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Three card games that you can enjoy playing anytime

One of the foremost hobbies of Indians has been playing card games. Be it festivals, family get-togethers or any happy occasions, Indians have made it a custom to play card games. The festivities are incomplete without a healthy dose of card games. Games like Rummy, Teen Patti have been popular Indian card games for generations. Do you remember the rummy parties that were popular once upon a time? Even in this digital age, games like 13 card rummy have not relevance and continues to enthrall us in the form of online rummy.

Like Rummy, there are quite a few card games that have been popular among the Indian audience. Most of us enjoyed these games at some point in our lives. In this post, we shall have a look at 3 popular card games that were popular in the yesteryear. This will certainly stroke a sense of nostalgia within you!

card games

Popular Card games

1. Donkey

Unlike a lot of card games where a limited number of people can only enjoy the game. There are no such restrictions. In this game, except joker, all cards are dealt with players whoever is in the table. The ace card is the highest in this game.

The players who received Ace of spade has to start the game. The other players have to drop a card in the same suit. In the event, they don’t have a card in the same suit which you dropped, they can drop a card from another suit. The player who dropped the highest card in that round has to take all the cards. The game happens over a number of the round until one player ends up with all the cards and he finishes as the donkey.

2. Bluff

Bluff is yet another card game that has been very popular in India for long. There are no jokers in this game. A deck of cards is used and cards are equally distributed among the players. Players can throw up to 4 cards and claim it as a set. If the opponent suspects the claim, he/she can challenge the player to reveal the cards. If the claim turns true, the opponent has to take all the cards accumulated till then. On the other hand, If the claim turns false and the player is exposed, then he/she must take all the cards accumulated. The objective is to get rid of all the cards.

3. 3-2-1

A lot of people confuse this game with Teenpatti. 3-6 Players usually play this game. Every player is given 6 cards. Without having a look at them he/she has to arrange in 3 combinations – 3, 2, 1. Without having a look, you have to take a guess and declare to others as which are the best cards to complete the sequence. The player with the best set wins the game.

There are so many card games other than these, but only a few are favorites though! Why do you think card games are so very popular among the masses? It’s because of its uniqueness. It stimulates our brains and increases our mental ability. The game is super-fun when you play it in a group. The more people you have, the more fun! Aren’t reaching out for that deck that’s been lying on the shelf idly for long?

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Right Mix

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The rise of gaming companies in India

India is one of the biggest mobile gaming markets at the global level. The country is sharing the top slots along with the US, Russia, China, and Brazil. There two reasons behind India’s supremacy in the mobile gaming market- the country is the 2nd largest Smartphone user base in the world and economical internet budget. India’s mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $ 1 Billion in 2021. The country is considered the land of innovative gaming minds. Our fascinating memories of real-time gaming during our childhood are back again with mobile gaming. Be it iOS or Android; there is a separate fan base for every game. Along with the increase in the number of gamers in India, there is also another fast-growing plant in the country. This plant is growing fast, with different flowers in different branches. It is nothing but the creators- Gaming Companies.

gaming companies

The companies in India have a great impact on the global gaming market. The companies have a major contribution to the global gaming market. Many good firms are giving out high-quality games. Here’s the list of some of the popular online gaming companies.

Top 5 Gaming Companies

1. 99 games

Founded in 2008, 99 games have always impressed gamers with its products. It is considered India’s prominent mobile gaming company. They have developed 15 games since its entry into the market and have 20 million downloads under its name. The studio has also won global awards. Some of their highlights include SpeelUp, Dhoom 3, and Star Chef. The firm introduced games that had origins in our country. Chess- the first step into the gaming industry. 99 games own the pride in introducing India’s most monetized global game “Star Chef,” “Dhoom 3,”- one of the most downloaded games in the country.

2. Games2Win

The company was founded in 2005 and headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest casual mobile gaming companies in the world. The firm owns 150 million downloads. Some of the to-be-mentioned works of the company are High School driving test, International Fashion Stylist, and stories for friends. They concentrate on three different genres- Driving, Dress-Up, and Story games. It has a wide range of games across the biggest app stores that include Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. There are around 21 million users.

3. Nazara Technologies

The well established mobile platform developer and gaming company headquartered in Mumbai. The company has a widespread market covering the developing regions like India, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The journey started with the Introduction of Java games in 2004 and currently busy in the esports sector. The firm has already invested around $50 million in 13 start-ups in the last two years. They move with the intention to develop the culture of esports in the market.

4. Dream 11

Dream11 is India’s biggest fantasy gaming platform. They have their own identity with excellent marketing strategies. More than four crore people are using the app for playing fantasy cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and NBA. The platform has brought together all the gaming enthusiasts. The app has reached many as Dream 11 turns out to be the main sponsors in the country’s important sports leagues. The app is more of a brand than a game. Dream 11 is considered as one of the top 10 innovative companies in India in 2019 by the American business magazine- Fast Company.

5. Deccan Games

Started in the year 2016, the start-up is now one of the most trusted Gaming firms. It’s been a few years since the trend on online card games has originated. The company built its own online rummy website and application. The firm is now India’s fastest growing Online Rummy portal. There are millions already playing the game at this host. They conduct tournaments with a prize pool worth millions! Online Rummy at Deccan Rummy is very easy for a newcomer to adapt to the online ecosystem. The Gaming interface is at its best in Deccan Rummy. You need not be a rummy expert to get into Deccan Rummy.

