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Namma Ooru Madrasu – Best Rummy Promotions online

Hey rummy enthusiasts, Rummy Raani’s trip to Guntur was very special in every way imagined. A lot of people warmed up to her and were taken down a nostalgic trip down the lane with the destinations that she visited. Perhaps the most significant highlight of the whole promotion was that the players actively took part in all the promotions and availed them to the fullest. Be it the Glorious Guntur Bonus offer or the free 100 for 100 offer, the players were on the elements and took advantage of each offer to its fullest. We saw a lot of players walking out in flying colours with this promotion. Even before the scheduled closure of this promotion, a lot of people curiously enquired about Rummy Raani’s next destination stop. We could see the kind of impact that Rummy Raani has created with such enthusiasm from all quarters.

Namma Ooru Madrasu- Best Rummy

To make things interesting, there was a contest where a teaser about Rummy Raani’s next visit was updated in Facebook and players were asked to guess the answer. Players who came up with the correct answer were given free tickets to Social Shark tournament. Finally, the wait is now over, it’s time we officially let the world know about Rummy Raani’s next destination stop. Yes, folks, Rummy Raani would be traveling to the gateway of the south (a) Chennai. Called as the Detroit of India, the place is vibrant and buzzing with activities throughout the day. It is also called as the cultural capital of India, given the rich culture and heritage the city represents. Kudos to the players who picked the clue that we had given earlier in our contest and came up with the right answer. You guys continue to impress!

Want to know the promotions on offer. We do not make rich claims but rather walk the talk with whatever that we promise. We’ve named  this promotion, Namma Ooru Madrasu. Here are the ways through which you can make some cool bonuses.

Count Coffee

The first promotion starts with a bang and that carries what exactly Chennai is famous for. Yes, the traditional Filter Kaapi for which every chennaite would even die for. It’s one of the unmissable parts of the daily routine of every Chennaite, to down XYZ number of cups of Filter Coffee/day. Here is the promotion in detail

  1. Find the number of coffee mugs hidden in our play rummy page
  2. Click this button , remove XYZ and update the Coffee count & Click the tweet button
  3. Take a screenshot of your tweet & WhatsApp it to 8939033366

Players who successfully complete the above steps can win an instant cash bonus of Rs. 50.0. Avail this awesome bonus amount and play cash rummy game online.

Marina Match

With a length of 13 km, including a 6 km promenade, the Marina is considered the world’s second longest urban beach. Just like Marina Beach which is in the history books, you have an opportunity to register yourself in the history books of Deccan Rummy by winning this contest. Play rummy online and finish the game with the longest 5 Card pure sequence and win a rewarding bonus that amounts to 10% of your table winnings. Offer valid till Aug 29.

Four Central

Central Station is one of the important landmarks of Chennai that regularly features in movies and many other media publications. The central station connects the south to the 3 corners of India. To mark this quadrilateral connection, we have an exceptional contest on the cards. Win rummy games with a monumental 4 set of number 4 card and win huge bonus cash – 10% of Table winnings as a cash bonus

Free Fifty for Fifty Promotion

  • Offer open to only TN Players
  • Use WhatsAPP
  • Send the scanned copy (front and back) of your address proofs
  • Address Proof includes Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License & Passpor
  • WhatsApp it to 8939033366
  • 50 Tamil Nadu players get the bonus amount of Rs. 50 on a first-come-first-serve basis

Namma Ooru Madrasu

Curious to know about the places she’s going to visit

  1. Marina Beach – Provides an ideal way to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The relaxation that the place offers is non-pareil and second to none in relieving the tensions of the outside world
  2. Central Railway Station – Built in the year 1873, the structure is 145 years old and serves as an important landmark for the city. The terminal connects the south to 3 other directions (North, East, and the west).
  3. Other places where I would be heading to are – Rippon Building constructed in the year 1913, now acts as the office of Madras Corporation, St George Fort built in the year 1644, is where from which Tamil Nadu State Legislative assembly is operated; St. George Museum built in the year 1948 and currently being maintained by Archaeological Survey of India
  4. Chennai is famous for street shopping and there is a multitude of options available. Watch out for some of the iconic locations that Rummy Raani is going for street shopping
  5. ECR, the name every Chennaite would be in love with as it’s the perfect spot for hangout during the weekend for both families and bachelors.

So stay connected to Rummy Raani by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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Play Rummy with friends – Win Bonus for life!

Any game that is played with friends gives us immense joy and pleasure, also the game becomes very engaging and livelier.

When it comes to a social game like rummy which has a rich history, the game becomes all the more very exciting. Rummy has always been a game which is best played in social circles and is fondly referred as a family game. So just like how the game has enjoyed cult status and continues to be played till date, things shouldn’t be any different when you play online rummy at any site.

At Deccan Rummy, we believe friendship is one of the most important for the player to scale the ladder here. We live in a world where communication between individuals has largely reduced because of various factors. In such a case, we give you a wonderful platform with which you can connect with different people and maintain a strong and everlasting bond.

Refer A Friend

Just like we mentioned, our platform gives a wonderful opportunity to connect with different players. We have a wonderful promotion by the name “Refer A Friend” with which you can easily win huge sums of money. With Refer a Friend offer, you can easily increase your fortunes.

