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Republic Day Bonus Offer

In addition to the slew of bonus offers that are already available, here comes an exciting promotion for an exciting occasion. Get ready for yet another stunning bonus offer.

Rummy Bonus – Republic Day Special Bonus

On the mark of India’s 69th Republic Day function, we are going to launch a splendid rummy bonus offer for our awesome players to benefit. Now, get 10% Cash Bonus upto Rs. 500 on one of the deposit made tomorrow.

Republic Day Bonus

Avail this special bonus by making a deposit with the bonus code “RummyRep”. As the offer can be applied only on one deposit, make sure you hit it out of the park by going for the maximum amount.

There can be nothing better than playing rummy cash games in a site as safe as DeccanRummy. It is time for you to go ahead and make this purchase and treat yourself with an awesome bonus. As you keep playing cash rummy games, you will increase your loyalty points which will in-turn propel you to the top of our weekly leaderboard. Needless to say, you may know about the perks that come with our Weekly leaderboard contests, right?

As you might be knowing this month is absolutely rocking month at DeccanRummy. Starting in a fabulous way with the Weekly leaderboard contest, and then adding a few more bonus offers and rummy tournaments on the way, this month has been a dream month for all the rummy enthusiasts.

As India walks into 69th year of being a republic, its time we spare a thought to honour our forefathers who have fought hard for this. Do not forget to watch the live telecast of Republic Day parade at the India Gate. Let’s not forget their monumental contribution which made this possible. On this special day, let us embrace and celebrate the diversity and let’s  make a vow to uphold the spirit of peace, freedom and brotherhood. Jai Hind! Have a great celebration.

Capture all the beautiful moments by winning Nikon Cool Pix B500

After the huge success of our Special leaderboard contests, Deccan Rummy has introduced a spectacular Weekly Leaderboard contests for all our users this month!

Immensely popular from day 1 it was launched, the weekly leaderboard contest comes in 3 levels – Diamond, Platinum, and gold. This week, join the action on India’s most trusted 13 card rummy site and win some awesome prizes from our huge giveaways. For those of the rummy gamers waiting for a perfect contest, this contest will be eye-popping. It is the perfect promotion to start the year in the perfect way you wanted. With great gifts to play for, you couldn’t have wished for anything better than this.

platinum Leaderboard Prizes

Hey Player, Grab a fantastic chance to win brand New Nikon Coolpix B500 by topping the Weekly Platinum Leaderboard. Capture and record all the beautiful moments in your life with New Nikon CoolPixx B500.

Play cash rummy games with the buy-in ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 and earn more loyalty points to get a chance to win big from these awesome giveaways. Other prizes on offer in this leaderboard level are Fitbit Charge HR Band, Rs. 8000 Gift Voucher and some really cool cash bonuses.

Not to forget that the top 20 players will get free tickets to participate in the prodigious Platinum Special Leaderboard Tournament worth Rs. 50K.

With a week available to increase your loyalty points, you can take a real shot at the Nikon Coolpix B500. Even if you miss the first spot, you still have some amazing gifts & enormous cash bonus amounts to play for. Try your hands at our Weekly Platinum Leaderboard right away and win big! Play for your best shot now!

How to check your Loyalty Points for Platinum Level

  1. Login to your account and click on leaderboard
  2. Click on Platinum section in the leaderboard
  3. The points you’ve earned under Platinum category will be displayed as My Platinum Points

Terms & Conditions

  • Prizes mentioned in the Diamond leaderboard are non-exchangeable. No cash equivalent alternative will be provided for the prizes listed
  • If the winners couldn’t be contacted within 7 days then Deccan Rummy reserves the right to pick a replacement winner.
  • Prizes mentioned here are applicable to only this week from Jan (21-27).
  • Deccan Rummy Management reserves the right to decide the number of prizes every week in this contest.
  • *Standard Terms & Conditions for Deccan Rummy and the leaderboard contest applies

Weekly Leaderboard Contests – Prizes Update

Deccan Rummy has not one or two, but three weekly leaderboards for you to play and feature in every week. And you might know there are lots of cool stuff that come along with these leaderboards. Back when we announced this contest, we mentioned that the prizes for each of the leaderboards will be changing every week. The idea behind this was to ensure that the users get the most trending gadget every week. Weekly contests with fixed prizes become stale at some point in time. It’s incredibly tough to induce ourselves to play then. The contests with dynamic prizes will be the one that is most motivating for the players.