The host allows people to learn the game from the basics and facilitates players to play the practice matches. There are many other features like low rack fees, the widest range of rummy tournaments, 24*7 customer service, and many more that make it stand out from the rest. Even though the company has just one game at present, it has a promising gaming arena for the players, and there are many hints that the company is all set to launch many surprising products in the upcoming future.

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Rummy

Card games have always been extremely popular in India since time immemorial, and Online Rummy plays a special part in it. Rummy card game is full of surprises that keeps you enthralled from the word go. Be it online or offline; the game is fulfilled with excitement every second. Whether it is a social get-together or a casual gathering, playing rummy games has always been a norm.

Online Rummy

Players face new challenges every moment in the game. It is the action-packed environment that keeps the players glued to the screen. With the increasing craze of Indian Rummy, people of all ages are into it. With most people having access to smartphones, getting online is no big deal.

However, there are a few questions regarding Rummy for many. This article brings together all the questions you have regarding online Rummy.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Rummy

1. What is Rummy and how is the game played?

Rummy is a card game very popular all around the world. Especially in India, the game has a deep connect with the cultural followed by the people. The game is played with a set of cards. The player has to improve their hand by picking and withdrawing cards from the closed deck or the discard deck. The objective of every player is to make a complete sequence with many sets. The game is available for both cash and free.

2. What are the rules for Rummy?

The main objective of the rummy player is to meld all the 13 cards in hand. The players must make sequences and sets to finish the game. You must have at least two sequences out of which one must be a pure sequence.  You must learn how to use the joker card in a rummy game effectively. Rummy rules are the bedrock of the game.

3. What is pure and impure sequence in Rummy?

A pure sequence is one in which cards are arranged in a proper number sequence, whereas an impure sequence is one where a joker card is used to make a sequence. You need at least one pure sequence to submit the cards.

4. Is it legal to play online Rummy in India?

There are many still thinking about the legalities to play online Rummy. Yes, the game is legal in India. The supreme court of the country made it clear that Rummy is a skill game and not a gambling or a game of chances. At present players from Telangana, Assam, Odisha cannot compete in our rummy cash games.

5. Which rummy site is best?

The online version of the game is a huge success. The traditional offline game had many issues to bother while playing. The online version has overcome all the minus in offline Rummy. Issues like game availability, legal status and, bankrupt were the major worries for players before years, but this online avatar of Rummy has lifted up the game among people. Since there are many hosts available to play the game, people need the best of them. Some like Deccan Rummy make players love the game even more. Online Rummy is a complete package of entertainment and Rummy. Rummy promotion, bonuses, and tournaments are the fantasy part of online Rummy.

6. What are the different rummy variants available in Deccan Rummy?

The host provides the three variants of the Rummy- Points, Deals, and pool rummy games. All three variants have a wide range of matches available.  For points rummy – minimum entry fee starts from Rs 0.8 to Rs 16000, for deals Rummy it is from Rs 5 to Rs 10000 and for pool rummy (101 and 201) from Rs 25 to Rs 10000. The game is played with 2, 3, and 6 players.

Points Rummy: This is the most commonly played 13 card rummy variant. The first player to submit the game with 0 points wins the match, and the winning amount is based on the points in the opponents’ hand.

Deals Rummy: It is an exciting variant of Rummy. Each player is given a fixed number of chips at the start of the match, and players have to compete in a fixed number of deals. At the end of every deal, the player winning the game will get chips from the player losing the contest. The player with the highest number of chips at the end of all the deals is declared the winner.

Pool Rummy: This is another interesting rummy variant. In this, the player winning the deal will get 0 points, and points are added to the players losing the game based on the points they have in hand. A player is eliminated as soon as they reach the maximum limit of points in the table (101 points pool and 201 points pool).

7. Why play at Deccan Rummy?

There are many opportunities to earn money in the form of matches, tournaments, Leaderboard. Tournaments include both free and cash tournaments. Every hour a new tournament is open for play giving the players many chances to win huge. This host has the best collection of rummy bonus and promotions. When you deposit, you get to play for more than what you deposit. The tournaments are available throughout the day.

8. How to start with Deccan Rummy?

It is easy to start your journey with Deccan Rummy. Look into First-time users can create an account using their e-mail or also by using a Facebook account. After creating your account, verify your mobile number and get a free sign up bonus of Rs 25.

9. How to play Rummy online at Deccan Rummy?

  • Login to your Deccan Rummy account.
  • Your game lobby has a wide range of matches, tournaments, and practice games. Details such as the maximum number of player, point value, and Minimum entry fee to play the game are available on your lobby.
  • Based on the details given, choose the game you are comfortable with and click on the Join button to start playing the game.

10. Which is the best rummy app?

When it comes to rummy mobile app, Deccan Rummy scores the most. With Deccan Rummy mobile, sky is the limit. Deccan Rummy is open to all users in all platforms – Android, MAC OS, Linux, and Windows. The game is available 24*7, and you can download the app from

11. Is it safe to play Rummy for money online?

Yes, it is completely safe to play rummy online for cash. The bank details you update in your profile are completely safe and secured. The money transactions that happen in Deccan Rummy are 100% safe and trustworthy.