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Loyalty pays in a grand way – Loyalty Cash Bonanza

Nothing is more noble and venerable than loyalty. Deccan Rummy understands this and that’s one of the main reasons we have various offers based on loyalty points. We feel its our duty to return favor for the loyal customers. And we have been doing it for over the year and a half since we launched the website.

Deccan Rummy players have the opportunity to convert their Loyalty Points to Cash and earn a stunning cash bonus up to 50% of the converted amount. This is applicable to every conversion a player does.

The minimum loyalty points required for a conversion is 1000 and it’s converted to cash at the ratio of 10:1. For every 1000 loyalty points you convert, you would get Rs. 100. With this Loyalty Cash Bonanza applied, you can get an additional bonus up to Rs. 50.

Well! This is what we can call a lucrative promotion! Converting loyalty points with an incentive is something you don’t want to miss. Players no longer have to pay money out of their pockets to play cash rummy games. Utilize the bonus amount to play cash games and get closer to the top of the weekly leaderboard to win super-cool prizes. Get that real club experience without stepping foot outside your own home by playing at DeccanRummy. Do you own a smartphone or a tablet? No matter if it’s on Android or iOS, our rummy games download is available for free in both Playstore and APP store.

Loyalty Cash Bonanza

Offer Validity: Feb 1 – Feb 28

This extraordinary bonus offer culminates on Feb 28. All players are requested to make use of the offer at the earliest. As the bonus percentage is decided randomly, players are requested to split their loyalty points and try multiple times.

Eg: Let us assume you have 3500 loyalty points in your account. Instead of redeeming this 3500 in one shit, split it into 3 – Let’s say 1000, 1000, 1500 and redeem it three times. Not only are your chances of winning a big cash bonus is high but you can also play a wide range of cash rummy games.

Three Steps Loyalty Redeem

We’re giving away something extraordinary. If you want a chance to win you’ll do this ‘Three Step” with us and claim your share.
1. Log in to your account
2. Click on Loyalty Points tab under my account
3. Enter the no of points you want to redeem & click redeem

As soon as you convert, you will receive the cash bonus credit automatically. There hasn’t been a better time to convert your loyalty points. Hurry! Convert!

This is an ideal promotion for online grinders who are looking forward to winning big bucks and loads of deposit bonuses this month. Your successful participation is what that motivates us to raise the bar when it comes to offers and promotions. Keep playing and make Deccan Rummy, the ultimate 13 card rummy site. Got a friend or two with whom you wish to play rummy with? If so, feel free to refer and get 10% unlimited and unending bonus for life with our Refer A friend bonus offer.

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Jazz up this February with exquisite bonus offers

The shortest but the most exciting month of the year has arrived. Fondly referred to as the month of love, February is a month filled with peace and joy. Your favorite rummy online site is all set to put a spark in the love lives of our cherished players with exciting promotions in this month of love. We can already sense love floating in the air; we just want to add a tinge of excitement with a couple of stunning bonus offers.

To the delight of players, India’s Safest 13 card Rummy site is running a limited- time Bonus offers to allow the players to make additional cash on their deposits. One of the qualities of successful rummy players is that they avail all the bonus offers available in online rummy sites and build a solid bankroll. They make sure they have stashed their accounts with sufficient cash so that they can play anytime? Why don’t you start off with something like that? Here is further info about the Bonus Offers available this February:

Valentine Bonus

Rummy Valentine Bonus Offer

Show your love for rummy by making a deposit on Valentine’s Day and get a 20% bonus up to Rs. 1000. The players will receive the bonus in bonus points. No matter, whether you are playing using the app or web, you can claim this exclusive bonus offer. The bonus code to avail this offer is “ILUVDECCAN”. The offer is valid only on Feb 14.

Claiming the Rummy Valentine Bonus is very simple. If you already have an account with, you just need to log in and make a deposit. Click on the Bonus Code “ILUVDECCAN”, it will paste automatically. Complete the purchase and your bonus amount will be automatically credited. The code will remain active only on Feb 14. Just make sure you utilize the bonus offer in its full.

Don’t miss out on your chance to play with a hefty bonus for Valentine’s Day 2018. For those of reading this who has not deposited at Deccan Rummy yet, register with now, thus boosting your bankroll and presenting you more chances to play and win.

Rummy Valentine Bonus

Fabulous February Bonus Offer

To celebrate the fabulous, you need a fabulous offer, is it not? Well, that’s the reason we have an offer by the name “Fabulous February”. With our fabulous February offer, get 10 % Instant Cash Bonus up to Rs. 500, as you deposit. Use the bonus code “DeccanVal18” while making a deposit.

