What pays better in Online rummy?

While playing online rummy everyone has their own theory for success; some say it is the sheer brilliance of the players while others insist the quality of diligence as the most important factors that are going to help you forge ahead. While both points seem to have their merits, what is the quality that you feel is the most important among these two?

For this, we need to analyze the merits of being a brilliant player and compare it with the one who can be best described as an assiduous player in online rummy;

Quality of Being Brilliant

  1. Updated with the rules – Getting updated with the rules is the basic tenet of achieving expertise in any game that you play. Only then you would know about the challenges that are going to come in your way and would know how to tackle them.
  2. Skills – As rummy is a skill based game, it is important that you pick up all the skills and strategies as fast as you can. A brilliant rummy player would be acclimatized with the rules and would learn all the skills and strategies within a few days after his first game. Rummy is all about knowing the right combinations to win; a brilliant player would try different combinations and win in a novel way each game.
  3. Knowledge – By knowledge, we don’t mean only the knowledge about the game and its strategies; it means a thorough understanding of the site hosting the game including the technical aspects involved in it. A brilliant rummy player’s relationship with a rummy site not just ends with their tables but extends way beyond it. He knows very well about the technicalities (software) involved in the game, updates himself constantly about any changes in the rules, and has a thorough knowledge of the existing offers and promotions. He would also be aware of all the factors that could affect his gameplay.

Virtue of Endurance

  1. Never give up – As we have mentioned many times, wins and losses are part of a rummy game. A diligent player is undeterred by losses and keeps playing regardless of the outcome. This quality of enduring any defeat sets them apart from the rest by a mile. Surprisingly, these are the players who are more likely to win prizes from random draws as they are almost there every time.
  2. Passion & Zeal – A resilient rummy player would never lose enthusiasm and zeal in the game despite enduring losses. They somehow motivate themselves and derive passion to stick on. Most rummy sites consider this kind of players as their pillars of strength. Some might derisively call them as sloggers, but slogging is not bad while playing online rummy.
  3. Lively – A persistent player is often lively and keeps the fellow players at the table in splits with his humour sense. As he visits the site often, he would have made lots of friends so for players like them, a rummy table is a virtual home away from a home.

When you delve deep and review about the quality of being brilliant and resilient, it is not surprising to note that a player needs to have both of it in ample amounts in order to succeed. A resilient player will be unperturbed by the losses and would be playing it and over the course of time, he will master all the rummy moves and strategies and become a brilliant rummy player. So are you ready to be persistent and become brilliant?

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