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Card Game Addiction

6 Signs you’re addicted to online card gaming

While playing rummy online is meant to be fun and enjoyable and also as a source of additional incomes, there are times when it can spiral out of control and become an addiction. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you may not even realize it’s going to be pathological. It’s always better to know when to stop rather than waiting till the repercussions of it turn out to be grave. In this article, we are going to discuss we are few signs that you are overplaying.

1. Hard to resist

An experienced card game player knows when to start and when to stop. If you move in a zone where you are unable to take the call, it’s a telling sign. You try to quit, but you can’t. Are you finding it hard to keep up that promise of yours that you won’t take it past 10 games? If yes, this is a clear warning sign that you are having an addiction. Even if you are on a winning spree, it’s advised not to stretch it further. All it takes is a single mistake for your whole party to come crashing down.

2. Hiding your playing habit

If you find yourself to having constantly lie about your playing habit to your family and friends, then that’s a strong indicator that you are over-playing. This may lead to many complications on an inter-personal level.

3. You even play with money you can’t afford to lose

If you allow your gaming obsession to go pathological, the probability is that you may find it hard to take notice of your bankroll. Many players exceed the amount they’ve reserved for card gaming, and go to the extent of even draining the money budgeted for some other important activities in their life. If you’d observed every 13 card rummy site has a responsible gaming page that advocates the necessity of maintaining a fixed bankroll and not to over-indulge.

4. You’re chasing losses

Have you repeatedly tried to get what you had just lost by playing on the same table again and again? This is what they call as chasing after the losses. This happens whenever you are on a losing spree – throwing good money after bad.

5. Prioritize playing card games over important activities

Serial card gamers allow their habit to take precedence over other important activities in their lives. A card game addict would skip over his appointments or forget the important events. Would you want to get to that point?

6. You move around like “The Hulk”

Taking losses lightly is easier said than done. No one likes losses. Do you find yourself getting increasingly angry often like “The Hulk” on days where you continuously lose? If yes, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Playing Card Games for a living

Most people do not have the faintest idea of what it means to play card games like poker or rummy for a living.
While it may appear really cool to play a game for a living, one must not forget there are potential pitfalls in deciding to take playing card games as a profession.

Before going in depth into the pros and cons of playing card games online, we must affirm that this is not everyone. Just a mere interest would only take you so far. Read this guide and find if you have it in you still to choose playing card games as your profession.

1. Work when you feel like working

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to be their own boss? You don’t have to stick to a schedule. You have the liberty to choose your own hours and day to play. Pick a genuine card gaming site and start playing now.

2. Cool way of earning

How many people have you seen doing the work they like? Of course, not everyone can be a sports celebrity, actor or a rock star having the privilege to pursue what they are good at. You get an enjoyable & enviable lifestyle.

3. Big earning opportunities

Unlike a day job that comes with a fixed offering, playing card games in a reputed site will give you countless opportunities to earn. There’s practically no cap on your earning potential. The prospect of a huge income more should be tempting.

4. Travel, explore as much as you can

If you are playing a card game like poker, there are a multitude of tournaments happening across the world every day. Being a full-time card game player you get to travel a lot in order to be part of the tournaments. See you are combining vacation and business which is something so extraordinary for others to do.

The Pitfalls of being Card Games Pro

1. No fixed income

Unlike a day job that allows you to earn a fixed, playing card games for a living does not guarantee you that. You will have to go through a dry spell once or twice. The question is whether you have a backup plan for income generation? Be prepared, you may be in the middle of horrible run some months. Always be prepared for the worst.

2. Exhaustive & draining

Be aware, when you hear someone say they have earned so and so playing the card game, there’s a caveat most people fail to notice. How much time had he spent? There are some days where you have to sit through the entire day. This happens when you play a rummy tournament that is open to too many people. Some days, you may have to slog it out extra to make amends for the losses you incurred. While playing card games may appear enticing, there are factors like these that you need to take into consideration.

3. Monotonous

We’ve seen people complaining about their jobs being repetitive. Card games too can burn you out. Sitting for long hours in front of PCs Laptops or mobiles can stress you out. If your idea of a job involves not being monotonous, you should probably forget this. If in case you have already decided to go ahead with playing Indian rummy online or poker or whatever, you should not be swayed by these deterrents.

All things said, this article is not meant to discourage you from pursuing to play the game professionally. However, if you wish to play the card game on a professional basis, ensure you have sufficient backup plans so as to counter the bad phases that you may have to endure. In order to be a successful professional card gamer, you need to have extreme mental discipline and a steady game plan.

Upside & Downside of playing with Rummy Mobile Apps

Rummy has been India’s favorite card game from time immemorial, and today, thanks to various technological advancements, rummy players need not scout for clubs or people to play the game, as a number of sites offering rummy games online. Although offline rummy is an unbeatable experience, playing online rummy has become a norm these days. And the latest trend in playing rummy online is playing it using the rummy mobile app.

