option would be to drop the game.

Many people commit the fallacy of continuing the game despite having a very bad hand and hope they can turn it into a good hand in the subsequent rounds. It often goes from bad to worse and they end up with lots of points. On hindsight, they feel they should have dropped out of the game earlier. So it’s better to analyze your hands properly and predict your chances before taking the decision of continuing to play. This applies even if you have jokers in your hand.

Applying the same strategy in every variation/type of game

You have to play each variation of rummy with a different strategy. The strategy employed while playing points rummy (which is the fastest version of rummy) might not be suitable for a variant like pool rummy that allows you to take lots of risks. Even if you are dealt a terrible hand in a game like Pool rummy, you can strut around experimenting with your cards waiting for the right hand to make your sequences/sets. There is a chance to turn the tables on as the game goes on for an infinite number of deals. On the other hand, it becomes important to play safe when you are playing Deals/Points rummy as you could end up with a lot of points as the game ends sooner. So, it is generally advised to drop the game if you get bad hands.

Playing against a professional

You may lose a lot of games while playing with a particular player and it is possible that this player is a pro in online rummy. You may observe this by the strategy he deploys in each and every game ie taking a lot of time to make his move, and not dropping the cards you require.  It is imperative that you mark that player out and avoid the table he is in until you have scaled up to his level. A loss in any game hurts; we are not going to deny that.  But there is no point in seeking revenge against that particular player when you’re not up to his level.

Playing with a distraction

Let us know if you are doing any of the following activities while playing online rummy; do you listen to music? Do you open multiple tabs and flippantly browse? do you munch snacks while playing? If you are doing any of the above, chances are that you might end up losing even if you’re good with strategies. Rummy games require utmost concentration more than anything. It is advised to refrain from multitasking when you are playing online rummy.

It is not easy to always win a game continuously. There are times when things slip out of our hands and it’s important to stay unflustered. Strategy holds the key whenever you are playing a rummy game. You will get to know different hands and different combinations once you play the game for a long duration.

It’s important you consider the above-mentioned points and see to it that these activities do not hamper your winning streak while playing in an online rummy site. Feel free to let us know of any other possible reasons that could impede your progress.

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