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Interesting facts related to online games

It is common knowledge that the rummy game originated as a community game that was played within a circle. Later, through word of mouth, the game spread to different parts of the world. The game was altered according to the culture and customs associated with the region that it spread and it’s rules were tweaked accordingly. As of today, the rummy game is second largest card game next to poker in the world and in places like India, the game stands at Number one position. Today, globalization has made this game available online.

The online gaming industry is thriving like never before. More and more commoners are jumping into the gaming bandwagon and the Indian gaming community resembles one mammoth herd. According to a report by Google-KPMG, the number of Indian gamers online is expected to shoot up to 310 Million by 2021. Also, the gaming industry is touted to hit $1 Billion by 2021 from its current $360 Million.

Online gaming sites not only serve as a past time but are also an excellent source of revenue for the users. All you need is a Smartphone, a reliable internet connection to get started. If you want to make it big in the online gaming world, there are plenty of opportunities wide open across different specters. Wonder, where it all started? It’s always good to know a few facts associated with online gaming, here they are:

  1. Online Gaming Industry in India blossomed at the turn of the century. Prior to that, Indians did not have access to online games and had to settle for video games.
  2. Availability of cheap smartphones, reduced data prices, and expansive Internet connectivity are the main reasons as to why so many people were able to get into the internet and access these games.
  3. A lot of Indian gaming companies like Zapak, 99 games have emerged giving the users multiple options to access games for free. Users can play a wide choice of games from action to strategy to adventure, without much data consumption.
  4. Many international gaming companies have foraged into the Indian territory and have come up with unique and localized content so as to capture the attention of gamers.
  5. While games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Subway Surfer have popular with the users for some time, these are days where games with more advanced graphics like PubG and Fortnite have enraptured the gamers with their thematic environment and arresting gameplay.
  6. Card games have always occupied a special place in the hearts of gamers because of their intriguing gameplay. Card games like Poker and Indian rummy, allow the players to win colossal amounts of money at little to no investment.
  7. Of late fantasy sports have been a revelation. Though available for different sports, Indians use it mainly to play cricket. Playing fantasy sports allow the users to grab an unbelievable amount of prize money at little investment. All the players need to do is to select their team and their scores would be calculated based on the real performance of the players they selected in the field.
  8. The advancement of technology has allowed the players to play online games on the move anytime, anywhere. You can simply download rummy app for free and play rummy online from anywhere you wish.

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Interesting facts related to online games
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Refer your friend and get paid massively!
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4 tips for Online Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports and Online betting are buzzwords these days. So many sports enthusiasts are on it. Next to skill games like rummy online, fantasy sports have occupied an important place in the books of online gamers.

4 tips for online fantasy

Fantasy sports and sports betting are a fun and simple way to win big money and have your share of fun. However, it’s important we approach it in the right way. If you indulge in betting without having sound knowledge about the game or tricks involved, you may end up losing a lot of money

When you learn the process thoroughly, you will know how to approach it in the right away. Once you approach it as a sport, you may well start winning some money online. Here are some basic tips which should get you moving.

1. Set achievable goals

It’s certainly possible that you win some amount during your initial days of betting or while your fantasy league performs. However, the knowledge about the game should be preeminent before that. While it might sound exciting to finish at the top right at the beginning, players must understand that it’s a slippery slope. In fact, a lot of players who get carried away by initial successes set unbelievable targets for themselves only flattering to deceive in a short while from there. It’s important you set a goal that is achievable and work towards it one step at a time. Do not try to steamroll! It doesn’t happen that way in the online betting industry.

2. Learn basics thoroughly – Fantasy Sportss

Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting are fun and exciting. But for the fun and excitement to remain the same, you must be strong in the basics. Do some research about betting, odds. Wagering as it would increase your chances of winning. Learning the basics would help you approach betting in a more pragmatic way and very soon you will become a force to reckon with.