Confused? Let us explain in detail about the offer:

Refer A Friend Offer

With Refer a Friend offer, players have a chance to expand their online rummy circle by bringing them to Deccan Rummy and thereby getting 10% of their fees towards DeccanRummy as a bonus for life

For example: For example in a Rs 1000 table, if your friend wins and pays Rs. 200 as a service fee, then you get 10% of the winning fees ie (200*10/100) Rs. 20 as a bonus. This is per game. Just imagine how much you can earn if he keeps playing multiple games

Unlike other sites where there is a cap on bonus amount, here at Deccan Rummy, there is no cap. As long as your friends are playing, you have a chance to earn. With this promotion, you will receive an unending flow of cash for life.

How to refer a friend?

Now that you have learned about the offer, its time you learn how to refer a friend online. Just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Login to Deccan Rummy account
  2. Click on Refer and Earn
  3. Navigate to Invite Friends -> Web Mail Share-> Click here to Share the Link with your friends (Use can also import contacts from Gmail). Click on “send” to send the invite
  4. Click on Social Share. Are you a social magnet? Earn some money by telling your friends about Deccan Rummy. Click on any of the social media icons at the bottom (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin) to post the referral image in your timeline.
  5. Once you are done with it, inform your friends to join and play rummy game online. As long as they keep playing and winning, you can earn bonuses.

Refer a friend program is one of the best ways to bring your friends online and win some extra cash. It has twin benefits, not only your earning does grow big but your rummy community also gets big.

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Rummy Raani to visit Chennai this time

Rummy Raani is going great guns, she’s made her Guntur sojourn a massive success and has earned appreciation and admiration from all quarters. Every rummy player was quiet taken aback with her awesome list of promotions and availed everyone of them especially the WhatsApp contest 100 for 100. Here’s Rummy Raani speaking to everyone about how exciting her Guntur Sojourn was and her plans for the future.

Rummy Raani

“My journey in Guntur has been a massive success and has benefited a lot of players with exciting offers and prizes. Curious to know about my next destination stop? Are you ready for some sight seeing sipping some hot filter coffee? While you stay curious let me give you a hint the place is called as the gateway of south. Get ready for some swashbuckling promotion that comes along in my trip”.

Ever since she announced this contest in Facebook, there has been tremendous surge in the curiosity levels among our facebook audience. A lot of folks eagerly commented on the post with the answer. The players who commented with the right answer were given free tickets to Social Sharks rummy tournament.  Here’s rummy raani appreciating those in her own inimitable style.

Namma Ooru Madrasu

Rummy Raani -Namma Ooru Madrasu

Hey rummy folks, rummy raani here. Picked up the clue given by me and guessed the place already. The coffee still remains hot and is waiting to be devoured by you. Anyways, it’s time I reveal the destination. Yes, folks I’m going to travel to Chennai which is colloquially referred to as “Namma ooru Madrasu” and that’s exactly going to be the name of the promotion this time. Kudos to the rummy players out there who picked up the clue and found the city. As promised I have something special to you this time just like what I had given to all the rummy players out there during my #Going2Guntur promotion. Get ready for some enthralling rummy action with a bee of promotions with which you can earn some additional cash easily. We will update the full list of promotions that she’s planning to give during this visit shortly.

So folks, are you geared up for Rummy Raani’s next destination? Stay connected with Rummy Raani by following her moves at Deccan Rummy. There’s a rich chance that you could benefit big with her promotions here at DeccanRummy. If you like the article, please post the comments below. If you have any queries related to the offers and promotions here at Deccan Rummy, do not hesitate to mail to



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Celebrate this Bakrid (Eid ul Adha) with a bonus

These are exciting times at There are so many offers and online rummy tournaments that are conducted here at DeccanRummy. Especially, the month of August will always remain special to every player who like to play rummy online. This is the month where festivals galore. From Independence Day to Eid ul Adha (Bakrid) to Onam, the month has a range of festivals from various religions all over India.

So it’s an added responsibility for a rummy site to come up with an offer that compliments the joy and exuberance that is already aplenty. That’s the reason August month always remains special at every rummy site out there. Our rummy promotions and offers launched during the during special occasion is special as they in addition to being a value addition on special days, also sends the player into festival mood by giving the player a sneak peak into the festival by adding some amazing features added to the tables.

Bakrid Bonus

Bakrid Special Bonus

Deccan Rummy too has a history of celebrating August month with a range of promotions. Even last year there was a range of promotions available for all the rummy players and they availed every single one of them and enjoyed to the hilt. This August too we started off with a bang with so many offers and promotions.

From Amazing August to Deccan Carnival to Rummy Raani’s eventful journeys to Independence Day tournament, which by the way was a massive success, all the promotions here at DeccanRummy have been extremely successful this month. In what comes as an eventful addition to the already eventful list of promotion, we have launched an exclusive bonus offer through which user can make some additional cash.

As Bakrid is just around the corner, we have introduced a bonus offer for Bakrid under Deccan Bonus Bounty offer. Called as Eid Rummy special, the players have an option to earn 15% booster bonus upto Rs. 750.00 with this bonus offer. Celebrate Eid ul Adha with this exceptional bonus offer. Eid ul Adha is an special festival for muslims living worldwide. Muslims through out the world hold long special prayer sessions and they visit relatives, exchange greetings and gifts, and make donations to the poor and needy. Deccan Bounty is an exceptional offer that allows you to earn as much bonus possible. This bonus code is valid for that particular week only after which it becomes void. Stay connected with us for many other exciting offers and promotions.

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