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Demystifying details about withdrawals

Deccan Rummy is a completely safe site to play rummy online with real cash. We provide secured payment facility for you so that you can perform online transactions without any worries. With thousands of player playing cash rummy games at anytime of the day, it is evident has earned the trust of all our players. Next important issue that needs mention is the withdrawal process.

If you have been playing cash rummy games, then it is likely that you have won some cash prizes. Rummy players can withdraw their cash deposited any number of times they wish. However, there is a cap on withdrawal limit. The minimum amount you can withdraw in a transaction is Rs. 500 and the maximum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 50000. Attempting to withdraw cash added through credit cards is considered as money laundering and it is prohibited in our site.

Unlike other rummy sites, there is no restriction on withdrawals at Deccan Rummy. Players can withdraw their cash anytime they feel like withdrawing. In order to facilitate withdrawals in your account, ensure you have entered your Bank account number and IFSC Code in the “My Account -> Profile -> Banking Details” Area. Also update your PAN Card details and ensure you upload a clear scanned copy of your PAN Card and Address Proof along with it.

After the players place the withdrawal request, we will ensure they receive the amount within the next 48 hours from the time of your request. We will process withdrawal request on all days except Sunday & bank holidays.

Demystifying details about withdrawals:

1. Account Balance – This is the total amount of money in your account. This includes the amounts you have deposited, earned, Cash Bonus and Instant deposit bonus.

2. Withdrawable Balance – This is the actual amount available for redemption. Players can withdraw an amount only less than or equal to their withdrawable Balance.

3. Pending Redeem – The amount you requested for withdrawal. You will receive it after approval.

4. Instant Deposit Bonus – The money credited through Instant Deposit Bonus upto 200%. It will be saved in this bucket and will be released to your withdrawable balance after you generate an equal amount of loyalty points. Please note that you cannot withdraw the instant deposit bonus without wagering it on cash rummy games.

5. Cash Bonus – All cash bonuses that you get by winning a tournament, leaderboard contests and surprise offers. This is a locked bonus and can be redeemed at the rate of 10% for every cash game win you secure subsequently.


Get iPhones, Gold Coins by winning our Leaderboard 2018

If you’re reading this, you must now know that getting hold of an iPhone isn’t so difficult after all. iPhones since their launch has taken the mobile industry by storm with their exceptional features and performance. And with every new version, Apple stretches the boundaries for innovation and has cripplingly overshadowed their rivals with their sheer innovation. Every time Apple takes the wraps off on their new products, we know we are in for something overwhelmingly special. How would you react if you were given an opportunity to win iPhones (8, 7, and 6s) for Free? It is very much possible with our latest promotion at

With ‘New Year Leaderboard 2018’ contest, has the raised the bar when it comes to giveaways. This is just not a regular giveaway, it’s a SPLASH! A momentous one indeed!

New Year Leaderboard 2018

New Year leaderboard is an exciting contest where top 15 players featuring on the leaderboard will be getting assured prizes. A wide range of prizes from free Pattaya Trip to iPhones to gold coins is on the offering. You can feature on the leaderboard by playing real cash rummy games. Not only will you get the opportunity to travel to Pattaya but also be a part of spectacular VIP Party that is going to create a storm at Pattaya. Thinking about capturing the beautiful moments with the stunning iPhone 8 camera should motivate you to leapfrog others in the leaderboard.

If we go by the reviews, it seems Apple has pulled out all the stops with this iPhone 8. So If I were a player, I wouldn’t hesitate a bit to go to the contest.

In order to top the leaderboard, the simple way is to play more real cash rummy games. The more you play, the better your chances are to grab all these gifts. Players can make use of the existing bonus offers (200% bonus, November Stormers, and Surprise cash bonus) to play cash rummy games. You don’t have to scout anywhere to get them, these are available at your disposal anytime.

Very often we see a beeline of customers waiting outside Apple stores to buy iPhones whenever they release one. Why miss such a golden chance to get the most desired smartphone for free?

What are you waiting for? Time to put yourself in – we think this offer is going to be the hottest promo in the rummy community for a while. Good luck, everyone!


Leaderboard updates and tips to top the leaderboard

It’s been 20 days since we launched the New Year leaderboard contest and it’s going great guns right from its beginning. A contest like this is always going to be fiercely competitive as it pits the best against the best. The response from the players to this contest has been terrific. A lot of players who were contended with playing freeroll rummy tournaments have now turned towards real cash rummy games. Of course, who can resist such tempting offers like the free trip to Pattaya, iPhones and gold coins?