Ever since mobile rummy came into the picture, the popularity of it has been skyrocketing. Truth said millions of players enjoying playing rummy wanted an easier way to play the game. Initially, just a few sites developed a rummy app for their users. Because of the huge popularity and demand, now every rummy site is now essentially forced to develop their own mobile app for their players to enjoy.

An experienced rummy player would be able to discern playing rummy on a mobile from playing it online. In this article, we shall briefly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of rummy mobile APP.

Rummy Mobile

Play as and when you like

The primary advantage of playing rummy on your mobile device is that you can practically play the game at any place where you get an Internet connection. Stuck in a queue somewhere? Bored during a long travel? Log in and play a little rummy online. In these days where ISPs like Jio and Airtel come up with huge offers, getting an internet connection is not a big deal. Most of the mobile rummy apps are available for Android as well as iOS platforms. As long as you have an iOS or an Android device and are free to download, you can download them for free & enjoy playing to your heart’s content.

Smooth Gaming Experience

Given the sophisticated technology used to build Rummy Mobile APP these days, you’ll enjoy a smooth gaming experience in your mobiles than on your computer. Unlike flash games that crash so often, these mobile games have strong durability and provide an awesome gaming experience at all times.

Enhanced visuals

With every new type of smartphones that are releasing now, the online rummy operators are responding to it by coming up with excellent updates to their existing app or even completely revamping the process. One of the reasons why people prefer playing using the mobile App is the sophisticated and enhanced graphics. With tight competition around, users are guaranteed to get a good mobile APP with user-friendly features like enhanced visuals, easy swipe, 2D tables and easy navigation. The Deccan Rummy mobile app is one of the best apps available boasting of the above-said features.

Mobile Friendly Promotions

Finally, if you’re playing you are using the mobile APP; you may be receiving exclusive bonuses. Many online rummy sites see giveaways as one of the options to popularize their rummy mobile app.

The down side

The convenience of playing on a device that you carry along everywhere comes at the cost of a smaller screen size. True that there are tablets and smartphones with bigger screen sizes but it takes time for the player used to playing on a desktop or a laptop to adjust to playing using a mobile app. Because of this factor, some players would play fewer games than they would otherwise. Multiplayer gaming which can be managed quite easily on a desktop is impossible using a mobile rummy app. Rummy on mobiles could become incredibly addictive. As it is, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of a person. Throw in the excitement of playing rummy, there is an instant addiction that you need to watch out.

On a neutral scale, if you analyze the positive side of mobile apps far outweigh the negative ones. It would come as no surprise if the mobile rummy app becomes the default choice for rummy enthusiasts to play and enjoy Indian rummy card game in the future. As mobile technology keeps growing, we’re bound to see more and more online rummy operators jumping into the fray and improve their mobile offerings.

VincentRoy takes down Ugadi Special Tournament

The craziness continues at with our festival special tournaments. Yesterday being Ugadi an auspicious occasion for south Indians, saw yet another special tournament wrapped up here. Going by our reputation to hold special tournament for all Indian festivals, we made an announcement for Ugadi Special Tournament, a week before so that players have sufficient time for practice. Turns out that practice before a big rummy tournament such as this would be of immense help.

Open to 342 players to join & compete, the tourney came up with Rs. 50K Cash bonus prizepool at a nominal buy-in of Rs. 50.

Much to our delight, 300 players turned up for the event making a buy-in of Rs. 50. The action was at its best; extremely competitive and pulsating. Since the 13 card Rummy game was no longer just a hobby and there are many pros around, one can expect our tourneys to be played by everyone from novices to vintage pros.

Ugadi Special tournament

VincentRoy – the winner

Players were engaged in a ferocious battle of skills with one trying to outplay the other with their skills. After some fine tournament action that saw some big pros being knocked down, VincentRoy was the one who emerged successful. Beating 299 players competing for the prize is no easy task. Only when you have the capability to maintain your dominance all the way, you can hang on till the final. Today it was VincentRoy that turned his beast mode on and outplayed his opponents convincingly. In addition to bagging the winner’s tag, Vincent Roy won a cash prize of Rs. . Kumar8940 and Eshwari despite giving their best effort had to settle for the second and third spots. But that’s ok! Given the incredible competition, it’s bound to happen.

Deccan Rummy heartily congratulates VincentRoy for his exceptional efforts and we hope to see him win more tourneys in future. We would like to extend our special appreciations to Kumar8940 and Eshwari for their awesome efforts.

To sum it up, Deccan Rummy’s Ugadi Special Tourney was a grand success and we hope to do our best to fulfill the desires of the entire rummy fraternity.

Tough luck to all those who couldn’t make the cut this time. Remember winning is not everything in a sport, only the effort matters! Keep trying hard, your glorious days aren’t that far away.

We have many exciting rummy promotions and offers lined up. Stay connected to avail each and everyone of them. Happy Playing!