As promised, we have tried to make our giveaways very diverse so that a lot of players benefit out of it. Earn a chance to win a brand new One Plus 5T by climbing to the top in our weekly Diamond leaderboard contest this week. Did you read this right? Yes, this time it’s going to be One Plus 5T for the players who hustle to the top in our diamond leaderboard. And there are other exciting gifts like MiA1, iPhones and cash bonuses that come along as well in the Diamond Section. OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones ever to surface in its price range. Ensure you reach the top of the leaderboard with your rummy skills to grab this awesome device.

Prizes for Leaderboard contests

For the Platinum leaderboard, we’ve changed the top prize to Nikon Cool Pix camera, which is immediately followed by Fitbit Charge HR band as the second prize and a gift voucher worth Rs. 8000 as the third prize. Stand a chance to win any of these gifts by playing in any cash tables that are worth from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000.

Lastly, for the gold category, the winner will get Rs. 5k e-shopping Gift Voucher, the second player will get a slick Amazon Firestick device and the player who ends up in the third place will get a 0.5gm Gold Coin.

Additionally, seven other players get some cool cash bonuses under each category and the top 20 players will be given free tickets to the Leaderboard Special Tournament on Sunday. Players can use these free tickets anytime over the 3 weeks from the date they receive it.

Play more cash rummy games every week to move to the top of the weekly leaderboard contest. Make sure you finish as high as possible in these categories so as to ensure you claim all these awesome prizes

Five easy ways to overcome a creative rut

Eventually, at some point in our lives, we all get into a creative rut. Ask any artisan or designer or even a musician, they all have faced creative rut at one point or the other in their career. In fact, they would describe that the creative rut they faced has inspired them to push beyond their limitations. Similarly, for writers, they call it as a writer’s block. A writer would make sure that immediate piece coming after a creative rut is memorable.

Creative rut

For many of us, creative rut occurs due to lack of inspiration. It’s not as if the creativity vanishes out of you all of a sudden on one dreadful day. It’s perfectly normal for ourselves to go into a shell once in a while. We must make sure we do not allow this creative rut to jeopardize our career in any way. Let’s get one thing straight – creativity does not come every time in bursts and waves. There might be some roadblocks; it’s completely natural to ebb at times. So if you’re in a creative rut, follow these simple steps that would help you channelize your inner energy and break out from your dry spell.

1. Try changing your routine

Are you someone who lives your life with a rigid schedule? If not you may want to reconsider. While there is no doubt that routines are great, they are probably necessary at different points of our lives but it could hamper your creativity at times. Try changing your routine for some period of time. Who knows a change of routine can bring about the creativity in bursts and waves? Perhaps all your brain requires is some extra test so that it can access untapped ideas. A fresh start away from the routine may help you tap lots of unused ideas.

2. Believe in yourself

When your inner thought process says NO, the outer parts obsequiously follow it. If you don’t believe in yourself, then it doesn’t matter how creative you are, you are bound to fail. When you give yourself a reassurance that you can do it, there is nothing unconquerable.

3. Meditate, Read Books & exercise, Play games

The above 3 ideas are easy ways to regain the belief that we discussed above. Meditation and exercise act as a great detox and most importantly, it helps our brain release chemicals like serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine that are effective in our well-being. It helps you streamline your thoughts together and channelize it in the form of positive energy. In the same way, pick a book that was your childhood favorite, it may help you to get your focus back. Play games that you love the most. Playing skill game like rummy will help you to relax and also improve your focus and concentration. We have seen many players play card games and win real cash so it’s add on along with the above said benefit. Whatever you do, do not do it in haste. Do it patiently like there’s never a tomorrow.

4. Change your location

When you are stuck in a rut, your mind will often circle around the things that are familiar to you. On such occasions, there is little chance to break free from the clutches of the creative rut. Consider moving to a location from where you draw inspiration to be creative.

5. Seek inspiration from the outside

When we are in a creative rut, it’s very difficult to draw inspiration from ourselves. The Internet is one of the easiest and biggest resources available for us to derive inspiration from. Browse the things that excite you, sites filled with images may stimulate you visually and inspiring words may get you going mentally.

The idea basically is not to allow the creative rut to stop; Allow it to inspire you and scale new heights beating it.