The best thing about this leaderboard contest is that you don’t need to do anything different. Just keep playing and winning cash rummy games for which you will collect leaderboard points. The more games you win the more points you get. Always remember, when play well consistently, you’ll win the rewards you deserve. Here’s a view of the current position in the leaderboard:

Leaderboard Contest

Remember, these are the current standing and it is subject to change. Keep checking the leaderboard to discover where you stand against other online rummy players. In order to help you give the chance to feature in the leaderboard, we have designed a couple of offers which could help you climb the leaderboard

  1. November Stormers

Since you know playing cash games is the only way to feature in the leaderboard, you may worry about splurging in the game. As you know, we practice responsible gaming we do not our users to overspend on games. Hence, we have designed an offer called November Stomers where you are going to get more on your deposits. Get 20% instant bonus on your deposits with the maximum bonus capped at Rs. 1000.  If you do not want to invest your own amount, but want to play online rummy for real money, then you need to take a serious look at this offer. Avail the offer now and start playing more cash rummy games to move ahead of the rest on our leaderboard.

2. Pattaya Party Special

Craving for rousing rummy action? Nothing comes close to the pulsating action and entertainment you get Rummy tournaments. Deccan Rummy is the perfect place to play tournaments with a wide array of freeroll and cash tournaments running all through the day. Special Rummy Tourneys hosted at Deccan Rummy are some of the best rummy tournaments in the Indian Rummy Industry. Just ahead of the Pattaya Trip, we have scheduled a Pattaya Party Special Tournament with a prizepool of Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus. The tournament will happen on Dec 15 and in order to get a free ticket to the tourney, the player has to follow the below steps

  1. Subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking on the red color button at the bottom of the video after logging into youtube.
  2. Like the above youtube video link which is the video preview of the Pattaya Trip using your gmail account.
  3. Comment below on the video with your DeccanRummy user name
  4. After verification we will credit the ticket to your account.

Alternatively, the player can also buy the ticket for Rs. 500. A cash bonus win from a tournament like this means a lot to increase your leaderboard points and race ahead of others in this leaderboard contest. Not only will your leaderboard points increase if you win, but you will also receive a chunk from the cash bonus bucket. So, it’s a win -win situation anyway! If you follow any of the steps mentioned above, it means you are inching closer to Pattaya! All the best!




Pattaya Party Special Tourney – Win from Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus

These are exciting times for rummy players with multiple offers going great guns at A lot of players are availing the huge offers we put up regularly. After we launched the Leaderboard 2018 contest, our site has been buzzing up with a lot of activities. And we are revving up the action with yet another rousing special tournament.’s Pattaya Party Special Rummy tournament is all set to roll on Dec 15, 2017. The tourney will be conducted at 3:30 PM.

Pattaya Party

Pattaya Party Special Tourney

The prize pool in this tourney is a massive amount of Rs. 50000. It is a cash bonus. Cash bonuses are the newest way to secure your money. Money in the cash bonus bucket can be used as entry fee for all the cash games that you wish to play. If you want to withdraw it, you can do so at the rate of 10% for every win that you secure at cash tables.

In order to participate in this classic rummy tournament, players have two ways – Get a free ticket or buy in for Rs. 500. In order to get a free ticket in this tournament, players have to follow the below steps:

1. Subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking on the red color button at the bottom of the video after logging into youtube
2. Like the above youtube video link which is the video preview of the Pattaya Trip
3. Comment below on the video with your DeccanRummy username
4. After verification, we will credit the ticket to your account.

Alternatively, the players can also buy the ticket for this tournament for a buy-in for Rs. 500. This is a golden chance for players aspiring to win our Leaderboard contest. We understand it’s not possible to deposit every time to play real cash rummy games to improve your position on the leaderboard. Cash bonus feature comes like a cushion in these situations.

What to expect?

Brainy moves, packed tables, huge prize pool, and some hard-core rummy action are something that you can normally expect in all our rummy tournaments. As our Pattaya Party special tournament is a freeroll, we are expecting a fierce contest with players pulling out every trick in the bag to outclass their opponents.

From the moment it was launched, All eyes are on our Pattaya Leaderboard contest, which can be deemed as the promotion of the year in the Indian Rummy community. This Pattaya Party Special tournament can help you get closer to your journey to Pattaya with its rich cash bonus.

Deccan Rummy has carved a niche for itself by offering unique rummy tournaments for all the rummy enthusiasts out there. Additionally, we roll out special tournaments and offers during festivals that see huge participation from our users. The massive participation of Indian rummy players from across the country in our special tournaments proves the kind of craze for this intriguing card game. continuously brings out some of the most startling promotions in the Indian Rummy circuit. has exhilarating bonus offers, mega freeroll tournaments, lucrative special tournaments, and attractive loyalty schemes with huge guarantees. Kindly refer the promotion page to know about the latest offers and promotions hosted at

Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel ( to know about the latest offers!