3. Play with a budget

Whether it’s fantasy sport or an exciting skill game like 13 card rummy online or poker, the most important tip is learning how to manage your bankroll. Now that you have learned something about the game and fixed achievable goals, the next step would be how much you bring into the table. There’s a good old saying in the gambling world that always play with what you can afford to lose. Though it appears a bit of a drag in today’s times, the idea behind the saying is that you do not overspend or overindulge in the game. Fix a limit be it whether you play daily, weekly or monthly, and do not exceed it at any cost.

4. Play in reputed sites

These are times where fantasy sports are filling up the internet gaming ecosystem completely. A lot of gaming enthusiasts have turned their heads towards fantasy and betting sites as they provide the users with a fantastic opportunity to win big. To cater to the players’ demands, a lot of gaming sites have propped up. Before you sign up with a site, check for their authenticity by reading the reviews online to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. Ensure the site you have selected has enforced sufficient safety measures for the online transaction.


We are sure you might have had some idea about betting and fantasy sports. Once you are comfortable with the basics, it’s probably not a bad idea to register in multiple sites to boost your chances of winning. By the way, it allows you to compare various odds and also get access to various bonus and rewards. Play prudently, wins would follow!

4 tips for Online Fantasy Sports
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Do playing card games amount to gambling?

The gaming scene in India has completely been revolutionized since the arrival of Online and digital technology. You must be living under the rock for years if you have not heard about the online gaming industry. Offline games have taken a backseat since the arrival of online gaming and more and more people are jumping into the rummy bandwagon. Of all the categories of online gaming, nothing is exciting as much as card gaming. However, the mention of card games evokes mixed response from gaming enthusiasts. A lot of people equate card gaming with gambling. Not every card game involves gambling. The knowledgeable lot knows to make a distinction.

playing card games

Games like Indian Rummy game, Online Poker are skill games. In these games, the outcome largely relies on players’ mental skills leaving little scope for the chance to play the deciding factor.


According to the Supreme Court, games, where skills outweigh the element of chance, are quintessentially skill games and they do not come under the ambit of gaming.

Quoting a Supreme Court Judgement for reference “Gambling in a nut-shell is payment of a price for a chance to win a prize. Games may be of chance, or of skill or of skill and chance combined. A game of chance is determined entirely or in part by lot or mere luck. The throw of the dice, the turning of the wheel, the shuffling of the cards, are all modes of chance. In these games, the result is wholly uncertain and doubtful. No human mind knows or can know what it will be until the dices are thrown, the wheel stops its revolution or the dealer has dealt with the cards. A game of skill, on the other hand – although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated – is one in which success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience, and adroitness of the player. Golf, chess, and even Rummy are considered to be games of skill.”

We can clearly note that the mental dexterity of the players influences the outcome more than the chance for a game like rummy or poker. That’s the reason, a lot of rummy sites have sprung up giving users plenty of options to choose from. Playing rummy online with stakes involved is completely legal.

Play against live players

If you are playing a game against a bot or a house, there are high chances that luck plays a major role. On the other hand, in a game like rummy, you are pitted against live players. Players absorb rummy rules, learn and deploy various rummy tips to beat their opponents. This should explain why rummy is incredibly popular of all card games.

Card games – Skill or Chance

Playing a game where the outcome predominantly relies on chances constitute gambling. However, in a rummy game, players use various spatial and cognitive skills, in order to secure a victory. Despite the element of chance playing a role, players’ skills easily overhaul them.

The result

If the outcome of the game is dependent on chance like dice games or roulette, then we can brand the game as non-skill games. Betting on such games certainly amounts to gambling. In a skill game, you are thoroughly in control of the game from the beginning. Even if you don’t have luck working in your way, you can certainly win the game with your skills.


Despite the myth that all card games are gambling being widespread, it hasn’t stopped people from pursuing online card games. Playing skill-based card games for cash and gambling are poles apart. Playing rummy games for cash is certainly legal and does not come under the purview of gambling. With so many rummy game download options available in PlayStore and AppStore for your Android apk and iOS phones, you can always take a seat anytime from anywhere and start playing.

Do playing card games amount to gambling?
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