These two bonuses are ideal for players who are looking forward to claiming big deposit bonuses this month. For more information on this offer and other promotions, you can visit the Deccan Rummy Promotions page.
With such massive deposit bonus offers and access to lots of exquisite promotions and tournaments, you are guaranteed to get an awesome online rummy experience at If you have not yet registered at, now is the time to do so. Apart from the awesome bonus offers, there are wide variety of 13 card rummy games and tournaments to play and get amused

Deccan Rummy has a few other exciting promotions waiting in the wings, which we will unravel over the next few days. Stay connected with us to know more. Follow us on FB and twitter to get instant updates about us.

Valentine’s Day Special Tournament on Feb 14

The love season has just begun. We can smell the excitement in the air. Valentine’s Day is that time of the year where the couples across the world go crazy in proclaiming their love for their loved ones. The couples all over the world will be celebrating in their own special way. Here’s something special to make your sweetie swoon!

Valentine’s Day Special Tournament

DeccanRummy has the history of organizing special tournaments on special occasions. All our special tournaments see active participation from players across India. We are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to satisfying our users with extraordinary commitments. Of late, we have been coming up w with some really crazy promotions and how can we miss an all-important event like Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day Special

Gear up for yet another exciting tourney from India’s best online Rummy site. Celebrate Valentine’s day in an awesome way by playing our Valentine’s Day Special Rummy Tournament on Aug 14 @ 3:30 PM. Show how much you love your partner by playing and winning this tournament and present him/her with an awesome array of gifts. Are you curious to know what’s in store? Don’t worry! the gifts are no secret. From Gift Vouchers to movie vouchers to Cash Bonus, we’ve got you covered. So whether you’re planning to present a stunning gift to your valentine or want to take them to a movie of your choice, you have an option. You can play this tournament for free.

Win this spectacular tournament and prove that you are the best thing that has happened to your valentine.
Be a part of this exciting Valentine’s Day Special Rummy Tournament by simply registering FREE for the tournaments. Login to your Deccan Rummy account, in the lobby, click on tourneys, under special, you will find the Valentine’s Day Special Rummy Tournament. Click on the ‘Register’ button to get your tournament started. Entry is absolutely free for everyone.


5 ways to increase your productivity

Don’t we sometimes feel overwhelmed when looking at our daily tasks? Don’t we all beat the tables in frustration when we see mountains of unfinished works piled up in front of us? In today’s world, it’s easy to get frustrated by endless distractions that we are not able to perform to our fullest potential. According to a research by Gallup, 87% of the workers worldwide are emotionally disconnected from the workplace and are likely to be less productive. Productivity is an issue that is bothering every organization that they often end up in no man’s land while searching for an answer to boost it.

Being productive is not just all about working hard, it’s more about working smart. It’s about proper planning, effective utilization of your resources and using the proper methodology in planning. So, instead of feeling crammed about the tasks that appear too daunting, focus instead on how to ensure you could do the things mentioned earlier.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay productive in your workplace. While we understand time is something not under our control but the secret to success is about using the time we have to our maximum advantage.

1. Start your day with a solid plan

The key to success is coming up with a proper action plan. Most of us start work in a hurry. As soon as we arrive, we start off with checking and responding to emails, hurriedly responding to service requests without giving the slightest thought about what’s in stake for us this day. All these activities are done without any planning. When you start planning ahead of what to do, you may easily dissect things that require immediate attention and things that can be done later. When you regularly follow this, not only you save time but also avoid exasperation.

2. Eat the frog first

It makes a lot of sense to do the tough task first. This is one of the main reasons that cause most of the workers worldwide to dread. The longer it stays on our shoulder the heavier it becomes. As Mark Twain observes “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”’. By frog, Twain means it as the most daunting task that we are most likely to procrastinate. Once, you dispose it the other tasks appear very easy.

3. Set your own deadline to boost your productivity

Deadline is something that is inevitable in most kind of jobs these days. Most jobs require their employees to stick to a tight deadline which may appear inexplicably daunting to handle. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Fix a personal deadline for you before the actual deadline. Avoid procrastination at any cost. It is proven that delaying things to its last minute just complicates it by magnitudes.

4. Develop an alternate morning routine & change to a healthy breakfast

If your daily routine is not helping you then it’s smart to look for alternate stuffs. A change of routine will bring about remarkable improvement in our productivity. Research indicates any activity performed on a regular basis will become a habit. For example, you can habituate playing any skill based online game for a few days. Skill based online games are proven to increase memory power and concentration.

5. Collaborate

When you are in a conundrum, it’s always wise to seek assistance from those who are good enough in that trade. At times, you can even collaborate to complete a task. As you collaborate you would get inputs from your partners that will allow you to gain a clear perspective on the task. By that way, you can finish the task ahead of time and increase your productivity.

By the way, you can create new habits only by constant practice. Consider practicing any of the ideas mentioned above and boost your productivity to move forward in your career.